Where to Stay in Baotou | Recommended Baotou Hotels & Desert Resorts

Baotou, located at the southern end of the Inner Mongolia Plateau, is one of the largest cities in Inner Mongolia with a developed economy and industry. The name of Baotou in Mongolian means "a place where there are deer", therefore the city is known as "The Deer City". Paying a visit to Baotou, you can enjoy magnificent grasslands, vast deserts, stunning mountain peaks and historic Tibetan Buddhist temples...

So where to stay in Baotou? In downtown Baotou, there are all kinds of accommodation for you to choose from high-end luxury hotels to 4 star comfortable hotels and there are also economic and budget hostels and inns. The prices of star-rated hotels in Baotou are almost the same as other developed cities in China. If you are planning to visit Kubuqi Desert or Xilamuren Grassland and would like to stay overnight, there are also some resorts, typical hotels and inns that provide accommodation.

Check more detailed information about the top areas to stay in Baotou downtown, the best places to stay in Kubuqi Desert, and recommended hotels, hostels and resorts in each area to plan your Baotou tour in 2024.

Baotou Where to StayBaotou Accommodation Map (Click to enlarge)

Top 3 Areas to Stay in Baotou Downtown

Hotels in Baotou city are mostly concentrated in Kundulun District (昆都仑区) and Qingshan District (青山区), Donghe District and Jiuyuan District are also distributed with some hostels and inns.

Top 1: Kundulun District - The Most Prosperous Downtown Area

More than half of tourists choose hotels in the Kundulun District (昆都仑区). It is the political, economic and cultural center of Baotou city with convenient transportation, complete dining and shopping facilities and various hotels to choose from. Baotou Railway Station, Wanda Plaza, Ardin Plaza and Baotou Steel (Group) Company, etc. are located here.

Recommended Hotels & Hostels

  • Header Baotou Hotel (海德包头酒店) ★★★★★

    Address: No. 56 Steel Street, Kundulun District, Baotou (包头市昆都仑区钢铁大街56号)

  • Rare-Earth International Hotel (包头稀土国际大酒店) ★★★★

    Address: No. 89 Aldean Street, Jiuyuan District, Baotou (包头市昆都仑区阿尔丁大街89号)

  • Baogang Hotel (包头包钢宾馆) ★★★

    Address: No. 79 Steel Street, Kundulun District, Baotou (包头市昆都仑区钢铁大街79号)

  • Jinmao Dongfang Hotel (包头金茂东方酒店) ★★★

    Address: No. 96 Steel Street, Kundulun District, Baotou (包头市昆都仑区钢铁大街96号)

  • Shenhua International Hotel (包头神华国际大酒店) ★★★

    Address: No. 1 Aldean Street, Jiuyuan District, Baotou (包头市昆都仑区阿尔丁大街1号)

Hotels in Baotou - Top Areas to Stay in Baotou Downtown The Steel Street at Kundulun District
Hotels in Baotou - Top Areas to Stay in Baotou Downtown Header Baotou Hotel

Top 2: Qingshan District - Beautiful Surroundings and Many Star Hotels

Qingshan District (青山区) is located in the central part of the city with Yinshan Mountain in the north and Yellow River in the south. It is a new urban area with developed industry, beautiful environment and high green coverage rate. The city grassland - Saihantala Ecological Park is also located here, where you can feel the customs and culture of Inner Mongolia. The hotels in this area have clean and comfortable rooms, large space, good surrounding environments and quieter than Kundulun district, which offer excellent value for money.

Recommended Hotels & Hostels

  • Shangri-La Hotel Baotou (包头香格里拉大酒店) ★★★★★

    Address: No.66 Minzu East Road, Qingshan District, Baotou (包头市青山区民族东路66号)

  • Tianwaitian Hotel (包头天外天大酒店) ★★★★

    Address: No.50 Hudemulin Street, Qingshan District, Baotou (包头市青山区呼得木林大街50号)

  • Hanting Inns & Hotels (汉庭酒店包头文化路店) ★★

    Address: No.7 Hudemulin Street, Qingshan District, Baotou (包头市青山区呼得木林大街7号街坊)

  • Jinjiang Inn (锦江之星) ★★

    Address: Building 1, Saihanjunting, Youyi Street, Qingshan District, Baotou (包头市青山区友谊大街赛汗郡庭1号楼)

Hotels in Baotou - Top Areas to Stay in Baotou Downtown Qingshan District
Hotels in Baotou - Top Areas to Stay in Baotou Downtown Shangri-La Hotel Baotou

Top 3: Donghe District & Jiuyuan District - Near the Train Station and Airport

Donghe District (东河区) has now developed into a new urban area in Baotou with industrial concentration. The place has a well-developed transportation system, Baotou East Station, Baotou Airport and Baotou Long-distance Bus Station, etc. are all situated here.

