Where to Stay in Wuxi | Recommended Wuxi Hotels 2023

Wuxi is a charming city along the Yangtze River between Shanghai and Nanjing. It's seldom regarded as the top Chinese tourist destination, but a short Wuxi trip is a good extension to your tour in nearby popular cities (such as Shanghai, Nanjing, Suzhou…) or if you want a weekend's off from them. Generally, 2 days are needed to have a classic exploration in Wuxi. Therefore, you have to stay at least one night in this city. Though Wuxi is not as developed as Shanghai, it is easy to find many hotels of different classes. Recommended accommodating areas in Wuxi include the Downtown Area (near Sanyang Square), Taihu Lake Area and Lingshan Buddha Area.

Where to Stay in Wuxi Where to Stay in Wuxi City

With a good knowledge of the hotels in Wuxi, China Discovery only uses those hotels with convenient amenities, fine services and great reputations. Besides, we have a close cooperative relationship with many hotels, and we can provide you with a more competitive price. Let China Discovery book the best hotel for you, which is included in our valuable Wuxi tour packages.

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Wuxi Downtown Area – the Most Recommended Area

Accommodating in the downtown area (around Sanyang Square and Nanchan Temple) is the first choice for most travelers. You can enjoy quick access to metro Line 1 (via Wuxi Railway Station) and Metro Line 2 (via Plum Garden and Wuxi East Railway Station). Besides, there are many shopping malls and restaurants nearby for shopping and dining. Good Hotels in Wuxi Downtown Area are:

Hyatt Regency Wuxi (无锡苏宁凯悦酒店 ★★★★★)

Address: No.109 Renmin Middle Road, Wuxi 214000 China (无锡市人民中路109号)

Popular Mentions: "Great View of the City" "Metro Station" "Great Decoration" "Modern Building" "Amazing Hotel"

Hyatt Regency Wuxi is a 5-star hotel located in the downtown area of Wuxi, only 500 meters to Sanyang Square (about 10 minutes' walk). It has 348 guest rooms and all rooms have concise but well-arranged decorations. Distributed on 45th ~ 63th floors, the rooms also offer you a panoramic vista of the prosperous city. Fitness Center with swimming pool and hydrotherapy are equipped in the hotel. No matter you want to have western food or try some local dishes, the available western restaurants and Chinese restaurants can delight your appetite.

Where to Stay in Wuxi Restaurant in Hyatt Regency

InterContinental Hotel Wuxi (无锡君来洲际酒店 ★★★★★)

Address: No.6 Yonghe Road, Liangxi District, Wuxi 214023 China (江苏省无锡市梁溪区永和路6号)

Popular Mentions: "Excellent Hotel" "Nice Station" "Good Location"

InterContinental Hotel Wuxi is a reliable 5-star hotel proving ideal accommodation of value, comfort and convenience. It is just located in the Taihu Square, only 3 km to Sanyang Square and 2 km to Nanchan Temple. You can also quickly reach to some other top attractions like Yuantouzhu (20 km, 30 minutes' drive), Jichang Garden (8 km, 20 minutes' drive) and Huishan Old Town (6 km, 16 minutes' drive). The hotel pays special attention to the details that each room is fully-equipped and delicately-decorated. From some windows, you can enjoy the amazing view of Wuxi City and the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal. There are 6 restaurants and bars offers you different dishes, both in Chinese and western styles. 

Where to Stay in Wuxi InterContinental Hotel Wuxi

Wuxi Hotel Wuxi (无锡大饭店 ★★★★)

Address: No.1 Liangqing Road, Binhu District, Wuxi 214007 China (无锡市滨湖区梁青路1号)

Popular Mentions: "Nice Hotel" "Superb Quality" "Good Location"

Wuxi Hotel was a four-star hotel established on April 8th, 1989. With a great location, it is just about 3 km to Sanyang Square and 3 km to Nanchan Temple. It has over 240 guest rooms and other functional areas like gym, swimming pool, health cultivation rooms ,meeting room, etc. Each room is clean, comfortable and warmly-decorated. There are Chinese Restaurant, West Restaurant and Japanese Restaurant available to provide different customers with different dishes, including famous Hangzhou Food and Sichuan Cuisine.

