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5 Days Shanghai Nanjing Highlights Tour

Witness Both the Past and Present of China


Shanghai and Nanjing are two of the most vibrant cities of new China with different charms. Naturally connected by the majestic Yangtze River, they share much in common but more in differences. Shanghai represents what is the newest face of rapidly-changing China while Nanjing, only about 2 hours’ high speed train from Shanghai, is all about ancient history, diverse culture and all-season-friendly landscapes. It is an ideal excursion tour from Shanghai. Traveling Shanghai with Nanjing, you witness both the past and present of China, explore many unique places, and also enjoy traveler-friendly transportation, food, accommodation, etc.

Our 5 Days Shanghai Nanjing Highlights Tour is specially designed for those who want to explore the Shanghai region in an in-depth way, who want to witness China’s development and dig into China’s long-lasting history at the same time. It is an enjoyable private tour with flexibility and comfort.

Highlights of this tour

  • Witness the most breathtaking skyscrapers of skyline which is made of some of the world’s tallest buildings, also get up to the observatory floor of one of them to enjoy a panoramic view of shanghai;
  • Look for Shanghai’s hidden tradition in its classical Yu Garden and nearby bazaar, and visit a romantic water town – Zhujiajiao;
  • Wander leisurely on the ancient city wall and old streets of Qinhuai River, also visit the historical Xiao Ling and Zhongshan Ling in Nanjing;
  • Marvel at miracle of Buddhist palace in Niushoushan Forest Park which preserves the sacred relic of Buddha.

Basic Trip Information

  1. 1. This price is for one person, based on a group of 2 adults sharing one double-bed room in a 4-star hotel and traveling in low seasons;
  2. 2. This price is subject to change according to your traveling season, group size, hotel class, change of activities and possible fluctuation of currency exchange rate.
Travel Route:
Shanghai / Nanjing
Travel Length:
5 Days and 4 Nights
Tour Code:
Group Size:
You, your family, friends or group
Any day you want

Full Itinerary Day by day

Day 1 Shanghai Arrival

Ni Hao! Welcome to Shanghai, the biggest metropolis in China!

Upon arrival, you will be met by a local tour guide at the arrival hall of the airport/train station/port and escorted to check in your hotel in downtown by a private comfortable vehicle. The rest of today is on your own to relax. If you want to explore nearby, feel free to get some practical suggestions from your tour guide.

Optional Activity - Attend an entertaining Acrobatic Show, including breathtaking “balls of death” acts, chair balancing, hula hoops, juggling of benches, walking in the air, and other breathtaking performances (usually performed during 19:30~21:00).

Arrival Ideas: At present, there are many international and many domestic flights to and from Shanghai. Also, you can arrive in Shanghai city by taking a high speed train from Beijing (5-6hrs), Xian (6-7hrs), Hangzhou (1hrs), Suzhou (30mins), Huangshan (4hrs), and so on.

Feel the Highest Speed of 431 km/h of Shanghai Maglev Train
Day 2 Shanghai ( B, L )

After breakfast, you will visit Shanghai Museum, one of the Four Best Museums in China. There are over one billion cultural relics related to Chinese ancient history and art are exhibited inside, including precious bronzes, paintings, calligraphy, ceramics, jade, sculptures, traditional furniture, seals and old coins from more than 5,000 years ago to the Qing Dynasty. Da Ke Ding(bronze food vessel in over 3000 years ago), Bianzhong of Marquis Su of Jin (ancient musical instruments) are the top treasures to visit. An Audio Explanation Device will help you better learn the facts and knowledge of the exhibitions.

Then, transfer to Shanghai old town to visit Yu Garden (Yuyuan), a famous Southern China classical garden which was originally built about 450 years ago. Walk around to view the ancient pavilions, halls, towers with jagged carved cornices and decorations, grotesque rockeries, glittering ponds filled with swimming kois and many old plants. These buildings, laid out in an asymmetry, fully embody impressive Chinese architectural style, art and skills, from which you can imagine an ancient living scene and find a magic harmony between human and nature. Yuyuan Bazaar outside the garden is an interesting place for shopping traditional Chinese handicrafts and artworks and tasting a variety of local snacks.

Next, visit the Shanghai World Financial Center (SWFC), “the Eye of Shanghai”, one of the most incredible skyscrapers in Lujiazui. With a height of 492 meters (1,614 ft), the tower is the second tallest building after the nearby Shanghai Tower (632 meter/2,073 ft). Ascend up to the 474 meter-high 100th floor observation deck, try a thrilling skywalk on the transparent glass walkway and enjoy a breathtaking bird’s eye view of the entire city, including the Bund, neighboring Shanghai Tower, Jinmao Tower and many surrounding attractions. Feel Shanghai lying under your feet and blue sky hanging above your head.

Later, get to Nanjing Road, Shanghai’s earliest commercial street and one of the most popular current landmarks. Lots of big name brands, restaurants, cafés, souvenir shops and towering buildings can be seen when you stroll around this busy pedestrian mall. Continue your walk to the Bund, the No. 1 attraction in Shanghai. Stretching along the west bank of the Huangpu River, this 1.5km-long road was a simple towpath for transporting good but developed to the early “East Wall Street” in the late 19th century, as a perfect blend of the East meeting the West. The Bund mainly features 52 various European-style architectures praised to the Exhibition of World’s Architecture. Make a pleasant walk to see those western classical and modern style buildings and amazing skyscrapers of Lujiazui across the river.

After the tour, drive back to your hotel. (If you want to spend free time at the Bund, Nanjing Road or somewhere else please let your tour guide know.)

