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6 Days Hulunbuir Autumn Tour

Feast Your Eyes with Fairytale Autumn Colors


The best Hulunbuir autumn visiting route chosen by numerous photographers and nature lovers!

Fancy an autumn break in China? Hulunbuir welcomes you! This ideal place in the northeastern Inner Mongolian of north China guarantees you a fairytale autumn vacation full of majestic autumn beauties of grassland, wetland and forest, which are all of the best in China of the kind! After August, the emerald grassland in Hulunbuir takes off its green coat and then dresses it up with beautiful golden colors, with lovely grass rolls scattered around and rivers winded through. With so many plants of the wetland and forest turning varying shades of yellow, red, orange and brown, the Great Khingan Range and its surroundings become a symphony of fall colors that are perfect for road trip driving, mountain hiking and taking the best pictures you’ve ever taken. Those natural beauties are already appealing enough, let alone you will also hear the hundred-year-old legend of the Russian ethnic group of this region, see the footprint of the Ewenki ethnic group and meet with their adorable reindeers... What are you waiting for? It’s right the time to enjoy a Hulunbuir Autumn Tour!

Best time to enjoy this tour: September and October.

Highlights of this tour:

    • Amazing road trips to drive across the vast grassland, epic wetland and secluded forest, with nothing taller than you but the trees, mountains, clouds and sky…
    • Head to the hinterland of the golden forest to indulge in the whispering of the fall foliage and then hike up to get panorama view of the fairytale world…
    • Get close to China’s last hunting tribe - Aoluguya to trace its legend and learn its traditions and culture, and feed their lovely reindeers…

Basic Trip Information

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  1. 1. This price is for one person, based on a group of 2 adults sharing one double-bed room and traveling in low seasons;
  2. 2. This price is subject to change according to your traveling season, group size, hotel class, change of activities and possible fluctuation of currency exchange rate.
Travel Route:
Hailar / Hulunbuir Grassland / Erguna / Greater Khingan Range/ Shiwei / Heishantou / Hailar
Travel Length:
6 Days and 5 Nights
Tour Code:
Group Size:
You, your family, friends or group
Any day you want
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Your tour - at a glance

Day 1~2 Hailar Arrival & Hulunbuir Grassland & Ergun Wetland Exploration

Make Hulunbuir as the arrival city, and then start your trip to visit Hulunbuir Grassland and Ergun Wetland...

Day 3~4 Great Khingan Range Discovery

Drive from Ergun to the forest, and then indulge in the autumn ocean in Aoluguya Reindeer Village & Mordaoga National Forest Park. After that, head to Shiwei Russian Town to explore the Russsian flavor in China.

Day 5~6 More Grassland Fun & Hailar Departure

Get back from Shiwei to Heishantou in the Hulunbuir Grassland to get more grassland fun. On the way, you will also get more autumn scenry of the forests.

Full Itinerary Day by Day

Day 1 Hailar Arrival

Welcome to Hulunbuir! Upon your arrival, your guide and driver will wait you at the arrival hall of the airport and then escort you to your hotel in Hailar District (9 kilometers and 20 minutes around by car), the downtown area of Hulunbuir City, by a comfortable licensed private vehicle (non-smoking). Your guide will help you check in. The rest of today is on your own to explore Hailar.

Arrival ideas: Hailar Dongshan International Airport, or called Hulunbuir Dongshan International Airport, has flights from Beijing (2.5 hrs), Hohhot (2.5 hrs), Harbin (1.5 hrs), etc. Beijing is the best gateway.

  • Hulunbuir Dongshan International Airport (Hailar Dongshan International Airport) Hulunbuir Dongshan International Airport (Hailar Dongshan International Airport)

Day 2 Hulunbuir Grassland - Erguna (B, L)

Good morning! After breakfast, your guide and driver will meet you at the hotel and then escort you to the Morigele River, Hulunbuir's classic sightseeing site where most of the online pictures of Hulunbuir Grassland you've seen are taken. This driving takes about 1 hour.

