Xilingol Transportation: How to Get to & Travel around Xilingol 2023

Xilingol League in Inner Mongolia is never that famous than Hohhot and Hulunbuir of this region, however, it is no shortage of natural and cultural wonders. It boasts the only UNESCO World Heritage Site - Site of Xanadu, one of China's most beautiful grassland - Xilingol Grassland, and the best volcanic landform in Inner Mongolia - Pingdingshan Volcano Group Geopark…

When it comes to plan a tour to Xilingol, the first thing you need to check out is how to get there. This Xilingol Transportation Guide will help you navigate Xilingol in ease. Please check Where is Xilingol, Flights to Xilingol, Train to Xilingol, and more detailed transportation info of getting to Xilingol from Beijing, Hulunbuir, Hohhot, Chifeng, etc. to plan your Xilingol Tour 2023!

Where is Xilingol?

Xilingol League, or called Xilin Gol League, is located in the central area of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. It neighbors Ulanqab in the west, Heibei in the south, Chifeng and Tongliao in the southeast, Xing'an League in the east and Mongolia in the north.

Xilingol is about 510 kilometers away from Beijing (8 hours around by car or 1.5 hours by flight) - the capital of China, 710 KM (8 hours around by car or 1 hour by flight) from Hohhot - the capital of Inner Mongolia, 400 Km (4.5 hours around by car) from Chifeng, etc.

Xilingol China Map

Xilingol China Map

How to Get to Xilingol

Normally, visitors head to Xilingol by flight or car. Some may choose the normal trains.

Flights to Xilingol

The most popular chosen airport is Xilinhot Airport in Xinlin Hot City, the administration center of Xilinggol League. It has flights to/from Hohhot (1 hour), Beijing (1 hour), Baotou (1 hour), etc. Beijing and Hohhot are the best gateway cities.

Xilingol Transportation

Xilingol Flight Map

Popular Flights to Xilingol Schedules (per day) Duration
Beijing to Xilinhot Flight 10+ 1 hour around
Hohhot to Xilinhot Flight 15+ 1 hour around

Xilinhot Airport (锡林浩特机场)

Address: Jichang Road, Xilin Hot City, Xilingol League, Inner Mongolia (锡林郭勒盟锡林浩特市西部机场路), about 16 KM & 30 minutes away from Xilin Hot downtown.

In addition to Xilinhot Airport, some visitors also choose to land at the nearby Holingol Airport, which is close to the Wulagai Grassland of Xilingol City. Holingol Airport has flights to/from Beijing (1.5 hours around), etc.

Holingol Airport (霍林郭勒机场)

Address: Holingol City, Tongliao City, Inner Mongolia (内蒙古自治区通辽市霍林郭勒市), about 62 KM & 1 hour away from Wulagai Grassland by car.

Xilingol Transportation Xilinhot Airport

Car to Xilingol (self-driving or private car tour)

Self-driving tours or private car tours are the most popular picks to visit Xilingol. Most of the visitors choose to drive from Beijing, Chifeng, Chengde, Ulanqab, Hohhot, Zhangjiakou, Changchun, etc.

Trains to Xilingol

Xilingol has no High Speed Railway. If you prefer to take a train to visit it, you can find normal trains from Baotou (11~13 hours), Hohhot (10~13 hours), etc. The trains arrive at Xilinhot Railway Station.

Xilinhot Railway Station (锡林浩特站)

Address: Xilin Avenue, Xilin Hot City, Xilingol League, Inner Mongolia (内蒙古锡林郭勒盟锡林浩特市锡林大街), about 6.6 Km and 15 minutes around from Xilin Hot downtown.

Beijing to Xilingol

Time needed: 1 hour around by flight or 8 hours around by car

You can take a flight or car to Xilingol from Beijing. Xilinhot, the center of Xilingol, has more frequent flights from Beijing than Holingol, which is close to Wulagai Grassland in the northeast of Xilingol. Every day, there are about 11 direct flights from Beijing to Xilinhot, while only one flight to Holingol. Therefore, you are suggested to catch a flight to Xilin Hot City first.

Besides the flights, you can also drive or book a private car service to Xilingol. There are two driving ways. One takes you to Zhangjiakou City in Hubei Province first, and then passes Taipusi Banner, etc. The other way will get to Fengning County in Chengde City first, and then passes Zhenglan Banner and more before arriving at Xilingol. The driving trips of the two ways take about 8 hours or so.

Beijing to Xilingol Flights >>

Xilingol Transportation Beijing Forbidden City

Hohhot to Xilingol

Time needed: 1 hour around by flight or 8 hours around by car

Hohhot has about 16 flights a day to Xilin Hot City of Xilingol. The flight ride takes only 1 hour around. Taking a flight is a good way to visit the grassland and UNESCO World Heritage site in Xilingol after the visit of the desert and museum in and near Hohhot.

Apart from flights, you can also drive or book a private cars to go from Hohhot to Xilingol. The driving needs about 8 hours. Along the way, you will pass through Ulanqab City and Zhangjiakou City and have opportunities to visit The Site of Xanadu and Xilingol Grassland Volcanic Geopark.

