Why Visit Hulunbuir Grassland?

Hulunbuir Grassland satisfies all your imaginations about a grassland tour. If you are planning to visit grasslands in China, Hulunbuir Grassland in Hulunbuir City of Inner Mongolia always ranks on the top of the list! This beautiful land, which is the Largest Grassland in China and One of the Four Largest Grasslands in the World, is about six times as large as Beijing. It also tops the list of 6 Most Beautiful Grasslands in China! Velvety grasses sway in the breeze, with herds of horses and sheep leisurely grazing under the shadow of moving clouds, white round yurts dotting throughout the endless green, pearl-like rivers zigzagging to the distance… In the east part of the grassland, there are also large fields of rape flowers. When the stunning yellow meets with green, a picturesque natural oil painting is formed with the rolling hills as the backdrop.

Hulunbuir Grassland Attractions

Endless Grassland

The endless grassland is, of course, the most attractive highlight of Hulunbuir Grassland. Thanks to its expanse, it offers its visitors almost all the angles they are dreaming for, including the flat grassland losing the horizon, slightly sloping grassland with rolling hills decorating in the distance, valley-like grassland surrounded by slops… There are also about 3,000 rivers, 500 lakes and countless yurts and wildflowers of red, yellow, white making up the stunning scenery.

Hulunbuir Grassland Hulunbuir Grassland

Morigele River

When it comes to Hulunbuir Grassland, the vast green is usually the postcard of it, and then the meandering ribbon-like Morigele River (莫尔格勒河). Morigele River is like a gigantic jade dragon lying on the prairie. It is not a wide river, with only five or six meters wide at its widest point. However, it is very long, longer than you can imagine. When you stand on the upper region of the grassland and admire the zigzagging river with murmuring water, you will certainly impressed by its beauty and find a peace in your heart. The sunshine shone brightly on the water, adding more charming rainbow-like colors to it.

Hulunbuir Grassland Endless Hulunbuir Grassland & Morigele River

Hulun Lake & Buir Lake

Hulun Lake (呼伦湖) and Buir Lake (贝尔湖) are located close to the southwest edge of Hulunbuir Grassland. Hulun Lake belongs to China, while most parts of Buir Lake belong to Mongolia. Hulun Lake means sea-like Lake in Mongolian. It is the largest lake in the whole Inner Mongolia. The lake is not very far from Manzhouli, where Mongolia, Inner Mongolia and Russia meet. Therefore, visitors usually visit Hulun Lake and Manzhouli together.

Hulunbuir Grassland Hulun Lake

Golden Mongolian Tribe

For maintenance reasons, Golden Mongolian Tribe is closed in 2021. We will update the news if it reopens. You can also contact us to get the real-time info.

Golden Mongolian Tribe (金帐汗蒙古部落) is located on the shore of beautiful Morigele River. Covering a large area of one million square meters, Golden Mongolian Tribe is relaxing and accommodation spot on the grassland. Visitors can enjoy large kinds of shows and activities like horse riding and wrestling here. With a reputation of “Hollywood on the Prairie”, the tribe is also a popular firming site. Over 30 TV dramas once shoot here.

Hulunbuir Grassland Golden Mongolian Tribe

Hongjila Tribe

Hongjila Tribe (弘吉剌部), as its name “Tribe of Beauties” implies, was once a tribe that famous for beautiful girls living here. Most of the empresses of Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) were born here, including the wife and mother of Genghis Khan, the founder of Mongol Empire. Nowadays Hongjila Tribe is a popular tourist site with the largest Mongolian yurts cluster in Inner Mongolia. As it is surrounded by both the grassland and also the wetland, it also offers amazing natural views.

Hulunbuir Grassland Hongjila Tribe

Heishantou (Black Hilltop)

Heishantou (黑山头) gets its popularity mostly for the spectacular sunset there. Not very far from the Heishantou Town is a small mountain with a slope to enjoy the most intoxicating sunset view of this region. During then, the sun move slowly to the horizon of the grassland and wetland, the floating clouds, winding rivers and lush forests of the surroundings are colored by the glow of the sunset, forming mesmerizing view. Heishantou also has the most professional horse farm, where you can learn how to ride and gallop the horses with the help of experienced coaches.

Hulunbuir Grassland Stunning Sunset at Heishantou

What to Do on Hulunbuir Grassland?

Indulge in the Stunning Grassland & River View

Once you are on this wonderful natural land, you can just leave all your sorrows behind and take a deep breath. The broad view, lovely horses and sheep, sparkling rivers, all welcome your come.

Stay Overnight at a Mongolia Yurt

Here on Hulunbuir Grassland, there are lots of tiny Mongolia Yurts. Choose a yurt for an overnight stay must be a great way to get close to the nomadic life of the Inner Mongolians. Those yurts with aflutter flags are all available for accommodation.