Recommended Hotels & Hostels

  • Jinjiang Inn - East Railway Station, Donghe, Baotou (锦江之星包头东河火车东站店) ★★

    Address: No. 1, Shuguang Building, Bayantala Street, Donghe District, Baotou (包头市东河区巴彦塔拉大街曙光综合楼1号)

  • Pullman Baotou (包头铂尔曼酒店) ★★★★

    Address: No.2 Jianhua South Road, Jiuyuan District, Baotou (包头市建华南路2号)

  • Baotou West Lake Hotel (包头西湖酒店) ★★

    Address: No.15 Nanmenwai Street, Donghe District, Baotou (包头市东河区南门外大街15号)

Hotels in Baotou - Top Areas to Stay in Baotou Downtown Baotou Donghe Airport

Places to Stay in Kubuqi Desert

Although the Kubuqi Desert is under the jurisdiction of Ordos, it is relatively close to Baotou, so many tourists are visiting the desert from Baotou. Kubuqi Desert is bowstring shaped, wide from east to west, narrow from north to south and covers a wide area. There are many famous scenic areas scattered in the Kubuqi Desert. Among which there are resorts and hotels in Resonant Dune Bay, Engebei and the Seven Star Lake Scenic Area where you can spend special nights.

Top 1: Resonant Dune Bay

If the main purpose of your visit to Kubuqi is to enjoy it as a large desert theme amusement park, the 5A Resonant Dune Bay Scenic Area (响沙湾) is definitely your first choice. There are 3 resorts operating in the scenic area. Yilisha Resort (一粒沙) is the most lively one, but because it is located on the east bank of the Hantai River, the desert atmosphere might not be very strong. The Fusa Island Resort (福沙岛) is built right on sandy land. There are Mongolian yurts to stay overnight. The Lotus Hotel (莲花酒店) is the landmark building of Resonant Dune Bay, the shape is very conspicuous, and the hotel facilities are also perfect. But for holidays and peak seasons, hotel reservations are tight and the price is higher than the shoulder season. If you really want to spend the night in the scenic area, remember to book hotels in advance.

Hotels in Baotou - Desert Lotus Hotel Desert Lotus Hotel in Kubuqi Desert

Top 2: Engebei Scenic Area

As one of the starting points of the Kubuqi Eastern Hiking Trail, Engebei Scenic Area (恩格贝) is a place for many desert trekkers to stay overnight. Engebei Holiday Inn (恩格贝假日酒店) is one of the best hotels in the region, or travelers may also choose to stay in a yurt close to the desert.

Contact us to tailor make your Kubuqi Desert Hiking Tour >>

Hotels in Baotou - Places to Stay in Kubuqi Desert Engebei Scenic Area

Top 3: Seven Star Lake Scenic Area

If you want to spend a few days in the desert, Seven Stars Lake Scenic Area (七星湖) is definitely the first choice. Of course, you will not live in a house surrounded by yellow sand. You will live in an oasis in the desert around Seven Star Lake. There will be glittering and translucent lakes, thick reeds, and when the birds migration season comes, the sound of birdsong keeps you company. Strolling around the resort and stepping on the yellow sand, driving off-road vehicles and entering the depopulated zone in the deep desert... Vacations in the desert of Seven Star Lake would be very comfortable.

There are two official hotels in the scenic area, namely the Seven Star Lake Desert Hotel (七星湖沙漠酒店) and the North District Reception Center (北区接待中心). The Desert Hotel was built quite luxuriously, alleged to have super five-star standards. The North District Reception Center is now integrated as part of the Desert Hotel, called the Cottage (草堂), where the environment is more natural and primitive. Besides, visitors can also stay overnight in family inns at the Herdsman New Village (牧民新村).

