Why Visit Yabuli Ski Resort

The world famous Yabuli ski Resort (亚布力滑雪场) is located about 220 km southeast from Harbin city and consists of three mountains in Changbai Mountain Range, namely the Main Guokui Mountain (大锅盔山, altitude: 1374.8 m), the Second Guokui Mountain (二锅盔山, altitude: 1100 m) and the Third Guokui Mountain (三锅盔山, altitude: 1000 m). Equipped with the longest ski trail in Asia, Yabuli Ski Resort is becoming more and more popular among ski amateurs and professional skiers from home and abroad. This great skiing place was exploited in 1974 and gained its heat after holding the Asian Olympic Games in 1996 there. And from 2001, Yabuli Ski Resort was announced as the National AAAA Tourist Attraction and continuously expands its scale into the largest ski resort in China.

Therefore, it is time to travel to Yabuli Ski Resort to have fun to the most with the rich types of items in the ski field. With abundant ranges of green hills, the resort is reputed as the “Forest Museum” and the “Natural Oxygen Bar”, so you can appreciate different natural scenery in spring and autumn. Furthermore, with a high forest coverage rate of 96% and average temperature of 23℃ in summer, Yubuli Ski Resort is also called the “Orchard”, and that is really a terrific place to escape the summer hot. During 1983 and 2015, there are many international competitions and forums held there, so it is given the title of the “Chinese Davos”. Start your tour to discover the charm and excitement in Yabuli!

What to Do in Yabuli Ski Resort

As the largest ski resort in China, Yabuli Ski Resort has long been welcomed by many tourists, because it has really fantastic skiing equipment, the national longest, exciting and steepest ski trail. Through the development of 20 years, there are 46 trials and 25 ropeways in Yabuli, with the longest single trial of 5 km long, longest high mountain slide way of 2680 m. The biggest vertical drop of athletics trail is 900 m, and in the leisure area, it becomes 600 m. Tyros and professional skiers can enjoy their special snow time here, since the trails are well divided into the primary, middle level and the advance types. Have fun with the snow during the middle of November to the late March.


This is the must try activity in Yabuli Sky Resort! If you are new beginners, try it to get fun and train your power, courage and skill to get the cool feeing of success. And if you are good at skiing, show time! Flaunt your various skills to attract others’ attentions and let them know how charming you are!

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World's First Alpine Slide

This slide way is situated at the Third Guokui Mountain (三锅盔山). With the full length of 2868.68 m, it is the world longest slide way and listed into the Guinness Record. Take the slide way at the start on the peak of 999.8 m above the sea to feel the impact, excitement and success while passing the vertical drop and 48 turns in the high speed. Not only for the bold people, in Yabuli Ski Resort, there are small pulleys for kids and the elders who can drive it slower and enjoy along the whole way.

Snow Tubing

Take the snow tube settling back on the dedicated trail, you can slide from the peak without handling the speed and direction by yourself. But this exciting activity is very safe and suitable for people from all ages. Just enjoy the cool pleasure of sliding down into the pure white snow world in Yabuli Ski Resort!


You want to look cool but worry about the safety index of the normal motorcycles? The snow mobile is rightly suitable to offer you the great chance. Be equipped with the wheel like the tracks of a tank, the mobile is safer. So you can learn it to drive on the soft snow field. If you are long professional player, enjoy yourself galloping on the wide white area.

Besides the above mentioned activities, Yabuli Ski Resort still provides many interesting and exciting items for you to play to the most.

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Yabuli Ski Resort - Yabuli Ski Activity in Yabuli Ski Resort - Skiing
Yabuli Ski Resort - Snowboarding Activity in Yabuli Ski Resort - Snowboarding
Yabuli Ski Resort - Snow Tubing Activity in Yabuli Ski Resort - Snow Tubing
Yabuli Ski Resort - Snowmobiling Activity in Yabuli Ski Resort - Snowmobiling

Fee & Ski Prices in Yabuli Ski Resort

Resort Entrance Fee: RMB 10/person

All the skiing prices include fees of the high mountain cable, cable from the middle and advanced trail to the peak, skis or snow board, and a set of ski sticks. Ski caps, goggles and suits, etc. are extra charged. And if you bring your own equipment, you can only pay the site use fee to enjoy.

There are many ski resorts in Yabuli Ski Resort and every resort provides various kinds of activities with different prices. Among all the resorts, the Sun Mountain Resort and the New Sport Committee are of higher level. Prices (RMB) are listed as following:

Yabuli Ski Resort - Horse Sledge Activity in Yabuli Ski Resort - Horse Sledge

New Sport Committee Ski Resort

The New Sport Committees Ski Resort (新体委滑雪场) provides very advanced equipment and ski trials of primary, intermediate and expert. You can reach the cable and ski trail outside the hall where you can get the ski equipment. Professional coaches are provided as well as hotels nearby from 3-star to 5-star.

