Huangshan Mountain Attractions Map 2023

Huangshan Mountain, one of the most famous mountains in China, even the world, is renowned for its peculiarly-shaped granite peaks, strange pine trees, hot springs, and sea of clouds. Here are the newest maps of the tourist attractions on and near Huangshan Mountain, both of which are downloadable for your reference.

Scenic Spots on Huangshan/Yellow Mountain

Huangshan Mountain can be roughly divided into three parts: front mountain, back mountain, and Xihai Grand Canyon.

Front Mountain

The front mountain refers to the area from Ciguang Pavilion to Yuping Pavilion, and other parts on the top of the mountain along the way, including the highest mountains Lotus Peak (莲花峰) and Celestial Capital Peak (天都峰). Here you will be welcomed by the famous Guest-welcoming Pine (迎客松) and then appreciate the classic spots such as Bright Top (光明顶), Hundred Ladders(百步云梯), and Narrow Cliff (一线天).

Back Mountain

Back Mountain refers to the trekking route from Yungu Temple to White Goose Ridge, and the mountain top areas including the Begin-to-believe Peak (始信峰), Lion Peak (狮子峰), Paiyun Pavilion (排云楼), etc. Compared with the grand front mountain, back mountain is full of exquisite scenery such as Fly-over Stone (飞来石), Pen Flower Peak (梦笔生花), and Stone Monkey Watching the Sea (猴子观海).

Xihai Grand Canyon

Xihai Grand Canyon has been newly opened in recent years. With the magnificent scenery, it has soon become another essence scenic area of Huangshan Mountain. It is recommended to enter Xihai Grand Canyon from Paiyun Pavilion at the top Back Mountain. After travelling along the first ring (一环) and second ring (二环), you can choose to keep walking to Fairy Walking Bridge (步仙桥) or take Xihai Cable Way to get to the area near Bright Top.

2 Days Front Mountain + Back Mountain + Xihai Grand Canyon Full Highlights Hiking :

- Day 1: Yuping Cableway - Guest-welcoming Pine - Lotus Peak - Narrow Cliff - Bright Top - Fly-over Rock (hiking around 11km/6hrs)

- Day 2: Sunrise, Xihai Grand Canyon, Lion Peak, Begin-to-Believe Peak, Yungu Cableway (hiking around 7km/5hrs)

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Huangshan/Yellow Mountain Nearby Attractions

Apart from Huangshan Mountain, there are many other interesting and beautiful tourist attractions in Huangshan City that you can get to within 1 or 2 hours' drive. Hongcun and Xidi together are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site, here you can enjoy the most idyllic scenery. Tunxi Ancient Street is an authentic well-preserved old street with a history of nearly 1000 years. And Nanping, the film village in China, is also worth a visit. Most scenes of Zhang Yimou's tragedy – Ju Dou and parts of Ang Lee's Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon was filmed here.

You can also choose to spend a leisure day in Chengkan, a village built according to Feng Shui theory, and the 5A Shuikou Garden Village Tangmo in Huizhou, or the largest bonsai garden in China, Bao Family's Garden, and the history-witness memorial archway group Tangyue Memorial Archways in Shexian. In this way, you can not only appreciate the beautiful scenery, but also learn more about the culture and history of Anhui.

Huangshan Nearby Attractions

Huangshan Nearby Attractions

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