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Yellow Mountain in Summer: Weather, Scenery, Tours, Packing Tips

Known for natural beauty and spectacular views as a World Natural & Cultural Heritage, Yellow Mountain has different landscapes and charm in each season, which always attracts numerous tourists. Month from June to the middle of September is the real summer on Huangshan Mountain, one month later than lowland due to effect of elevation. And the two major factors, altitude and location of humid subtropical monsoon climate zone, bring Summer on Huangshan abundant rainfall, verdant forest and a cool weather not as hot as other plain regions in China. The stunning scenery, available time, reasonable temperature makes summertime one of the peak seasons for Yellow Mountain plus the summer school holiday.

Huangshan Weather in June, July, August & Early September

Huangshan Yellow Mountain Summer Weather Huangshan Mountain Historical Weather Charts in July, August and September (2018)

Summer on Yellow Mountain starts from June to September, with a moderate mean temperature of 20.7°C by the quarter. The average temperature on peak area is only 18.7°C and highest temperature is 28°C in a single-day record, that makes Huangshan one of the best places to escape from the fierce heat in hot summer days. Data shows that the average highest temperature is 20.5°C and lowest temperature is 15.8°C in the hottest month of July.

Besides, Yellow Mountain belongs to subtropical monsoon climate, so it often rains, especially during summer. In the rainy season, there may be several rains in a single day, even thunderstorms happen suddenly. Naturally, tourists will have greater chance to see the spectacular “Sea of Clouds” after it stops and sky clears. Or the frogs surround gives more Chinese ink painting style views. Thus, get prepare for raincoat. And for higher elevation and covered with lush trees, it’s cool on the mountain peak area, and the frequent rains let the air is quite humid and wet.

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Note: Weather on Huangshan Mountain changes quickly all through the year and over 200 days of a year are foggy and misty.

What to See & Do on Huangshan Mountain during Summer

Scenic Spots Open in Summer

Nearly all the scenic spots on Huangshan Mountain remain open in summer, except Celestial Capital Peak (Tiandu Peak 天都峰) which will be closed from December 2018 to April 2024. It means that during the months from July to September, you can visit the most fantastic West Sea (Xihai) Grand Canyon, Bright Summit, Turtle Fish Peak, Lotus Peak, Guest-Greeting Pine, Lion Peak and Beginning-to-Believe Peak, see the Stone Monkey Glazing at Sea, hike the thrilling One Hundred Cloud Ladder and cross the One-Line-Sky and other excellent sights.

Based on your fitness and length of itinerary, tourists can have an in-depth hiking tour to enjoy all sites in both front and back mountain (4 Days Huangshan & West Sea Grand Canyon Hiking Tour) or make a classic leisure tour (3 Days Yellow Mountain Essential tour) visiting highlight sections of Mount Huangshan.

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Huangshan Yellow Mountain in Summer Verdant Guest-Greeting Pine Tree in Yuping Pavilion (in August)

Summer Natural Highlights on Huangshan Mountain

Listed as World Natural Heritage property and a Global Geo-park by UNESCO, Yellow Mountain offers fantastic natural landscape whenever you visit. If you visit Huangshan in summer, you can see the three of the four famous natural phenomena characteristics, strange pines (Top 8 Huangshan Pine Trees), absurd rocks and “Sea of Clouds”, (another wonder, Hot Spring is not suitable during hot summer.) With more than 93.6% of vegetation coverage, Huangshan Mountain is truly a natural botanical garden and a huge natural oxygen bar permeated with fresh air. Don’t miss the amazing vertical peaks, thrilling canyons, twisted pines, massive waterfalls and streams, odd rock formations and misty sights while hiking up and down.

Summer months from July to September are the best season to see the Huangshan pine trees, when the grotesque pines turn the greenest after the rains. And, the pines standing everywhere work as adorable sunshades, providing tourist shelter and coolness in summer.

Owing to its watershed location between Yangtze River and Qiantang River and own special landform, Huangshan Mountain has 36 canyons and 24 brooks spread over the peaks. Rich rainfall in summer makes the three top waterfalls (including Inverted Y-shaped Waterfall 人字瀑, Hundred-Sratch Spring 百丈泉 and Nine Dragon Waterfall 九龙瀑) on Huangshan more spectacular and shocking. Viewing Waterfall Pavilion (观瀑楼) in the Hot Spring Scenic Area is the best point to watch the huge pretty Inverted Y-shaped Waterfall.

Huangshan Yellow Mountain Summer Weather Amazing Sea of Clouds around Flying-over Rock (in July)
Huangshan Yellow Mountain Spring Weather West Sea (Xihai) Grand Canyon in Late August

Sunrise and Sunset in Summer

When summer comes, the sun sits above the Tropic of Cancer, making the sunrise time half an hour earlier than that in spring, between 05:00am to 06:00am. In some days, the rise rises even before 05:00am. Sunset time ranges from 18:00pm to 19:10pm. Bright Summit, Beginning to Believe Peak, Lion Peak (including Refreshing Terrace & Dawn Pavilion), Danxia Peak, Turtle Peak and Yuping Peak are the best spots to see the sunrise and sunset on Huangshan Mountain. Also, you can watch sunset from Flying-over Rock and Fairy Walking Bridge. Check the most convenient access for sunrise/sunset viewing from hotels on the mountain top in the below graph.

