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Where to Stay in Changbai Mountain | Recommended Changbaishan Hotels 2023

Changbaishan (Changbai Mountain) is a popular destination with beautiful volcanic landscape. When winter comes, it turns to a nice resort for winter fun. You can enjoy the snow-capped forest, see breathtaking Tianchi Lake, and take some winter sports like skiing. It needs at least 2 days to enjoy a Changbaishan trip to your fullest, so staying overnight in Changbaishan is necessary. In order to help you find an ideal accommodation, here we list the best accommodating areas in Changbaishan and most recommended hotels.

Generally, there are three main accommodating areas near Changbai Mountain for travelers, including Wanda Changbaishan Resort, Erdao Baihe Town, and Dunhua County.

Where to Stay in Changbaishan Where to Stay in Changbaishan City

With a good knowledge of the hotels in Nanjing, China Discovery only uses those hotels with convenient amenities, fine services and great reputations. We have a close cooperative relationship with many hotels, so we can offer you with a more competitive price. Let China Discovery book the best hotel for you, which is included in our valuable Changbai Mountain tour packages.

Wanda Changbaishan International Resort (万达长白山国际假区) – Wonderful Resort with Hotels, Restaurants and Ski Resort

Wanda Changbaishan International Resort is located in Songjianghe Town, Fusong County, Baishan City(吉林省白山市抚松县松江河镇), about 18 km (about 20 minutes’ drive) to Changbaishan Airport, 30 km to the West Gate of Changbaishan Mountain (West Slope Scenic Area), 120 km to the North Gate of Changbai Mountain (North Scenic Area). It integrates high-end hotels, villas, restaurants, and entertainments to meet the needs of different tourists. Changbaishan Ski Resort – one of China’s best resorts, is just located in Wanda Changbaishan International Resort. Therefore, travelers who are interested in skiing or want a quick access to West Slope choose to stay here.

The Westin Changbaishan Resort ★★★★★

Address: No.333, Baiyun Road, Wanda Changbaishan International Resort
Popular Mentions: “Family Hotel” “Fantastic Place” “Helpful Staff”

The Westin Changbaishan Resort is located higher on the mountain in the resort, which makes it a wonderful place to overlook the surrounding views, including the mountain scenery, ski slopes of the ski resort, nearby gardens, etc. There are 262 rooms fully-equipped with facilities like microwave oven, balcony, air-conditioner, television, IPod Music Dock, fridge, etc. Superior service is also offered in the hotel, such as airport pick-up, laundry, room service, 24-hour lobby manager, ironing service, etc. The hotel also offers Chinese restaurants, western restaurants, coffee shops, chess and cards rooms, indoor swimming pools, gyms and meeting rooms. Besides, there is a kids club where you children can play. Moreover, you are able to check in for skiing directly in the hotel, and you don’t need to queue in the service center of Changbaishan Ski Resort.

Where to Stay in Changbaishan Panoramic View of The Westin Changbaishan Resort

Park Hyatt Changbaishan ★★★★

Address: No.303, Guanmian Street, South Area, Wanda Changbaishan International Resort
Popular Mentions: “Beautiful Hotels ” “Ski Rental” “Intermediate Skiers” “Great Spa” “Wonderful Stay”

Park Hyatt Changbaishan is a 5-star hotel equipped with 282 spacious rooms (including 34 luxury suites). All the rooms have nice amenities such as Wi-Fi, air-conditioner, heating, ironing facilities, television, mini-bar, working area, etc., and most of them have a private balcony which delivers a great view. Accommodating in this hotel, you are able to experience the original ecological spa, indoor underwater music swimming pool, outdoor natural mineral water heated pool, etc. Both Chinese food and western food are provided in its four restaurants. Another benefit if you choose Park Hyatt is that you will get a quick access to the ski resort, because there is a ski-in/ski-out in the hotel. It is available to rent ski equipment here as well. It’s quite convenient for skiers.

