Why Golden Whip Stream Is Worth Visiting

Golden Whip Stream (Jinbianxi in Chinese), or Golden Whip Brook, is the golden scenic area of Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, one part of the World Heritage - Wulingyuan Scenic Area. Golden Whip Stream Scenic Area is named after one of the 10 wonders of Zhangjiajie - Golden Whip Rock (金鞭岩) with about 400 meters' high.

Golden Whip Stream meanders 7.5 km, flowing between steep grotesque peaks and luxuriant trees. Here, the meandering streams, the crystal-clear water, exotic plants and rare animals co-exist and constitute the extraordinarily beautiful, tranquil and natural ecological environment. No wonder it is called "the most beautiful valley in the world", "the most poetic stream" and "the most stunning hiking trail in Wulingyuan". Hiking along the stream, you will find the major scenic spots, such as Golden Whip Rock (金鞭岩), Rock of Splitting the Mountain to Save Mother (劈山救母), Zicao Pool (紫草潭), Stream Winding Around Four Gates (水绕四门), etc.

In the opinions of a lot of visitors. This is the most beautiful and memorable waterway.It is one of the most beautiful place in the world and it's an unforgettable Zhangjiajie tourist attraction for visitors.

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Golden Whip Stream Golden Whip Stream

What to Expect at Golden Whip Stream

The Crystal-Clear Golden Whip Stream Itself

Golden Whip Stream zigzags 7.5 kilometers, flowing from Laomo Wan first to Stream Winding Around Four Gates then to Suoxi Stream. It finally joins Li river, one of the four rivers in Hunan Province.

The water of the stream itself forms some magical scenic spots, and the Zicao Pool and Jumping Fish Pool are highlights among them. They are called "the eyes of Golden Whip Brook".

Zicao Pool (紫草潭) is so called because a kind of purple grass was said to always grow on the wall of the pond. Here, the river course abruptly widens. There is no longer so many ripples and waves. The bridge above the pool is a large natural rock.

Jumping Fish Pool (跳鱼潭) is a pool made by the power of water flowing from the higher place to the lower reach. During the spawning time, fish will swim to this pool and jump joyfully. Thus it has the name of Jumping Fish Pool.

Exotic Plants and Rare Animals Along the Stream

This cute stream is famous for its verdant mountains, its steep cliffs, its serene valley and special animals. As a veritable "paradise" for plants, its pathways are adorned by an abundance of flowers, trees, and grasses. You could see a strange flower named lobster Flower (龙虾花), which looked like lobster in the river and the ripe seeds of it could even jump like a lobster. There are different kinds of fruits in each month, which feed local animals in the valley. Therefore, Golden Whip Stream is also a kingdom of animals. Wild monkeys and other small animals live happily here. You may not know that there is also a rare kind of animal - giant salamander. Golden Whip Stream presents a picturesque wonderland for both human and animals.

Golden Whip Stream Crystal-Clear Water
Wild Monkeys at Golden Whip Stream Wild Monkeys

Peaks or Rocks of Different Appearances

In Zhangjiajie, rocks and peaks with different shapes can be the biggest highlight. As a part of Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Golden Whip Stream scenic area also features with such special characteristics. Most of the major scenic spots are of such type, such as Golden Whip Rock (金鞭岩), Rock of Splitting the Mountain to Save Mother (劈山救母), Magical Hawk Protecting the Whip (神鹰护鞭), Chupajie Carries His Wife (猪八戒背媳妇), Getting Together from Far Away (千里相会), etc. These rocks or peaks just like what they are named after. For example, Magical Hawk Protecting the Whip (神鹰护鞭) looks like a hawk beside the Golden Whip Rock (金鞭岩). Then the locals give such a name to the rock. Just use your imagination while visiting here!