Skiing TimePrice
2 hours200
half day300
one day500

Sun Mountain Ski Resort (8:00-16:00)

Sun Mountain Ski Resort (新濠阳光度假村滑雪场) is rightly the world-known Wind Hill Lodge (风车山庄). Ski runs of all levels are offered, besides, several moving carpets for primary learners are also available. You can also enjoy sliding down along the world longest slide way here. The following are the concessional rates for your reference:

Course1 to 11 to 2
2 hour private course600800
4 hour private course10001400
one day training with accompany (6 hours)15001800
special 2 day course (6 hours / day)2600\
special 3 day course (6 hours / day)3800\
Note: Children less than 1.2 m enjoy a 50% discount of the retail price. 30% discount of retail price for skiers bringing own skis.
2 hours skiing (including equipment renting & rope way)260-460
half day (within 4 hours) skiing (including equipment renting & rope way)300-500
one day (4-8 hours) skiing (including equipment renting & rope way)500-700
slide way (including rope way)260
sightseeing rope way200
clothing90 / half day; 150 / day
glasses30 / half day; 50 / day
helmet50 / half day; 80 / day
hat20 / time
gloves20 / time
closet20 / day
snow cubing80 / half hour; 140 / hour
parking100 / day
other items50 - 200

Avaunce International Exhibition Center Ski Resort

Avaunce International Exhibition Center Ski Resort (雅旺斯(亚布力)国际会展中心) is no wonder the one of highest affinity, which can be seen from the designation of the ski runs, decoration of the resting area in the hall, etc. Also, it is the holding place of the 24th World Universiade, so you can enjoy in this skiing paradise with good service of accommodation, food and entertainment.

Skiing TimePrice
2 hours150
half day300
one day500

Besides, Club Med Resort Yabuli (地中海俱乐部) is one of the best ski resorts in Yabuli. This ski resort of 1008 m high above the sea is surrounded by mountains with many pine trees. Snow runs of diverse levels provide exciting experience to visitors. Also you can enjoy the Asian longest high mountain snow slope of 2.2 km long. English-speaking coaches, high-speed cable cars, flying carpets, skiing courses for all levels and ski resort nearby are also available. Club Med Resort Yabuli is a five-star luxury hotel, and is a world chain group from France. Living in this hotel, you can enjoy very cozy bed, good services, tasteful food, comfortable SPA, different activities for both children and adults. The room fee includes all the items above, and the reference price is about from 2600 to 6000 for a 3-night stay according to the type of room and the date.

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Here is the Official Website of Yabuli Ski Resort for your reference, http://www.yabuli.net/

Note: the above information is for your reference only, for the detail fee information in Yabuli Ski Resort, please contact our Travel Consultant!

Other Highlights in Yabuli Ski Resort

Yabuli Ski Resort is not only a wonderful snow world, but also is a fun place to do other activities, like the water park, mountain biking, etc.

Fantasy Water Park

The Fantasy Water Park in Yabuli Ski Resort is the largest water park in China with a coverage of 3338 thousand square meters. 18 items in the 5 main areas offer different chances to family, couple, and young players, etc. to let them relax into this fun water place.

Moreover, in the water park, there is a land park of 52337 square meters wide. More than 20 activities of excitement, pleasure, challenge-taking, child interest, and so forth, will make every one coming here laugh widely and enjoy so much.

Note: The Water Park usually opens from 8:00 to 17:00 in summer. For the detail opening time and month, please contact our Travel Consultant!

Mountain Bicycle

Yabuli is wonderful with the mountain bicycle. Specially designed many types of racing tracks, like DHi, Park, Enduro and so on, Yabuli Mountain Terrain Bicycle Park provides you the new experience of excitement, skill, courage, speed, curvet and bending, etc. You can meet your needs here and feel the special charm of cycling in the forests. Furthermore, the pleasing landscape along the way absolutely will make your cycling distinct and worthy.

Yabuli Ski Resort - Water Park Having Fun in the Water Park in Yabuli Ski Resort
Yabuli Ski Resort - Mountain Bicycle Try the New Mountain Bicycle in Yabuli Ski Resort

How to Go to Yabuli Ski Resort

Located at the southeast of Harbin city in Heilongjiang, about 239 km away, Yabuli Ski Resort can be arrived at by driving for about 3 hours from the downtown of Harbin. Also, you can take a flight first to Harbin and transfer there by train or coach, etc.

By Train

There is only one fast train running in the early morning from Harbin to Yabuli South Railway Station (亚布力南站) for about 3 hours, which usually returns to Xiangfang (香坊) in Harbin around 16:20. And then, you can take a minibus to arrive at Yabuli Ski Resort for about 5 min.

