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Hangzhou Baita International Airport (IATA: HET)

Hohhot Baita International Airport (呼和浩特白塔国际机场) is the only airport served in Hohhot city. It also has the largest passenger flow in Inner Mongolia. Travelers can learn more about the unique Mongolia and culture and local history in the downtown area, visit famous grasslands (Xilamuren Grassland, Huitengxile Grassland) nearby to explore the nomadic culture, participate in special grassland activities and feel the hospitality of the Mongolian people.

Flights to Hohhot Baita International Airport

Till May 2020, 83 domestic cities and 8 international cities (regions) are connected with Hohhot with altogether 154 airlines covering China, Mongolia, Russia, Southeast Asia and Japan, etc. Visitors can get to Hohhot by flight from the most popular tourist cities and provincial capitals in China within 3.5 hours. Meanwhile, because Inner Mongolia covers a wide range of latitude and longitude, the east-west distance is more than 2,400 kilometers, and the north-south distance is more than 1,700 kilometers, so Baita airport also has many airlines connecting other cities in Inner Mongolia, such as Manzhouli, Hailar (Hulunbuir), Chifeng, Tongliao and Holingol, etc.

International Flights to Hohhot

People from Mongolia (Ulan Bator), Russia (Moscow), Thailand (Bangkok, Phuket), Burma (Rangoon), Vietnam (Nha Trang), Cambodia (Siem Reap), Japan, and other regions (Taiwan, Hong Kong), etc. can arrive at Hohhot directly by air.

Besides, travelers from America, Europe, Australia, Africa and the middle east, etc. can reach Hohhot by after a stop or transfer from Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhou, etc.

Domestic Flights to Hohhot

Hangzhou has opened airlines to popular cities including Shanghai (2.5 hrs), Beijing (1.5 hrs), Xian (2 hrs), GuilinChengdu (2.5 hrs), Guangzhou (3 hrs), Kunming, Xiamen, Changsha, Zhangjiajie, Hangzhou, Chongqing, Guiyang, Xining, Harbin, Urumqi, Fuzhou, Sanya, Qingdao, Lanzhou, Zhengzhou, Shenzhen, etc.

There are many daily flights between Hohhot and the main cities like Shanghai, Xian, Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Xiamen, etc. See the flight time in the following table.

Part of Domestic Flights to Hohhot:

Hohhot Airport - Flights & Airlines Hohhot Baita International Airport
Hohhot Airport - Map of Flights to Hohhot Click to Enlarge Map of Flights to Hohhot
Route Type Duration Frequency (per day) Distance (KM)
Shanghai - Hohhot Nonstop 2.5-3h About 10 flights 1680km
Xian - Hohhot Nonstop About 2h About 5 flights 1000km
Beijing - Hohhot Nonstop About 1.5h About 7 flights 480km
Chengdu - Hohhot Nonstop About 2.5h About 10 flights 1690km
Guangzhou - Hohhot Nonstop About 3-3.5h About 10 flights 2316km
Xiamen - Hohhot Nonstop About 3-3.5h About 2 flights 2362km

(Notice: Information given above is only for your reference, might change according to the real situation, feel free to contact us for more accurate news.)

Hohhot Baita International Airport Terminal

There is only one terminal in Baita airport, serving both domestic flights and international (regional) flights. There are overall 43 flight parking spaces, and two base airlines, the Tianjin Airlines (GS) and China Express Airlines (G5), Air China also had set up a branch here. Other major airlines include China Southern Airlines (CZ), China Eastern Airlines (MU), Hainan Airlines (HU), Spring Airlines (9C), Beijing Capital Airlines (JD), Shangdong Airlines (SC) and Xiamen Airlines (MF), etc.

Hohhot Airport - Hohhot Airport Terminal Building Hohhot Airport Terminal Building

Hohhot Airport Location | Hohhot Airport to City Center, Attractions and Train Stations

Hohhot Baita International Airport is situated in the northeast part of Hohhot downtown in Saihan District. It’s about 17 km away from Xinhua Square - the city center of Hohhot, which only takes 30 minutes by car/taxi. There are also metro and airport shuttle buses connecting the airport with Hohhot city center, railway stations (Hohhot East Railway Station, Hohhot Railway Station) and attractions (Dazhao Temple, Inner Mongolia Museum, Five-pagoda Temples, etc.) in Hohhot city.

Hohhot Airport to City Center

There are 4 common ways to get to the Hohhot City Center from Baita Airport, by car, taxi, metro or airport shuttle buses.

By Taxi: It’s easy to take a taxi at Hohhot Baita Airport. The driving distance between the airport and the city center is about 17-19 km, which takes 30 minutes.

