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Guizhou’s Qiandongnan area spreads the largest amount of ethnic villages to be explored. Besides Kaili, the bustling center area of this region, there are many other wonderful ethnic destinations like Congjiang and Rongjiang waiting for your visit. Some of the notable villages like Zhaoxing Dong Village, Biasha Miao Village and Sanbao Dong Village can all be found near Rongjiang and Congjiang. And in this accommodation guide, we will show you where to stay and best hotels to stay for visitors have plans to visit these hidden mountainous areas in Guizhou.

Where to Stay in Congjiang and Rongjiang of Guizhou?

Top 1: Hotels in Congjiang Downtown

Congjiang downtown is the best place to stay, because some of the popular attractions like Zhaoxing Dong Village, Biasha Miao Village and Jiabang Rice Terraces are all scattered in the mountains near Congjiang. And Congjiang and Rongjiang are only 1.5 hours’ driving away.

Top 2: Hotel in Rongjiang Downtown

Since most of Rongjiang’s popular ethnic villages are within one hour’s driving from Rongjiang downtown, choosing a hotel to stay at the center area of Rongjiang is also a good choice. There are 4-star luxury hotels, 3-star hotels and also budget hostels for you to choose.

Top 3: Hotels & Guesthouses at the Ethnic Villages or Jiabang Rice Terraces

There are countless ethnic villages in and around Rongjiang and Congjiang. If you like, you can also make your stay at one of the so many villages to have an in-depth exploration. Zhaoxing Dong Village, the largest Dong Village in China, will then be the best choice.

If you are going to explore Jiabang Rice Terraces between Rongjiang and Congjiang, finding a hotel at the terraced field scenic area is also good. Though the accommodation at the scenic area is limited and not that good as in the downtown area, there are still 90+ budget hostels for you to choose.

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Kaili Accommodation

Dongxiangmi Grand Hotel

Add: No.33 Huancheng West Road, Rongjiang County, China

Located in the busy area of Rongjiang county, the Dongxiangmi Hotel is near the Rongjiang Coach Station and the newly built expressway. The nearby prosperious Xiangrong Trading Center also provides shopping convenience to the guests. This business & tourism hotel offers 41 rooms in various types, including the standard twin rooms and single rooms.

Zhaoxing Hotel

Add: Zhaoxing Street, Zhaoxing County, Liping county , China

Zhaoxing Hotel is a Dong style building of wooden structure. It is quite remarkable that rooms are equipped with modern amenities, like a shower, aircomdition and a Tv in such a small village. In the VIP building, when you look out, you may enjoy a wonderful view over the rooftops of Zhaoxing and see the locals washing their clothes in the river. Just get close to the daily life of the locals.

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