Hulunbuir Weather, Best Time to Visit Hulunbuir Grassland


Hulunbuir is located in the northern temperate zone, with a strong continental climate. The highest temperature in Hulunbuir usually happens in July in summer, recording 34℃. January in winter is usually the coldest period of time, with the lowest temperature for about -34℃. The annual average temperature in Hulunbuir is about 0℃. The above info are only for you to have a basic understanding about the weather in Hulunbuir. This city has large areas of grasslands, wetlands and forests, and thus the climates differ a lot from region to region, so do the temperatures.

Best Time to Visit Hulunbuir Grassland

When it comes to a Hulunbuir Tour, it normally refers to a tour to visit the Hulunbuir Grassland, which is the largest and most beautiful grassland in China. The best time to visit Hulunbuir Grassland is from May to October, especially from June to mid-September. During this period of time, you will meet with the lushest scenery of the grassland. Under boundless sky, on vast prairies, herds of cows and sheep emerge when the wind blows the grass lowers. The peak season of Hulunbuir Grassland also happens in these months, particularly July and August.

Best Time to Visit Hulunbuir

Besides the grassland, Hulunbuir City also boasts Asia's No.1 Wetland - Ergun Wetland, best-preserved Russian Towns in the World - Enhe and Shiwei, China's last reindeer village - Aoluguya Reindeer Village and diverse of forests. Months from mid-May to late-September are considered to be the best time to visit the wetlands and forests. Winter from December to February is also good for visits to forests in the northeast part of Hulunbuir. The trees, road and villages are decorated with crystal-like white ice and snow during then.

Average Hulunbuir Temperature by Month

Month Recommended Rate Max Temp. Min Temp.
Jan. °C °C
Feb. °C °C
Mar. °C °C
Apr. °C °C
May. °C °C
Jun. °C °C
Jul. °C °C
Aug. °C °C
Sep. °C °C
Oct. °C °C
Nov. °C °C
Dec. °C °C

Hulunbuir Seasons to Go

Hulunbuir City has hot and rainy summer, chilly and dry winter and relatively short spring and autumn.

Hulunbuir Summer (June, July and August)

The temperature in Hulunbuir in June usually varies from 20℃~23℃, which is very pleasant. In July, Hulunbuir will have the highest temperature of the year, with the temperature reaching 36℃. It will be hot in the day, especially in the noon. However, the temperature will fall down in the afternoon. And it will be very comfortable for leisure walking after then. When the August comes, the summer in Hulunbuir is coming to an end. In late-August, the temperature will drop down to 20℃~23℃, similar to June.

What to Wear

All the summer items are essential, such as T-shirt, hat, sunglasses, sun cream, and so forth. However, you are also recommended to prepare a long short and a thin jacket with you, because you may feel cold at night and in the early morning. A pair of comfortable gym shoes is also a must, and then you can enjoy happy trekking and horse riding, etc.

Hulunbuir Summer Activities

    • 1. Indulge in the Hulunbuir Grassland in boundless lush green. Hulunbuir is full of a sense of vitality in summer. Grasses gradually turn green. Wide flowers, including the dandelion flowers, are popping up. When a breeze blows over, they wave in the air. The meandering Morigele River winds through the grassland, with its water surface shins under the sunshine. What a dreaming world.
    • 2. Enjoy the picturesque rapeseed flowers in full bloom. In early-July and mid-July, the southeast part of Hulunbuir Grassland in Yakeshi City and the northeast region near Ergun City will be decorated with large areas of beautiful rapeseed flowers. When the green meets yellow, awe-inspiring beauty opens in front of you.
    • 3. Try horse riding. The best way to be a one-day nomad is to ride a horse. Here in Hulunbuir Grassland, there are lots of opportunities to try horse riding. You can hop on a horse at one of the tribes there, and enjoy the exciting fast pace against the wind or the leisure pace with the breeze.
    • 4. Admire the stunning sunset over the wetlands. On the north region of Hulunbuir Grassland, there is a Heishantou Town, where you can get amazing sunset and sunrise views over the nearby grasslands and wetlands with golden sunshine sprinkled on the trees, rivers, Mongolian yurts and villages.
5. Visit the Russian Towns.
    In Hulunbuir, you can find two best-preserved Russian Towns outside Russia - Shiwei and Enhe. People here still live in their Russian-style wooden Mukeden Houses, eat Russian-style foods, and follow Russian traditions and culture, allowing you to get a glimpse of Russia.
  • 6. Date with adorable reindeers. In Genhe City in Hulunbuir, there is the Last Reindeer Village in China - Aoluguya, where you can get up close to lovely reindeers and feed, touch and take selfie with them.
  • 7. Enjoy natural hiking in the forests. The areas west and east of Ergun City are full of lush forests. You can follow the wooden trails built in between the trees in the forest for nature adventures.
  • 8. Take part in the grand Naadam Festival. Naadam Festival is the grandest fair in the whole Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. It usually happens in July or August. During the festival, there will be exciting games like horse racing, archery welting, etc.
Hulunbuir Weather, Best Time to Visit Hulunbuir

Hulunbuir Grassland in Summer

Hulunbuir Weather, Best Time to Visit Hulunbuir

An Adorable Mongolian Yurt on the Grassland

Hulunbuir Weather, Best Time to Visit Hulunbuir

Aoluguya Reindeer Village

Hulunbuir Autumn (September, October, November)

Autumns starts in September in Hulunbuir. After several autumn rains, the summer heat disappears and is followed by pleasant autumn temperatures varying from 12℃ to 15℃. Golden grasses and leaves are the main themes of this season. If you miss the lush summer in Hulunbuir, the early autumn is another best time to visit it. However, it will be cold after October. Some people also believe that winter bells ring from this month. The lowest temperature in October in Hulunbuir reaches -11℃, and it will be lower in November.