Shanghai Museum - One of the Best Four Museums in China Yuyuan Bazaar Shot by Our Customer Paul Tourists Took Photo at The Bund with Backdrop of Lujiazui The Bund: Famous “Exhibition of the World's Architecture”
Day 3 Shanghai - Zhujiajiao Water Town - Nanjing (B, L)

After breakfast, about 1 hour's drive will take you away from the city's hustle and bustle to visit Zhujiajiao Ancient Town which is known as the Venice of Shanghai

Zhujiajiao has a history of 1,700 years and is a well-preserved waterside ancient town. You will stroll along Hundred-year-old North Street, take some awesome pictures on the Fangsheng Bridge, have a panoramic view of Zhujiajiao by climbing up to Yuanjin Buddhist Temple, enjoy some leisure time on the traditionally decorated boat, cruise along the canals and see the old residences, shops and bridges which are filled with classic architectural style in Ming and Qing Dynasties (1368 AD - 1911 AD).

In the afternoon, your guide will escort you to take a high speed train to Nanjing (2hrs). Upon arrival, you’ll be transferred to check in your hotel. The rest of today is on your own to relax and have fun.

Zhujiajiao Water Town - Relax in the Quaint & Charming Jiangnan Area
Day 4 Nanjing Cutural Exploration (B, L)

After breakfast, you will be accompanied by your tour guide to explore Nanjing’s diverse culture. Nanjing is called as the “City of Emperors” while Purple Mountain (Zijinshan) is the final resting places of the emperors and great leaders, including the founder of Ming Dynasty – Zhu Yuanzhang and Sun Yet-sen, the “Father of Republic China”. Today you are going to unlock their secrets in just one go!

Zhongshan Ling, located at the foot of the Purple Mountain, is the mausoleum park of Sun Yat-sen who was the leader of the Chinese revolution that ended the more than 2000 years feudal monarchy system. It is seen as China's version of the Lincoln Memorial. There are 392 steps to climb to the actual mausoleum, but you will be accompanied along by magnificent buildings and elegant landscapes. Pay your respect to Sun Yat-sen at his resting place, also enjoy the mesmerizing panoramic view of Nanjing city and surrounding.

Xiao Ling, located near to Zhongshan Ling, is the tomb of Zhu Yuanzhang who united China and established the mighty Ming Dynasty. Covering over 1,700,000 square meters, it is rather a vast complex of palaces, temples and greenery than a simple tomb, which took 25 years’ efforts of over 100,000 workers. As an honorable UNESCO World Heritage Site, Xiao Ling magnificent value of architecture and royal mausoleum culture. All the later mausoleums of both Ming and Qing Dynasties were built by the layout and style of Xiao Ling. You will walk at leisure to the mausoleum along the Sacred Road which is guarded by giant stone sculptures of various animals and generals from ancient time, making your visit calming and pleasant.

After the impressive mausoleums visiting, drive heading to the Confucius Temple (Fuzimiao). Built in Song Dynasty about 1000 years ago, the temple is one of the most important temples to worship the siege Confucius. For foreign visitors, it is a unique place where you can figure out how Chinese society, education system, government system was built Confucius’ thoughts, and how Confucianism have impacted relationship between people and basic guidance on how your Chinese think about our world. It is truly an inspiration.

Later, you will be taken to Qinhuai River area to explore the local lifestyle. The river runs through the city of Nanjing, remembering the history of Nanjing in many history books and poems. Today, it is a great place to wander around. Red lanterns, shops, eateries, souvenirs sellers cluster all round in the pedestrian street. At night the whole area is lit up with colorful lights thus creating a very impressive night scenario. It is very popular to take a colorfully decorated boat to ride on this ancient river, which will be a memorable experience.

Lastly, you will be escorted back to your hotel. The rest time is free for you to relax and take rest. You can also be dropped off at Qinhuai River area if you want to stay more time at the area for dinner and relaxing.

Zhongshan Ling - the Mausoleum of Dr. Sun Yat-sen Qinhuai River - a great place to wander around Confucius Temple (Fuzi Miao) - an inspiring place about Chinese culture Xiao Ling - an honorable UNESCO World Heritage Site
Day 5 Nanjing Half-day Tour & Departure (B, L)

After breakfast, go for enjoy a leisure stroll on the Ancient City Wall (Xuanwumen Section) which is the longest, largest, and best-preserved ancient city wall in the world. It was built about 650 years ago, with about 25 km remaining well. An interesting fact is many of the bricks in the wall have signatures of the artisans who originally made the brick, which is believed to be helpful to guarantee the quality of the walls. Walking on the top of the wall gives to you the nice highlight of ancient time and modern Nanjing.

After the impressive mausoleums visiting, drive heading to Niushoushan Forest Park, a hidden treasure of Nanjing, a place where both Buddhists and regular tourists can enjoy. After entering the park, you will ride a sightseeing bus to the Usnisa Palace at the top to start sightseeing. The palace is a modern building that is 9 storeys and built into an iron quarry, with fabulous design. It was built to collectively exhibits and preserves the treasure of the Buddhist world - the world's only parietal relic of Buddha. One has to see it to believe it. You will also take your time to visit the iconic Foding Temple and Foding Pagoda, and enjoy some leisure walking in the park.

The rest time is free until your guide and driver transfer you to catch your flight/train to the next destination or home. Tour ends.

Nanjing Ancient City Wall - best-preserved ancient city wall in the world Niushoushan - a place where both Buddhists and regular tourists can enjoy

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