Top 8 Things to do in Kaili

Kaili, the capital city of Southeast Guizhou Miao-Dong Autonomous Prefecture, is best area to explore Ethnic Minority Villages of Guizhou.

Travel to Kaili, the largest Xijiang Miao Village can be the top attraction to see Miao people’s customs, culture and peculiar natural scenery. Go further to the Zhenyuan Ancient Town to enjoy the ancient architecture and picturesque landscape. Along the way, you will encounter more ethnic villages with unique brilliant history and their own costumes.

By visiting the aboriginal, unsophisticated villages and towns in Kaili and around, you will experience more than you expected.

Top recommended Kaili Guizhou Tour:

3 Days Kaili Minority & Cultural Experience Tour with Xijiang Miao Village

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6 Days Diverse Guizhou Tour (Guiyang, Fanjingshan, Kaili)

Kaili Attraction Map

 Xijiang Miao Village

No.1: Experience Unique Ethnic Customs in Xijiang Miao Village

Type: Ethnic Villages

Location: 35 km away from Kaili

Surrounded by overlapping mountains, Xijiang Miao Village is the largest Miao minority gathering with over thousand households. Those wooden-stilted houses built quite closely along the bottom to the top of hills, forming a strong farming culture and the beautiful countryside scenery. The Miao Nationality Museum can help you to get a fast and general ideal of the Miao’s history and culture, also present you the clothes, living behaviors, customs, and art in Miao people’s daily life. If you have enough time to spend overnight here, the night view is still amazing when lights turn on, especially happened to be some festivals, like the Miao’s New Year.

3 Days Kaili Minority & Cultural Experience Tour with Xijiang Miao Village

6 Days Classic Guizhou Tour to Huangguoshu & Authentic Southeast Guizhou

Zhenyuan Ancient Town

No.2: Explore Thousand-year-old History in Zhenyuan Ancient Town

Type: Historic Site

Location: Southeastern Guizhou Province

Located in the Qiangdongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Perfecture, Zhenyuan Ancient Town is a surprisingly unspoiled ancient water town that praised as the Venice of the Orient. Besides the picturesque landscape, Zhenyuan is also proud of the long history of nearly 2,300 years. While strolling along the narrow lanes in the ancient town, you will explore how the local cultures blended with the exotic ones. Historic residential compounds, ancient walls and mysterious ethnic cultures…you will find experience more than you expect.

Note: Visitors can also take a boat cruise along a 35-kilometer stretch of the Wuyang River to appreciate the breathtaking sights of amazing gorges, peaks and waterfalls.

6 Days Guizhou In-depth Ethnic Tour with Jiabang Rice Terraces

 Kaili Ethnic Minority Museum

No.3: Wandering around Kaili Ethnic Minority Museum

Type: Historic Site

Location: in Kaili Downtown

Kaili Ethnic Minority Museum is a featured stilted building in Kaili city to introduce the history and culture of Miao & Dong ethnic minorities in southeastern Guizhou province. The second and third floors of this building have displayed Minority Customs, Ethnic Clothes, Dragon Boat and more different themes halls, which is telling the ethnic handicrafts, written documents, displays, paintings, folk art and more about their traditions.

3 Days Kaili Minority & Cultural Experience Tour with Xijiang Miao Village

Kaili Sunday Market

No.4: Blend into Local Society at Kaili Sunday Market

Type: Local Fair

Location: Kaili City

Sunday Market in Kaili is one of the ideal places to know ethnic lifestyle of Miao and Dong people. This market takes place on every Sunday from late morning to early afternoon at Kaili old street. Here gathers mostly of the artworks and craftworks, jewelry, herbs, clothing, and musical instruments made by ethnic people from nearby villages. Kaili Sunday Market is worthwhile for Tourists who are fascinated by the ethnic handcrafts and buy some souvenirs.

Lusheng Hall of Zhouxi

No.5: Enjoy Minority Performance and Dance at Gannangxiang Lusheng Hall of Zhouxi

Type: Ethnic Villages

Location: 17km from Kaili Downtown

"Gannangxiang" is a transliteration of the Miao language, which means the lower reaches of the river, the place that the gods yearn for. Away from the hustle and bustle city life, getting to the minority village surrounded by blue hills and green stream is a real escape. Gansangxiang Lusheng Hall in Zhouxi Miao Village was first built in the Ming Dynasty. It is the largest Lusheng hall in southeast Guizhou with a length of 500 meters and a width of 100 meters. Every year from the 18th to the 20th of the first lunar month, Miao people hold the Lusheng Festival here. It is a spectacular event with as many as 30,000 to 40,000 people, girls and boys from dozens of miles around gather here to celebrate the festival, play lusheng instruments and perform folk dances.

5 Days Miao’s New Year Festival Tour in Guizhou

Leigongshan Natural Reserve

No.7: Hike and Meet Rare Plant at Leigongshan Natural Reserve

Type: Forest, Park

Location: 46km away from Kaili Downtown

With 2178.8m above sea level, Leigong mountain is located in the southeast of Qiandongnan in Guizhou. It is not only a national nature reserve or a national forest park, but a human precious natural heritage and the beautiful treasure of the Chinese nation. UNESCO once praised it as "The best preserved piece of unpolluted ecological and cultural net for mankind, the ideal kingdom for humans to return to nature, and one of the world’s top ten forest resort”. Leigongshan Natural Reserve is rich in biological resources and featured with elegant ecosystem. With more than 2000 species of various species and 43 rare and endangered plants and animals under state protection, Leigongshan is the only natural Taiwania flousiana research base in mid-subtropical areas.

Qinglong Cave

No.7: Appreicate Historical Architectures in Qinglong Cave

Type: Historic Site

Location: near Zhenyuan Ancient Town

The Qinglong Cave Ancient Architecture Group built on the cliff which is located at the east of Zhenyuan Ancient town. Its architectural style is a combination of Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism, guild hall, bridge and towing architecture culture. Qinglong Cave is composed of Zhongyuan Cave, Longevity Palace and Jade Emperor Pavilion. Firstly built in the Ming Dynasty, Qinglong Cave has a history of nearly 500 years. Over the years, it was destroyed by wars and fire several times and repaired several times. The whole group of buildings are interwoven and well-arranged, built in the mountains and rivers, along the cliff and beside the cave. There are not only the architectural styles of central China, but also the stilted buildings in Dong villages of Miao Villages.

6 Days Guizhou In-depth Ethnic Tour with Jiabang Rice Terraces

Feiyun Cliff

No.8: Pay a Visit to the Marvelous Feiyun Cliff

Type: Historic Site

Location: 62km from Kaili City and 57km from Zhenyuan

Feiyun Cliff, also known as Feiyun Cave, is one of the top ten scenic spots in the National Wuyang River scenic area and located 12 kilometers northeast of Huangping County. Feiyun Cliff was first built in 1443. After generations of repairs and extensions, Feiyun Cliff formed a group of distinctive ancient architectures, which successively won the special reputation of "the first wonderland in Qiannan" and "the first Cave in Qiannan", etc. During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the ancient post road from Beijing to Yunnan, Guizhou and neighboring Myanmar passed through the mountain gate. With marvelous scenery and time-honored histories and cultures, it is one of the top tourist resorts integrating ethnic customs with natural and cultural landscape on the eastern route of Guizhou.

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