Chifeng Attractions: Top 10 Things to Do in Chifeng

Chifeng City in southeast Inner Mongolia although is not as famous as Hohhot or Hulunbuir in this large scenic prefecture, it still boasts its own featured appealing landscape wonders, historical remains and cultural gems drawing the attention of many travelers. In this large destination, there are beautiful lakes, colored mountains, lush prairies, interesting museums, holy monasteries, ideal forests, etc. for your memorable discovery, especially within the enormous and splendid Hexigten Global Geopark for a variety of landform. So check the following top 10 Chifeng attractions to know what to do in Chifeng and plan your Chifeng Inner Mongolia tour in 2024!

Chifeng Attractions Map Chifeng Attractions Map

No.1: Ulan Butong Grassland

Ulan Butong Grassland

Ulan Butong Grassland in Autumn

Ulan Butong Grassland

Ulan Butong Grassland in Summer

Location: Wulan Butong Scenic Area, Hexigten Banner, Chifeng; 4 hours’ from Chifeng downtown or 6.5 hours from Beijing by car.

Recommended Visiting Time: 1-4 days

Best Time: Summer to Winter, especially late September to October

Types: Grassland, Forest, Lake, Photography Site

Ulan Butong is the nearest grassland in Inner Mongolia from Beijing and is one of the best highlights in whole Chifeng. It was a part of the famous Mulan Paddock in Qing Dynasty, where a well-known war happened and Qing royal family trained their horse riding and hunting skills. It is more famous as a part of the Bashang Grassland spreading in Chengde and Inner Mongolia. Summer is nice to get the luxuriant pleasant grassland scenery in great green with various horses and herds wandering around the slopes and lakes. However, the golden season for Ulan Butong is autumn when all the white birch forests and grassland turn yellow and golden to ignite your travel memory. And it also attracts numerous photographers to spend some days there for the terrific landscape like an oil painting. The Princess Lake, Panlong Valley, Five Colored Mountain, Hamaba, Huamugou Forest Park are the top popular sites for the gorgeous sightseeing of Ulan Butong. On the way from Chifeng to Ulan Butong via Denglonghe, you shall not miss the praised sightseeing of Denglonghe Grassland and the river.

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No.2: Dalinur Lake

Chifeng Attraction

Dalinur Lake

Chifeng Attraction

Dalinur Lake

Location: southwest part of Gonggeer Grassland, Hexigten Banner, Chifeng; 3.5 hours from Chifeng downtown by car

Recommended Visiting Time: 3-6 hours

Best Time: all year round, especially April to May and October to November

Types: lake, birding, photography, nature reserve

Dalinur or Dalinuoer Lake meaning “the Lake like ocean” is the fourth largest lake in Inner Mongolia and the third largest swan lakes in whole China. Also, as a vital part of Hexigten Global Geopark, Dalinur boasts fantastic splendor of the lovely water mirroring the sapphire sky, marshmallow clouds and surrounding rolling mountains. This large natural lake is the ideal energy supplement station for a rich types of precious bird species from middle October to November, thus that is the popular time for photography and birding. And the north bank with observing corridor is better if you are a birding lover. Furthermore, you can visit the south bank to enjoy the close up with the lake by walking on the plank road or riding a boat.

No.3: Asihatu Stone Forest

Chifeng Attraction

Asihatu Stone Forest

Chifeng Attraction

Asihatu Stone Forest

Location: northeast part of Hexigten Banner, Chifeng; 3.5-5 hours from Chifeng downtown by car

Recommended Visiting Time: 2-4 hours

Best Time: summer to early winter, especially September and October

Types: stone forest, rocks, prairie, geopark, photography

Asihatu (Arshihaty) meaning “precipitous rocks” in Mongol is the representative scenic spot of Hexigten Global Geopark. Formed for the magmation and washout by the melting water of glacier, it is also called the glacier stone forest. Granite with clear layers look like a pile of books and a piece of crepe cake from a far. And there are many different shaped scattered on the green mountain, like turtle, fairy, sword, roc, tower, etc. Stroll around to feel the magic talent of nature. both summer and autumn are popular to admire Asihatu Stone Forest. Besides, the snow capped scenery is also quite appealing with another kind of beauty.