By Metro: Visitors may take Hohhot Metro Line 1 at Bayan (Hohhot Airport) Station 坝堰(机场)站 to get to Hohhot city center directly (departure at Xinhua Square Station 新华广场站). The whole journey would take about 35 minutes.

By Airport Shuttle Bus: Take Airport Shuttle Bus Line 1 at Hohhot Baita International Airport Bus Station (呼和浩特白塔国际机场公交站) and departure at Zhaojun Hotel Bus Station (昭君大酒店公交站) after 11 stops.

Hohhot Airport to Popular Attractions

Hohhot Airport to Dazhao Temple: Dazhao Temple is about 18 km away from the airport. There is no direct metro or bus to take you to Dazhao Temple from the airport. Visitors are recommended to take taxis or private cars (30-40 minutes) to get there.

Hohhot Airport to Inner Mongolia Museum: The driving distance between Hohhot Airport and Inner Mongolia Museum is around 10 km (less than 20 minutes by car). Visitors may get there directly by metro (Line 1), airport shuttle bus (Shuttle Bus 1) or public bus.

Top Recommended Hohhot Tour:

3 Days Best Hohhot Grassland Tour with Huitengxile Landscape

Hohhot Airport - Hohhot Baita International Airport Location Map Click to Location Map of Hohhot Airport
Hohhot Airport to City Center Hohhot City Center
Hohhot Airport to City Center Hohhot Metro

Hohhot Airport to Train Stations

There are two train stations in Hohhot, which are Hohhot Railway Station and Hohhot East Railway Station. Both stations pass bullet trains and normal trains. There are high speed trains to Beijing (2-3 hours), Datong (2.5-3 hours), Taiyuan, and other cities in the province like Baotou (1-1.5 hours), Ordos and Ulanqab.

Check more about Hohhot High Speed Train >>

Airport to Hohhot Railway Station: Hohhot Baita Airport is about 15 km east from Hohhot Railway Station, which takes about 30 minutes by car; Travelers may also take metro line 1 at BAITA West Station (白塔西) and transfer to metro line 2 at Xinhua Square (新华广场), and get off at Hohhot Railway Station (呼和浩特站). Or you may also choose to take Airport Shuttle Bus Line 1 to reach the train station.

Airport to Hohhot East Railway Station: The East Railway Station is closer to the airport, about 6 km in distance and it only takes 10 minutes by car/taxi. Metro Line 1 and Airport Shuttle Bus Line 1 can also take you there.

(Notice: Information given above is only for your reference, might change according to the real situation, feel free to contact us for more accurate news.)

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Check more about How to Get to & around Hohhot, Hohhot Ultimate Transportation Guide >>

Hohhot Airport to Train Stations Hohhot High Speed Rail Map
Hohhot Airport to Train Stations Hohhot East Railway Station
Hohhot Airport - China Discovery Private Transfer China Discovery Private Transfer

Attractions and Highlights near Hohhot Baita Internaitonal Airport

Inner Mongolia Museum (内蒙古博物馆)

Distance from the Airport: 10 km, which takes less than 20 minutes by car.

Address: No.27 Xinhua East Street, Xincheng District, Hohhot (呼和浩特新城区新华东街27号)

The Inner Mongolia Museum is the only autonomous region-level comprehensive museum in Inner Mongolia and one of the earliest museums established in ethnic minority areas in China. It was listed in the History of World Architecture as early as the 1950s. From the second floor to the fourth floor are basic displays. The 4 galleries on the second floor introduce the origin of grassland culture in detail. The 4 galleries on the third floor display the vertical development lines of grassland culture from ancient times to modern times and then to nowadays in a series of plates. Six thematic displays on the fourth floor, including "Grassland Sunrise", "Grassland Customs" and "Grassland Melodies", etc., present grassland culture in an all-round and more concrete way by focusing on highlights. Check more details about Inner Mongolia Museum >>

Dazhao Temple (大召寺)

Distance from the Airport: 18 km, which takes 30-40 minutes by car.

