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Baiyun Hotel Huangshan – Four-star Hotel with Best Location

Baiyun Hotel (白云宾馆) is one of the most popular hotel located in Tianhai Scenic Area (mountain top area, close to Bright Summit) of Huangshan – China's famous Yellow Mountain. The hotel is constructed in traditional Huizhou style with rustic but cozy decoration. The rooms are comfortable and well-equipped. Both Chinese breakfast and western breakfast are available.

Location of Baiyun Hotel Huangshan and How to Get There

Located in Tianhai Scenic Area of Yellow Mountain almost between Front Mountain and Back Mountain, Baiyun Hotel is regarded as the hotel with best location, because you are able to travel to Back Mountain on one day and Front Mountain on next day. There is no need to go back.

Most travelers choose to ascend Back Mountain from Yungu Temple where there are accessible cable cars to White Goose New Station, from which you can begin you amazing trekking on Huangshan Mountain. The shortest trekking route between White Goose New Station and Baiyun Hotel is about 3km long which takes about 100 minutes. But you are suggested to trek via Begin-to-believe Peak, Lion Peak and West Sea Grand Canyon to fully appreciate the beauty of Huangshan Mountain. The whole trip takes about 4.5 hour if you take a cable car after your get to the bottom of West Sea Grand Canyon.

Some travelers also start a Mount Huang journey from Front Mountain. It is available to take a cable car from Mercy Light Pavilion to Jade Screen Station. Then you could hike to Baiyun Hotel with a visit to Greeting-guests Pine, Narrow Cliff, Narrow Cliff or Turtle Cave and Turtle Peak. The whole trip takes about 2.5 hours.

Baiyun Hotel Huangshan Location Map

Click to Enlarge Baiyun Hotel Location Map

Rooms, Facilities and Service

Baiyun Hotel has one Three-star Main Building and one Four-star New Building, and offers various choices of rooms, including King Room, Standard Room, Family Room, Standard Triple Room, Japanese Style Wooden King Room, Japanese Wooden Standard Room, and 8-bed Dorm Room, etc. The dorm rooms are booked by beds and you need to share room with other people in same sex.

All guestrooms are equipped with high-speed broadband internet access, satellite TVs, mini-bars, electric kettle, heater, slippers and in-room safe. Each room has an independent bathroom with 24-hour hot water, shower and hair-dryer. Some rooms have down jackets to protect you in the chilly morning if you want to see the sunrise. Please note that there is no air-condition or toiletries provided.

Apart from the room amenities, Baiyun Hotel also has conference, business center, small markets and ATM. Morning call service can be provided as well.

Rooms in Baiyun Hotel Huangshan

Various Rooms in Baiyun Hotel Huangshan

Breakfast and Meals

Except for dorm rooms, other rooms all provide free breakfast – both Chinese and western breakfast. The dishes include porridge, noodles, potatoes, vegetables, fruits, cakes, bread, milk, etc. Breakfast time is from 06:30am to 08:30am.

It is also available to have lunch and dinner in Baiyun Hotel's restaurant. The buffet meal cost 128RMB per person usually. Ala carte meal is also available if you want, but the price is much higher than the price of the dishes out of Huangshan Scenic Area. After all, all food materials are carried to the hotel by the porter.

Meals in Baiyun Hotel Huangshan

Meals in Baiyun Hotel Huangshan

Top Attractions around Baiyun Hotel

Bright Top (光明顶): Bright Top, also called Bright Summit, gets its name because of the long sunshine time HERE. It is the second highest peak of Yellow Mountain as well as one of the Three Main Peaks with Lotus Peak and Celestial Capital Peak. The high elevation and great geographic position also make it one of the best spot for sunrise and sunset. It takes about 10~20 minutes to hike to Bright Top.

Turtle Peak (鳌鱼峰): Turtle Peak is a wonder famous for its turtle-like shape. With a huge platform on the peak, Turtle Peak offers a huge viewing-deck where you can clearly see Bright Top, Lotus Peak, Hundred Ladders, etc. It is a wonderful site to watch sunrise and sunset as well. The distance between Turtle Peak and Baiyun Hotel is about 1 kilometer and it takes about 20 minutes to trek between them.

Xihai (West Sea) Grand Canyon (西海大峡谷): West Sea Grand Canyon featured with deep gorge, odd rocks, twist pines, moving sea of clouds and thrilling trekking route, is a highlighted attraction on Yellow Mountain. It is available to trek from Cloud Dispelling Pavilion to the bottom of the canyon or take a cable car from Tianhai Station to the bottom and then hike to Cloud Dispelling Pavilion. Tianhai Station is just about 10 minutes' walking from Baiyun Hotel.

Yellow Mountain - Turtle Peak

Seeing Bright Top from Turtle Peak

Yellow Mountain - West Sea Grand Canyon

First Ring of West Sea Grand Canyon

Tips for Accommodating at Baiyun Hotel

  • The cable car operates during 07:00~16:30 and you need to hike at least 1.5 hour from different cable car stations, so you need to plan your itinerary carefully to avoid hiking at night.
  • In order to protect the eco-environment of Yellow Mountain, Baiyun Hotel does not provide disposable toiletries like tooth paste and brush. Please remember to bring your own toiletries with you.
  • West Sea Grand Canyon is only open to tourists during March to November. During winter time from December to Feburary (next year), it's closed for maintenance. Actually it is also dangerous to visit in the canyon as the stone steps will be very slippery because of snow and ice in winter.
  • Because of great location, the room charge of Baiyun Hotel is a bit higher than other hotels with same level on Yellow Mountain.

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