Huangshan Yellow Mountain Hiking Map 2023

With its stunning scenery along the hiking trail and the breathtaking view seen from the peaks, the 1870m Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) is a place hiking lovers can not miss. But how can we well arrange a hiking tour on Huangshan? This Huangshan Mountain hiking map will provide you with the detailed hiking routes, scenic spots and reference hiking time you may need in the trip.

Huangshan Hiking: Eastern Route, Western Route, West Sea Grand Canyon

Generally, there are 3 hiking routes on Huangshan Mountain: Eastern Route, Western Route, and West Sea Grand Canyon hiking. But they are all connected, you can choose one or all of them according to your own time and physical condition.

Eastern Route (Back Mountain)

Distance: hiking around 14km/7hrs

Route: Yungu Temple - White Goose Ridge - Begin-to-believe Peak - Lion Peak - Beihai Hotel - Bright Top

You can hike all the way up or take cable car from Yungu Temple (云谷寺) to White Goose Ridge(白鹅岭), which will save you about 2.5 hours. At White Goose Ridge, the path diverges into two ways: the left one will take you to the Bright Top (光明顶) in an hour while the right one leads you to the Begin-to-believe Peak (始信峰), where the best highlights of Back Mountain mainly locate. Then keep hiking about half an hour to Beihai Hotel (北海宾馆). Here you can take another 1 hour to Lion Peak(狮子峰) to see the Stone Monkey Watching over the Sea(猴子观海) and Dawn Pavilion, or go straight to Monarch Pine (大王松) where there are 2 roads - the left road takes you up to Bright Top in about 45mins, and the right road takes you to Xihai Hotel, Paiyun Hotel and West Sea Grand Canyon in 30mins.

Western Route (Front Mountain)

Distance: hiking around 15km/8hrs

Route: Mercy Light Pavilion - Half Way Temple - Greeting-guests Pine - Lotus Peak - One-line Sky - Baiyun Hotel - Bright Top

The western route starts from Mercy Light Pavilion (慈光阁) to Bright Top (光明顶). It is recommended to take the cable car from Mercy Light Pavilion to Jade Screen Pavilion (玉屏楼) because the landscape on this section is not that attractive and it can save you about 8 kilometers/3hrs’ walking on the road. Starting from Jade Screen Pavilion, you will meet the famous Greeting-guests Pine (迎客松). Then walk about 1.5 hours, you will get to the top of Lotus Peak (莲花峰), which is 1864m and the highest peak on Mt. Huangshan. After getting down from Lotus Peak, walk down along the Hundred Cloud Ladders(百步云梯) to a lower valley, then climb up the steep path of One-Line Sky(一线天) to get to Turtle Fish Peak and keep hiking about 800 meters to the Bright Top (1860m).

West Sea Grand Canyon Hiking

West Sea Grand Canyon(西海大峡谷) is a dreamland on Mt. Huangshan as well as a recommended highlight of Huangshan hiking. It starts from Dispelling Cloud Pavilion(排云亭) and travels via the 1st Ring(一环) and 2nd Ring(二环). Here you can choose to return to Dispelling Cloud Pavilion, which takes about 3 hours, or keep hiking to the bottom (a tourist center) of the West Sea Grand Canyon, then to the Baiyun New Path (Sanxi Bridge - Fairy-walking Bridge - Baiyun Hotel). The full-day hiking takes about 6~7 hours to finish.

Recommended Huangshan Hiking Routes

Based on different travelling time and personal physical conditions and interests, here are three recommended hiking routes varying from leisure hiking, full highlights hiking, to in-depth hiking for your reference.

2 Days Back Mountain + West Sea Grand Canyon Leisure Hiking:

- Day 1: Yungu Cableway - Begin-to-Believe Peak - Lion Peak - West Sea Grand Canyon (hiking around 9km/6hrs)

- Day 2: Sunrise, Bright Top - Lion Peak (hiking around 7km/3hrs)

>>Huangshan Highlights Leisure Tour

2 Days Front Mountain + Back Mountain + West Sea Grand Canyon Full Highlights Hiking:

- Day 1: Yuping Cableway - Greeting-guests Pine - Lotus Peak - One-line Skye - Bright Top - Flying-over Rock (hiking around 11km/6hrs)

- Day 2: Sunrise, West Sea Grand Canyon, Lion Peak, Begin-to-Believe Peak, Yungu Cableway (hiking around 7km/5hrs)

>>Huangshan Classic Hiking Tour

3 Days Huangshan Mountain In-depth Hiking:

- Day 1: Mercy Light Pavilion - Half Way Temple - Greeting-guests Pine - Lotus Peak - One-line Skye - Baiyun Hotel (hiking around 14km/7.5hrs)

- Day 2: White Cloud Stream, Fairy Walking Bridge, Sanxi Bridge, 2nd Ring, 1st Ring, Dispelling Cloud Pavilion (hiking around 11km/7hrs)

- Day 3: Sunrise, Flying-over Rock, Bright Top, Lion Peak, Begin-to-Believe Peak, Yungu Cableway (hiking around 9km/4hrs)

>>Huangshan & West Sea Grand Canyon In-depth Hiking Tour

For more details about Huangshan Hiking such as tour packages, accommodation, hiking tips, please visit: >>Huangshan Hiking


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