Golden Whip Stream Golden Whip Rock

How to Visit Golden Whip Stream

Route 1: Forest Park Ticket Station - Huangshizhai - Stream Winding Around Four Gates - Zimugang Ticket Station/Wujiayu Ticket Station

Recommended Visiting Time: About 1 Day

Recommendation Level: ★★★

Most travellers choose to visit Golden Whip Stream together with Huangshizhai in one day. Then they will travel like this way. You could take free sightseeing bus from the Stream Winding Around Four Gates to Zimugang Ticket Station and then take a taxi to your hotel. Or you could take free sightseeing bus to Wujiayue Ticket Station, an then take bus/taxi to your hotel.

Route 2: Forest Park Ticket Station - Huangshizhai - Stream Winding Around Four Gates - Bailong Elevator - Yuanjiajie

Recommended Visiting Time: About 1 Day

Recommendation Level:

If you also want to travel to Huangshizhai, Golden Whip Stream and Yuanjiajie in one day. Then you could travel as this way.

Route 3: Forest Park Ticket Station - Huangshizhai - Stream Winding Around Four Gates - Ten Mile Gallery

Recommended Visiting Time: About 1 Day

Recommendation Level:

Otherwise, you want to visit the Ten Mile Gallery of Tianzi Mountain Scenic Area after visiting Huangshizhai and Golden Whip Stream, then you could go as this way.

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Zhangjiajie Golden Whip Stream Trail Map Click to Enlarge Zhangjiajie Golden Whip Stream Trail Map
Huangshizhai Our Guests Visit Golden Whip Stream

How to Get to Golden Whip Stream

Golen Whip Stream is located at the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, and is in the east of Huangshizhai. This stream is about 30 km (About 47 mins' driving) from Zhangjiajie city. It is near the Forest Park Ticket Station. You could take direct bus from Zhangjiajie Central Bus Station to Forest Park Ticket Station. Then walk for about 300 meters, you could see the entrance of Golden Whip Brook. The driving distance between Golden Whip Stream and nearby attractions are as followings.

Golden Whip Stream Location Map Click to Enlarge Golden Whip Stream Location Map

Golden Whip Stream Travel Advice

About Entrance Ticket
The entrance ticket of Golden Whip Stream is included in the ticket package of Wulingyuan. So you don't need to pay extra fees for this scenic area.
Personal Safety
1. Please remember not to take any food in your hands in case you get hurt by the wild monkeys on the path. If they are interested in your foods, they will catch it from your hands.
2. Be sure not to explore the areas marked with "No Passing" or "Dangerous".
3. The mountain road is wet and slippery in rainy days. In addition, rain and mist can lead to unclear sight. Thus, it is not suggested that you risk climbing the mountain in the rain.
Weather & Clothing
This area is cooler than other parts of Zhangjiajie, because the rich source of forest helps to cool down the heat. It even makes you feel cold sometimes, so you'd better wear some long sleeves shirts even in Summer time.

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How to Plan a Golden Whip Stream Tour

Most travellers would visit Golden Whip Brook and Huangshizhai together on the first day of their tours to explore Zhangjiajie. Generally, they would spend 3~5 days to visit Zhangjiajie National Forest Park and nearby attractions.

The first 3 days will be used to explore the core attractions of Wulingyuan Scenic Area. Tourists arrive at Zhangjiajie on the first day, and then they will live in the Central Area of Wulingyuan District. Then at the second day, they will go to Huangshizhai to overlook the spectacular scenery in the national park. After that, they will go to Golden Whip Brook which covers a distance of 7.5 km, winding across mountains and valleys. Then on the third day, explore Yuanjiajie and Tianzi Mountain. The mountains of Yuanjiajie inspired the floating mountains in the Hollywood movie Avatar. You can have a stunning view of the peaks rising one after another at Tianzi Mountain.

In the following days, they will go to visit Tianmen Mountain in Zhangjiajie downtown area, or Yellow Dragon Cave and Baofeng Lake, or Yellow Dragon Cave and Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon. Also, you could go all of them.

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Tianmen Mountain Avenue Toward Heaven in Tianmen Mountain

Travel with China Discovery

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Zhangjiajie National Forest Park Our Guests at Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

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