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Why Visit Yangjiajie

Although Yangjiajie is one of the four subsections of Wulingyuan Scenic Area (The other three are Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Yuanjiajie, Tianzi Mountain), the natural heritage of the world, it is the latest one to be exploited. Thus you could find that it has the pristine scenery. Generally, it seems steeper than other 3 subsections of Wulingyuan. Adventure lovers would like to explore this scenic area.

Yangjiajie is well-known for its magnificence, steepness, comeliness and tranquility. Here you could explore the house of brigands in ancient China after hiking a thrilling road, see grotesque peaks, find exotic flowers and vines, play with cute stream and waterfall. Come and have an adventure here!

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Yangjiajie Yangjiajie

Yangjiajie and Mysterious Legends

Yangjiajie got its name from a famous family in the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127) - Generals of the Yang Family (杨家将). Almost all members of this family are invincible and brave generals. Legends goes that generals of this family camp on Yangjiajie to encircle and suppress the King Xiang (The leader of the local Tujia ethnic group who lastly died in Tianzi Mountain). With the prolonged warfare's impact, these generals gradually lived and stayed here. Therefore, this area is called Yangjiajie. You could even see that most scenic spots here are named after Generals of Yang Family (杨家将), such as Tianbo Mansion (天波府), Zongbao Wan (宗保湾), etc.

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Yangjiajie Beautiful Clouds and Sunshine

What Surprise to Expect at Yangjiajie

Yangjiajie consists of three parts: Xiangzhi stream (香芷溪), Longquan valley (龙泉峡) and Baihou valley (百猴谷), in which there are altogether over 200 scenic spots. Among them, the most well-known highlights are as following.

One Step To the Heaven (一步登天) - Climbing Up to Get the Great View

One Step to the Heaven is a small viewing deck on the mountain. Its name means that you could up to sky within one step. Actually, you need to climb a very narrow iron stairs to the deck. The stairs is so narrow that only can pass one person for once. However, once you are brave enough to up the stairs, you could overlook the mountains in far away. The clouds are surrounding the mountains, which seems that you can touch the sky within one step.

Corridor in the Cliffs (空中走廊) - Walking in the Cliffs

Corridor in the Cliffs is just like its name, because it looks like that you are walking in the corridor of cliffs. A huge peak with about 300 meters long and about 1 meter wide is split in the middle, and people could walk through it. The corridor is surrounded by peaks on the three sides. On the north side, the stone wall is about 50 meters and the top of it couldn't be seen.

Oolong Village (乌龙寨) - Used to Be Brigands' Home

Oolong Village, with the elevation of about 1122 meters, is the most charming and dangerous place of Yangjiajie. It used to be brigands' home. You must hike through a thrilling road first, and along the way you may through a hole or along a crevice or sideway from a precipice. Then you need to walk for about 1 km to the village. It is also difficult to walk and demands caution. Finally, you will sigh how smart these brigands were for personal safety.

Tianbo Mansion (天波府) - The Best Viewing Deck Demanding Thrilling Hiking

Tianbo Mansion refers to the house of Generals of Yang Family (杨家将) in their hometown. This Tianbo Mansion at Yangjiajie is not the house of them, but a platform on a mountain peak surrounded by many stone hills. Locals believe that this platform used to be the headquarter of this group of generals. Now it is the best viewing deck of Yangjiajie, which is suitable for taking photos.

Wonder of Stone Walls (峰墙奇观) - A Geological Wonder in the World

At the Tianbo Mansion, you can also see 10 parallel stone wall peaks standing among the green trees, like city walls. They are called Wonder of Stone Walls. They are reputed as the most large and beautiful ancient stone walls in the world. It's almost 380 million years' old which is even older than other stone peaks or walls in Wulingyuan Scenic Area. It’s exactly this scenic spot that gave the world the first impression of Wulingyuan. An article in New York Times praised Zhangjiajie, and the inspiration is just from Yangjiajie's Wonder of Stone Walls.