Where to Stay in Changbaishan Delicate Room in Park Hyatt Changbaishan

Sheraton Changbaishan Resort ★★★★

Address: No.369, Baiyun Road, Wanda Changbaishan International Resort
Popular Mentions: "Breakfast Buffet" "Clean" “Skiing” “Shuttle Bus” “Great Service”

Sheraton Hotel is a four-star hotel that offers guests a comfortable stay. Located near Wanda Plaza and Shaman Museum, Sheraton Hotel offers a great choice to walk around. It owns 298 elegant rooms, and the facilities in the rooms include air-conditioner, ironing equipment, television, fridge, sauna, IDD, and other necessary facilities. When you step into the hotel, you can feel the strong southeast Asian holiday style. With children’s entertainment area in the lobby, your kids can have a good time. Both Chinese restaurants and western restaurants are offered. Sheraton has its own "Ski Chalet", so travelers can book instructors, get set up for the ski pass and rent ski clothes very easily without needing to go to the main ski lodge.

Where to Stay in Changbaishan Sheraton Changbaishan Resort with Great View

Ibis Styles Changbaishan Wanda

Address: No.85, Baiyun Road, Wanda Changbaishan International Resort
Popular Mentions: “Beautiful Hotels ” “Ski Rental” “Intermediate Skiers” “Great Spa” “Wonderful Stay”

Ibis Styles Changbaishan Wanda is another top-class hotel in Wanda Changbaishan International Resorts. It owns 505 guest rooms, including standard rooms, family rooms, mountain view rooms, etc. Each room is equipped with air-conditioner, hair-dryer, television, etc. This hotel is usually favored by travelers with kids. Room service, kid’s club, recreation places, gym, spa, etc. are also equipped.

Where to Stay in Changbaishan The Exterior of Ibis Styles Changbaishan Wanda

Erdao Baihe Town – The Tourist Base at the Foot of North Slope

Among the three scenic areas of Changbai Mountain, North Slope is the most popular one and the first choice for first timers. Located at the foot of Changbai Mountain, Erdao Baihe Town is a nice choice within only 45 minutes’ driving distance to North Gate. For any travelers who want to reach North Slope early and avoid the crows, just accommodate in Erdao Baihe Town. There are very limited luxury hotels, but you can easily have a comfortable stay as well.

Jinshuihe International Hotel ★★★★★

Address: No.36 Tongchang Road, Chibei Area, Changbai Mountain Preservation and Development Commission, Antu County

Popular Mentions "Clean Hotel" "Good Choice" "Great Breakfast" “Nice Hotel”

Jinshuihe International Hotel is located at the foot of Changbai Mountain, 3 km to the center of Erdao Baihe Town and 30 km to North Gate of Changbai Mountain. Nearby attractions include Beauty Pine Garden and Beauty Pine Sculpture Park. The hotel is equipped with a fashionable appearance and elegant interior. The rooms are equipped with IDD, satellite TV, safe and other facilities. The exquisite Chinese, focusing on Jilin cuisine, supplemented by Sichuan, Hunan and Yanbian Korean cuisine, allows you to appreciate the extensive and profound Chinese food culture. In the western restaurants, there are chefs from all over the world making food for you. Chess and card rooms, sauna, teahouse and other leisure and entertainment facilities are also accessible. The hot spring health Club takes the natural volcanic hot spring of Changbai Mountain and gives guests a relaxing trip.

Where to Stay in Changbaishan Jinshuihe International Hotel

Crowne Plaza Resort Changbaishan Hot Spring ★★★★

Address: North of Changbai Mountain Shibei District, Erdaobaihe Town, Antu County

Popular Mentions “Great Location” “Spring” “Good Breakfast”

Crown Plaza Resort Changbaishan Hot Spring is one of the best hotels in Erdao Baihe Town. It owns over 200 rooms, including Mountain View Rooms and Garden View Rooms which offer amazing scenic view. The rooms are equipped with necessary articles as well as safe, air-conditioner, television, desk, fridge, etc. Chinese restaurant and western restaurant both provide delicious breakfast. Hot spring is a must for guests, especially in winter. There are 10 indoor hot spring pools and 21 outdoor scenic hot spring pools, including Changbai Mountain characteristic herbal hot spring pool, children's paddling pool and multi-functional spa pool. For guests accommodating in the hotel, you can directly purchase the scenic spot tickets, and the park bus will deliver you to the reverse station bus transfer in the scenic spot, saving the time of queuing for tickets.

