Beidahu Ski Resort - The Nearest Olympic Ski Resort from City

Beidahu is located in southwest of Jilin City. It is a sports and tourism center integrating competition, training, tourism, fitness, and rehabilitation and can meet the requirements of alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, high jump skiing, freestyle skiing, modern biathlon, sledge, snowmobile, and other snow projects. The supporting living conditions also reach the level of International Snow competition venues. It has successfully held all snow events of the Eighth National Winter Games, the Ninth National Winter Games, the Twelfth National Winter Games, and the Sixth Asian Winter Games.

There are gentle slopes and 9 peaks with an altitude of more than 1200 meters. The whole resort is surrounded by mountains on three sides. It has a good shelter in winter with a suitable climate for skiing. The average temperature in winter is -10 degrees Celsius in Beidahu. The whole region is surrounded by mountains on three sides. The snow period of Beidahu is long, generally, the first snow is in late October, the last snow is in late April, and the snow period is about 160 days; The depth of snow varies from top to bottom. It is about 0.5m below the mountain, about 0.8m on the hillside, up to 1.5m. According to experts' investigation, if there is little snowfall due to special circumstances, the main peak is the center of the mountain area, and there are 6 mountain springs running all year round, with an average annual precipitation of 670mm, which can meet the water demand for snowmaking in the snowfield.

Hot Jilin Tour: ☛ 5 Days Club Med Beidahu Ski Tour with Jilin Wusong Island

Beidahu Ski Resort Trail Map Beidahu Ski Resort Trail Map

Facilities of Beidahu Ski Resort

Beidahu ski resort has a total length of about 37 kilometers and a maximum height difference of 930 meters. It is currently the ski resort with the largest mountain drop of snow trails in China. It has the natural conditions for holding international events of any level. It has 19 international standard snow trails, one modern biathlon shooting range in winter, one international standard veneer U-groove and veneer Park, and two ski jumping platforms, A Freestyle Aerial skill ski platform, and a dry land sled slide; There are four alpine ski cableways, one supporting and pulling and three magic blankets in the snowfield; 2000 pairs of various ski appliances; The daily reception capacity is more than 6000 people.

Why Choose Beidahu Ski Resort

1. There are few people and deep snow, and the medium and high-grade snow tracks can be well-maintained for a long time.
2. The altitude drop of the cableway is one of the highest in China, nearly 800m.
3. It has a lot of high-grade snow trails and a lot of intermediate snow trails.
4. The advanced snow track is extremely challenging, and the intermediate snow track is difficult and interesting.
5. With E14 Qingyun Avenue and 3.2km intermediate snow track.
6. The E5 advanced natural snow track with a slope of 35 ° is a place for top experts in China to prove their skills.
7. The club med provides a world-class top vacation experience, and the ski resort has sufficient foreign coaches.
9. There are two large snow equipment halls and a top rescue team in China.
10. It has the top mountain rescue team in China

Beidahu Ski Resort Snowscape of Beidahu Ski Resort
© mafengwo / kenkeo
Beidahu Ski Resort Trail of Beidahu Ski Resort
© mafengwo / kenkeo

Beidahu Ski Resort Ticket & Fee

Weekday Ticket Price of Beidahu Ski Resort

① 2 hours: cable car ticket (160 CNY); Ordinary double board package ticket (300 CNY); Advanced double board / single board package (400 CNY).
② 4 hours: cable car ticket (200 CNY); Ordinary double board package ticket (350 CNY); Advanced double board / single board package (450 CNY).
③ 1 day: cable car ticket (280 CNY); Ordinary double board package ticket (480 CNY); Advanced double board / single board package (580 CNY).

Weekend Ticket Price of Beidahu Ski Resort

① 2 hours: cable car ticket (260 CNY); Ordinary double board package ticket (400 CNY); Advanced double board / single board package (500 CNY).
② 4 hours: cable car ticket (280 CNY); Ordinary double board package ticket (450 CNY); Advanced double board / single board package (550 CNY).
③ 1 day: cable car ticket (380 CNY); Ordinary double board package ticket (580 CNY); Advanced double board / single board package (680 CNY).

Holiday Ticket Price of Beidahu Ski Resort

① 2 hours: cable car ticket (360 CNY); Ordinary double board package ticket (500 CNY); Advanced double board / single board package (600 CNY).
② 4 hours: cable car ticket (380 CNY); Ordinary double board package (550 CNY); Advanced double board / single board package (650 CNY).
③ 1 day: cable car ticket (480 CNY); Ordinary double board package ticket (680 CNY); Advanced double board / single board package (780 CNY).

Rental Price of Accessories of Beidahu Ski Resort

Snow Suit (suit, including wardrobe): 60 CNY / person; Snow mirror: 35 CNY / person; Helmet: 30 CNY / person; Protective equipment: 50 CNY / person; Small cabinet: 15 CNY; Large cabinet: 20 CNY.

