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Henan Accommodation: Recommended Henan Hotels & Hostels

Located in the central plains of China, Henan is a well-populated province with many historic relics and stunning natural wonders. Among them, the birthplace of Chinese Kungfu - Shaolin Temple and the riverside Longmen grottoes are the most famous ones. Besides, the vernal peony festival in Luoyang and Kaifeng Chrysanthemum Festival also attract thousands of visitors here. It is a province that you need to spend days exploring. In Henan, you can find various comfortable stays in these popular tourist cities like Luoyang, Dengfeng (Shaolin Temple), Kaifeng, as well as the capital city and transportation hub, Zhengzhou.

Here, we have listed some accommodation choices in Luoyang, Dengfeng (Shaolin Temple), Zhengzhou and Kaifeng, ranging from luxury 5-star hotels to cozy hostels. Almost all the hotels are located near tourist attractions with a very convenient transfer.

If you need more detailed accommodation information, please feel free to contact us. Our experienced travel experts will help you arrange the one you need.

JW Marriott Hotel JW Marriott Hotel

Zhengzhou Hotels

Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan Province, is located in the central plain of China. It is an important transportation hub rather than a scenic city. You can find various hotels and hostels in the Zhengzhou downtown area from top luxury hotels to comfortable and budget ones. The downtown area is the top accommodation choice and it's easy to get from the downtown area to the railway stations of Zhengzhou. Besides, some travelers would also like to stay around Zhengzhou Xinzheng Airport which is about 40km from the city center, Erqi Square. >>Learm More about Where to Stay in Zhengzhou

JW Marriott Hotel Zhengzhou ★★★★★
Sofitel Zhengzhou International ★★★★★
Zhengzhou Hilton Hotel ★★★★★
Crowne Plaza Zhengzhou ★★★★★
Sheraton Grand Zhengzhou Hotel ★★★★★

Luoyang Hyatt Place Hotel Luoyang Hyatt Place Hotel

Luoyang Hotels

Luoyang is known for the UNESCO heritage site Longmen Grottoes and first Buddhist temple in China - White Horse Temple. There are major three accommodation areas chosen by tourists: Luoyang downtown (Wangcheng Park), area near Longmen Grottoes and area around Luoyang Beijiao Airport. Among them, Luoyang downtown has the most accommodation choices from 5-star luxury hotels to economic ones. >>Learm More about Where to Stay in Luoyang

Hyatt Place Luoyang ★★★★★
Friendship Guesthouse ★★★★★
Peony Hotel ★★★★
Jing'an Peony Plaza ★★★★
Mudu Lee Royal International Hotel ★★★★★

Chanwu Hotel Chanwu Hotel

Dengfeng (Shaolin Temple) Hotels

Shaolin Temple in Dengfeng is a world-renown birthplace of Chinese Kung Fu influenced by the profound Buddhist culture. To fully experience the Kung Fu culture here, many tourists will choose to stay in or around the Shaolin Temple scenic area. The accommodation sites are mainly in the Dengfeng downtown area and Shaolin Temple scenic site area and the distance between them is only about 15km. Though there are not many high-end hotels in Dengfeng, the hotels in Dengfeng downtown generally provide many comfortable accommodation choices. >>Learm More about Where to Stay Around Shaolin Temple

Chanwu Hotel ★★★★
Shaolin International Hotel ★★★★
Dengfeng Tianzhong Hotel ★★★★
Zen Hotel ★★★★
Shaolin Resort ★★★

Kaifeng Sheraton Hotel Kaifeng Sheraton Hotel

Kaifeng Hotels

Located in the east-central area of Henan Province, and only 70km away from Zhengzhou, Kaifeng has been the ancient capital of China for several times. The attractions in Kaifeng are mainly located in the downtown area, including Millennium City Park, Longting Park, Daxiangguo Temple, Iron Pagoda Park, etc. With 3 railway stations and well-connected highways, many visitors would travel from/to Zhengzhou, Luoyang, or Shaolin Temple and spend more than one day here to experience the culture of the Song Dynasty. You can find various hotels and hostels in the Kaifeng downtown area from top luxury hotels to comfortable and budget ones. >>Learm More about Where to Stay in Kaifeng

Pullman Kaifeng Jianye ★★★★★
Sheraton Kaifeng ★★★★★
Moshe Yuanshu Hotel ★★★★
Guanyi Hotel ★★★
Qianna Hotel ★★

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