Luoyang Weather & Seasons - Best Time to Visit Luoyang


Located in the west part of Hennan province, the central plain of China, Luoyang enjoys the north temperate continental climate with four distinct seasons. During the whole year, the average temperature is about 15 C with the highest in July at 33 C and the lowest in January at -5 C.

The best time to visit Luoyang is spring and autumn, especially from April to May, and from September to October.

Average Luoyang Temperature by Month

Month Recommended Rate Max Temp. Min Temp.
Jan. °C °C
Feb. °C °C
Mar. °C °C
Apr. °C °C
May. °C °C
Jun. °C °C
Jul. °C °C
Aug. °C °C
Sep. °C °C
Oct. °C °C
Nov. °C °C
Dec. °C °C

Luoyang Seasons to Go

Spring (from March to May) in Luoyang is always dry and windy with little rainfall. Light sandstorms may occur every April. It is said to be the best season to visit Luoyang, not only because of the fine weather (the average temperature of 15 C ), but also because of the annual world-famous Peony Culture Festival.
Seasonal Activity
Luoyang International Peony Culture Festival is the most famous activity in Luoyang, which held from April 1st to May 10th every year. In this festival, you can see all kinds of peony and appreciate the legends or stories of the flower.
Spring in Luoyang
Summer (from June to late September) is hot and rainy, with the average temperature above 30 C. July is the hottest month with the most rainfall. So please remember to take an umbrella with you.
Summer in Luoyang
Autumn is the best time to visit Luoyang for it is always sunny with long sunlight. In Luoyang, the real autumn starts from October and it is really very short.
Seasonal Activities
For its pleasant weather, it is more enjoyable to climb mountains and enjoy the natural beauty at bright and clear time in autumn than in any other seasons.
Autumn in Luoyang
In Luoyang, winter is cold and dry from December to February. January is the coldest month all the year round, with the average high temperature about 6 C and the low one at -5 C. Winter clothes and soothing moisturizer are necessary in the dry winter in Luoyang.
Seasonal Activities
Go skiing in the Mt. Funiu Ski Resort is a good choice for your winter tour in Luoyang. The Ski Resort is praised as the Best Ski Resort in Central Plain of China, where you can enjoy skiing as well as the charm of ice and snow.
Winter in Luoyang

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