Price of Outdoor Entertainment Items in Beidahu Ski Resort

Snow Gear Rental Loan

① 4 hours: full set (150 CNY); Snowshoes (80 CNY); Snowboard (100 CNY); Snow stick (20 CNY).
② 1 day: full set (200 CNY); Snowshoes (100 CNY); Snowboard (120 CNY); Snow stick (30 CNY).

Advanced Single Board / Dual Board

① 4 hours: full set (250 yuan); Snowshoes (120 yuan); Snowboard (160 yuan); Snow stick (30 yuan).
② 1 day: full set (300 yuan); Snowshoes (150 yuan); Snowboard (200 yuan); Snow stick (40 yuan).

Note: The price list is only for your reference, and the actually price is subject to change. Please contact us to inquire the details.

Cableways of Beidahu Ski Resort

The foot of Beidahu is divided into two areas: Olympic Sports Center and North American time. Free electric vehicles are available for tourists in both areas. The Olympic Sports Center is near Cableway C, E, G. BDH Beimei Shiguang Apartment Hotel (Perfect Time Hotel) is near Cableway H. Cableway D lower station is located on the hillside.

Get to Cableway C: take the cableway on the north side of the Olympic Sports Center; After leaving the D cable station, reach the C cable area through N2; At the upper station of cable H, follow E14 to the lower station of cable C.
Get to Cableway D: take cable C up the mountain and arrive at cable D station along N6; Take cable E up the mountain, follow the left connecting road to cable D down the station; Take the cable G up the mountain, follow E9, and reach the cable D down station on the right connecting road at the middle and lower part (experts only).
Leave Cableway D: arrive at the foot of the mountain along N10 near the D-cable lower station; Take cable D and reach the foot of the mountain along N2 or N4.
Get to Cableway G: take the cableway on the west side of the Olympic Sports Center; At the upper station of cable H, follow E14 to the lower station of cable G.
Get to Cableway H: take the cableway after Beimei Shiguang Apartment Hotel; At the G cable station, reach the H cable area along E14 and E20.

Recommended Ski Trails of Beidahu

Beidahu Ski Resorts contains more trails more intermediate and professional skiers. For new beginners, Songhua Lake ski resort has more junior trails to practice. The following are the top recommended snow trails in Beidahu.

N10 Xingguang Trail (primary level, slope - 13%): This trail is the most elementary one of Beidahu Ski Resort. It is directly opposite the snow gear hall. You don't need to take a cable car and take a magic carpet to reach the top. The overall is very flat. It is suitable for beginners. You can practice basic skills of skiing here.
N1 Sunshine Trail (junior & middle level, slope - 18%): This snow track is on the leftmost side of Beidahu. You need to take the cableway C to reach the top. It is suitable for skiers who have mastered basic skills. The total length is about 1km. The upper half is steep and the lower half is as gentle as the primary track.
E14 Qingyun Trail (medium level, slope - 22-25%): OE14 is the most classic snow track of Beidahu. The whole journey is 3km long with a vertical drop of 690m. It takes about 14 minutes to reach the top of the mountain with an average slope of 25%. The trail is not difficult for Intermediate skiers, and junior skiers can challenge themselves here. There is a branch road in two-thirds of the track. E18 and E19 are direct to the Beimeishiguang Hotel (H cableway). If you want to return to the snowfield, you need to continue along E14. There is an Audi Q8 and a sign on the top of the mountain, which is suitable for taking photos. The scenery is very beautiful there.
E9 Audi Q7 & N2 (advanced level, slope - 30% +): These are the most difficult trails of Beidahu. When taking the cable car, you can occasionally cross E9. You can see that the slope is very steep with many sharp turns and the snow track is narrow. Non-professional skiers are not recommended to try.

Beidahu Ski Resort Beidahu Ski Resort Cableway
© mafengwo / kenkeo
Beidahu Ski Resort Beidahu Ski Resort Cableway
© mafengwo / kenkeo
Beidahu Ski Resort Beidahu Ski Trail Overview
© bilibili / 万泉河水66ski

Beidahu Ski Resort Accommodation

There are mainly 4 hotels in Beidahu Ski Resort, namely Club Med Beidahu, Jilin Beidahu Holiday Inn, BDH Beimei Shiguang Apartment Hotel, and Beidahu Xingkongying Hotel. Most of them are branded hotels with nice service and good facilities.