No.4: Yulong Sand Lake

Chifeng Attraction

Yulong Sand Lake

Chifeng Attraction

Yulong Sand Lake

Location: Wudan Town, Ongniud Banner, Chifeng; 1.5 hours from Chifeng downtown by car

Recommended Visiting Time: alf to one day

Best Time: June to October

Types: desert, lake, cultural site, entertainment park

Yulong Sand Lake in Ongniud Banner is famous for its excavation of the vital Jade Dragon cultural relic proving the 5,000 years Chinese history back to further 1,000 years ago. This incredible boundless desert should boast a rich piece of lake about 14,000 mu (933 hectares) wide. Moreover, the desert, tibba, old cypress, odd rocks, strange peaks, wetland, grassland and lake together makes Yulong Sand Lake Scenic Area a popular place for both sightseeing and fun. Especially from June to October, the clear blue sky, emerald water, white sand, luxuriant plants, etc. change this place a lovely resort. Moreover, if you want more fun and laughters, hiking, sand sliding, camel riding and more entertainment will help you create the great happiness during the trip!

No.5: Gonggeer Grassland

Chifeng Attraction

Gonggeer Grassland in Summer

Chifeng Attraction

Gonggeer Grassland in Autumn

Location: G16, Hexigten Banner, Chifeng; 3 hours from Chifeng downtown by car

Recommended Visiting Time: half to one day

Best Time: June to October, especially July to August

Types: grassland, nature

Gongger Grassland located at the northwest and southwest of Hexigten Banner is one of the best grasslands in Chifeng. This plateau grassland with the altitude of 1200-1400 has advantageous plantation and luxury grassland crossed by the winding Gongger River like a jade necklace. From every June to October, Gongger is extremely charming for your admiration of the eye-catching emerald grassland spectacle under and azure sky, thus, it is also called natural garden by visitors. Besides, spring is ideal to see the flowery fresh grassland and lots of migrant birds inhabiting there, and autumn months are nice to find the fragrant mushrooms spreading around.

No.6: Huanglianggang National Forest Park

Chifeng Attraction

Huanglianggang National Forest Park in Autumn

Chifeng Attraction

Huanglianggang National Forest Park in Autumn

Location: Re A Route, Chifeng; 3.5 hours from Chifeng by car

Recommended Visiting Time: 3-5 hours

Best Time: summer and autumn

Types: forest, grassland, forest park, photography

Huanggangliang with the elevation of 2029 meters is the highest peak of the Greater Khingan. And Huanggangliang National Forest Park at the northeast part of Hexigten Banner preserves the most complete form of the quaternary glacier. However, the 180,000 hectares wide park is the typical mixed coniferous broad leaved forest with grassland. And it is quite popular to catch the splendid view of the full mountain of luxuriant forest of white birches, spruces, poplars, etc. ignited into shining golden and orange in every autumn. And the asphalt road will change into a golden avenue with the lined golden birch trees. With the appealing pure blue sky backdrop, this park is a highly recommended place for photo enjoyment.

No.7: Zhaomiao Temple

Chifeng Attraction

Zhaomiao Temple in Winter

Chifeng Attraction

Zhaomiao Temple

Location: 14 kilometers south from Lindong Town, Bairin Left Banner, Chifeng; 3 hours from Chifeng downtown by car

Recommended Visiting Time: 1-3 hours

Best Time: May to June and August to October

Types: temple, grotto, Buddhist site, mountain, historical site

Zhaomiao Temple or Zhao Temple in Bairin Left Banner is also called Zhenji Temple. It was actually the temple for royal family in Liaoshangjing period of Liao Dynasty and has been popular among Buddhist believers since its completion. The best highlight of Zhaomiao is the well preserved grottoes from Liao Dynasty in Zhenji Temple, and you shall not miss the No.2 Cave in the largest scale. Besides, you can climb on the Taoshi Mountain (Peach Rock Mountain) to see the special peach-shaped rock closer.

No.8: Ka La Qin Prince Mansion

Chifeng Attraction

Statue of Gunsennorb in Ka La Qin Prince Mansion

Chifeng Attraction

Ka La Qin Prince Mansion

Location: Wangyefu Town, Harqin Banner, Chifeng; 1 hour from Chifeng downtown by car

Recommended Visiting Time: 1-3 hours

Best Time: all year round

Types: historical site, architecture, museum

Ka La Qin Prince Mansion or Qing Mongolian Prince Mansion Museum China in Harqin Banner was originated in 1679. It is the now existing best preserved ancient Mongolian Prince Mansion from Qing Dynasty with the earliest building time, highest rank of nobility and largest coverage in whole Inner Mongolia. You will find the statue of Gunsennorb in the courtyard, however, this mansion has been lived by 12 princes. Walk around the large building complex to savor the featured architecture design in Mongol, Manchu, Tibetan and traditional Chinese elements. Also, you will find the Japanese styled study of the oldest son of Gunsennorb who has been studied overseas in Japan.

