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Huangshan/Yellow Mountain Sunrise: Time, Recommended Spots and Hotels

The morning sunrise on Yellow Mountain over the peaks is extremely magnificent and watching it is one of the most unforgettable and interesting experiences on Yellow Mountain. It’s a visual feast to see the sun jumping out of the clouds and sunshine glowing among the mountains above the “Sea of Clouds”. Bright Summit is always the perfect site to view sunrise throughout the year. Since Mt Huangshan has an average over 200 foggy days each year, and sun rises at different time in four seasons, tourists need good luck to catch the spectacle. Check the following guide of Huangshan sunrise time, viewing spots and ideal hotels nearby. What to See on Mt. Huangshan >

When to See - Sunrise Time on Huangshan Mountain

Due to the movement of sunlight, Huangshan Mountain has a different sunrise time in each season. Generally, the sun rises between 05:00 am and 07:00 am, and it rises earliest during summer (June to August) and latest in winter (December, January & February). And the day turns to dawn half an hour earlier before sunrise and gets to dusk half an hour after sunset.

In frozen winter, the sunrise time ranges from 06:45am to 07:00am between mid-December to beginning of February, and later it bring forward to nearly 06:00am in March. When days get warmer during spring months, the sun rises gradually earlier from 06:00am to 05:00am. Then the time changes from 05:00am to 06:00am in hot summer. Then in the next autumn months (October & November), the sunrise date is later, between 06:00am to 06:40am. Read more about Huangshan Sunrise in Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. (Read more about Huangshan Weather & Seasons)

Huangshan Yellow Mountain Sunrise Beautiful Huangshan Mountain Sunrise in Four Seasons

Monthly Sunrise Time on Yellow Mountain

MonthSunrise TimeDay Break Time Sunset Time Day Length
January about 07:00 am about 06:30 am 17:20~17:40 pm 10.5 hrs
February about 07:00~06:30 am about 06:30~06:10 am 17:40~18:00 pm 11~11.5 hrs
March about 06:30~06:00 am about 06:00~05:30 am 18:00~18:25 pm 11.5~12.5 hrs
April about 06:00~05:25 am about 05:30~05:00 am 18:30~18:45 pm 12.5~13 hrs
May about 05:25~05:05 am about 05:30~04:30 am 18:45~19:00 pm 13.5~14 hrs
June about 05:05 am about 04:40 am 19:00~19:15 pm 14 hrs
July about 05:10~05:25 am about 04:40~05:00 am 19:15~19:00 pm 14~13.5 hrs
August about 05:25~05:45 am about 05:00~05:20 am 19:00~18:30 pm 13.5~13 hrs
September about 05:45~06:00 am about 05:20~05:40 am 18:30~18:00 pm 12.5~12 hrs
October about 06:00~06:20 am about 05:30~06:00 am 17:50~17:20 pm 12~11 hrs
November about 06:20~06:45 am about 06:00~06:20 am 17:20~17:00 pm 11~10.5 hrs
December about 06:45~07:00 am about 06:20~06:40 am 17:00~17:20 pm 10.5~10 hrs

Note: The above sunrise time is listed only for reference. You can check the latest weather forecast before going.

Where to See - Recommended Huangshan Sunrise Viewing Spots

Not all spots on top of Huangshan Mountain are suitable to see the sunrise, because that depends on the annual solar movement and good field of view. Among all the sites, Bright Summit (光明顶 alt: 1,860m/6,102ft ), the second highest peak on Yellow Mountain, is the best spot to view sunrise all year round. Generally speaking, Bright Summit, Beginning to Believe Peak (始信峰), Refreshing Terrace (清凉台) and Dawn Pavilion (曙光亭) in Lion Peak (狮子峰), Danxia Peak (丹霞峰), Turtle Peak (鳌鱼峰), Jade Screen/Yuping Peak (玉屏峰) are all good viewing points for sunrise. If you plan to visit Mount Huangshan and view sunrise, please note that there are different viewing spots recommended in different seasons.

In Spring: Bright Summit, (Mushroom Pavilion) in Beginning to Believe Peak, (Refreshing Terrace & Dawn Pavilion) in Lion Peak.

In Summer: Bright Summit, (Mushroom Pavilion) in Beginning to Believe Peak, (Refreshing Terrace & Dawn Pavilion) in Lion Peak, Danxia Peak, Yuping Peak, Turtle Peak.

In Autumn: Bright Summit, (Mushroom Pavilion) in Beginning to Believe Peak, (Refreshing Terrace & Dawn Pavilion) in Lion Peak, Danxia Peak, Turtle Peak.

In Winter: Bright Summit, Beginning to Believe Peak.

Useful Link: Huangshan Sunrise & Sunset Photography Guide

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Huangshan Yellow Mountain Bright Summit Bright Summit is the Best Site to See Sunrise
Huangshan Yellow Mountain Winter Sunrise Huangshan Sunrise in Cold Winter

Where to Stay - Hotels nearby Sunrise Viewing Spots

Choosing a right hotel on Huangshan Mountain not only matters with the hiking route but also offers easy access to view next morning sunrise. So for the hotel, a good location and decent accommodation are considered the priorities. Beihai Hotel, Xihai Hotel, Paiyunlou (Cloud Dispelling) Hotel, Baiyun Hotel and Yupinglou (Jade Screen) Hotel are the most popular hotels close to the viewing spots on the mountain top areas. You can select a perfect one based on your hiking route and Huangshan tour schedule. (Know more about hotels on the Yellow Mountain > )

If you live in Beihai Hotel / Shilin Hotel in Beihai Scenic Area, the nearest spots are Refreshing Terrace, Dawn Pavilion (within 10 mins’ walking) in Lion Peak and Beginning to Believe Peak (about 30 mins’ walking). The former places of Lion Peak are preferred for short distance and good views.

If you arrange your stay in Xihai Hotel or Paiyunlou Hotel, the best site is Danxia Peak, which is located in Xihai Scenic Area, about 15 mins’ hiking.

Bright Summit and Turtle Peak are excellent choices for tourists who live in Baiyun Hotelin Tianhai Scenic Area. Both spots are situated only 500 meters’ of the hotel. After you take the tram car up in West Sea/Xihai Grand Canyon at the end of the day, Baiyun Hotel is high suggested for lodging.

Those who accommodate in Yupinglou Hotel near the Guest Greeting Pine, it’s very convenient to get up to catch the sunrise in Yuping Peak.

Surely, except the above hotels, there are other hotels on the mountain top tourists can stay overnight, such as White Goose Hotel and etc. You are free to contact us to get more details and professional advices for Yellow Mountain sunrise watching.

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Huangshan Yellow Mountain Hotel Map Huangshan Mountain Hotel Map
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Useful Tips for Huangshan Sunrise Watching

1. Factors Affect Sunrise occurrence
Sunrise on Huangshan Mountain needs appropriate weather and seasonal conditions. There is little chance to see sunrise in rainy or cloudy day. And the sunrise time and position varies from different seasons.

2. Clothes/Dressing Advice
Temperature varies largely between day and night. It will be cold, windy and chilly in the early morning, even quite freezing in winter, so you should dress warm, better wear your thick coat, down jacket, get your hat, scarf and gloves if necessary. What to Pack for Huangshan Tour >

3. Weather & Sunrise Forecast
Every hotel has weather forecast of next day sunrise time and probability. Maybe you will walk some distance, so check that time and set your alarm clock, ready to get up earlier to see an fantastic sunrise. Don't miss the sunrise the second day.

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