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What to See in Bifengxia Valley

Bifengxia Valley is located 16 kilometers northwest of Ya’an City, Sichuan Province. It is composed of two valleys, forming the shape of the letter “V”. It is most famous for its Bifengxia Panda Base which is the first scenic spot integrating natural scenic spot and Eco-Zoo in China, including leisure, vacation, sightseeing, and entertainment. On the other hand, Bifengxia also features in its vegetation, gorges, waterfalls and snow, which let it gains the fame of “the Small Jiuzhaigou” and “the Lung of Sichuan”.


Picturesque view of Bifengxia

Entering the Scenic Area of Bifengxia, you will take the Qingyunti down deep into the. Qingyunti, 91.8 meters high is the tallest sightseeing elevator in the world.


Bifengxia Qingyunti is the tallest sightseeing elevator in the world

Following along the stone steps in the valley, your will walk into a world of waterfalls. There are Yuanyang Waterfall, Qinglongtan Waterfall, Guanlongtan Waterfall, Dilei Waterfall and Qiancenyan Waterfall. The Guanlongtan Waterfall, according to the legend, is the very place where the evil Water Spirit was punished. Dilei Waterfall, according to the local mythology, are the leftover tears of Nuwa, who wept for the world suffering from flood.


Bifengxia Waterfalls

Then you will visit the romantic Garden of Ya’an Belle, which is also a good place for a short rest. There are small and delicate gardens, a water wheel slowly turning round, several attractive bronze paintings, various flowers and grasses, as well as the ingeniously composed antithetical couplets, excellent in both content and wording. However, the Ya’an Belles outshine them all.

Garden of Ya’an Belle

the romantic Garden of Ya’an Belle

Next, tourists can climb up Foyingti to visit the mysterious Bifeng Temple, Nuwa Pool and Shenying Peak.

Nvwa Pool

Nvwa Pool

If time allows, you can go to visit the Bifengxia Ecological Zoo which is the third of its kind in the world.

The Bifengxia Ecological Zoo is made up of three areas: the wild beast zone, the tame zone and the night zoo. You can get to the wild beast area, in which tigers, lions and bears are separated from each other by fences, by taking a sightseeing bus, or go on foot to the docile animals area, the tame zone.


Tiger in Bifengxia Ecological Zoo

In the end, the Bingfengxia Base of Panda Protection and Research Center is the best highlights of your Bifengxia trip. It was officially opened on Dec. 26th, 2001, covering an area of 1,000 acres, and now is one of the largest panda breeding ecological park in the world, which involves research, publicity, education, and ecological tourism.

Bifengxia Panda Base

Bifengxia Panda Base is the best highlights of your Bifengxia trip

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