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Hulunbuir Attractions: 12 Best Things to Do in Hulunbuir

Hulunbuir City in China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region is famed for its world-class grassland of the same name - Hulunbuir Grassland (or called Hulun Buir Grassland). Almost all of us are familiar with the boundless green scenery of the grassland. However, for a city of its rich landscapes and varied geography, its surprising how relatively few of us know the city's other attractions, many of them are not inferior to any natural wonders in the world!

In this Hulunbuir Attractions Guide, we list 12 Best Things to Do in Hulunbuir to help you know more about Hulunbuir and plan a better itinerary to visit it. Let's keep browse and add the favorites to your next Hulunbuir Tour!

Hulunbuir Attractions Map

Hulunbuir Attractions Map

No.1: Indulge in Beautiful Hulunbuir Grassland - Horse Riding, Mongolian Yurts Accommodation...

Hulunbuir Attractions

Amazing Hulunbuir Grassland & Morigele River

Hulunbuir Attractions

Mongolian Yurts in Hulunbuir Grassland

Location: about 40 kilometers and 1 hour or so from Hailar District (downtown area of Hulunbuir City).

Recommended Visiting Length: half day ~ 3 days

The Hulunbuir Grassland is located at the western foot of the Greater Xing'anling Mountains, near China's border with Russia and Mongolia. It is one of the world's top four grasslands and the lushest and most pristine grassland in China. Besides the grassland, Hulunbuir is fed by hundreds of rivers, large and small, that have made this area popular with Mongolian nomads and herders. Morigele River winding through the grassland is the most beautiful one. Hulunbuir Grassland also has Mongolian tribes like Golden Horde Mongolian Tribe and Hulun Lake for exploration.

The best time to visit Hulunbuir Grassland is from the June to middle September. During this period, the uninterrupted green stretches in all directions. Travelers could try horseback riding on the grassland, and sample a local dish of boiled or barbecued lamb. You could even spend a night in the Mongolian yurts that will give you a picture of the lives that the nomads and the marauding Mongols of the past lived.

No.2: Have Fun on the Grand Naadam Festival

Hulunbuir Attractions

Exciting Horse Racing on Naadam Festival

Hulunbuir Attractions

Winter Naadam Festival

Location: Hulunbuir Grassland, about 40 kilometers and 1 hour or so from Hailar District (downtown area of Hulunbuir City).

Recommended Visiting Length: at least half day or so

Naadam Festival is the grandest fair in the whole Inner Mongolia. During the festival, there will be exciting games held in the grasslands of this region, and Hulunbuir Grassland, the best and most beautiful grassland, is no exception.

Naadam Festival usually starts in July or August and lasts for 5 days or so. When the festival comes, the strong and brave nomads will gather together and win their honor in horse racing, welting and archery games, which are considered to be the "Three Skills of The Man". They are all dressed in their colorful customs and follow their traditions, giving you a glimpse of their traditional life, performances and culture. If you like, you can also join them and compete with them. Check more details about Naadam Festival >>

No.3: Visit Ergun City & Ergun Wetland

Hulunbuir Attractions

Eerguna Wetland in Autumn

Hulunbuir Attractions

Eerguna Wetland in Summer

Location: about 131 kilometers and 2 hours or so from Hailar District (downtown area of Hulunbuir City).

Recommended Visiting Length: 1.5~2.5 hours

The city of Ergun is worth your time exploring since Ergun City was the cradle of Genghis Khan (1162-1227) and the formation and development of his Mongols, who here united all the tribes and started to conquer most of Asia and Eastern Europe. Walk for 3 kilometers to the west direction and get to the top of the West Hill (720m) and have a bird-eye's view of the city landscape of Eerguna and the famous Erguna Wetland (Genhe Wetland), the largest wetland in Asia. Genhe Wetland is scattered around the forest and the grassland with many types including marshes, shrub swamps, swamp forest, open bogs and moss. Erguna Wetland is on the plain delta formed by Erguna River and other three alpine rivers including Genhe River, Deerbugan River and Hawuer River.

No.4: Savor Russian Flavor at Shiwei Russian Town or Enhe Russian Town

Hulunbuir Attractions

Shiwei Russian Town

Hulunbuir Attractions

Enhe Russian Town

Location: about 410 kilometers and 6.5~7 hours or so from Hailar District (downtown area of Hulunbuir City).

Recommended Visiting Length: from 1.5 hours

Both Shiwei and Enhe claim to be the Last Russian Town in China. And the fact is that almost all the towns built by the Ergun River are inhabited by the descendants of Chinese-Russian, including Shiwei, Enhe, Linjiang, etc., while Shiwei and Enhe are the most popular Russian Towns for tourists. In both Shiwei and Enhe, you can sample a strong flavor of Russia, because Russian traditions, culture and life are well-kept there. Rows of Russian-style Mukeden houses are everywhere. The restaurants serve Russian breads (or called Big Lieba), pickles, caviar, etc. The locals may also welcome their guests with homemade red bean wine.

