Mount Lu: National Geopark of China

Mount Lu, listed as the World Heritage Site in 1996, is one of the spiritual centers of Chinese civilization. With its unique ways, the Buddhist and Taoist temples, along with the landmarks of Confucianism, are blended into outstanding natural landscapes, forming cultural landscape while have high aesthetic value and is closely linked with the national spirit and cultural life.

Located in Jiangxi Province, it borders Yangtze River to the north and Poyang Lake to the east. It could easily reach Mount Lu from the tourist cities like Nanchang, Wuhan, and Jingdezhen etc.

Map of Lushan Mountain

Lushan Travel Map

Mount Lu Brief Introduction

Lushan Mountain is famous for its cliffs, sea of clouds and waterfalls, which combines scenery, religion, education and culture. The large rivers, lakes and mountains in the scenic area form one integrated mass and a world-famous summer resort.

The main peak, Big Hanyang Peak, is 1,474 meters above sea level. "A misty land in spring, a green jade in summer, an intoxicating crimson in autumn and a white jade in winter" is a popular local saying and still the best description for the scenery of the Lushan Mountain.

Mount Lu

Lushan National Park

Highlights of Mount Lu

Highlights One: Watch Sunrise at Hanpo Pass

Hanpo Pass is the ideal place to watch sunrise and the sea of clouds. Here you can see the whole Poyang Lake which is the largest fresh lake in China, with rich resource of water and species. When the sun rises above the lake, all the mountains are golden. It seems that you are bathed in the light from heaven.

Suggested time: If you come in summer, you should get up early for the sun always rises at 05:15-05:30. If you come in winter, watch sunrise at 06:40-07:20.

Mount Lu Sunrise

Watch Sunrise at Hanpo Pass

Highlights Two: Watch Sunset at Big Heavenly Pool

Big Heavenly Pool is ideal to view a sunset and enjoy the Yangtze River. In the southwest of Guling Town, it has a larger size compared with the Less Heavenly Pool.

Suggested time: If you come in summer, you’ll see sunset at around 19:00-19:20. If you come in winter, watch sunset at 17:20-17:40.

Mount Lu Landscape

Fantastic scenery in Big Heavenly Pool

Highlights Three: Appreciate Beautiful Waterfalls

Three Step Waterfall is the most outstanding waterfall attraction in Mt. Lushan. Originating in Dayue Mountain, the spring angles around the backside of Five-Old-Men Peak and pours into Nine Tier Gully, crashing twice upon rocks, and then converges into a torrent and drops once again. Driven by the gully wind, the tiny drops dance in the misty air, sparkling in the sunlight and falling like countless dazzling pearls.

Mount Lu Waterfall

Three Tiled Springs

Highlights Four: Explore Cultural Sites

The Temples and churches representing Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Christianity and Catholicism can still be found on the mountain. That five religions can peacefully coexist on one mountain is a rare and wonderful thing. Besides, White Deer Cavern Academy ranks first among the four major ancient schools of China. Mount Lu also boasts a long humanist history and is the cradle of traditional Chinese landscape poems. Moreover, the various western styles villas (Russia, Britain, America, France, Germany and Italy) in Guling Town are worth seeing.

White Deer Cave Academy

White Deer Cave Academy

Mount Lu Travel Routes

There are two routes of Mount Lu - Western Route and Eastern Route. If you have two days, you’d better visit western route on the first day and eastern route on the next day.

Main Attractions of Western Route: Flower Path, Jinxiu Valley, Immortal Caverns, Imperial Stone Tablet Pavilion, Big Heavenly Pool, Stone Gate Valley, Yellow Dragon Pool, Black Dragon Pool, Three Ancient trees, Lulin Lake, Lushan Museum etc.

Flower Path

Flower Path

Main Attractions of Eastern Route: Meilu, Hanpo Pass, Dakou Waterfall, Lushan Botanical Garden, Five Old Men Peaks, Three Tiled Springs, White Deer Cavern Academy etc.

Mount Lu Practical Information

Usually, there are three ways to visit Mt. Lushan: by walking, by sightseeing bus, and by cable car. To make your trip easier, China Discovery has collected some practical information about sightseeing bus and cable car. You could choose your favorite ways to appreciate this beautiful mountain.

Mount Lu Sightseeing Bus: Sightseeing buses will be access to both Eastern route and Western route.

Western route: it has 8 stops, starting from Meeting Center, via Flower Path, ending at Lushan Dam.
Eastern Route: it has 11 stops. Take bus from Transport administration Office, via Hanpo Pass to Three Tiled Springs.

Mount Lu Sightseeing Bus

Mount Lu Sightseeing Bus

Mount Lu Cable Cars: Mount Lu has three cable cars, Xinglong Cableway, Dakou Cableway, and Sandiequan Cableway.

Xinglong Cableway: Connected Stone Gate Valley with Lushan Dam on Western route;
Dakou Cableway: Connected Hanpo Pass with Dakou Waterfall on Eastern route;
Sandequan Cableway: Connected Five Old Men Peaks with Three Tiled Springs on Eastern route.

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