Brief Introduction to Ice and Snow Festival

Harbin Ice and Snow Festival is the first international festival focusing on ice and snow in China’s history. It is listed in the Four Great International Ice and Snow Festivals in the World, combined with Sapporo Snow Festival in Japan, Quebec Winter Carnival in Canada, Olso Helmenkollen Ski Festival in Norway. Lasting for one month, Harbin Ice and Snow Festival is a big day in Harbin. During Harbin Ice and Snow Festival, you can not only admire various ice sculpture, snow sculpture, ice lantern, wonderful performance, but also watch or take part in different kinds of ice or snow sports. Three main venues of Harbin Ice and Snow Festival are listed in the following part, and Ice and Snow world is the main site.

  • International Ice Sculpture at Ice and Snow World
  • International Snow Sculpture Art Fair on Sun Island
  • Ice Lantern Garden Party at Zhaolin Park

Harbin Ice and Snow World

First built in 1999 by government to welcome the new millennium 2000, Harbin Ice and Snow World is the main venue of Harbin Ice and Snow Festival. With the development of 16 years, it becomes the largest ice and snow amusement park in the world with an area of 600,000 square meters. It is also the irreplaceable landmark of Harbin City and worldwide known ice and snow tourism brand. There are more than one million tourists visiting Harbin Ice and Snow World and more than 2,000 ice sculptures on display and more than 30 recreational activities taking place.

Wonderful Review of the Harbin Ice and Snow World in the Recent Years

In 2016, the theme of Harbin Ice and Snow World was “Ice Silk Road and Snow China”, including four parts of the charm of ice building, adventure in silk road, snow Olympic and Longjiang impression.

In 2015, Harbin Ice and Snow World was themed as “Holy Land of Snow Kingdom and Sightseeing from Ice Heaven” and the images of “ice & snow angels” could be found easily.

In 2014, the theme was “Fairyland” and famous cartoon and comic characters sculpture are shown on the park, like Angry Bird from Finland, Flying Dog Webber from Germany, Rubber Duck from Netherlands etc.

Highlights of Harbin Ice and Snow World

Admiring Gorgeous Ice and Snow Structures

In every year, one different theme will be set in Harbin Ice and Snow World. According to the theme, different buildings will be constructed. As you enter into Ice and Snow World, you will be amazed by such a wonder-like park from block of ice and snow. These sculptures are often record-breaking in size. Some structures are over three stories high and show very intricate designs. The scenery in front of you is so mind-blowing and visually magnificent, making a highlight of you China trip during winter.

Arrive at the park before sunset and you will get an opportunity to observe the ice structures clearly before they are lit. Impressive as they are during the daytime, at night they become magic. The multicolored lights embedded in the ground illuminate the ice structures, showing a completely different colorful dimension. These light illuminations of the ice add a surreal kaleidoscope of color to northeastern China's bitter winters. Against the dark night sky, the bright and dazzling lights look more astonishing.

Savoring the Exquisite Art

Hundreds of ice engravings and snow sculptures in large scale will be exhibited, containing some award-winning works in international competition. The exhibition is made up of international ice engraving combination, ice and snow LED lighting competition, ice and snow photography show, ice and snow oil painting show and some other forms of art theming in ice and snow. The most marvelous is the ice carving in different shapes. In 2005, tourists got a delightful surprise by seeing the colored icy shapes in the Colorful Wonderland. It was the first colored ice engraving exhibition in Harbin Ice and Snow World. Four themed parts including Christmas, New Year Pictures, Quintessence of Chinese Culture and Ancient Buildings will make you hesitate to leave. Only by visiting by Harbin Ice and Snow World, you can savor the exquisite art some of which enjoy the highest-level artistic taste and technology.

Enjoying the Ice and Snow Performance

In general, there are four performances one day occurring in a warm room among the ice and snow. The performance stage is built with meticulous design with a standard stage in front and an icy stage back. The performances include fascinating figure skating, cool LED hip-hop, romantic ballroom dancing, and hot dance...The whole show with European Flavor is full of freedom, liveliness and strong infection. Incredible colors combined with energetic music give enough visual impact and listening pleasure. They show the characteristics of western art and eastern art, the collision of open and restraining as well as the intertexture of fantasy and reality. The show schedule varies depending on the weather and sometimes you need queue. The site of performance is Cool Harbin Show Field.

Joining Ice and Snow Activities

Apart from feasting your eyes on the amazing colorful illuminated ice and snow sculptures and wonderful performance, you can also take part in various interesting cultural activities and winter sports. The recreation area always covers about 200,000 square meters, over 20 options. Ice sports includes skating, curling, sleighing, ice biking, ice slide, spinning top on ice etc. while snow sports includes skiing, snow football, snow circling, making a snowman, making snowballs and throwing snowballs...

The 350-meter long ice slide in the 17th Ice and Snow World is the enthusiasm of the players, by which you will have a feeling of speed and passion. Ice and Snow Worldis a good choice for a family outing in the winter for there is a Parent-kid Paradise in which parents and kids can have a good time to play together and get a close contact with nature.

Indoor Ice and Snow Paradise

The Ice and Snow World is only open during the Ice and Snow Festival.If you plan to visit Harbin in other other seasons, such as Summer and Autumn, you can take the indoor Ice and Snow Paradise as a substitution. Occupying an area of 6,000 square meters, the indoor Ice and Snow Paradise is newly built in the scenic area of the Ice and Snow World. It can be visited all the year around. Even in summer, the temperature in the Ice and Snow Paradise keeps about -10℃~-8℃. Despite much smaller the Ice and Snow World, it offers magnificent ice and snow sculptures, colorful lanterns, exquisite ice artworks, cultural activities and winter sports as well.