Climb Up to the Mountain to Admire the Sunset & Sunrise

Sunset and sunrise on the grassland are also can’t-be-missed. You can climb up to the tallest mountain near your accommodation site to bathing in the soft sunshine and take stunning pictures. If you want the best sunset and sunrise view, the slope near Heishantou Town is our best pick.

Try Horse Racing, Wrestling, Archery

Horse racing, wrestling and archery are the Three Arts of (Inner) Mongilian Man. Every major tourist tribe on the grassland offers performances about the three arts. If you like, you can also have a try by yourself. Riding a horse provides not only a higher angle of the scenery but also unique accesses to the nature and animals.

Savor the Mongolian Shouparou

Shouparou is the specialty of Inner Mongolia. All the meals are boiled in the water, and then put prickly ash, green onion segmen to add fresh flavor. After finished, the meats will be getting out from the water. You can eat it with dips and a bowl of the soup.

Enjoy a Bonfire Party At Night

After night falls, you will be welcomed to bonfire parties by hospitable Mongolian girls and boys to dance and sing with others. It is a great way to drive the night away and make new friends.

Have Fun on Naadam Fair

Naadam Fair is the grandest festival in the whole Inner Mongolia. Every July or August, all the grasslands of this region will hold cheerful games like horse racing and wrestling, and Hulunbuir Grassland is no exception. If you come here during the festival, you can join the groups of locals to enjoy the festival atmosphere with diverse games.

Hulunbuir Grassland Hulunbuir Grassland
Hulunbuir Grassland Beautiful Sunrise on Hulunbuir Grassland
Hulunbuir Grassland Shouparou Meal
Hulunbuir Grassland Exciting Horse Racing on Naadam Festival

Where is Hulunbuir Grassland - Location & Map

Hulunbuir Grassland is located in Hulunbuir City of Inner Mongolia, the city with Hailar District as the downtown area. On the map, you will find the grassland in the northeast of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and on the Hulunbuir Plateau to the west of the Great Khingan Mountains.

How to Get to Hulunbuir Grassland?

Visitors going to visit the grassland usually get to Hailar first, where you can find the closest airport and train station to the grassland. And Beijing (about 1,080 kilometers & 2.5 hours by flight) is the best gateway city to visit Hailar and Hulunbuir Grassland.

Flight to Hailar

The airport in Hailar is named Hailar Dongshan Airport or Hulunbuir Dongshan International Airport (IATA: HLD). Hailar Dongshan Airport is about 2.5 hours around from Hulunbuir Grassland by car. It has flights to/from Beijing (2.5 hrs), Hohhot (2.5 hrs), Harbin (1.5 hrs), etc.

Train to Hailar

Hailar has no high speed railway lines or stations. Visitors can get to Hailar by normal train from Beijing, Harbin, Hohhot, etc. However, the normal trains from Beijing and Hohhot to Hailar take more than 30 hours, and those from Harbin to Hailar also take more than 10 hours. Therefore, seldom visitors choose them.

Hailar to Hulunbuir

From Hailar, you can hire a private car to get to Hulunbuir. However, the roads in this region zigzag deep into the forest and grassland. It is very easy to lose your direction here. Therefore, you are highly suggested to book a private car with experienced local driver in advance, which is usually also the hottest option for visitors touring this area. We China Discovery offer such warm private car service. And all our Hulunbuir Tour Packages include such a service too. If you are in need, please feel free to contact us!

Hulunbuir Grassland Hulunbuir Grassland Location Map
Hulunbuir Grassland Hulunbuir Dongshan International Airport

Best Time to Visit Hulunbuir Grassland

The best time to visit Hulunbuir Grassland refers to the season with the lushest view, which usually happens from May to October, especially from June to September. Winter in Hulunbuir is cold, and there is not much to see and do on the grassland, therefore, you are not really suggested to come in winter if you dream a lot on the grassland scenery. However, the nearby forest and wetland will become an ice and snow wonderland.

Where to Stay on Hulunbuir Grassland

There are four best areas to stay for Hulunbuir Grassland tours, including the modern Hailar District in the downtown area of this region, Eerguna City in the west region of the grassland, Heishantou Town and tribes on the grassland, like Golden Mongolian Tribe, etc. If you ask much about the accommodation, you are suggested to stay at the Hailar District, where you can find the best and the largest amount of hotels from luxury 5-star to budget 2-star. Eerguna City also offers lots of modern hotels, and most of them are in 4-star or 3-star. If you want to have a close taste of Mongolian flavor, you can accommodate at the yurts on the grasslands. Golden Mongolian Tribe and Hongjila Tribe are the two best picks. Heishantou Town is the best choice for whose heading to appreciate the best sunset and sunrise views.