Xilingol Transportation Jeep Safari in Kubuqi Desert

Chifeng to Xilingol

Time needed: 4.5 hours around by car

Chifeng City neighbors Xilingol in its northwest. It is closer to Beijing and is mostly famous for the amazing Hexigten Global Geopark and Ulanbutong Grassland. If you are looking for a unique tour to some secluded tourist sites in Inner Mongolia, visiting Chifeng and Xilingol together is a good idea. It is usually also a popular choice for some foreign Beijingers to enjoy weekend escapes. Chifeng has bullet trains from Beijing.

From Chifeng, you can drive or book a private car service to Xilingol in about 4.5 hours.

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Xilingol Transportation Asihatu Stone Forest in Chifeng

Hulunbuir to Xilingol

Time needed: 10+ hours by car

Hulunbuir is very far from Xilingol. The driving distance between them is about 1,008 KM, which takes about 15 hours by car. Visitors having at least half a month and looking for some longer self-driving tours may travel Hulunbuir and Xilingol together. During the trip, they will also visit Arxan UNESCO Global Geopark on the way.

How to Travel around Xilingol

In the downtown areas of the cities and banners in Xilingol, like Xilin Hot City, Erenhot City and Zhenglan Banner, you can ask a taxi to go around. However, for most of the visitors who want to visit the grasslands, you are required to book a private car service in advance, because there is no public ways to help you and only by going with a private car can you get the best free atmosphere of a grassland tour.

Xilingol Transportation Mongolian Yurts in Hulunbuir
Xilingol Transportation

Xilingol Transportation Map

Private Car Transfer with China Discovery (Top Recommended)

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Xilingol Taxi

Each city and banner of Xilingol have their own taxi system, which allows you to get around the city area in ease. Taxies may be good choices for your first or last day, when you are in the city area and want some leisure tours before your departure flight. However, seldom of the visitors ride a taxi to get to the grassland area, which is expensive and may be not available.

Xilingol Bus

To go from one city or banner in Xilingol to another city or banner, you can also choose the long distance buses, which will take you from one city area to another. Here are the bus schedules from Xilin Hot City for your reference:

From To Schedule (per day) Duration
Xilinhot Long-distance Bus Station
West Ujumuqin
7 2 hours
Lan Banner
9 2.5~3.5 hours
East Ujumuqin
6 3.5 hours

Note: 1) the above bus schedules are only for your reference. The info may be changed. You can get the latest info at the bus station of city or banner. 2) By the above buses, you can only travel from the city area to another city area. Upon arrival, you are required to arrange private cars to get to the scenic areas.

How to Plan a Xilingol Tour?

Usually, you can spend 4~7 days around to explore Xilingol. The tour usually starts from Xilin Hot, the league center of Xilingol. During the trip, you can spend 4~5 days to visit the highlights near Xilin Hot (like Xilingol Grassland Volcanic Geopark), in Left Ujumuqin Banner (like The Mongol Khan City and Ujumuqin Grassland), in East Ujumuqin Banner (Wulagai Grassland). Adding 1~2 days to visit Site of Xanadu - the UNESCO World Heritage Site and Jinlianchuan Grassland in Zhenglan Banner is also popular.

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If you have more days in Inner Mongolia, you can transfer to Hohhot, and spend 2~3 days visiting the amazing nearby deserts, Buddhist temples, museums and more essences around Baotou, Ulanqab and Ordos. Besides, you can spend 3~5 days in Chifeng visiting the splendid Hexigten Global Geopark and more wonderful lakes, prairies, etc.

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☛ 6 Days Inner Mongolia Bests Discovery Tour (Hohhot / Ulanqab / Huitengxile Grassland / Baotou / Kubuqi Desert / Ordos)

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Have more days and want more wonders? You can extend your trip to Hulunbuir, Arxan, Greater Khingan, Badain Jaran, Ejina, etc. Also, it is a great idea to travel to more popular destinations in China, such as Chengde, Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Chengdu, Guilin, Silk Road, Tibet, Yangtze River, etc. You can contact us to customize a Xilingol tour with more personal experiences based on your interests, needs and budget!

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Travel Xilingol with China Discovery

Looking for a Xilingol tour but feel hard to arrange your day by day itinerary and site to site transportation? Travel with us China Discovery and let our experienced travel consultant help you. We know Xilingol and Xilingol Grassland much and we have helped numerous visitors to enjoy a tour there. If you go with us, we will customize an Xilingol Tour for you! Your guide will accompany you all the way and show you the best viewing and photography spots. And your driver will take you to cross the grassland along the driving road in the middle of the grassland.

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Xilingol Map Local Private Transfer Service

Recommended Xilingol Tours

Top 3 Xilingol tours chosen by most customers to explore Xilingol in the best way. Check the detailed itinerary, or tailor your own trip now with us.

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Hulunbuir / Erguna / Manzhouli / Hulunbuir

Yemingsha Desert Off-road Driving Experience
6 Days Inner Mongolia Best Desert & Grassland Tour (Hohhot to Hulunbuir)

Hohhot / Baotou / Kubuqi Desert / Hulunbuir / Shiwei / Hulunbuir

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