Things to Do in Inner Mongolia

Inner Mongolia stretches 2,400 km from west to east and 1,700 km from north to south. So, what to see & do in the vast and diverse Inner Mongolia?

To save your research time and best suit for your schedule, China Discovery list out top 5 travel cities like Hohhot, Baotou, Ordos, Ulanqab, Hulunbuir for your exploration; and top 4 grasslands like Xilamuren, Gegentala, Huitengxile and Hulunbuir Grasslands; and top 10 featured activities give you ideas what to do in this ethnical region.

The traditional, vivid, enthusiastic, real Inner Mongolia is here. Come now!

Featured Travel Map of Inner Mongolia

Featured Travel Map of Inner Mongolia

Xilamuren Grassland in Inner Mongolia

Top Grasslands & Prairie Scenery

Best Time to Visit: from June to September

No matter which destination you choose to go in Inner Mongolia, you must extend to the mesmerizing grassland. There are many beautiful pastures in Inner Mongolia. The most popular are Xilamuren Grassland in Baotou, Gegentala Grassland and Huitengxile Grassland in Wulanchabu, Ordos Grassland in Ordos, Jinlianchuan Grassland in Xilin Gol, Hulunbuir Grassland in Hulunbuir and more.

To save the travel time and money, the most recommended ones are the top three: Xilamuren Grassland, Gegentala Grassland and Hulunbuir Grassland.

Mongolian Hada

Inner Mongolia Customs

Places to Experience: on grassland

Mongolian are warm-hearted people as they treat others warmly and politely. They greet everyone they meet and present Hada which represents holy and auspice, and do hang it onto the guest’s neck means that they consider their guests are very distinguished. Guests should bend forward as a way to express their gratitude. When getting into a Mongolian’s home, guests will be treated very well by being given wine. Also lot of snacks and cuisines are offered.

Naadam Festival

Experience Traditional Mongolian Festivals

Places to Experience: on grassland

There are some important festivals for Mongolian like Naadam Festival, Aobao Festival, Inner Mongolia Hungry Ghost Festival, and Inner Mongolia Mare Milk Festival. The grandest festival is Naadam Festival. Naadam is a traditional Mongolian activity. "Naadam" in Mongolian means “entertainment”, “game”, or “fun”. In early times, Naadam was dedicated to God of heaven and ancestors to plead for blessing, meanwhile, Mongols enjoyed themselves. "Three manly skills", horse racing, wrestling and archery are performed in the fair. Today, “Naadam” has become the terminology of a sports activity, entertainment and commerce event in Inner Mongolia. Other competitive events have been included into the fair while the players are not limited to men.

Mausoleum of Genghis Khan

Explore Sites about Genghis Khan

Places to Experience: Ordos

Genghis Khan is a legendary hero, the founder of Mongol Empire. He united nomadic tribes in Mongolian Plateau, laid foundation for the unification of China, and then continued his conquest westward to establish Mongol Empire, the largest contiguous empire in world history. After Genghis Khan died, his coffin was carried to central Mongolia.

According to his will, he was buried without any markings, so the real mausoleum is still a puzzle. A mausoleum about 70 km south of Ordos claims to contain his clothing. The beautiful prairie and mysterious scenic spots give a great view to the Mausoleum making a famous spot of Mongolian history and culture and prairie tourist spot.

Ordos Traditional Wedding

Watch Ordos Wedding Ceremony

Places to Experience: Ordos

The wedding of Ordos, originated in ancient Mongolia in the 15th Century, popular in Inner Mongolia. It has a series of specific ceremonial procedures, such as present Hada for engagement, greeting the son-in-law, offering sheep and toasting, asking name and age, mother’s blessing and so on, which have been preserved very well and becoming a custom gradually. The wedding not only embodies the Mongolian greathearted and ceremonious characteristics, but also expresses various ethical cultures to outside.

Sunrise over Grassland

Watch Sunrise over Grassland

Places to Experience: on grassland

When taking a visit to the grassland like Xilamuren Grassland, Gegentala Grassland and HUitengxile Grassland which are near Hohhot, you’d better spend one night living in the Mongolian yurts and catch sunrise in the next morning. Get up early in your yurts in order to catch the majestic sunrise over the grassland. Besides the sunrise, you’ll be able to roam among the blue skies and the tranquil and untouched flowers of the plains.

Camel Riding

Horseback & Camel Riding

Places to Experience: on grassland & desert

Each grasslands offer horse riding activities. Usually the cost for horseback riding excludes in the grassland tour package. When you get to the grassland, you could choose to ride horse or not. If you take, the herdsman in charge tells you the cots for horse riding. By riding a horse, you could visit Aobao and a herdsman’s family, which takes about 2-3 hours. It is suggested to ride horse for it will be the highlight of your Inner Mongolia tour. For most travelers, experience the camel riding is exciting. Lining up camel by camel, a team of about 10 camels walk together. Camel riding is more comfortable and safer than riding a horse. The one hour camel riding takes you to another sand hill top, then return where we start.

Sand Sliding in Resonant Sand Bay

Sanding Sliding

Places to Experience: Resonant Sand Bay

The Kubuqi Desert is 50 km to the south of Baotou, extending over 200 miles east to west in Inner Mongolia. It is tranked the seventh largest desert in China. The Resonant Sand Gorge lies in the middle of the Kubuqi Desert and is situated at the north-edge. The desert is renowned for its singing sand dune which stretches some 200 meters wide and has a gradient of 45 degrees rising to approximately 110 meters high. If you surf down the sand hill, you could hear the sound of croaking frogs.

Mongolian Food

Inner Mongolia Food

When you are in Inner Mongolia, no matter you have meals in local restaurants or have dinner in Mongolian yurts, you could taste Mongolian snacks or cuisines. The specialties include Braised camel hoof, Kumiss, Ghee, Hulun Lake fish feast, Mongolian boiled lamb, Mongolian milk tea.

Roasted Whole Sheep
It is the traditional cuisine to entertain the honored guest or to celebrate the grand pageant in Mongolia. The sheep is selected abortively, about 20 kg each one. The whole shape is dressed, stuffed with seasonings such as shallot, ginger, salt, etc., then baked. The cuisine keeps the complete shape of the sheep, kneeled down in a square trencher, and is prized for the fresh color, crispy skin, and tender, aromatic meat.

Mongolian Yurts

Stay in Mongolia Yurts

Places to Experience: on grassland

The Mongolian Yurt, called “a vaulted tent” or “felt tent” in ancient times, is a domed pealed tent. When a guest enters a yurt, the housewife will present him or her with a bowl of milk tea and with both hands and presents various kinds of dairy products on the table. If you want to fully experience the local customs of Inner Mongolia, you’d better spend a night in the yurts. Usually, there are three kinds of yurts at most of the tourist grasslands in Inner Mongolia: normal traditional yurts, deluxe yurts and war chariot yurts. Travelers could just choose the type according to your budget and likes.

Recommended Inner Mongolia Tours

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Mausoleum of Genghis Khan
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