Address: No. 68 Xinhua Avenue, Huimin District, Hohhot (呼和浩特市回民区新华大街68号)

Dazhao Temple is the earliest Gelugpa monastery built in Hohhot. It is also one of the large temples built in the early stage of Mongolian being converted to Buddhism, only later than Meidaizhao, and it has great influence on Mongolia. The magnificent temple architecture, precious cultural relics and works of art, as well as the mysterious Qiamu dance and Buddhist music constitute the unique “Zhaomiao Culture” of Dazhao. Check more details about Dazhao Temple >>

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Attractions and Highlights near Hohhot Baita Internaitonal Airport Hohhot Attractions Map
Attractions and Highlights near Hohhot Baita Internaitonal Airport Outlook of Inner Mongolia Museum
Attractions and Highlights near Hohhot Baita Internaitonal Airport Dazhao Temple in Hohhot

Hohhot Baita International Airport Tips

1. We China Discovery offer the warm services of airport pick-up and drop-off to make your trip smooth and relax and let you have more time and strength for the wonderful attractions and fun. We will hold the pick-up card so that you can see us easily when you arrive at the arrival hall. And for your departure, we will take you in advance to the airport departure area after your trip ends. Contact us to book Hohhot private car service >>

2. Check-in Time

The check-in time of flight is usually closed 40 minutes before the departure time, and it is recommended to arrive at the airport in advance for about 1.5-2 hours.

Note: To board on the flight smoothly, it is suggested make sure about the airline and terminal of your flight while booking and reach the airport in advance to get your flight ticket and check in.

3. Luggage Restriction

Different airlines have slight differences in the regulation of baggage allowance, and there are also differences between the domestic flight and international flight. For more details, you can check the Baggage Allowance for Entry & Exit China and What to Pack for China Travel!

How to Plan a Hohhot Tour

Best Time to Visit Hohhot: May ~ October, especially in June, July, August and September…

How to Get There: Flights from Beijing (1.5h), Shanghai (2.5h), Harbin (4.5h), Guangzhou (3.5h), etc. and bullet train from Beijing (2.5~3h), Datong (2.5h), etc.

Usually, visitors spend 2~3 days to visit Hohhot, including one day to explore the highlights in the city, like Dazhao Temple and Inner Mongolia Museum, and 1~2 days to have fun at the nearby grasslands, like Huitengxile Grassland or Xilamuren Grassland.

☛ 3 Days Best Hohhot Grassland Tour with Huitengxile Landscape

☛ 2 Days Huitengxile Grassland Tour from Beijing by Bullet Train

If you have 1~2 days more day, you are highly suggested to add Kubuqi Desert into your trip. Kubuqi Desert is one of the best deserts in China. You can enjoy colorful activities there, like riding camels, hiking, playing sands, etc.

☛ 5 Days Classic Inner Mongolia Tour (Hohhot / Huitengxile Grassland / Kubuqi Desert / Ordos)

Feel not enough? You can spend one day more to Ordos to explore the legend of the great Mongolian conqueror Genghis Khan, 1~2 days more to Xilingol to discover the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site - Site of Xanadu, 3~5 days more to Hulunbuir to meet the most beautiful grassland in China and visit fabulous wetlands , forests and Russian Nationality Villages. Have your preferences about Hohhot and Inner Mongolia? Please feel free to tell us your likes and let our experienced travel consultant customize a tour for you!

☛ 6 Days Inner Mongolia Bests Discovery Tour (Hohhot / Ulanqab / Huitengxile Grassland / Baotou / Kubuqi Desert / Ordos)

☛ 5 Days Best Hulunbuir Tour with Grassland Exploration (Hulunbuir)

☛ 6 Days Inner Mongolia Best Desert & Grassland Tour (Hohhot / Baotou / Kubuqi Desert / Hulunbuir)

Hohhot Tour Horse Riding at Inner Mongolia Grassland Kubuqi Desert Camels Riding at Kubuqi Desert

Travel Hohhot with China Discovery

Hohhot and Inner Mongolia differ a lot with the classic China you know. And it is not an easy job to arrange the daily flight, train and car travel at this relatively vast land. Therefore, travel with a professional travel agency is usually the best way to visit there. We China Discovery know Hohhot and Inner Mongolia a lot and we are experienced in organizing tours to this region. If you need any help, please feel free to contact us! Private cars, one-to-one guide and travel consultant… Everything is only for you and your group or family! The tour is customized by your interest, budget, plan and every special need!

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Recommended Hohhot Tours

Top 3 Hohhot tours chosen by most customers to explore Hohhot in the best way. Check the detailed itinerary, or tailor your own trip now with us.

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Hohhot / Huitengxile Grassland / Yemingsha of Kubuqi Desert / Hohhot

Yemingsha Desert Off-road Driving Experience
4 Days Huitengxile Grassland & Kubuqi Desert Tour from Hohhot

Hohhot / Huitengxile Grassland / Yemingsha of Kubuqi Desert / Ordos

Huitengxile Grassland Horse Riding
3 Days Best Hohhot Grassland Tour with Huitengxile Landscape

Hohhot / Huitengxile Grassland / Hohhot

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