Things to Do in Baotou | Top 7 Baotou Attractions 2024

The name of Baotou city, derived from the Mongolian word "BaoKeTu", means "The Place with Deer". So Baotou is also called the "Deer City of the Grassland". It is the largest and one of the most developed cities in Inner Mongolia. Baotou is also the industrial center of Inner Mongolia. It has the world's largest REE deposits and a developed steel industry, thus it has also gained the reputation of "Steel City of Grassland” and “City of Rare Earth".

The prosperous “Lucheng” is also rich in tourism resources. You can enjoy magnificent grasslands, vast wetlands, stunning mountain peaks and Tibetan Buddhist temples with a long history. If you are interested in the landscape of the desert or the culture of Genghis Khan, you can continue to head south to the Kubuqi Desert to enjoy the superb desert scenery, to the Mausoleum of Genghis Khan to learn about the glorious life of the Legend Man. Check the Top 7 attractions & things to do in and around Baotou and plan your own Baotou, Inner Mongolia tour in 2024/2025!

Baotou Tourist Attractions MapBaotou Tourist Attractions Map (Click to enlarge)

Top 1: Xilamuren Grassland - Riding a Horse on the Vast Green Paradise

Baotou Attractions & Things to Do in Baotou

Xilamuren Grassland

Baotou Attractions & Things to Do in Baotou

Zhama Banquet

Type: Grassland, Nature

Address: Xilamuren Town, Baotou City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China (内蒙古自治区包头市希拉穆仁镇)

Distance from Baotou City: about 180 km, which takes 3~3.5 hours. (Notice: Xilamuren Grassland is closer to Hohhot city, about 93 km away, which only takes 1.5~2 hours’ drive)

Xilamuren Grassland (希拉穆仁草原) is located in Darhan Muminggan Union Banner, more than 180 kilometers away from Baotou City. It is a green gem inset in the southeast of Damao Banner and also a famous tourist summer resort at home and abroad. On the banks of the Xilamuren River lies Puhui Temple, a time-honored temple built in the Qing Dynasty. Therefore, the Xilamuren Grassland is also called "Zhaohe".

Xilamuren Grassland has more than 700 square kilometers of natural grassland and magnificent scenery. Visitors can climb on the Aobo and gaze into the distance, as far as the eye can see, the blue sky and the green grass make up a beautiful picture of the grassland scenery. Besides the astonishing scenery, you can also ride horses, camels, enjoy Mongolian songs and dances, take part in bonfire parties and Zhama banquets, taste delicious grassland food, and feel the bold and unrestrained culture of the Mongolian people.

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Top 2: Wudangzhao - Enjoy Buddhist Culture at One of the Top Four Monasteries in China

Baotou Attractions & Things to Do in Baotou

Wudangzhao in Summer

Baotou Attractions & Things to Do in Baotou

Sunning Buddha Festival in Wudangzhao

Type: Temple, Religious Sites

Address: Wudanggou, Qingwu Line, Shiguai District, Baotou (包头市石拐区青五线五当沟)

Distance from Baotou City: about 58 km, which takes about 1.5 hours by car.

Formerly named Badagar Temple, which means "White Lotus Flower" in Tibetan, Wudangzhao Monastery (五当召) is the largest temple of Tibetan Buddhism in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Together with the Potala Palace in Tibet, the Tar Monastery in Qinghai Province and the Kangbuleng Monastery in Gansu Province, Wudangzhao is known as one of the four famous monasteries of Lamaism in China. All buildings at Wudangzhao have a strong Tibetan Buddhism style with white and square exterior walls, and are orderly situated in the valley of Wudanggou. Against the backdrop of the azure sky and the luxuriant trees, the peaceful ethereal temple continues with a hundred years of continuous incense.

Every year on the 21st day of the third month of the lunar calendar, the main hall of Wudangzhao will hold a Spring Sacrifice Ceremony. On this day, people come here from all over the country, present hada, burn incense, offer sacrifices, etc. The event is very grand. After the sacrifice ceremony, traditional activities such as horse racing, archery and wrestling will be held here.