Club Med Beidahu 北大壶地中海俱乐部: Club Med, as one of the world's largest tourism and vacation chain groups, offers accommodation service in Beidahu at one price for all-inclusive vacation experience of living, skiing, entertainment, and food. ClubMed Beidahu provides an international skiing vacation experience to tourists. The service includes breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner, drinks and bar snacks, single board / double board skiing courses, snow hiking, age-specific group skiing courses, and the skiing passes of Beidahu Ski Resort. (check-in from November to March. Please check the real-time price on the official website of Club Med)

Jilin Beidahu Holiday Inn 北大壶假日酒店: Featuring ski-to-door access, Holiday Inn Jilin Beidahu. this property also provides guests with comfortable accommodations and s nice restaurant. The area is popular for hiking and skiing, and ski equipment hire is available at the accommodations.

BDH Beimei Shiguang Apartment Hotel (Perfect Time) 北大湖北美时光公寓酒店: Beidahu Beimei Shiguang Apartment Hotel is an American-style hotel where you can ski in and ski-out. The hotel is mainly aimed at "urban vacation" for medium and high-end tourists. It is equipped with an independent snow gear service center, high-end restaurant, bar, supermarket, gym, yoga room, and many other supporting entertainment facilities. The accommodation site offers ski passes and ski rental. The cableway H is just near the gate, which is very convenient.

Beidahu Xingkongying Hotel 北大湖星空营酒店: The newly opened Beidahu Xingkongying Hotel is located at the foot of Beidahu, with a beautiful natural environment. Focusing on youth, it has created a hotel with adventure colors suitable for ski lovers with ski passes and rental services.

Note: All hotels in the ski resort provide catering services. In addition, there are brand catering services on the second floor of the Olympic Sports Center, including hot pot, KFC, Pacific Coffee, ramen, Korean food, local food, etc. The hotel rate mentioned is only for reference, and please contact us for the actual price of each hotel.

Beidahu Ski Resort Club Med Beidahu
© mafengwo
Beidahu Ski Resort Jilin Beidahu Holiday Inn
© mafengwo
Beidahu Ski Resort BDH Beimei Shiguang Apartment Hotel
© mafengwo

Beidahu Ski Resort Location and How to Get There

Jilin Beidahu ski resort is located in Jilin Sports Tourism Economic Development Zone, close to the urban area, 53 km from the urban area of Jilin City, 61 km from Jilin station, and 126 km from Changchun Longjia International Airport. Tourists can reach Jilin Railway Station or Airport and make a transfer to Beidahu Ski Resort.

Jilin Railway Station 吉林火车站

Jilin Railway Station has many direct trains to most major cities of China. If there are no direct trains, you can choose to transfer to the high-speed railway to Jilin after arriving at Changchun Railway Station. It takes only about 45min from Changchun to Jilin. Please get off the train from the exit of the west square to Jinmao Feicui holiday hotel. The departure station of the shuttle buses to Beidahu snowfield is located at the main gate of Jinmao Feicui holiday hotel (金茂翡翠假日酒店).

Changchun Longjia International Airport长春机场

Changchun Longjia Airport, as the provincial capital airport, has many flights to choose from. For skiers who arrive at Changchun by sir, the quickest way to Beidahu is to take a direct tourist bus. If it is difficult to take one, you can take the high-speed train at Longjia Railway Station to Jilin station, and then transfer to the scenic spot from Jilin Railway Station. Longjia Railway Station is about 20 minutes' walk from Changchun airport.

Travel with China Discovery

We China Discovery has helped hundreds of visitors travel Beidahu Ski Resort and the surrounding highlights like Mount Changbai, Jilin Wusong Island, Jingpo Lake and even tour to Harbin. Convenient private car is included in all of our tours. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us!

Other Recommended Ski Resorts

Yabuli Ski Resort

Heilongjiang Yabuli ski resort has the longest ski trail in China, with a single trail of 5000 meters and a vertical drop of 912 meters. The accumulated length of the snow track is 50km. Yabuli ski resort has now formed a snow track system combining primary, medium and high-grade snow tracks. The primary ski trail is 500 meters long, next to which is equipped with a large towing cableway, which is suitable for tourists who barely have skiing experience. The middle and high-grade snow trails were built at the north foot of Daguokui mountain at an altitude of 1374.8m. The total length of the snow trail is 3080 meters, the average width is 50 meters, and the vertical drop is 804 meters, which fully meets the standards of the International Ski Federation. The ski resort has a beautiful environment, surrounded by primitive forests and towering ancient trees. It is suitable for public skiing and is loved by skiing lovers. Many events and activities have been successfully held on these snow tracks.