Which to choose, Shiwei or Enhe? Shiwei is further from Hulunbuir downtown than Enhe. However, it is more popular and mature and offers better accommodations, because it is the earliest opened to the public. Enhe is close to the border driving road and is closer to Hulunbuir downtown. It has a more traditional look of a small countryside town with pure natural views. However, it does not have many to do and stay.

No.5: Date with Adorable Reindeers at Aoluguya Reindeer Village

Hulunbuir Attractions

Aoluguya Reindeer Village

Hulunbuir Attractions

Cuoluozi of Ewenki Ethnic Group

Location: about 250 kilometers and 3.5 hours or so from Hailar District (downtown area of Hulunbuir City).

Recommended Visiting Length: from 1 hour

Travel further deep into the forests in Genhe City on the western slope of the northern section of the Daxing'an Mountains, you will meet with the Last Reindeer Village in China, namely Aoluguya, which is sounds like a little tune hummed by little babies. Aoluguya Reindeer Village is inhabited by the most mysterious branch of the Ewenki Nationality. Nowadays, they still live in their unique Cuoluozi houses, a kind of triangle shack made up of a stick and barks of white birch or white stones. Hunting and herding reindeers are the themes of their life.

The village is hidden in the forest. You can follow the wooden trails built there to say hello to the adorable rabbits, squirrels and, of course, reindeers. Feeding them is also allowed.

No.6: Wander in Mordaoga National Forest Park

Hulunbuir Attractions

Bailu Island

Hulunbuir Attractions

Mordaoga National Forest Park

Location: about 336 kilometers and 5 hours or so from Hailar District (downtown area of Hulunbuir City).

Recommended Visiting Length: from 2 hours

"Xishuangbanna in the south and Mordaoga in the north", as the slogan of Mordaoga National Forest Park implies, Mordaoga is also a Kingdom of Plants. It is said that Mordaoga National Forest Park is the largest forest park in China. About 93.3 percent of the park is forest. While Xishuangban introduces you the tropical flavor in China's south, Mordaoga shows the features of China's north with shrubs, larches, white birch, etc.

Autumn, especially September, is the best time to visit Mordago National Forest Park. Flocks of photography lovers will gather there and capture the picturesque forests, rivers and islands during then. Bailu Island, or named White Egret Island, is their best pick. Wandering in the forest, you will forgot everything but indulge in the natural peace.

No.7: Take a Short Trip to the Border City Manzhouli

Hulunbuir Attractions

Manzhouli City

Hulunbuir Attractions

Manzhouli Matryoshka Square

Location: about 200 kilometers and 2.5~3 hours or so from Hailar District (downtown area of Hulunbuir City).

Recommended Visiting Length: from half day or so

Manzhouli is the largest border city in Inner Mongolia. It borders Russia in the north, 192km to the west of Hailaier (the city center of Hulunbuir). Manzhouli has the largest border crossing in China.

The National Gate (Guo Men) is 9 kilometers to the west of Manzhouli Downtown. Russia Taowa Square features a very diverse range of authentic Russian souvenirs and crafts. This landmark attraction combines the characteristics and features from the three bordering countries: China, Russian and Mongolia. The centerpiece of the expansive square is a nesting doll that is 30 meters tall. Nearby the Matryoshka Square is the Manzhouli Museum.

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No.8: Go for a Short Hulun Lake Tour

Hulunbuir Attractions

Hulun Lake

Hulunbuir Attractions

Hulun Lake

Location: in the west part of Hulunbuir Grassland, about 1 hour and 48 kilometers away from Manzhouli

Recommended Visiting Length: 2 hours around

Hulun Lake, which forms the former part of the name of Hulunbuir City, is located in the west of Hulunbuir Grassland (Hulun Buir Grassland) that close to Manzhouli, where China meets Russia and Mongolia. Covering an enormous 2,300 square kilometers, Hulun Lake, the lake as broad as a sea, is one of the 5 largest fresh water lakes in China and the largest lake in north China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

Located in the west hinterland of the vast prairie, Hulun Lake is also reputed as the Kidney of the Grassland. It is a vital inhabitation of the sea cat, osprey, tea duck, wild goose, swan and so on. In November 2002, Hulun Lake was inscribed in the World Network of Biosphere Reserves. Visitors here will be rewarded with peaceful and beautiful holiday. You can go ride horses, enjoy sun bath and fishing, cruise the lake by small boats and have a feast of fish.

