Why Visit Baofeng Lake

As a part of Wulingyuan Scenic and Historic Interest Area, Baofeng Lake, or Baofeng Hu, is distinguished for its beautiful water scenery. It is about 20km away from Zhangjiajie National Forest Park and about 30km away from Tianzi Mountain. As one of the few relaxing attractions of Wulingyuan scenic area, it will be a best place for you to relax in the lap of nature after a long hiking.

The water of the lake is sublimely clean as it's an alpine lake. The green water of the lake gives the feeling of a jade surrounded by mountains on all its sides. It used to be a peaceful gorge, and then locals built a reservoir to store water for irrigation. Now its beauty reach far more than they expected. Taking a boat ride to appreciate those strange-shaped stone hills could be an interesting way for pleasure. On the way, you will not only see so many vivid stones as they named after, but also have the chance to enjoy the melodious folk song sung by local youth. You could also sing with them and see who's the best singer here. Furthermore, you could appreciate the Water Curtain Cave owned by Monkey King in 'Journey to the West' or explore the village where robbers used to live in.

Baofeng Lake is waiting for your visit!

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Baofeng Lake Baofeng Lake


What to See at Baofeng Lake

Bao Feng lake features with beautiful water scenery and stone hills with various shapes. It has more than 20 scenic spots and the highlights are as following.

Baofeng Lake - a Man-made Alpine Lake

With 2.5 km's length and 72 m's depth, Baofeng lake is the biggest highlight of this part of scenic area. It is a calm lake surrounded by mountains with green trees. The water of the lake is super clean as it's an alpine lake. Its water is produced by rainfall, mountain springs and underground streams, and stays emerald all year around, so it is reputed as the Dream-like Jasper Lake Fairyland.

Baofeng Waterfall - water Curtain Cave of 'Monkey Sun'

This is a waterfall once appeared in the ancient legends. You must know the Four Great Classical Novels in China. Among them, 'Journey to the West' is a widely-known novel. The main character of this novel - Monkey Sun, has a fascinating hometown - Huaguo Mountain. There is a water curtain cave of him named 'Shuilian Cave' which is the same as Baofeng Waterfall.

Stone Hills - with Various Strange Shape

As a lake surrounded by mountains, Baofeng Lake is also distinguished for these stone hills. They have various strange shapes and are just like that they are named after. There is one named 'Goddess', and it really looks like a beautiful girl making up in front of the lake. One named 'A Golden Toad with the Moon in its Mouth' looks just like its name when moon rises. Also 3 small islands on the lake called 'Mandarin Duck Islands', because there are many Mandarin Ducks every year.

Yingwo Village - used to Be Home of Robbers

Located at the Baofeng Lake scenic area, Yingwo Village can be reached along the road on the right of the gate. After stepping for hundreds of stairs, and walking through narrow road, you will see the wall of the village. At the end of the village, there are ancient temple with many pilgrims. It is said that there were scary robbers in Yingwo Village in the past.

Baofeng Lake Baofeng Lake


How to Visit Baofeng Lake

Recommended Route: Entrance/Exit - Baofeng Bridge - Yixian Tian Valley - Xuankong Road - Yingwo Village - Guanyin Temple - Baofeng Temple - Duoguan Bridge - Qingliangting Port - (taking the boat to cruise) - Wanggui Port - Shanyue Pavilion - Gushi Spring - Entrance/Exit
Visiting Time: About 1 ~ 2 Hours (About 30 min's cruise)
Many travellers would choose to visit the lake by cruising, then they could enjoy both the beauty of lake and the beautiful voice of locals. You could also walk to explore the Yingwo Village if you have enough time.
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Baofeng Lake Tourist Map Click to Enlarge Baofeng Lake Tourist Map


How to Get to Baofeng Lake

Baofeng Lake is located at Suoxiyu Town, Wulingyuan District, Zhangjiajie City, and it is about 35 km from Zhangjiajie City, and 2 km from the government of Wulingyuan District. You can take the bus No.2 to Baofeng Lake from Suoxiyu, and then get off at the final station. The driving distance between Zhangjiajie and its nearby attractions are as followings.

Baofeng Lake Location Map Click to Enlarge Baofeng Lake Location Map


Baofeng Lake Tickets & Opening Hours

Opening Hours:
7:00 ~ 18:00 (Apr ~ Nov)
7:30 ~ 17:00 (Nov ~ Mar)

Entrance Tickets:
General Ticket: ¥96/person
Free Ticket: Children shorter than 1.3 meters & The old older than 70 years old (include 70 year-old man).
Preferential Ticket: ¥50/person (Children higher than 1.3 meters & The old from 60 to 70 years old & Students younger than 24 years old.)

Ticket for Battery Car: ¥25/person

1. The Entrance Ticket includes the round-trip fees of taking the boat to cruise in the lake.
2. There is an additional fee for premiums, which is ¥2/person.

Baofeng Lake Our Guests Visit Baofeng Lake


Warm Tips for Baofeng Lake Tour

Weather and Wearing: With the influence of mountains and lake, it is likely to rain at Baofeng Lake and the average temperature over the year is about 14 ℃. Therefore, you need to dress right according to the temperature there. Meanwhile, take umbrellas or raincoat, and wear water-proof and comfortable shoes in case of unexpected rain.

Food and Drink: You could taste local speciality even in scenic area. However, the prices for the food and drink are generally more expensive than downtown area.

Shopping: Only if you know them well, then don't buy so-called precious medicine or any other exotic things in scenic area. Otherwise, you may be cheated.

Accommodation: You could stay at hotels near Baofeng Lake, if you want. There are hotels with different classes for you to choose.


How to Plan a Baofeng Lake Tour

Baofeng Lake, as part of Wulingyuan Scenic and Historic Interest Area, is always choosen by locals as the best place for relaxing after visiting nearby attractions as Tianzi Mountain, Suoxiyu, Tianmen Mountain, Zhangjaijie National Park, etc. At most time, travellers may visit Baofeng lake and nearby Yellow Dragon Cave together.

They may take 4 to 5 days to have a Zhangjiajie tour. At the first three days, they will go to Huangshi Village, Golden Whip Brook, etc to explore the exquisite forests, odd-shaped peaks and rocks, the primitive streams, and the breath-taking panoramic views of Zhangjiajie. After long time's hiking, they would take one day to relax at Baofeng Lake and Yellow Dragon Cave. If they have one more day, exploring the Tianmen Mountain at Zhangjiajie City is also popular.

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Furthermore, you could also have a customized tour concerning your own budgets and interest. Just feel free to contact our private consultant.

Zhangjaijie National Park Zhangjaijie National Park


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Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Our Guests at Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon

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