What to Wear

In early September, long shirts, long sleeved hoodie coat and wind coat or leather jacket are recommended. Thermal underwear is also suggested when it rains. If you are going to visit the forests or to capture the sunrise views in early morning, light cotton or down jacket may be better. In October and November, you are down jackets are musts, and bring your winter gears with you. You are possible to catch the first snow of Hulunbuir in the year. Hulunbuir also winds a lot in autumn, so please take your gauze and masks with you to protect your skin.

Hulunbuir Autumn Activities

  • 1. Enjoy the Golden Scenery on the grassland in early autumn. The vast green carpet changes to a yellow one during then, with cylinder-shaped ricks dotted everywhere. Large pieces of white clouds move and crate moving shadows on the grassland which is very impressive.
  • 2. Head to the golden wetlands and forests. Everything turns yellow in autumn, including the birch forests, shrubs on the wetlands, and larches, poplars and more in Mordaoga National Forest. Wandering in the wetlands or forests with golden looks must be an once-in-a-lifetime experience.
  • 3. Pay a visit to the Russian Towns. Choose your favorite Russian town from Shiwei on the Sino-Russian border and Enhe on the way from Ergun to Shiwei to get a taste of Russia in China. You can accommodate in their unique wooden Mukeden Houses to be a one-day Russian.
  • 4. Take a photography tour to Bailu Island (White Deer Island). White Deer Island is about 1.5 hours away north of Nordaoga Town by car. Here, the river makes a beautiful turn and forms an island with picturesque and lush trees veiled in the floating mist that perfect for photography.
  • 5. Visit Manzhouli, Where China meets Russia and Mongolia. If you follow the roads on north and south edge of the Hulunbuir Grassland, you will pass by Manzhouli on your way. This prosperous border city is proud of its mixed flavor of the three countries and has a unique Matryoshka Doll Square for your visit.
Hulunbuir Weather, Best Time to Visit Hulunbuir

Eerguna Wetland in Autumn

Hulunbuir Weather, Best Time to Visit Hulunbuir

Shiwei Russian Town

Hulunbuir Spring (March, April, May)

Different from other cities in China with blooming spring, Hulunbuir in spring is more like in winter than in spring. The ices on the water are going to break, and the snows are melting. However, it is still far from enough. Everything, including the grass and forests, are still sleeping, and they won’t awake until the end of the whole spring. Temperature in this season is still low, with average temperatures for about -26℃ at night and -15℃ in the day. Besides, Hulunbuir may be attacked by severe weathers in this season, like sandstorms.

What to Wear

Winter gears like down jackets, down pants, thermal underwear and gloves are still necessary in Hulunbuir in spring.

Hulunbuir Spring Activities

  • 1. Have a panorama view of the wetlands and grasslands on a sunny day. Though the scenery is not as that lush as in summer and autumn, the panorama views of the wetlands and grasslands with pieces of ices and rose willows waving on the lands on the shores of the river are still appealing.
  • 2. Enjoy a Russian Performance on Matryoshka Doll Square. The prosperous Manzhouli City is no lack of energy in the cold spring. You can admire the MNatryoshka dolls on the specific square there and enjoy an interesting Russian Performance showed inside the largest doll, which holds the Guinness World Record for the largest Matryoshka doll in the world.
Hulunbuir Weather, Best Time to Visit Hulunbuir

Ergun Wetland in Spring

Hulunbuir Winter (December, January, February)

Winter is the coldest time of Hulunbuir. And it lasts long. Some even think it starts from November to May of next year. December, January and February are the coldest months. The temperature in winter in these three months is usually lower than -32℃ at night and -16℃ in the day. If you pour a bottle of water in the air during then, the water will change to ice immediately. Snow fields and snow forests are the major landscapes in this season.

What to Wear

Wear all the winter gears you know, like the hat, down jacket, antiskid snow boot, groves, scarfs and so forth. Wear more layers, and thus you can get off your coat in the houses and put on it when you are outside the houses.

Hulunbuir Spring Activities

  • 1. Join in the Winter Naadam Festival. Besides the Naadam Festival held in summer, there is also a Winter Naadam Festival held on Hulunbuir Grassland in December. You can enjoy their exiting horse racing, welting and archery games.
  • 2. Enjoy the Ice and Snow Spray. Hulunbuir in winter is extremely cold. And it is also the cold weather that contributes to a wonderful ice and snow world. You can have ice and snow sprays in the forests and also the towns nearby.
Hulunbuir Weather, Best Time to Visit Hulunbuir

Winter Naadam Festival

How to Plan a Hulunbuir Tour?

Visitors usually spend 4~5 days on a Hulunbuir Grassland Tour, including 2~3 days on the grassland and 2 days more to the surrounding wetlands, forests and Russian Towns.

During the days on the grassland, they will visit the highlights like Morigele River, Heishantou and the tribes. A classic 5 Days Hulunbuir Tour also includes a half-day visit to Eerguna Wetland, the No.1 Wetland in Asia located on the way from Morigele River to Heishantou Town.

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Apart from the classic route, there are also a South Route and a North Route. The north visiting route takes you to explore the forests and Russian Towns, like Shiwei Russian Town and Moerdaoga Forest Park. And the south visiting route takes you to explore the lakes and national parks, like Arxan Mountain, etc. The south route and north route needs 5~8 days to fulfill in separate.

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Besides, you can visit the deserts near Hohhot and Hulunbuir together, thus you will get the superb experience of both adventure fun and sightseeing release in Inner Mongolia!

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