No.9: Get Stunning River View at Haur River Scenic Area

Hulunbuir Attractions

Haur River Scenic Area

Hulunbuir Attractions

Haur River Scenic Area

Location: about 435 kilometers and 7 hours or so from Hailar District (downtown area of Hulunbuir City).

Recommended Visiting Length: from 2 hours

Haur River Scenic Area is located on the way to Shiwei Russian Town and Mordaoga Town. Visitors heading from Ergun City to the towns will make a stopover here for relaxing and sighting.

Haur River Scenic Area is composed of a wetland with zigzag Haur River winding through it. Standing on the viewing platform and get a panorama view of the river and wetland is the highlight of the scenic area. It also has wooden trails that lead you to the deep forest. The Exhibition Garden of the scenic area also shows you 11 different kinds of primitive hunting tools.

No.10: Hit the Museums in Hailar

Hulunbuir Attractions

Hulunbuir Ewenki Museum

Hulunbuir Attractions

Hulunbuir National Museum

Location: Hailar District of Hulunbuir City

Recommended Visiting Length: 2 hours around

Hailar District is the city center area of the whole Hulunbuir City. It has the best airport and train station, and also the best museums of this region. If you are fond of the history and minority cultures of the entire Hulunbuir, you are suggested to visit Hulunbuir National Museum, the only comprehensive museum in Hulunbuir. It has three layers of exhibition halls, with collections like mammoth fossil copies unearthed in Jalainur and vivid simulated living scenes of the nomadic people.

Another popular museum is Hulunbuir Ewenki Museum, which is located in Ewenki Banner of Hulunbuir, about 20 minutes south of Hailar by car. At Ewenki Museum, you can trace the glorious history of Ewenki Minority, the last hunting tribe in China. You will learn their belief about Shaman and tribe chief, and their traditional nomadic life with their reindeers.

No.11: Explore Primitive Natural Beauty & Peace at Linjiang Village & Eagle Mouth

Hulunbuir Attractions

Linjiang Village

Hulunbuir Attractions

Eagle Mouth

Location: about 404 kilometers and 7 hours or so from Hailar District (downtown area of Hulunbuir City).

Recommended Visiting Length: from 2 hours

Linjiang Village (临江屯) is also a Russian Town by the riverside of Ergun River in between Russia and China. However, compared with Shiwei and Enhe, Lijiang Village is very little known and visited by visitors. This small town has merely 80 families around and is very far from Hulunbuir downtown, which needs about 7 hours by car. However, it is also the remote location that helps the village to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and to keep the primitive peaceful countryside life. Sunrise and sunset views there are stunning.

Eagle Mouth (老鹰嘴) is about 11 kilometers northeast of Linjiang Village . It gets its name of a rock there, which is magically like a mouth of an eagle. The slope at Eagle Mouth provides broad views of the surrounding grasslands, forests and a lingering river, making it a popular sightseeing and photography spot.

No.12: Stroll around in White Birch Forest

Hulunbuir Attractions

White Birch Forest in Summer

Hulunbuir Attractions

White Birch Forest in Autumn

Location: about 168 kilometers and 2.5 hours or so from Hailar District (downtown area of Hulunbuir City).

Recommended Visiting Length: from 1.5 hours

White Birches are usually symbols of pure love and virtuous qualities like nobleness in poems. Every single white birch is beautiful, with white and straight trunk and green or golden leaves decorated atop. The white birches are even praised as the "Beautiful Girls in the Forest". In Erguna City in Hulunbuir, there is also a White Birch Forest, which is considered to be the Most Beautiful White Birch Forest in China.

Covering a large area of over 70,000 hectares, the White Birch Forest is extremely spectacular. Here, forests meet with grasslands and rivers spread the land, forming a fairytale world that fascinates countless visitors to come.

How to Plan a Hulunbuir Tour?

Visitors usually spend 4~5 days on a Hulunbuir Grassland Tour, including 2~3 days on the grassland and 2 days more to the surrounding wetlands, forests and Russian Towns.

During the days on the grassland, they will visit the highlights like Morigele River, Heishantou and the tribes. A classic 5 Days Hulunbuir Tour also includes a half-day visit to Eerguna Wetland, the No.1 Wetland in Asia located on the way from Morigele River to Heishantou Town.

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Apart from the classic route, there are also a South Route and a North Route. The north visiting route takes you to explore the forests and Russian Towns, like Shiwei Russian Town and Moerdaoga Forest Park. And the south visiting route takes you to explore the lakes and national parks, like Arxan Mountain, etc. The south route and north route needs 5~8 days to fulfill in separate.

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Besides, you can visit the deserts near Hohhot and Hulunbuir together, thus you will get the superb experience of both adventure fun and sightseeing release in Inner Mongolia!

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Hulunbuir Grassland Horse Racing on Hulunbuir Grassland Hulunbuir Grassland Mongolian Yurts at Inner Mongolia Grassland

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