Huangshan Mountain Sunrise | Huangshan Mountain Sunset

Huangshan Yellow Mountain Sunrise in Summer Magnificent Sunrise at Huangshan in July

Location and Distance of Hotels and Sunrise/Sunset Viewing Sites

HotelBest Spots (Sunrise & Sunset)
Beihai Hotel / Shilin Hotel Sunrise: Refreshing Terrace / Dawn Pavilion / Lion Peak (10 minutes’ hiking) /
Beginning to Believe Peak (30 minutes’ hiking)
Xihai Hotel / Pingyunlou Hotel Sunrise: Danxia Peak (15 mins’ hiking) / Lion Peak (30 mins’ Peak)
Baiyun Hotel Sunrise: Bright Summit (15 mins’ hiking) / Turtle Peak (20mins’ walking)
Sunset: Bright Summit (15 mins’ hiking) / Turtle Peak (20mins’ walking)

What to Wear & Pack for Huangshan Summer Tour

Bear in mind that weather on Huangshan Mountain changes dramatically and packing well ensures you more comfort and convenience for your Huangshan Hiking Tour.

Clothes: The mountain area has an average summer daytime temperature between 15°C~ 20°C, so better wear some breathable clothes that dry quickly, like T-shirts and shorts. Long sleeve coat (such as a light jacket) is needed for the huge temperature difference between day and night, because it’s slightly cool in the early morning and late evening.

Shoes: Wear one pair of comfortable hiking shoes, because there are lots of stairs you will climb up and down between each peaks.

Sunblock: Prepare your sunscreen with a higher SP to against the strong ultraviolet lights.

Bag: Bring a light backpack and store your big baggage in the hotel or safe palaces at the base of the mountain.

Raincoat: Take a raincoat in case you caught in the rain, cheap disposable raincoat is easy to get at the base vendor and shops.

Others: Other useful items include gloves, high calorie food and several bottled water, a detailed Huangshan guide map and etc.

☛ What to Pack for Huangshan Tour

What to Pack & Wear for Huangshan Summer Tour Huangshan Mountain Visitors during Summer

Useful Travel Tips:

1. Know Huangshan is Very Crowded in Summer. As a famous tourist destination in China, Huangshan Mountain receives numerous visitors every day, especially on weekends. July and August are also Chinese summer school holiday, so expect a very large amount of crowds, may be wait 2~3 hours for the cable car.
Suggestion: If you cannot avoid visiting on summer or holiday weekends, you can take advantage of the summer temperature and early light to hike paths in early morning. It would be a memorable trip seeing the sunrise and light coloring mountains.

2. About Sunrise. Rainy days brings less chance of seeing the sunrise during summer. If weather is good, you need to get up early to watch the sunrise at around 05:00am.

3. Check Weather Forecast in Advance. Weather at the base area differs from that on top of the mountain. Before departure, better get prepared for the upcoming weather situations.

How to Plan a Huangshan Summer Tour

No matter you are hiking lovers or just want to enjoy the scene and take some really amazing pictures, interested in the nature or the culture, travel alone or with your family, a Huangshan tour will never let you down. Here we have selected 3 most recommended Huangshan tours for your reference. If you just want try hiking on the mountain but in an easier way, 3 Days Huangshan Highlights Tour will meet your requirements. This tour covers most of the best highlights in Back Mountain and West Sea Grand Canyon, and you can take your time to enjoy them. 3 Days Huangshan Classic Hiking Tour is a little more physical demanding than the previous one, but you will be rewarded with the stunning scenery of both back and front mountain. If you are also interested in the local lives and cultures, then you can check this 4 Days Huangshan Mountain and Local Village Walking Tour. Hongcun and Xidi Ancient Village are together listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site, and Tunxi has a history of nearly 1000 years. Taking a walk in these places will be another wonderful experience different from hiking on Huangshan Mountain.

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Besides, there are also other famous mountains in China which are suitable to visit in summer, such as Zhangjiajie (3 Days), Guilin (2-3 days), Emei Mountain (1-2 Days) near Chengdu and Wuyi Mountain (2-3 Days) in Fujian, etc. Moreover, there are also other highlighted landscapes in summer such as grasslands, waterfalls, beaches, islands, holy lakes, plateau meadows, etc. waiting for you to explore! Check all Summer Tours in China >>

Travel Huangshan with China Discovery Karl's Family Enjoyed Huangshan Tour Customized by China Discovery Travel Huangshan with China Discovery David's Family Visited Hongcun Village

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