As the entire Hailar District is also built on the grassland, you will first get an exciting driving along the road in between the vast prairie. By your left side is the splendid golden carpet stretching to the ridges in a distance, and so does the right side. The dancing rays of the sunshine fall on the fluffy prairie from the gaps of the floating clouds, and then jump to the grass rolls dotted everywhere, the placid river, and the sheep, cattle and horses grazing in the pasture, forming an awe-inspiring oil painting setting for all photographers. If you like, make a stop at where you love and jump on one of the grass rolls to steal a perfect shot. Upon arriving at the slope near the Morigele River, you will be rewarded with the wonderful view of the zigzag river shirring under the sunshine. The amazing contrast of the golden pasture and the emerald river will certainly impress you a lot. Free yourself to stroll around the prairie and river to feel the charm of this open place and to get some secret talks with the animals.

After that, you will keep driving north for about 1.5 hours to Ergun Wetland - the No.1 Wetland in Asia. This is a paradise of gradient colors. While most of the lands have already changed it color from green to yellow, the shrubs and bushes decorating in the wetland have their own preferred color to tell, including the red in the top, yellow in the middle and green or brown in the lower… The meandering Ergun River winding through the wetland prefers the strong blue. You will get perfect broad view of these all at the wooden viewing platform. Do not forget to take photos to keep this picturesque scenery in your camera.

After today's discovery, you will accommodate in Ergun City.

  • Hulunbuir Grassland in Autumn Hulunbuir Grassland in Autumn
  • Grass Rolls Dotted in Hulunbuir Grassland in Autumn Grass Rolls Dotted in Hulunbuir Grassland in Autumn
  • Anne from Germany - Ergun Wetland in October Ergun Wetland in October, Picture Taken by Our Guest Anne from Germany

Day 3 Erguna - Russian Family Visit - Aoluguya Reindeer Village (B, L)

Good morning! After breakfast, you will pay a visit to a Russian family. Upon arrival, you will be welcomed to their house with joyful accordion performances and delicious Big Lieba (Russian bread). Then, dress you up with their traditional costumes to learn the Russian culture and believes from them. You will also make Russian-style painted eggs there. Draw a lovely egg with your imagination. This is a gift for you, and you can take it with you when you leave.

Tip: You can try the Russian costumes for free, but their clothes are in limited. You may sometimes need to wait for a while to have a try.

After that, your guide and driver will escort you (1.5 hours around by car) to Aoluguya Reindeer Village, the last reindeer village in China and the home of Santa Claus in China. Here, you will first admire their unique Cuoluozi houses, a kind of cottage made up of a stick and barks of white birch or white stones, and then date with groups of adorable reindeer, feed them, touch them and take photos with them up close. Later, visit the Aoluguya Museum to know the history and legend of this mysterious branch of Ewenki Ethnic Minority.

After today’s discovery, you will accommodate in the nearby Genhe City. Have a good sleep.

  • A Lovely Reindeer at Aoluguya Reindeer Village A Lovely Reindeer at Aoluguya Reindeer Village

Day 4 Mordaoga National Forest Park - Shiwei (B, L)

Good morning! Today after breakfast, you will be driven for about 3 hours to the hinterland of the Great Khingan Range to visit the Mordaoga National Forest. Mordaoga is the first national forest park of Great Khingan and the largest forest park in China. Autumn is the best time to visit it, and its super marvelous distinctive forest landscape of China's north will never let you down. Indulge yourself in the colorful world full of beautiful autumn foliage in red, yellow, light green, brown, white, etc. Enjoy a moderate hiking tour hugged by the epic trees to the observation desk named Nine Mountain Ranges in One Glimpse (One Eye Nine Ridge) to get a broad view of the golden forest ocean.

Optional forest train (CNY 100/pp): The forest park also offers forest train for you to immerse in the peace and beauty there. The train has 5 stops in total, you can get off the train at each of the stops to go sightseeing and then hop on the train to continue! The whole train trip needs from 1.5 hours.