Vines Bay (古藤湾) - Kingdom of Vines

Vines Bay is the wonder of nature, which could highly surprise you. As the old vines here cover large area and are large amount, this scenic spot is famed as "The Kingdom of Vines", "World of Old Vines". The highlight is the King of Old Vine, because its roots are well developed and the branches are flourishing. The area it covered is 20 meters long and 15 meters wide, and seems large network of vines.

Longquan Waterfall (龙泉瀑) - The Highest Waterfall in Wulingyuan Scenic Area

Longquan Waterfall is about 80 meters high, and the upper width is 5 meters and the lower width is 15 meters. It looks like a hanging waterfall falling down from the heaven, when you look up. It'll immediately cool you down no matter how hot you feel when you are standing in front of the waterfall.

Five Colored Flowers (五色花) - A Kind of Magical Flower

You must never heard about that there is a kind of five-color flower that could change its color for several times in one day. According to some researches, this kind of flower can be seen in the upper reach of Liucui Strem (流翠溪).

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Yangjiajie Iron Stairs
Yangjiajie Corridor in the Cliffs
Yangjiajie Oolong Village
Yangjiajie Tianbo Mansion
Yangjiajie Wonder of Stone Walls
Yangjiajie Tourist Map Yangjiajie Tourist Map
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How to Visit Yangjiajie

Classic Route: First Bridge of the World (天下第一桥) - Vines Bay (古藤湾) - Oolong Village(乌龙寨) - Tianbo Mansion (天波府) - One Step To the Heaven (一步登天) - Corridor in the Cliffs (空中走廊) - Forest Park Ticket Station

Visiting Hours: About 4~5 Hours

Most travellers choose to have a hike tour combining Yuanjiajie and Yangjiajie. Vines Bay, Oolong Village, Tianbo Mansion are on the same route, and One Step to the Heaven and Corridor in the Cliffs are on the other route. (You could find this on the map.) You could firstly visit Yuanjiajie, and then take free sightseeing bus at the First Bridge of the World (天下第一桥). After about 20 minutes, you will arrive at Upper Station of Yangjiajie Cable Car. There you can see the Vines Bay (古藤湾). Then you can hike to Oolong Village (乌龙寨) and Tianbo Mansion (天波府). After the visit, return the same way you came and make an turn at an intersection to explore One Step To The Heaven (一步登天) and Corridor in the Cliffs (空中走廊). When finished, you can follow the path near Air Corridor to make descent. Finally you can take free sightseeing bus to Forest Park Ticket Station.

Yangjiajie Hiking Map Yangjiajie Hiking Map
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How to Get to Yangjiajie

Yangjiajie is located at the Wulingyuan Scenic Area of Zhangjiajie. It is about 72 km to Zhangjiajie City by car (2 h 10 mins' driving distance). It is near Yangjiajie Ticket Station and Forest Park Ticket Station. You could take direct bus from Zhangjiajie Central Bus Station to Forest Park Ticket Station. Then take the free sightseeing bus from Laomowan Parking Lot to Longfengan(龙凤庵) (lower) station Parking Lot for 5min. After that, walk for about 20 mins from Longfengan lower station to Longfengan upper station parking lot. Finally take a sightseeing bus to Yangjiajie cable car lower station.
The distances between Yangjiajie and nearby attractions are as followings.

Yangjiajie Yangjiajie Location Map
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How to Plan a Yangjiajie Tour

How to plan a Yangjiajie tour? Most travellers would like to combine their trip to Yangjiajie with Yuanjiajie. They would firstly visit Yuanjiajie and then visit Yangjiajie in one day. Generally, travellers may spend 5 days to Yangjiajie and nearby attractions. At the first day, they will arrive at Zhangjiajie and check in. Then from the second day, they will officially begin their tours by visiting Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, where they could enjoy Huangshizhai - the viewing deck - to overlook the whole view of Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, and then hike to Golden Whip Stream. The third day they will go to Yuanjiajie and Yangjiajie, the sister mountains in Zhangjiajie. Then they will visit Tianzi Mountain at the fourth day. For the last day they will visit Tianmen Mountain in Zhangjiajie City and then go back.

Zhangjaijie Grand Canyon Zhangjaijie Grand Canyon

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Zhangjiajie National Forest Park Photo at Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

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