Where to Stay in Wuxi Elegant Wuxi Hotel

Wuxi Taihu Lake Area – Good Place to Admire Lake View

Wuxi is a city famous for its Taihu Lake scenery. If you want to spend longer time admiring the lake view or want to have quick access to the scenic area near Taihu Lake, we suggest you accommodate in Taihu Lake Area. There are also many choices for you, but the most recommended hotels are:

Taihu Hotel (太湖饭店 ★★★★★)

Address: No.1 Jinyuan Road, Binhu District Wuxi 214064 China (江苏省无锡市滨湖区锦园路1号)

Popular Mentions "Impressive Hotel" "Taihu lakke" "Quite Good"

Taihu Hotel is a time-honored 5-star hotel firstly opened in 1952 and renovated in 2000. The hotels is surrounded by green mountains and lakes. No matter you want a business visit or vacation, it is a nice choice. It has received over 70 national leaders from different countries. Located near Taihu Lake, it is only 4(10 minutes) km to Plum Garden and 6 km (20 minutes' drive) to Yuantouzhu. Guest rooms are extremely comfortable, excessively roomy with separate bathroom, dressing room and bedroom. In addition to the tastefully designed rooms, many guests love their fabulous breakfast buffet and beautiful public spaces.

Where to Stay in Wuxi Panoramic View of Taihu Hotel

Jiangnan Four Seasons Hotel (江南四季酒店 ★★★★)

Address: No. 100 Jinxi Road, Binhu District, Wuxi 214064 China (无锡市滨湖区锦西路100号)

Popular Mentions "Comfortable" "Spacious Room" "Good Facilities" "Great Restaurant"

Jiangnan Four Seasons Hotel is a 4-star comfortable hotel located near Taihu Lake, 4.5 km (about 10 minutes' drive) to Lihu Wetland Park, 8 km (about 15 minutes' drive) to Yuantouzhu and 14 km (about 25 minutes' drive) to Sanyang Square. The hotel is close to Changguangxi Metro Station (长广溪站) and you can take metro Line 1 easily here. There are 108 rooms with traditional Jiangnan (south region of the Yangtze River) features. There are several restaurants offering western and Chinese dishes. Don't miss the featured Hangzhou food and Suzhou food.

Where to Stay in Wuxi Jiangnan Four Seasons Hotel

Holiday Inn Express Wuxi Taihu New City (无锡太湖新泽假日酒店 ★★★ )

Address: No.77 Qingshu Road, Qinghu District, Wuxi 214064 China (无锡滨湖区清舒道77号)

Popular Mentions "Recommended" "Nice Breakfast" "Swimming Pool" "Hotel New"

Though is a little far away from the downtown area, Holiday Inn Express Wuxi Taihu New City is a well-rated hotel for its cleanliness, good facilities and considerable service. The hotel is only about 700 meters away from Xuntang Old Town where you can easily walk to and have a good time. The restaurant provides Southeast Asian food and Chinese food. A Fitness center and a seasonal heated swimming pool are also available. Whenever you need, the friendly staff will come to help.

Where to Stay in Wuxi Holiday Inn Express Wuxi Taihu New City

Lingshan Grand Buddha Area

The amazing attraction Lingshan Grand Buddha is always regarded as the premier sight of Wuxi City, so many travelers prefer an accommodation near the Buddha. There are not as many hotels as in the downtown area, but you can some nice accommodations as well, especially many featured inns.

Wuxi Lingshan Juna Paramita Hotel (无锡拈花湾君来波罗蜜多酒店 ★★★★★)

Address: No. 68 Huanshan West Road Taihu Lake National Resort District, Wuxi 214091 China (马山环山西路68号拈花湾景区内)

Popular Mentions "Breakfast Good" "Comfortable Bed" "

Wuxi Lingshan Juna Paramita Hotel is a 5-star luxurious hotel located in the scenic area of Lingshan Town Nianhua Bay, 6 km (about 10 minutes' drive) away from Lingshan Grand Buddha. It is well-equipped with spacious and comfortable rooms and various facilities including a Children's playground. If you travel with kids and want to accommodate near Lingshan Town, it is a good choice. Western Restaurant and Chinese Restaurant are both available. There is a beautiful garden in the hotel, making it rather elegant.