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Top 3: Meidaizhao - Appreciate Vivid Buddhist Historical Murals

Baotou Attractions & Things to Do in Baotou


Baotou Attractions & Things to Do in Baotou

Murals in Meidaizhao Museum

Type: Temple, Religious Sites

Address: Tumet Right Banner, Baotou City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region (内蒙古自治区包头市土默特右旗)

Distance from Baotou City: about 86 km, which takes 1.5 hours by car.

Meidaizhao (美岱召) is located in Meidaizhao Village, Tumet Right Banner, Baotou City, about 65 kilometers away from Donghe District. Meidaizhao, formerly known as Lingjue Temple, was later renamed Shouling Temple. It is a lama temple with a total area of about 4,000 square meters, where "temples and cities are combined, and people and Buddhas live together". The temple retains a large number of vivid Buddhist historical murals, which is quite amazing. The main buildings of Meidaizhao include the ancient city, the Great Buddha’s Hall, Liuli Hall, Temple of Wealth and the Dalai Lama Temple, etc. The architectural style imitates the Han style in mainland China, but also integrates the Mongolian and Tibetan style. The Meidaizhao Museum, located in Meidaizhao Square, presents the interaction and influence of Buddhism and Mongolian culture through the exhibition of photographs, text descriptions and precious murals.

Every year on May 13, Meidaizhao holds the famous Meidaizhao Temple Fair. The event lasts for about a week (7 days). The temple fair integrates tourism, trade and art performances, attracting tens of thousands of visitors to the temple every year.

Top 4: Miaofa Temple - See Thousand Buddhist Statues Hanging in the Hall

Baotou Attractions & Things to Do in Baotou

Miaofa Temple

Baotou Attractions & Things to Do in Baotou

Temple Fair Holding in Miaofa Temple

Type: Temple, Religious Sites

Address: Lvzu Miao Alley,. Donghe District, Baotou (包头市东河区吕祖庙巷)

Miaofa Temple (妙法禅寺), built by Xuzhou Master in the late years of Xianfeng in the Qing Dynasty, is located in Donghe District, Baotou City. Miaofa Temple, also known as "Luzu Temple", is surrounded by Christian churches, Catholic churches, Islamic mosques and other religious places, occupying a perfect treasure place. Miaofa Zen Temple has architecture like Shan Gate (Heavenly King Hall), Luzu Hall, Great Buddha’s Hall, Guanyin Hall, Gongde Hall, Dizang Hall, Patriarch Hall, Zen Hall and Thousand Buddhas Hall, etc. Among them, Lvzu Hall is a relic of the Qing Dynasty. The most distinctive one is the Thousand Buddhas Hall in the South Courtyard. The hall is magnificent, ethereal and solemn. There are nearly a thousand statues of Buddha hanging in the hall, which can be said to be a wonder.

Top 5: Saikhantala Grassland Resort - Escape the Hustle City and Enjoy Peaceful Break

Baotou Attractions & Things to Do in Baotou

Saikhantala Grassland Resort

Baotou Attractions & Things to Do in Baotou

Lovely Deers in the Saikhantala City Park

Type: City Park, Nature

Address: South of the intersection of Minzhu Road and Jianshe Road, Qingshan District (青山区民主路与建设路交叉口南侧)

Distance from Baotou City: 7 km, which takes around 20 minutes by car.

Saihantala Ecological Park (赛汗塔拉生态园) in Baotou City has the largest natural grassland in urban area in China, which brings a fresh breath to the city made of steel and cement. Stepping into the ecological park, you might wonder whether you are entering paradise in a flash. As far as the eye can see, there is only overflowing green and deep blue sky. Riding by among these green grass and wild flowers, the breeze with the rhyme of flowers and grass blowing on your face. All this will make you forget that this dreamlike grassland is actually located in the center of Baotou city.

Top 6: The Northern Weapon City - Learn more about the Military Weapon History and Development

Baotou Attractions & Things to Do in Baotou

Northern Weapon City

Baotou Attractions & Things to Do in Baotou

Artillery Display in the Northern Weapon City

Type: Typical Museum

Address: No.2 Qingshan Road, Qingshan District, Baotou (包头市青山区青山路2号)

Distance from Baotou City: 5 km, which takes around 20 minutes by car.