Changbaishan Valley Forest Yabuli Ski Resort
© mafengwo / 一蟹君

Changbaishan Ski Resort

Changbai Mountain Ski Resort is located at the foot of Changbai Mountain, 10 kilometers away from the west slope of Changbai Mountain, near Changbaishan airport. There is covered with a large amount of snow, for a long snow period with picturesque scenery. There are also many luxury hotels, and a wide variety of ski tracks as well as many snow activities, which have attracted many skiers from home and aboard. It covers a total area of 7 square kilometers and has 43 ski trails, distributed in the East, West, and North hillside of the main peak, including 9 advanced ski trails that meet the competition requirements of the Winter Olympic Games, 14 intermediate ski trails and 20 primary ski trails. The total length of ski trails is about 30 kilometers and the total area is 935000 square meters, It can accommodate 8000 skiers at the same time.

Beidahu Ski Resort Changbaishan Ski Resort
© mafengwo / momo小布丁

Songhua Lake Ski Resort

Jilin Songhua Lake ski resort is a famous urban ski resort in China, covering an area of 350,000 square meters. It was built in 1965 and completed in 1982. It once held the sixth Winter Games of China. The length of the ski resort is 2700 meters, and the cableway is nearly 1800 meters. There are also 5km cross-country ski trails and 50m jumping platforms. Songhua Lake ski resort is located on the bank of Songhua Lake, about 20 kilometers southeast of the urban area. There are many mountains and lush forests. It is a "V" shaped ski resort with a coverage area of 250 hectares. The ski resort is very close to the urban area with convenient transportation. There are direct buses every day, taking about 40 minutes to get there. For skiers in China, the proportion of junior, middle and senior ski trails are 4:4:2, and it offers cross-country skiing trails, platforms for skiing jumping and other venues. Different levels of skiers do not interfere with each other, and they can meet the needs from family holidays to international professional events.

Songhua Lake Ski Resort Songhua Lake Ski Resort
© mafengwo / liuxilin

Useful Beidahu Ski Resort Travel Tips

1. Carefully check the snow gear, and correctly wear the essential protective equipment.

2. Before skiing, do some warm-up exercises;

3. If you want to improve your skiing skills and master standard skiing, it is the best choice to hire a coach. The ski resort provides personal coach services at all levels, from amiable primary teaching to NZSIA, PSIA, and other internationally certified skiing coaches.

4. Follow the regulations of the snowfield. There are skiing area with certain technical requirements, if you have not reach a certain level, please do not take risks to go there.

5. When doing outdoor activities, please keep warm and do not keep skiing for a long time.

6. Make sure your vision is wide enough and your hearing is unobstructed.

7. Keep a safe distance and understand the basic ski rules.

8. You’re recommended to bring your own ski items if you have any, such as ski clothes, gloves, ski glasses and masks. These itenms are not provided free of charge. You can either rent or buy them on site. It is recommended to prepare it in advance.

9. Since the rooms are limited in the resort and the hotel rate might become a lot higher during the holiday season, you are recommended to book your room in advance and be aware of the possible crowd during the weekends and holidays.

How to Plan A Jilin Province Tour

Changbai Mountain is the premier sight of Jilin Province. Generally, a classic Changbai Mountain tour needs at least 3 days including arrival and departure days. Many travelers spend 1 day visiting North Slope or West Slope, and half a day traveling Mojie Scenic Area. And some travelers wanting to see Heavenly Lake may spend 2 days visiting both slopes. If you are interested in a winter holiday around Changbaishan, it takes another 2 days to enjoy skiing in Wanda Changbaishan Ski Resort and other winter activities.

☞ 3 Days Changbai Mountain Classic Tour
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Want an in-depth discovery? We suggest you spend more days taking a view of different perspectives of Jilin Province. It takes 1 day to visit Wusong Island and other highlights and in Jilin City, 1 day to explore the Puppet Emperor's Palace - the official residence of Puyi and other featured architectures in Changchun, 1 day to discover Capital Cities and Tombs of the Ancient Koguryo Kingdom in Ji'an, and 1 day to watch the amazing spectacle of winter fishing in Chagan Lake if you travel in winter..

☞ 5 Days Club Med Beidahu Ski Tour with Jilin Wusong Island
☞ 6 Days Jilin Winter Tour with Chagan Lake Winter Fishing
☞ 4 Days Koguryo World Heritage Sites Exploration from Changchun

For travelers with more time, travel China's Dongbei (northeastern area) including Liaoning Province, Jilin Province and Heilongjiang Province together is strongly recommended. You can extend your tour to Harbin and China Snow town for the breathtaking world of snow and ice, Shengyang to witness establishment and collapse of China's final imperial dynasty, and Dalian to appreciate the fresh air and nice beaches.

☞ 7 Days Amazing Northeast China Winter Tour (Harbin / China Snow Town / Jingpo Lake / Dunhua / Changbai Mountain / Jilin)
☞ 8 Days Northeast China Tour with Harbin Ice & Snow Festival (Harbin / Jilin / Changchun / Shenyang / Dalian)

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