Yellow Mountain in Spring: Weather, Scenery & Packing Tips

As a UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage, Yellow Mountain presents its picturesque beauty and stunning charming in four seasons throughout the year. Spring and Autumn with beautiful color, pleasant temperature and great views are two ideal travel time to Mount Huangshan. Otherwise, it’s either too hot or too cold in other seasons. Are you planning to visit Huangshan during spring months? Check the updated weather data below to get prepared.

Huangshan Weather in April, May & June

Huangshan Yellow Mountain Spring Weather Huangshan Mountain Historical Weather Charts in April, May and June (2018)

Spring on Mount Huangshan normally begins from April and ends in June, a little later than plain area for rising elevation. When most flat regions welcome spring in March, it’s still chilly with some snow and ice scenery on Huangshan Mountain.

As April comes on Huangshan Mountain, it’s gradually getting warmer and warmer, and the average maximum daytime temperature increases to 15℃~30℃, minimum temperature goes up between a few degree Celsius to ten more. During the following May and June, daily mean temperature rises to 20℃~30℃. Most days during this period are rainy and cloudy, which brings a common sight, misty views of mountains and pine trees. Perfect sunny weather largely depends on your luck. On the whole, the beautiful scenery, weather comfort and travel convenience attracts large groups to visit Huangshan Mountain during mild spring days.

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What You can See on Huangshan Mountain - Highlights in Spring

Scenic Spots Open during Spring

The most attention-attracting spectacles on Huangshan Mountain during Spring must belong to West Sea (Xihai) Grand Canyon and Lotus Peak, two fabulous and adventurous sites that will be reopened in April, 2019. Surely, other scenic spots will also open to public as usual. (>> What to See on Yellow Mountain)

West Sea Grand Canyon (西海大峡谷) will be closed during winter and reopen in late March or early April. By next spring, tourists can hike thrilling stairs, and enjoy the stunning geological formations, amazing landscape of cliffs, lush green small pine trees as well as impressive overlooks in Xihai Grand Canyon. The 1st Ring Road and 2nd Ring Road, and the up/down hill trails are dramatic hiking with breathtaking views and scenery. Meanwhile, the Xihai Monorail Car will resume operation accordingly.

As the highest peak on Huangshan Mountain, Lotus Peak (莲花峰) has been closed nearly 5 year since 2014, for maintenance and regeneration. Excitingly, from April 2019, travelers can visit this mysterious peak to discovery magnificent sightseeing and featured dragon-like pines. The peak is located between Turtle Peak and Yupinglou (Jade Screen Pavilion). It’s highly suggested to go up Lotus Peak from Yupinglou and down from the back mountain, because the former pathway is extremely steep and the latter stairs are relatively gentle, otherwise, it would be very strenuous and risky.

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West Sea Grand Canyon Amazing Landform in Xihai Grand Canyon (May, 2018)

Spring Natural Scenery on Huangshan Mountain

※Pine Trees, Rocks & Sea of Clouds: Whenever you visit Yellow Mountain, the wide variety of peculiar pine trees and grotesque rocks are always visual feast everywhere. If it rains during spring, you may get awesome scenery of the famous phenomenon, “ Sea of Clouds” floating among mountains after it stops and sky clears. It is one of four dramatic natural wonders of the Yellow Mountain, a surreal and spectacular sight!If the weather remains rainy and bad, you might meet situation that can see nothing but pine tree close to path, and thick smog around. >> Top 8 Huangshan Pine Trees

※Huangshan Hot Spring: Another natural wonder, Hot Spring offers a great way to relax your body and mind after a long hiking. Apart from the healing experience, you can also view beautiful landscape and nature nearby the characteristic architectures. Massage service and private room are available as needed. The hot spring is located very close to Mercy Light Temple (慈光阁), where can be reached by bus from cable car station. There are more than ten pools, some will be empty during low season like May (Peak Season of Hot Spring is December, January, February, early March in Winter). >> Huangshan Hot Spring & Resorts

※Spring Blossom of Colors: With increasing temperature, the colorful spring blossom of Rhododendron and Magnolia flowers becomes a lovely decoration of Huangshan Mountain. During mid-March and April, tourists can view flaxen and white Magnolia flowers along trails from Heavenly Sea to Lotus Pavilion, Sanhua Dock in North Sea, and in Hot Spring, Yungu Temple and other sites on sunny slopes between elevations of 600m ~1700m. Period of mid-April and early May are also the best time to enjoy roseate azalea bush near Beihai Hotel, hiking path from Heavenly Sea to Turtle Peak. It’s also expected to watch more beautiful flora and fauna on Huangshan Mountain during spring days.