The Northern Weapon City (北方兵器城) is located in Qingshan Road, Qingshan District, Baotou City. It is the first military tourist attraction in North China. The exhibits include retired armoured vehicles, artillery, fighter jets and missiles produced and imported by China since the founding of the People's Republic of China. The underground of the weapons city displays conventional light weapons, and provides physical objects or models and pictures of light weapons, as well as supporting facilities such as pistols, machine guns and live ammunition laboratories, etc. It’s a place suitable for military fans to visit.

Top 7: Visit Ancient Great Wall Ruins in Baotou

Baotou Attractions & Things to Do in Baotou

Zhao Great Wall Ruins

Baotou Attractions & Things to Do in Baotou

Panoramic View of Qin Great Wall Ruins

Type: Ancient Ruins, Great Wall

The Zhao Great Wall (赵长城遗址) is the oldest extant Great Wall in China, which has a history of more than two thousand years. The better preserved section is located 10 kilometers from Baotou to Shiguai Highway. It is meandering in the mountains and hills at the southern foot of Yinshan Mountain, which is the long and narrow Tumochuan Plain with lush water and grass. In ancient times, it was a vital place for war fighters and strategic military.

In Baotou, besides the Zhao Great Wall built by King Wuling in an earlier period, there is also a relatively complete section of the Qin Great Wall (秦长城遗址). The accumulated length of the Qin Great Wall in Baotou City is about 120 kilometers, and most of them were built on the Northern Slope of the mountains and follow the terrain. The Great Wall at valley passes and plains was built with rammed earth. The Great Wall in the mountainous area was mostly built with stone or soil-rock mixed. The ruins of the stone Great Wall are mostly well preserved nowadays. Generally, the existing stone walls are more than 4 meters high, 4 meters base wide and about 2 meters top wide. Standing on a high place, you can still see the Great Wall going up and down the hill, like a wandering dragon, and the ancient beacon towers and the ruins of the wall can still be seen in some sections.

How to Plan a Baotou Tour

Best Time to Visit Baotou: May ~ October, especially in June, July, August and September…

How to Get There: Flights from Beijing (1.5hrs), Shanghai (3hrs), Xian (2.5hrs), Chengdu (2.5hrs), etc. and bullet train from Beijing (3.5-4hrs), Datong (3.5-4hrs), etc.

People usually take 2-3 days to explore diverse natural and cultural landscapes in Baotou. 1 day to visit famous Buddhist temples (Wudangzhao Monastery, Meidaozhao Monastery) and highlights in Baotou downtown; 1 day to visit Xilamuren Grassland (located between Hohhot and Baotou and closer to Hohhot city) and enjoy grassland activities and performances; 1 day to spend a relaxing desert vacation at Resonant Sand Bay and have fun with featured desert activities like camel riding and sand sliding, etc.; If you’re interested in desert hiking, you are recommended to spend more days extending to the more authentic Yemingsha Scenic Area. It usually takes 3 days to hike across the desert from east (Engebei) to west (Resonant Sand Bay).

☛ 2 Days Best Kubuqi Desert Tour to Yemingsha

More than 80% of tourists would start their Inner Mongolia trip from Hohhot and visit Hohhot, Baotou and Ordos together. A classic central Inner Mongolia trip takes about 5 days, which includes visiting famous Buddhist temples and historical sites, having fun in grasslands and trekking through deserts.

☛ 5 Days Classic Inner Mongolia Tour

☛ 4 Days Huitengxile Grassland & Kubuqi Desert Tour from Hohhot

☛ 4 Days Inner Mongolia Grassland & Genghis Khan Culture Tour

For those who have more time, may continue their trip to Hulunbuir (4~5 days), Badain Jaran (3~5 days), Xilingol (4-5 days) and Chifeng (4~5 days), etc. If you visit Inner Mongolia in autumn, don't miss the Populus Euphratica Forest in Ejina and the enchanting Arxan National Forest Park in Xingan League. Please feel free to tell us your likes and let our experienced travel consultant customize a tour for you!

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Baotou and Inner Mongolia differ a lot with the classic mainland China you know. And it is not an easy job to arrange the daily flight, train and car travel at this relatively vast land. Therefore, travel with a professional travel agency is usually the best way to visit there. We China Discovery know Baotou and Inner Mongolia a lot and we are experienced in organizing tours to this region. If you need any help, please feel free to contact us! Private cars, one-to-one guide and travel consultant… Everything is only for you and your group or family! The tour is customized by your interest, budget, plan and every special need!

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