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Xilamuren Grassland Brief Introduction

Xilamuren, which means “Yellow River” in Mongolia, is known as Zhaohe because of an old Lama Temple called Puhui Temple situated along the Xilamuren riverside. It is the closest grassland near Hohhot and is one of the most popular grassland for travelers from home and abroad relax on.

Paying a visit to Xilamuren Grassland, travelers will gain numerous memorable experiences – enjoy traditional welcome ceremony, taste kumiss and local Mongolian food, watch Three Games of Men “Horse Racing”, “Wrestling” and “Archery” and even try to do horsing riding to herdsmen’s home or Aobao, seize the moment to watch sunset and sunrise and accommodate in the traditional Mongolian yurts…

Location & Transportation

Xilamuren Grassland is located in Xilamuren Town, Damao Banner, Baotou City. It is about 88 kilometers from Hohhot and 180 kilometers from Baotou City.

How to Get to/Off Xilamuren Grassland

It is recommended to use our private car service to visit Xilamuren Grassland which takes about 1.5 hours’ drive from Hohhot and 2.5 hours from Baotou.

  • If you are independent travelers, you can take long distance buses from Hohhot Bus Station to Xilamuren Grassland.
  • If you go from Baotou, travelers can take bus from Baotou Long Distance Bus Station to Bailing Temple first and then take bus to Xilamuren Grassland. It takes 2.5~3 hours from Baotou to Xilamuren Grassland.
Inner Mongolia Xilamuren Grassland Xilamuren Grassland

Best Sites & Awesome Experience

Puhui Temple

On the bank of Xilamuren River (Zhao River), there is a Lama Temple called “Puhui Temple”. First built in the year of 1769 in Qing Dynasty, it was the summer palace of Xilituzhao Buddha. The building complex is similar with Tashihunpo Monastery in Tibet, the home of Panchen. Paying a visit to Puhui Temple, travelers can see plaque inscribed in four different language – Manchu, Mongolian, Han and Tibetan; visit main halls like Daxiong Hall and Hall of Four Heavenly Kings; view elegant craft of the grand buildings, etc.

Aobao (敖包)

Aobao is the Mongolian stone piles or heaps for worship. Local people always sacrifice the best corn, meet, fruit and alcohol to Aobao and pray for good weather, good harvest and good fortune. The sacrificial activity can be on a small-scale or a grand ceremony. Among all the Aobaos in Xilamuren Grassland, Hongge’er Aobao is the largest one. Every year, local Mongolian come to this Aoao for praying and worshiping. At the end of the Aobao Festival, the traditional Naadam Festival begins.

Saihan Jiya Tourist Spot

Xilamuren Saihan Jiya Tourist Spot is the place to experience Mongolian culture and traditions. Travelers could enjoy a range of cultural pursuits and interesting activities.

  • When you first get off Xilamuren Grassland, you’ll experience traditional welcome ceremony - the hospitable Mongolians who are colorfully dressed would wait for you at the entrance gate by presenting you Haha and a silver cup of wine.
  • Taste some local favorites such as mutton, kumiss and other traditional cuisines at lunch or dinner.
  • Ride horse freely on the vast grassland and if you like, visit herdsmen’s home and have a look at the local Mongolians real living conditions and experience their authentic life.
  • You won’t miss the chance to watch the traditional Mongolian activities like archery, horse racing and Mongolian-style-wrestling performances.
  • When the sun goes down, catch the precious moment to enjoy the sunset and sunglow disappear from the horizon of Xilamuren grassland. You’ll get different feeling to see the sun falling down from the vast grassland.
  • At night, stay in traditional Mongolian yurts which is comfortable enough to accommodate. Join in the Bonfire party to sing and dance with enthusiastic Mongolians.
  • Try to get up early and get out your yurts to watch the beautiful sunrise over Grassland and see everything turning bright on the vast land.
Inner Mongolia Xilamuren Grassland Xilamuren Grassland
Inner Mongolia Xilamuren Grassland Xilamuren Grassland
Inner Mongolia Xilamuren Grassland Xilamuren Grassland
Xilamuren Grassland Horse Riding Xilamuren Grassland Horse Riding

Naadam Festival

Naadam Festival means games and entertainment in Mongolian. In 2010, the Naadam was inscribed on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity of UNESCO. This traditional festival is held in July and August of every year. During the festival, the whole grassland is throbbing with excitement and full of activities. Enjoy Three Skills of Men - archery, horse racing and wrestling. You can even take part in some of the competitions if interested; perhaps a big surprise is waiting for you! The fair finishes with a bonfire party during the night when the local Mongolian sing and dance.

Xilamuren Grassland Naadam Festival Xilamuren Grassland Naadam Festival

Useful Travel Tips

1. Best Time to Visit Xilamuren Grassland

The best time to visit Xilamuren Grassland is from June to September when the grassland is green, weather is comfortable with an average temperature of 18℃-21℃ and Naadam Festival is held annually.

2. Local Snacks & Food

The recommended specialties include Kumiss, Mongolian Roast Lamb, Cooked Mutton, Mongolia Milk Tea, Finger Mutton, Butter, Sour Milk, Shaomai, Buckwheat Flour etc.

3. What to Pack

Xilamuren Grassland is at an altitude of 1700 meters with strong ultraviolet and changeable weather. Travelers should pack sunhat, sunglasses, sun cream and light jacket and umbrella, etc.

4. Safety First

Riding a horse freely could be relaxing and memorable experience. But, you should follow some rules and ensure your own safety. 1. Wear casual cloth and comfortable shoes; 2. When get on/off the horse, don’t touch their crupper; 3. Don’t follow other horses closely and stay in a safe distance; 4. The grassland is vast and follow the route to do horse riding; 5. When the horse is out of control, please catch and tense the rein and yell “Yu, Yu, Yu…”.

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[Important] Travel News for Expats: China travel is reopening now! Travel with China Discovery and learn about where to visit & requirements for each destination! Read Details >