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Huangshan/Yellow Mountain Sunset: Time, Viewing Spots, nearby Hotels & Tips

Like the beautiful sunrise, the spectacular natural view of sunset on Yellow Mountain is also an alluring highlight for all Huangshan tourists. Viewing the sunshine dyeing the clouds and sky into a splendid colorful painting completes your Huangshan exploration absolutely. Bright Summit, Cloud Dispelling Pavilion, and Fairy Walking Bridge are the most famous sites to enjoy the sunset glow. As sunlight moves, season changes, there are different spots suitable to see the sunset on the mountain. Read carefully the sunset time, ideal spots and hotels for watching sunset below.

When to See - Sunset Time on Yellow Mountain

Sunset time on Huangshan Mountain changes regularly throughout the year. According to historical statistics, the sunset hours usually fluctuate from 17:00 pm to 19:00 pm, about 18:30 pm ~ 19:10 pm in spring, 19:10 pm ~ 18:00 pm in summer, 18:00 pm ~ 17:00 pm in autumn and 17:00 pm ~ 18:30 pm in winter. Obviously, the sun goes down earliest in December, January, February, March of winter and latest in July, August and September during summer. And the day will soon get dark about half an hour after the sunset. Thus, you’d better accommodate in a hotel close to the sunset viewing spots, since the night walking on mountain top areas with lots of stairs is quite dangerous. Read more about Huangshan Sunrise in Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. (Read more about Huangshan Weather & Seasons)

Huangshan Yellow Mountain Sunset Spectacular Huangshan Mountain Sunset in Four Seasons

Monthly Sunset Time on Yellow Mountain

MonthSunrise TimeDay Break Time Sunset Time Day Length
January about 07:00 am about 06:30 am 17:20~17:40 pm 10.5 hrs
February about 07:00~06:30 am about 06:30~06:10 am 17:40~18:00 pm 11~11.5 hrs
March about 06:30~06:00 am about 06:00~05:30 am 18:00~18:25 pm 11.5~12.5 hrs
April about 06:00~05:25 am about 05:30~05:00 am 18:30~18:45 pm 12.5~13 hrs
May about 05:25~05:05 am about 05:30~04:30 am 18:45~19:00 pm 13.5~14 hrs
June about 05:05 am about 04:40 am 19:00~19:15 pm 14 hrs
July about 05:10~05:25 am about 04:40~05:00 am 19:15~19:00 pm 14~13.5 hrs
August about 05:25~05:45 am about 05:00~05:20 am 19:00~18:30 pm 13.5~13 hrs
September about 05:45~06:00 am about 05:20~05:40 am 18:30~18:00 pm 12.5~12 hrs
October about 06:00~06:20 am about 05:30~06:00 am 17:50~17:20 pm 12~11 hrs
November about 06:20~06:45 am about 06:00~06:20 am 17:20~17:00 pm 11~10.5 hrs
December about 06:45~07:00 am about 06:20~06:40 am 17:00~17:20 pm 10.5~10 hrs

Note: The above sunset timetable is listed only for reference. You can check the latest weather forecast before planning your Huangshan Hiking Tour, if you want to view the sunset.

Where to See - Best Sunset Viewing Sites on Mt. Huangshan

Huangshan Mountain has plenty of scenic spots, but only those with high elevation and broad views are good fit for seeing sunset. Bright Summit (光明顶), Paiyun (Cloud Dispelling 排云亭) Pavilion (in Xihai Scenic Area), Danxia Peak (丹霞峰), Flying-over Rock (飞来石), Lotus Peak (莲花峰) and Fairy Walking Bridge (步仙桥) are popular places to capture gorgeous nightfall scenery. With good sight and plat ground, Bright Summit (alt: alt: 1,860m/6,102ft), the second highest peak, is always the best point to see sunset and take photos of the Huangshan sunset in four seasons.

If you travel to Yellow Mountain in different seasons, the suitable viewing spots recommended for you changes correspondingly, due to the variation of position where sun sets. Don’t forget to check the locations to better plan your hiking trip to Huangshan Mountain.

Best Sunset Watching Spots in Each Season:

In Spring: Bright Summit, Turtle Peak.

In Summer: Bright Summit, Turtle Peak, Lion Peak, Danxia Peak, Fairy Walking Bridge, Flying-over Rock.

In Autumn: Bright Summit, Turtle Peak, Lion Peak, Danxia Peak, Cloud Dispelling Pavilion, Fairy Walking Bridge, Flying-over Rock.

In Winter: Bright Summit, Turtle Peak.

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Huangshan Yellow Mountain Sunset Hold an Good Spot to Capture the Most Gorgeous Sunset Moment on Huangshan
Huangshan Yellow Mountain Sunset Colorful Red Sunset Sky Viewed from Flying-over Rock

Where to Stay - Recommended Hotels near Sunset Spots

In order to seize the sunset, have a good rest and arrange baggage conveniently, it’s quite important to accommodate in a well-located hotel in your Huangshan hiking tour. Since the day will get dark soon after sunset (normally within 30 minutes), you should book a hotel which just is located short distance from those viewing sites.

There are several types of hotels with different standard guest rooms on the mountain top areas, but which one is most recommended to choose?

If you are going to stay overnight in Baiyun Hotel in Tianhai Scenic Area, you can enjoy sunset at Bright Summit (about 20 minutes’ walking) and Turtle Peak (about 10 minutes’ driving). So later you can easily walk to the hotel before dark. Flying-over Rock is not recommended, for it is located farther, which needs to hike about 1 hour.

If you want to stay at Xihai Hotel which offers the best rooms on the mountain top, or Paiyunlou Hotel in Xihai Scenic Area, Cloud Dispelling Pavilion and Danxia Peak are ideal places to witness the sunset scenery. The two sites are both situated within 15 minutes’ walking distance from the hotels.

Tourists wishing to stay in Beihai Hotel, or Shilin Hotel in Beihai Scenic Area of the Back Mountain, Lion Peak is the perfect choice, which needs to hike around 30 minutes.

Apart from the mentioned hotels above, there are other else hotels tourists can choose from to spend the night, such as Yupinglou Hotel near the Guest Greeting Pine, Shilin Hotel, White Goose Hotel and etc. You are free to contact us to get more details and professional advices for Yellow Mountain sunset watching.

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Huangshan Yellow Mountain Hotel Location Map Huangshan Mountain Hotels Location Map

Useful Tips for Watching Huangshan Sunset

1. Factors Affect Sunset occurrence
The chance to see a nice sunset depends on many factors, including the weather condition, right time and perfect viewing spot. It will get a bit crowded with lots of tourists standing to capture good pictures. Hold on your spot and wait patiently for the exciting moment. Get yourself prepared that if weather is not good, it’s not guaranteed that you can see the sunset during your stay at the mountain.

2. Clothes/ Dressing & Packing Advice
Temperature varies largely between day and night. It will turn to be a little cold and windy after the sun sets, so better wear long-sleeved coat. Get a hiking stick and flashlight if you will hike at night to the hotel. Take your thick coat, down jacket hat, scarf and gloves during winter visit. What to Pack for Huangshan Tour >

3. Forecast of Sunset Time
Daily weather forecast including the sunrise and sunset time will be updated on the internet and noticed in all hotels. Our guide will also remind you the sunset hours. Pay attention to the possible time during the day, so you won’t miss the sunset scene while hiking.

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