By Coach

It is recommended to take the daily direct coach from Harbin to Yabuli Ski Resort for about 3 hours. Besides, there are many long-distance coaches running between Harbin and Yabuli, so you can take one to arrive at Yabuli Town for about 3 hours, after reaching the town, you can take a minibus or a taxi to arrive at Yabuli Ski Resort for about 40 min.

Travel with China Discovery (Top Recommended):

If you want to get rid of hustle of public transportation and troublesome navigation, you can book a private tour package which covers sightseeing, dining and transfer from us. Our local tour guide and driver will escort you to Yabuli Ski Resort with speed and convenience, and take care of all the details. You just need to focus on sightseeing.

To know more detailed information about the transportation to Yabuli, you can check How to Get to Yabuli Ski Resort from Harbin.

Accommodations & Food at Yabuli Ski Resort

Yabuli Ski Resort has built more than 10 very good hotels from 5-star, 4-star, and 3-star to other standards, so you can choose one to spend your comfortable night here.

Five-star hotels: Club Med Resort Yabuli, Sun Mountain Lodge, Avaunce International Exhibition Center; Yabuli Broadcast International Hotel;

Four-star hotels: Olympics Club, Windmill VIP House;

Three-star hotels: Windmill Resort Hotel; News Hotel; Electricity Hotel; Yabuli Mountain Villa; Yunding Hotel, etc.

Weather & Best Time to Visit Yabuli Ski Resort

Yabuli Ski Resort has four distinct seasons and the annual average temperature usually is 2℃ to 10℃. In summer, the average temperature is arround 23℃. In winter, the average temperature is about -10℃, and the snow accumulation is about 30 cm to 50 cm at the foot of the mountain and about 1 m on the mountain. The snow covering period is about 170 days long with the skiing period of near 150 days, which is best from the middle of November to the late March of the next year.

Yabuli Ski Resort Map Click to Enlarge the Location Map of Yabuli Ski Resort
Yabuli Ski Resort Trail Map Click to Enlarge the Trail Map of Yabuli Ski Resort
Club Med Yabuli Club Med Yabuli
Yabuli Ski Resort - Yabuli Weather Snow-covered Pine Trees in Yabuli Ski Resort

All seasons are very suitable to go to Yabuli Ski Resort.

In spring (April to June): See the refreshing scenery of colorful flowers sprouting from the ice and frost;

In summer (July to September): Yabuli Ski Resort is a good place to have fun in the water museum and enjoy the mountain hiking in the lush forests. Moreover, it is a great choice to avoid the summer heat;

In autumn (October): Autumn is the most beautiful season of Yabuli. Prosperous forests become golden and red, which changes Yabuli into a bright brilliant world. There is a “May Flower” viewing festival held in Yabuli during the late September every year;

In winter (November to March): With the thick snow accumulation, all the activities including the skiing, snow cubing, snowmobile, etc. are all available for you to have a good time, take your friends and family to enjoy the snow time in Yabuli in winter.

Useful Tips to Visit Yabuli Ski Resort

1. Since the temperature in Yabuli Ski Resort is very low in winter, it is recommended to take enough clothes and a pair of gloves of flexibility to keep warm. Wool gloves may be not enough. Ski or snowboard gloves are more advised.

2. Usually, the daytime of Yabuli is from 8:00 to 16:00, so you may feel it very short to have high fun. It is recommended to plan your Yabuli tour for more than 2 day, so that you would not worry about the time or be too hurry;

3. For new beginners learning skiing, it is suggested to do it under the guidance of a coach, so you can learn skiing very quickly and prevent for much body hurt;

4. Although one-piece clothing is of high tightness, it is not very good if you want to go to the toilet. Underwear of cotton is not recommended since its good water-absorbing quality will make you feel cold after perspiring during the activities;

5. Since it becomes dark early in a day at Yabuli, you can enjoy the charming night sky with bright stars shining after dinner.

6. If you visit Yabuli in summer, it is suggested to take the umbrella, hat, sun cream and mosquito repel, etc.

How to Plan a Harbin Tour with Yabuli Ski Resort

You could combine Yabuli Ski Resort together with China's Ice City - Harbin. Many tourists may take 5 days to have such a tour. In the first day, you could take flight or train to Harbin. Then you could have a rest to arrange your tour in the following days. In the second day, you could take the private car with 3.5~4 hours' driving to Yabuli Ski Resort. Have great fun for skiing and spend one night in the resort. Some travelers may choose to go to China Snow Town, the No.1 snow town in China for a great look at the paradise-like town with heavy snows. And part of travelers would spend more time in the Yabuli for in-depth skiing experience and then they would go back to Harbin for further sightseeing. You could also check Harbin tour for more about how to plan a tour in Harbin.
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