Hulunbuir Grassland Mongolian Yurts

Hulunbuir Grassland Travel Tips

1. The Hulunbuir Grassland is vast, and there are not many reference signs for you to check the directions. Therefore, you are suggested to always follow your groups instead of heading to the heart regions by your own, or you may get lost.

2. The temperature differs a lot between day and night. Always bring long sleeves with you, even in the hot summer.

3. Bring your sunscreen gears to avoid the strong ultraviolet light, including 50 times sunscreen, sunglass, hat, folding umbrella and scarf.

4. Bring mosquito repellents with you, especially when you plan plans to stay overnight at the yurts on the grassland.

5. Stay calm when you find your phone lose the signal. The signal on the grassland is not very stable.

Hulunbuir Grassland Nearby Attractions

Besides the grassland, Hulunbuir City also boasts wetlands, Russian towns, white birch forests and so forth. Here is a list of best nearby attractions.

Eerguna Wetland

Eerguna Wetland (额尔古纳湿地), also known as Genhe Wetland, is praised as the Most Beautiful Wetland in Asia and has the reputation of “The No.1 Wetland in Asia”. The Genhe River twists and turns in the lush thickets and willow shades, forming stunning nine curves and eighteen bays. You can follow the wooden trails to go up to the hillside to have panorama views and then to the heart of wetland to get hugged by the nature.

Aoluguya Reindeer Village

Aoluguya Reindeer Village (敖鲁古雅使鹿部落景区) is the residence of a mysterious Ewenki branch, who have been hunting and raising reindeer for generations. Aoluguya is the Last Reindeer Village in China. People here are still living in their Cuoluozi houses, a kind of cottage with a pointed roof made of wooden poles. Adorable reindeer are their friends and tribe members. Here, you will meet groups of lovely reindeer, and feed and take photos with them.

The White Birch Forest Scenic Area

The birch trees are symbols of pure love in many countries. And here in Hulunbuir, there is a large White Birch Forest Scenic Area (白桦林景区), which covering an area of 7,000 hectares. There are flat wooden trails zigzagging to the heart of the forest, allowing you to take natural forest hiking.

Shiwei Russian Town & Enhe Russian Town

The west edge of Hulunbuir faces Russian across the Argun River (Eerguna River). And close to the northwest edge of the grassland there are two Chinese and Russian border towns, namely Shiwei (室韦) and Enhe (恩和). Here, you will get a strong taste of Russia from the Russian architectures and foods. Besides, you can take a glimpse of Russia on the opposite bank.

Hulunbuir Grassland Eerguna Wetland
Hulunbuir Grassland Aoluguya Reindeer Village
Hulunbuir Grassland Shiwei Russian Town

How to Plan a Hulunbuir Tour?

Visitors usually spend 4~5 days on a Hulunbuir Grassland Tour, including 2~3 days on the grassland and 2 days more to the surrounding wetlands, forests and Russian Towns.

During the days on the grassland, they will visit the highlights like Morigele River, Heishantou and the tribes. A classic 5 Days Hulunbuir Tour also includes a half-day visit to Eerguna Wetland, the No.1 Wetland in Asia located on the way from Morigele River to Heishantou Town.

☛ 5 Days Best Hulunbuir Tour with Grassland Exploration

☛ 6 Days Hulunbuir & Greater Khingan Highlights Tour

Apart from the classic route, there are also a South Route and a North Route. The north visiting route takes you to explore the forests and Russian Towns, like Shiwei Russian Town and Moerdaoga Forest Park. And the south visiting route takes you to explore the lakes and national parks, like Arxan Mountain, etc. The south route and north route needs 5~8 days to fulfill in separate.

☛ 9 Days Hulunbuir In-depth Tour with Arxan UNESCO Global Geopark

Besides, you can visit the deserts near Hohhot and Hulunbuir together, thus you will get the superb experience of both adventure fun and sightseeing release in Inner Mongolia!

☛ 6 Days Inner Mongolia Best Desert & Grassland Tour (Hohhot to Hulunbuir)

Travel Hulunbuir with China Discovery

Looking for a Hulunbuir Grassland tour but feel hard to arrange your day by day itinerary and site to site transportation? Travel with us China Discovery and let our experienced travel consultant help you. We know Hulunbuir and Hulunbuir Grassland much and we have helped numerous visitors to enjoy a tour there. If you go with us, we will customize a Hulunbuir Tour for you! Your guide will accompany you all the way and show you the best viewing and photography spots. And your driver will take you to cross the grassland along the driving road in the middle of the grassland.

The tour is tailor-made according to your interests, budget, group size and every special need! If you are interested, please feel free to contact us!

Hulunbuir Grassland Local Private Transfer Service

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