No.9: Red Mountain Park

Chifeng Attraction

Red Mountain Park

Chifeng Attraction

Red Mountain Park

Location: No.5 Beihuan Road, Hongshan District, Chifeng

Recommended Visiting Time: 1-3 hours

Best Time: all year round, especially June to September

Types: park, landmark, historical site, mountain, lake

Red Mountain Park or Hongshan Park located at the northeast of Hongshan District is the symbol of Chifen City. The globally shocked cultural relics of Red Mountain Civilization was rightly found there, giving Chifeng a vital statue among historian circle. This park is nice to get close to local life since many Chifeng people like to jog and have a nice walk along the mountain in leisure time. The lake reflecting the dark red mountain, winding corridors, pavilions, blooming lotus flowers, groups of trees, etc. makes Red Mountain Park a lot of relaxing and antique flavors. Also, you can get up to the peak to have a panoramic view of Chifeng City.

No.10: Liao Shangjing Museum

Chifeng Attraction

Liao Shangjing Museum Mural

Chifeng Attraction

Khitan Silver Coin in Liao Shangjing Museum

Location: G305, Bairin Left Banner, Chifeng; 3.5 hours from Chifeng by car

Recommended Visiting Time: 1-3 hours

Best Time: all around the year

Types: museum, cultural site, gallery

Liao Shangjing Museum in Bairin Left Banner is the one and only capital museum of Liao Dynasty in Inner Mongolia, where you will enjoy a comprehensive understanding of the development about city building, political, military, ceramics, gold making, communication, costumes, mural, epigraph, etc. of Shangjing City of Liao during that era. through the more than 17,000 pieces (sets) of precious collections. The most treasurable one is the Khitan Silver Coin of 4cm in diameter, 0.2cm in thickness and 21g in weight. Besides, the multiple murals have high artistic value for your appreciation. Also, there are also a large number of collections to have a deeper discovery of the Red Mountain Civilization and Fuhe Civilization in the Neolithic Age.

How to Plan a Chifeng Tour

Best Time to Visit Chifeng: All year round; middle June to August for emerald grassland; September to October for autumn photography; November to next February for birding and winter scenery and activities.

How to Get There: Fly to Yulong Airport from Beijing (1.5hrs), Shanghai (3 hrs), Qingdao (2 hrs), Dalian (1 hr & 15 mins), Tianjin (1 hr & 20 mins), Zhengzhou (2 hrs & 10 mins), Hohhot (1 hr & 15 mins), Hulunbuir (1 hr & 45 mins), etc.; bullet trains to Chifeng Railway Station from Beijing (2.5 hrs), Shenyang (3 hrs), Dalian (5 hrs)...

Visitors usually plan 4-6 days in Chifeng to discover Yulong Sand Lake with top highlights in Hexigten Global Geopark like Dali Nur Lake, Asihatu Stone Forest, Huanggangliang Forest Park, Gonggeer Grassland and more highlights on the way by car. If you are interested in Liao Dynasty culture, you can add 1 day to enjoy the temples, towers and museums in Ningcheng and Badan Left Banner.

☛ 5 Days Classic Hexigten Scenic Tour with Wulan Butong Grassland (Chifeng)

☛ 4 Days Bashang Grassland Unparalleled Landscape Tour (Chengde - Chifeng)

Besides, it is popular to travel Chifeng with nearby Xilingol in 4-6 days for a more wonderful Inner Mongolia grassland, nature wonders and historical culture exploration. If you got a longer vacation, it is highly recommended to travel to Hulunbuir and Arxan to soak in the beautiful and luxuriant Hulunbuir Grassland, wetlands, forest, rivers, etc.

☛ 6 Days Inner Mongolia Authentic Nature & Dynasties Culture Tour from Chengde (Xilingol - Chifeng)

☛ 5 Days Best Hulunbuir Tour with Grassland Exploration (Hulunbuir)

☛ 9 Days Hulunbuir In-depth Tour with Arxan UNESCO Global Geopark (Hailar - Ergun - Manzhouli - Arxan - Hailar)

☛ 6 Days Inner Mongolia Best Desert & Grassland Tour (Hohhot / Baotou / Kubuqi Desert / Hulunbuir)

Moreover, many people like travel Chifeng with more hot places such as Beijing, Chengde, Xian, Shanghai, Chengdu, etc. to catch more wonders in the vast country. Please tell us if you have any interested destinations or idea about your trip planning!

Chifeng Chifeng Asihatu Stone Forest (Autumn) Chifeng Wulan Butong Grassland in Autumn

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