Where to Stay in Wuxi Wuxi Lingshan Juna Paramita Hotel

Yunhe Yebo Hotel (云和夜泊酒店 ★★★★)

Address: Xinlong Road (Xi Village), Wuxi 214091 China (无锡市马山西村中段1号)

Popular Mentions "Nice Environment" "Featured Building" "Service Good"

Yunhe Yebo Hotel is a 4-star hotel featured with distinctive architecture. It uses the Chinese traditional style of white wall, gray tiles, courtyard, etc. Many kinds of rooms are equipped in the hotel, including interestingly-decorated family rooms. Besides, it also has swimming pool, orchard garden, fitness garden, tea house, book bar, KTV, etc. No matter you want a quiet environment and busy atmosphere, your need can be met here. The superb service of Yunhe Yebo Hotel is praised by the guests.

Where to Stay in Wuxi Yunhe Yebo Hotel

Other Accommodation Areas in Wuxi

In order to catch an early train or flight, some travelers prefer to accommodate near the railway stations or airports. Hotels near Wuxi East Railway Station include 3-star Jiushu Yunlin Resort (1 km), 3-star Lufeng Hotel (1 km), 3-star Rujia Business Hotel (1.5 km)… Hotels near Shunan Shuofang Airport include 4-star Regan International Airport (3 km), 4-star Xiangmei International Hotel, 3-star Ji Hotel (3 km)… Besides, you can also choose to stay in Suzhou which is only 10 minutes' high speed train trip from Wuxi. Check Where to Stay in Suzhou>

Travel with China Discovery

In order to enjoy a better Wuxi tour, it is strongly recommended to travel with China Discovery. We will book the best hotels with good location, facilities and service for you. As you get to Wuxi, our local travel guide and driver will pick you up at the airport or train station and escort you to your hotel or every attraction listed in your itinerary.

Far more than that, China Discovery is professional to provide high-quality customizable tour. Before your tour, our travel expert will communicate with you one to one and make an itinerary according your own interest, need and budget. Every detail – transfer, hotels, attractions, etc. will be arranged well for you and you just need to focus on sightseeing. Feel free to contact us to start your worry-free private tour now!

Tiger Hill

Our Customers in Tiger Hill, Suzhou

How to Plan Your Travel in Wuxi

How to Get to Wuxi: You can easily get to Wuxi by high speed train from Suzhou (0.5~1.5 hours), Nanjing (1 hour), Hangzhou (1.5~2.5 hours), Beijing (5.5 hours), Shanghai (0.5~1.5 hours), etc. as well as flight from Beijing (2.5 hrs), Xian (2 hrs), Chengdu (2.5 hrs), Guangzhou (2.5 hrs)...

Best Time to Visit Wuxi: Spring (March~ May) and autumn (September ~ November), especially spring when various flowers can be aprreciated

In order to explore the cultural and natural highlights of Wuxi, 2 days are needed generally. What you won’t miss are Lingshan Grand Buddha - an 88-meter-bronze Buddha statue and Yuantouzhu with Wuxi’s best scenic beauty. It is also recommended to visit Huishan Old Town to probe in to the historical ancestral halls and buildings, Jichang Garden to admire ingenuity of the classical gardens of south regions of the Yangtze River, Wuxi Old Street (Nanchang Street) along the old canal to feel traditional and modern atmosphere together. Besides, there are lots of gardens and wetlands located near Taihu Lake delivering an amazing natural vista to you.

☛ 2 Wuxi Highlights Tour

If you want to explore more about Jiangsu Province, you can travel to Suzhou - the city of classical gardens and silk, Nanjing - an old capital of 6 dynasties, Yangzhou - old culture center of southern China, etc. Check more about Jiangsu Tours>

☛ 5 Days Jiangsu Tour (Suzhou, Wuxi & Nanjing)

If you have more days, you can expand your Wuxi trip to Shanghai - modernest metropolis in China, Hangzhou - home to picturesque West Lake, and Huangshan - magnificent Yellow Mountain and Hui-style ancient villages. Or you can contact us to customize a trip according to your own itinerary and interests. Just tell us your needs and we will take care of everything, you just need to focus on sightseeing!

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