Where to Stay in Changbaishan Crowne Plaza Resort Changbaishan Hot Spring

Dunhua County – A Transfer Center between Changchun/Harbin/Yanji and Changbaishan

If you plan to travel from Changchun/Jilin/Harbin by train or driving, you will pass through Dunhua County. Some travelers also take a high speed train to Dunhua first, and then drive to Changbai Mountain. Therefore, Dunhua is also an accommodating area for travelers. There are not many good hotels, but a comfortable stay can be ensured. Recommended hotels include:

Wanhao International Hotel ★★★★

Address: No.5 Nanhu Street, Dunhua County, Yanji City

Popular Mentions “Nice Hotel” “Comfortable Hotel”

Located near Luding Mountain Cultural Scenic Spot and beside the Mudan River, Wanhao International Hotel is a high-quality business hotel with all kinds of comfortable rooms. From some rooms, you can get a wonderful view of the gigantic Buddha statue. The hotel is not very big, but recreation facilities are well-equipped, including KTV, cinema, teahouse, snooker room, gym, etc. The helpful staff is always ready to help you. The breakfast is manly in Chinese style.

Where to Stay in Changbaishan Wanhao International Hotel

Please note:

Apart from the three most popular areas, you can also accommodate in other places according to your needs. Feel free to tell your demands, and we can choose the best hotels for you.

Travel Shenyang with China Discovery

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How to Plan A Changbaishan Tour

Best Time to Visit Changbaishan: April to next February

How to Get to Changbaishan: Fly to Changbaishan directly from Changchun (1h), Tianjin (1h), Beijing (2h), Shanghai (2.5~5h), Xian (3h), or take a high speed train to Dunhua City from Jilin (1.5h), Changchun (2h), Dalian (5~5.5h), Harbin (3h), Beijing (7h), etc.

Where to Stay in Changbaishan: Accommodate in Wanda Changbaishan Resort with superior hotels or Erdao Baihe Town with hot spring hotels

Generally, a classic Changbai Mountain tour needs at least 3 days including arrival and departure days. Many travelers spend 1 day visiting North Slope or West Slope, and half a day traveling Mojie Scenic Area. And some travelers wanting to see Heavenly Lake may spend 2 days visiting both slopes. If you are interested in a winter holiday around Changbaishan, it takes another 2 days to enjoy skiing in Wanda Changbaishan Ski Resort and other winter activities.

☞ 3 Days Changbai Mountain Classic Tour
☞ 5 Days Changbaishan Winter Tour

Want an in-depth discovery? We suggest you spend more days taking a view of different perspectives of Jilin Province. It takes 1 day to visit Wusong Island and other highlights and in Jilin City, 1 day to explore the Puppet Emperor's Palace - the official residence of Puyi and other featured architectures in Changchun, 1 day to discover Capital Cities and Tombs of the Ancient Koguryo Kingdom in Ji'an, and 1 day to watch the amazing spectacle of winter fishing in Chagan Lake if you travel in winter..

☞ 5 Days Club Med Beidahu Ski Tour with Jilin Wusong Island
☞ 6 Days Jilin Winter Tour with Chagan Lake Winter Fishing
☞ 4 Days Koguryo World Heritage Sites Exploration from Changchun

For travelers with more time, travel China's Dongbei (northeastern area) including Liaoning Province, Jilin Province and Heilongjiang Province together is strongly recommended. You can extend your tour to Harbin and China Snow town for the breathtaking world of snow and ice, Shengyang to witness establishment and collapse of China's final imperial dynasty, and Dalian to appreciate the fresh air and nice beaches.

☞ 7 Days Amazing Northeast China Winter Tour (Harbin / China Snow Town / Jingpo Lake / Dunhua / Changbai Mountain / Jilin)
☞ 8 Days Northeast China Tour with Harbin Ice & Snow Festival (Harbin / Jilin / Changchun / Shenyang / Dalian)

Recommended Changbaishan Tours

Top 3 Changbaishan tours chosen by most customers to explore Changbaishan in the best way. Check the detailed itinerary, or tailor your own trip now with us.

Hiking Experience in China Snow Town
6 Days In-depth Harbin Tour with China Snow Town & Yabuli Skiing

Harbin / China Snow Town / Yabuli Ski Resort / Harbin

Changbai Mountain Heavenly Lake Summer View (West Slope)
6 Days China Snow Town & Changbai Mountain Tour from Harbin

Harbin / China Snow Town / Changbai Mountain

Dive Performance off Diaoshuilou Waterfall at Jingpo Lake
7 Days Amazing Northeast China Winter Tour with Changbai Mountain & Wusong Island

Harbin / China Snow Town / Jingpo Lake / Dunhua / Changbai Mountain / Jilin

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