Hotels in Baotou - Places to Stay in Kubuqi Desert Seven Stars Lake Scenic Area
Hotels in Baotou - Places to Stay in Kubuqi Desert Seven Star Lake Desert Hotel

Places to Stay in Xilamuren Grassland

Although Xilamuren Grassland is under the jurisdiction of Baotou, it’s more closer to Hohhot city - the capital of Inner Mongolia (Xilamuren Grassland is about 93 km away from Hohhot and 190 km away from Baotou). There are many resorts and reception areas in Xilamuren Grassland, so if tourists want to stay in an Mongolian yurts for one night and watch sunset and sunrise of the grassland, it is also operable. However, the living condition is limited. If you have high requirements for accommodation, you can head to Hohhot for accommodation.

Check more detailed information about Hohhot Where to Stay and Best Areas to Stay around Top Grasslands near Hohhot >>

How to Plan a Baotou Tour

Best Time to Visit Baotou: May ~ October, especially in June, July, August and September…

How to Get There: Flights from Beijing (1.5hrs), Shanghai (3hrs), Xian (2.5hrs), Chengdu (2.5hrs), etc. and bullet train from Beijing (3.5-4hrs), Datong (3.5-4hrs), etc.

People usually take 2-3 days to explore diverse natural and cultural landscapes in Baotou. 1 day to visit famous Buddhist temples (Wudangzhao Monastery, Meidaozhao Monastery) and highlights in Baotou downtown; 1 day to visit Xilamuren Grassland (located between Hohhot and Baotou and closer to Hohhot city) and enjoy grassland activities and performances; 1 day to spend a relaxing desert vacation at Resonant Sand Bay and have fun with featured desert activities like camel riding and sand sliding, etc.; If you’re interested in desert hiking, you are recommended to spend more days extending to the more authentic Yemingsha Scenic Area. It usually takes 3 days to hike across the desert from east (Engebei) to west (Resonant Sand Bay).

☛ 2 Days Best Kubuqi Desert Tour to Yemingsha

More than 80% of tourists would start their Inner Mongolia trip from Hohhot and visit Hohhot, Baotou and Ordos together. A classic central Inner Mongolia trip takes about 5 days, which includes visiting famous Buddhist temples and historical sites, having fun in grasslands and trekking through deserts.

☛ 5 Days Classic Inner Mongolia Tour

☛ 4 Days Huitengxile Grassland & Kubuqi Desert Tour from Hohhot

☛ 4 Days Inner Mongolia Grassland & Genghis Khan Culture Tour

For those who have more time, may continue their trip to Hulunbuir (4~5 days), Badain Jaran (3~5 days), Xilingol (4-5 days) and Chifeng (4~5 days), etc. If you visit Inner Mongolia in autumn, don't miss the Populus Euphratica Forest in Ejina and the enchanting Arxan National Forest Park in Xingan League. Please feel free to tell us your likes and let our experienced travel consultant customize a tour for you!

☛ 5 Days Best Hulunbuir Tour with Grassland Exploration

☛ 3 Days Badain Jaran Real Essence Tour with Jeep Safari

Travel Baotou with China Discovery

Baotou and Inner Mongolia differ a lot with the classic mainland China you know. And it is not an easy job to arrange the daily flight, train and car travel at this relatively vast land. Therefore, travel with a professional travel agency is usually the best way to visit there. We China Discovery know Baotou and Inner Mongolia a lot and we are experienced in organizing tours to this region. If you need any help, please feel free to contact us! Private cars, one-to-one guide and travel consultant… Everything is only for you and your group or family! The tour is customized by your interest, budget, plan and every special need!

Travel Baotou with China Discovery Local Private Transfer Service

Recommended Baotou Tours

Top 3 Baotou tours chosen by most customers to explore Baotou in the best way. Check the detailed itinerary, or tailor your own trip now with us.

Tom from UK visited Huitengxile Grassland in July 2021.

5 Days Classic Inner Mongolia Tour

Hohhot / Huitengxile Grassland / Yemingsha of Kubuqi Desert / Hohhot

Yemingsha Desert Off-road Driving Experience

4 Days Huitengxile Grassland & Kubuqi Desert Tour from Hohhot

Hohhot / Huitengxile Grassland / Yemingsha of Kubuqi Desert / Ordos

Overnight Camping at Kubuqi Desert

2 Days Best Kubuqi Desert Tour to Yemingsha

Hohhot / Yemingsha of Kubuqi Desert / Ordos

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