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Ice and Snow Festival Amazing Ice and Snow Festival
Ice and Snow Festival Ice Sculpture Exhibited during Ice and Snow Festival
Ice and Snow Festival Crystal-clear Ice Structures in Day Time
Ice and Snow Festival Award-winning Ice Sculpture
Ice and Snow Festival A Huge Ice Sculpture of an Elephant
Ice and Snow Festival Wonderful Performance in Ice and Snow World
Ice and Snow Festival Long Ice Slide
Ice and Snow Festival Performance in the Indoor Ice and Snow Paradise

Location of Harbin Ice and Snow World

Harbin Ice and Snow World is located in the downtown area of Harbin City, north to Songhua river and west to Sun Island.

  • 5 km away from Sun Island, 14 min’s driving
  • 7.5 km away from Central Street, 13 min’s driving
  • 9 km away from Harbin Train Station, 30 min’s driving
  • 40 km away from Harbin Taiping International Airport, 45 min’s driving

Other Important Venues of Harbin Ice and Snow Festival

Sun Island

Sun Island is a National AAAAA Scenic Spot surrounded by crystal lakes, delicate rockeries, beautiful flowers and exotic architectures. Close to Harbin Ice and Snow Festival, it faces the Stalin Park on the other bank of Songhua River. It features with its distinguished ice and snow culture combined with folk culture. In the north part of island is Sun Island Park which has several small-scale flora and fauna gardens while the south part focuses on art exhibition and Russian style architectures. With top attraction of Swan Lake, Sun Waterfall, Squirrel Island and Fuchuan Garden, Sun Island is a perfect venue for admiring the beauty of flowers in spring and avoiding heat in summer. At night, tourists can watch Russian performance and taste Russian food in Russian town.

During International Snow Sculpture Art Fair, Sun Island is in a purely white coat. You can see snow in different stages, the first snow, gathered snow, flying snow, throbbing snow and snow sculptures which mean hope, unity, dream, interaction and culture.

Location: No.3 Jingbei Road, Pingfang District, Harbin 150000, China

Ticket: 240 RMB for ticket of International Snow Sculpture Art Fair

Zhaolin Park

Perched in the prosperous downtown area of Harbin City, Zhaolin Park is surrounded by towering Buildings. It is named after a national hero – Li Zhaolin who once made a great contribution in the Second World War. Zhaolin Park displays two kinds of natural landscape in its summer and winter. In summer, the park is covered by dense plants and plenty of flowers. It is greatly fun to have a walk here. While winter comes, a park of jade appears.

Zhaolin Park attracts most tourists from home and abroad with its Ice Lantern Garden Party which is one part of Harbin Ice and Snow Festival. In Ice Lantern Garden Party, you must be shocked by the ice world and lantern sea. Thanks to the high-skilled artists and craftsmen, the natural ice turns to fine work of art. These works are called Unrepeatable Fairy because completely different works will be displayed in the party.

Location: No.37 Senlin Street, Daoli District, Harbin 150000, China

Ticket: 150 RMB

Central Street

Central Street is a prosperous pedestrian street in Harbin which connects Flooding Prevention in north and Xinyang Square in south. Lined with 71 western-style architectures on two sides, Central Street shows a strong exotic flavor. Shops along the road have all been restored, with plaques out front in English detailing their past lives as colonial homes and stores. In fact, the Central Street is an epitome of Harbin, owning a unique Harbin-style culture and western-style life. There are enough good restaurants and bars along the busy streets running off the Central Street which is paved with cobblestones. Among these restaurants and bars, some can date back to 100 years ago.

In winter, ice sculptures line the streets and make up a glittering and translucent street to have a walk.

Location: Daoli District, Harbin 150000, China

Ticket: Free

Pay Attention: The above information is for reference only. The venues and admissions for Harbin Ice and Snow Festival in 2019 might be a little different from last years. For the accurate information of Harbin Ice and Snow Festival, please contact our Travel Consultant!

Ice and Snow Festival Beautiful Sun Island
Ice and Snow Festival Dreamlike Snow Castal Exhibited in Sun Island
Ice and Snow Festival Peaceful Zhaolin Park
Ice and Snow Festival Colorful Ice Lantern in Zhaolin Park
Ice and Snow Festival Night Scene of Central Sweet

How to Get to Harbin

By Air: Fights are available to Harbin from most tourist cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Kuming, Cheng etc. Harbin Ice and Snow Festival is 50 minutes’ drive away Harbin Taiping International Airport.

By Train: Trains are available to take you to Harbin from most big cities of China. There are six high-speed trains starting at 06:58, 07:53, 09:58, 13:49, 15:05 and 15:15 from Beijing via Tianjin, Changchun, Shenyang to Harbin within 8 hours directly.

Warm Tips

  • Weather and Wearing - During Harbin Ice and Snow Festival, the average temperature of Harbin is -18℃ and it may fall to below -30℃ at night, so wear more clothes and warm shoes to keep you from being freeze. Done coat, thick jacket, mouth-muffle and gloves will also be helpful.
  • Food and Drink - Harbin Ice and Snow World is equipped with eighteen warming house and a viewing gallery which offers a shelter from the coldness and tiredness. You can also have some local food and featured specialties there.
  • Accommodation - For the venues of Harbin Ice and Snow Festival are in the downtown area are in Harbin, you can accommodate in the downtown area. Harbin offers various hotels for different needs of customers, from the top luxury hotels to the economic business hotels.
  • Other Preparatory Work - Buying tickets in advance on formal website will help you to skip the long queue when arrive Harbin Ice and Snow Festival. Make sure your camera or telephone can handle such temperatures and take standby battery with you.

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