Then, drive further north for about 2 hours to Shiwei Russian Town. Shiwei tops the list of rare well-kept Russian towns in China that can show you a strong flavor of Russia in China. Upon arriving, you will stroll around the rows of well-kept Russian-style buildings and streets taste the Russian atmosphere. Also, you will enjoy leisure walking along the trails by the Ergun River to gaze the real Russian towns across the river. Thereafter, hike up to the "Fairy Slope" to get stunning sunset views. After night falls, you will accommodate in the unique Russian-style wooden Mukeden houses.

Today's discovery ends. Enjoy your sleep!

  • Mordaoga National Forest Park in Autumn Mordaoga National Forest Park in Autumn
  • Mordaoga National Forest Park in Autumn Mordaoga National Forest Park in Autumn
  • Shiwei Russian Town Shiwei Russian Town

Day 5 Shiwei - Haur River Scenic Area - White Birch Forest - Heishantou (B, L)

Good morning! Your forest and grassland tour continues! After breakfast, your guide and driver will escort you to Haur River Scenic Area. The secluded Haur River, which means "spring-like river" in Mongolian language, zigzags the Haur Wetland, forming an impressive picture. You will stand on the viewing platform to overlook the meandering river and its lush surroundings. After that, wander around the forest to relax yourself and to seek traces of reindeers and take a glimpse the Ewenki traditions and culture. Enjoy your blissful moments with dappled shadows of the sunshine kissing your face every now and then.

Then, continue the driving to Heishantou. Along the way, you will pass through White Birch Forest, the only pure White Birch Landscape in the whole Great Khingan area. Let’s indulge in the forest-crossing driving with amazing white birch trees standing on the two sides of road.

About 2.5 hours or so you will arrive in Heishantou. Here, enjoy your afternoon hours with horse galloping across the grassland on horseback at the most professional horse ranch in the whole Hulunbuir region (optional activities with extra fees). After that, you will take a moderate hiking to the "Sundown Slope" to enjoy the intoxicating sunset scenery over the vast wetland. When the red glow of the sunset fades away, you will go down the slope and then be escorted to the nearby Mongolian tribe for accommodation. Tonight, you will enjoy happy Bonfire Party with Mongolian girls and boys (free, but it may be cancelled in case of bad weather), and then stay overnight in adorable Mongolian yurts (with private bathroom) that you have seen many times. Have a nice sleep with the fresh smell of grasses.

  • Haur River Scenic Area in Autumn Haur River Scenic Area in Autumn
  • White Birch Forest in Autumn White Birch Forest in Autumn
  • Mongolian Yurts in Hongjila Tribe near Heishantou Mongolian Yurts in Hongjila Tribe near Heishantou
  • Different Mongolian Yurts at Hongjila Tribe (For Your Reference Only) Different Mongolian Yurts at Hongjila Tribe (For Your Reference Only)

Day 6 Heishantou - Hailar & Hailar Departure (B, L)

Good morning. After breakfast, your guide and driver will escort you to Hailar with driving about 2.5 hours.

You will visit Hulunbuir National Museum in Hailar to trace the nomadic history in northern China. You can get up close to the ancient instruments, costumes and other ten thousand items used by ancient Mongols to learn the source, developing history, life and prosperity of northern China's nomadic peoples. The excellent collections and displays will also certainly help you have a better understating about the places you have visited during the past 4 days.

After the museum tour, your guide and driver will escort you to the Hulunbuir Dongshan International Airport to catch your flight to next destination or home. Tour ends!

Departure ideas: You are suggested to book a flight departing after 17:00 pm. The Hulunbuir Dongshan International Airport has flights to Beijing (2.5 hrs), Hohhot (2.5 hrs), Harbin (1.5 hrs), etc.

  • Hulunbuir National Museum Hulunbuir National Museum
  • Vivid Displays in Hulunbuir National Museum Vivid Displays in Hulunbuir National Museum
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