Top Lijiang Attractions

Wonder about what to see and do in Lijiang? Lijiang, listed as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO, with old towns, ancient streets, mountains, gorges, museums, temples and ethnic minorities, will certainly give you a fantastic natural and cultural experience.

Must-sees & Must-dos in Lijiang:
(a) capture the panoramic view of Lijiang Old Town;
(b) explore Naxi people’s art, architecture and their lifestyle;
(c) get close into the Baisha Village and Watch the Baisha Murals;
(d) visit the holy mountain - Jade Dragon Snow Mountain;
(e) hike along the Tiger Leaping Gorge;
(f) ......

A Lijiang trip is incomplete without visiting these Lijiang attractions. Just come and discover now!

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Lijiang Attraction Map

Black Dragon Pool Park

No.1: Black Dragon Pool Park

Type: Parks, Fountains

Black Dragon Pool Park, also known as Jade Spring Park, located at the foot of Elephant Mountain in the north of Lijiang Ancient Town. Surrounded by walkways, willows and chestnut trees, it is best known and most frequently visited park in Lijiang. It is also known as the Venice of the Orient.

First built in the 1737, the Black Dragon Pool Park features its ancient buildings. The Five Phoenix Pavilion built in early of 17th century possesses intricately joined and beautifully painted eaves. The three-story Moon Embracing Pavilion is a serene and beautifully proportioned structure. Along with the ancient buildings punctuated among the beautiful mountains and rivers, you will surely lose yourself in the dreamy wonderland.

Naxi Dongba Culture Museum

No.2: Naxi Dongba Culture Museum

Type: Museums

Dongba Culture Museum, Formerly known as the Dongba Research Institute, designed to display the splendid Dongba culture, is located in Jade Spring Park. The museum is not only one of the important windows which open the heritage of Lijiang Old Town to the World, but also the best place for visitors to understand ethnic culture of Lijiang.

The major infrastructure of the museum is archaized Naxi modest Siheyuan (Courtyard House). More than 1,000 scrolls of Dongba scriptures have been collected in the museum, covering the branches of Astronomy, Geography, Literature, Art, History, Religions and so on. In this museum, you can observe the footprint of history and your wisdom will also be inspired. Don’t miss it when you are in Lijiang.

Mu’s Residence

No.3: Mu’s Residence

Type: Historic Sites

As the saying goes that “North of Forbidden City, South of Mu’s Residence”. Situated in the southwest of the Old Town of Lijiang, Mu’s Residence is the Tusi Mu's Yamen of the Naxi Ethnic Group in Yunnan. It was rebuilt in 1996 and presently functions as the local museums.

Covered an area of 46 acres, it is a splendid architectural art of court, which fully reflects the architectural style of the Central Plains in Ming Dynasty, while retaining the Tang and Song architectural features, and meanwhile, the layout of courtyard has the spirit of Naxi culture. It is truly the “Grand View Garden” of Lijiang Old Town.

Lion Hill & Wanggu Tower

No.4: Lion Hill & Wanggu Tower

Type: Parks / Architectural Buildings

Located in the downtown of Lijiang, Lion Hill Park is an important part of the World Heritage Site. It is the only forest park built on hillside in Lijiang Ancient City (aka Ancient Town of Lijiang).

Wangu Tower, the landmark building of Lijiang, is famous for “the first all-wood structure floor of China”. The building is 33 meters high, and with 16 main columns (22 meters). Standing on Wangu Tower, you could enjoy a panoramic view of Lijiang Ancient City.

Square Street

No.5: Square Street (Sifang Street)

Type: Historic Sites

Sifang Street (Square Street) is located in the center square of Lijiang Ancient Town. It got its name because of its roads leading to all directions, making it the terminal for clusters of people and traffic. There are four main streets - to the east are Guangyi Street, Qiyi Street, Wuyi Street, and to the west are the Xinhua Street, bottom part of Huangshan Street, then each street spreads to various directions. To be there, you can try to figure out whether the streets are built following the traditional Chinese design of groined arch style or not.

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Lijiang / Tiger Leaping Gorge / Lijiang

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