Huangshan Yellow Mountain Spring Weather Stone Monkey Glazing at Sea with Beautiful Rhododendron Blossom
Huangshan Yellow Mountain Spring Weather Pretty Magnolia in West Sea Grand Canyon in April, 2018

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Sunrise and Sunset in Spring

Watching sunrise and sunset over the peaks is an exciting and unique experience on Huangshan Mountain after the hiking. During spring, the sunrise time is around 05:30am to 06:00am and the time of sunset is between about 18:30pm to 19:00pm. As time goes on, sun rises earlier and sets later, and days get longer gradually. The best points to see the sunrise includes Bright Summit, Lion Peak, Beginning to Believe Peak, Refreshing Terrace, Dawn Pavilion and Lion Peak. Besides, if you would like to catch the sunset, Bright Summit, Turtle Peak, Cloud Dispelling Pavilion in Xihai, Danxia Peak, Flying-over Rock and Fairy Walking Bridge, and etc. It’s certainly that you can access to different places to view sunrise/sun set from your hotel.

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Huangshan Yellow Mountain Sunrise in Spring Stunning Huangshan Sunrise in Spring

Location and Distance of Hotels and Sunrise/Sunset Viewing Sites

HotelBest Spots (Sunrise & Sunset)
Beihai Hotel / Shilin Hotel Sunrise: Refreshing Terrace / Dawn Pavilion / Lion Peak (10 minutes’ hiking) /
Beginning to Believe Peak (30 minutes’ hiking)
Xihai Hotel / Pingyunlou Hotel Sunrise: Danxia Peak (15 mins’ hiking) / Lion Peak (30 mins’ Peak)
Baiyun Hotel Sunrise: Bright Summit (15 mins’ hiking) / Turtle Peak (20mins’ walking)
Sunset: Bright Summit (15 mins’ hiking) / Turtle Peak (20mins’ walking)

Dressing and Packing Ideas for Huangshan Spring Tour

Though the daytime on Yellow Mountain in spring rises to very warm comfort, the temperature difference is great between day and night. It’s still a little chilly in early Spring, especially in the morning and evening, even can be pretty cold. So it’s recommended to dress warm clothes (such as jacket), in layers, easy to put on and take off.

Some sites maybe windy with sharp stairs, so better wear gloves, comfortable trekking shoes, rain gear (disposable raincoat can be easily bought at base of Huangshan Mountain), hiking stick and etc.

Bring your camera, especially when you are lucky enough to get the “Sea of Clouds” phenomenon (most frequently occurring in the spring) and other fantastic views.

Prepare sunblock to protect yourself from the strong ultraviolet light and a few bottled water, or you will for a higher price on the mountain areas.

Travel light with a backpack and leave your large baggage in hotel at the base of the mountain.

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Huangshan Yellow Mountain Spring Dress Huangshan Mountain Visitors during Spring

Useful Travel Tips:

1. Pay attention to Spots that Interest You. On Yellow Mountain, some peaks will be closed for repairment, and dangerous sections will also be closed for the ice formed on the pathway. So before you plan your itinerary, check if they are opened or not.
● Usually, Xihai Grand Canyon will be closed from December to end of March (or early April) each year due to safety concern during freezing winter.
● Lotus Peak (the highest peak, elevation: 1864.8m/ 6,118ft) and Celestial Capital Peak (3rd highest peak, elevation: 1,810m/5,938ft) take turns to open every 5 years. And Lotus Peak will open from April to November between 2019 to 2023.

2. Prepare for Crowds. Huangshan Mountain is a famous spot for both domestic and international tourist. It’s often crowded, especially during Chinese public holidays and weekends. Expect large loads up and down when taking cable car, even along the hiking paths.

3. Check out Weather Forecast in Advance. Before packing and booking hotel, check carefully the weather forecast of Huangshan Mountain. Then you can decide where to watch sunrise and sunset. The amazing “Sea of Clouds” occurred after rain largely depends on the weather too.

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