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Chengde is only 3 hours’ drive away from Beijing. Therefore, many people will take a sidetrip to Chengde from Beijing. With beautiful Chengde Mountain Resort and vast Bashang Grassland, it usually needs 2 days for a Chengde trip.

Where to Stay in Chengde?

During your stay in Chengde, it is most recommended to stay in Chengde downtown and around Chengde Mountain Resort. For tourists who want to stay near the grassland, Jinshanling Great Wall, and airport, here we also have some accommodation tips and recommended hotels for your reference.

Where to Stay in Chengde Where to Stay in Chengde (click to enlarge the map)

Hotels in Chengde Downtown & Chengde Mountain Resort - Most Recommended

Chengde Mountain Resort is the highlight of Chengde and it is only about 5 km from Chengde downtown, so it is most recommended to stay in this area. What’s more, the transportation hub - Chengde Railway Station is also in downtown area and the there are many bus lines, taxis, shopping malls available, so it will be very convenient.

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Chengde Imperial Mountain Resort 承德绮望楼宾馆 ★★★★★

Address: No. 1, East Bifengmen Road, Chengde, Hebei, next to Chengde Mountain Resort.

Chengde Imperial Mountain Resort (Chengde Qiwanglou Hotel) is adjacent to Chengde Mountain Resort. It is a classic Chinese garden style boutique resort hotel. It is a courtyard composed of the main room, which is Qiwanglou, and the east-west wing rooms around the middle courtyard. The rockery, stone, ancient pine, old cypress, exotic flowers and plants form a comfortable living environment for the guests.

Atour Hotel (Chengde Summer Resort) 承德避暑山庄亚朵酒店 ★★★★

Address: Building B, No.8 Mashi Street (Dehui Building), Chengde, about 1 km from Chengde Mountain Resort, 3.5 km from Chengde Railway Station.

Atour Hotel (Chengde Summer Resort) is adjacent to Chengde Mountain Resort, Outer Eight Temples and Qingchuifeng National Forest Park. In addition, there are many bus lines nearby, so it is convenient to travel. It offers a wide range of room types with high-quality bedding, floor heating, central air-conditioning, bath supplies and other facilities. No matter you are tourists or business travellers, you can have a relaxing stay here.

Tianbao Holiday Hotel 承德天宝假日酒店 ★★★★

Address: No.6 Xinhua Road, Chengde, China, about 10 minutes’ drive from Chengde Mountain Resort.

Tianbao Holiday Hotel is located in downtown Chengde and within walking distance to Chengde Railway Station. Chinese and Western cuisines are available at the on-site restaurants, and guests can have a drink in the hotel's coffee shop or bar. If you are looking to stay fit, just head to the gym for a workout, while those simply wanting to relax can enjoy a massage or sing the night away in the private karaoke facilities. Free in-room Wi-Fi and free parking are also offered here.

Where to Stay in Chengde Chengde Imperial Mountain Resort
Where to Stay in Chengde Atour Hotel
Where to Stay in Chengde Tianbao Holiday Hotel

Hotels in Bashang Grassland

Bashang Grassland covers a wide area in northern Chengde and a part of Inner Mongolia. Mulan Paddock is the most scenic part and is also where most tourists visit and accommodate. You can stay a night near the main attractions such as Hongshan Army Horse Ranch, Saihanba National Forest Park, and Yudaokou Grassland and Forest Scenic Spot. The general accommodation condition on the grassland is limited, so it is recommended to stay in a hotel with high star rate.

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Narada Hotel 塞罕坝伯斯特君澜度假酒店 ★★★★★

Address: Linsheng Street, Jixie Forest, Saihanba National Forest Park

Narada Hotel is a new hotel open in April 2020. Many people rate it as the best hotel in Saihanba. There are in total 200 rooms, each of which has comfortable environment and complete accommodation facilities. The hotel itself is equipped with wifi, 24-hour front desk, express check-in/check-out, restaurant, café, luggage storage, children facilities, fitness room, laundry service, etc. If you look for a cozy stay on the grassland, Narada Hotel is a good choice.

Arcadia Resort 围场阿尔卡迪亚酒店 ★★★★★

Address: No.1 Yingbin Avenue, Yudaokou Ranch, Weichang, Hebei, China

The Arcadia Resort is a great choice for guests looking for accommodation in Yudaokou, just 2km away from the scenic spot. This hotel not only provides considerate service such as free wifi, luggage storage, 24-hour front desk, wake-up call, doorman, restaurant, café, gym, and postal service, but also is equipped with many entertainment facilities such as billiards, table tennis, karaoke, and barbecue.

Qianyue Holiday Hotel 围场乾悦假日酒店 ★★★★

Address: No.109 Huancheng West Road, Weichang, Hebei

Renovated in 2017, Qianyue Holiday Hotel offers both tourists and business travelers a pleasant stay in Weichang. This hotel is in Weichang town, about 57 km (1.5 hours’ drive) from Mulan Grassland. Compared with other 4-star hotels within the scenic area, Qianyue Holiday Hotel has better environment with lower price and has all the essentials for accommodation. If you do not so insist on staying in the scenic area, this hotel is consistently one of the most popular choices.

Where to Stay in Chengde Narada Hotel
Where to Stay in Chengde Arcadia Resort
Where to Stay in Chengde Qianyue Holiday Hotel

Accommodation around Jinshanling Great Wall

Jinshaning Great Wall is reputed as the most scenic section of the great walls in or near Beijing. It is also a main sight of Chengde. As it is only 150 km from Beijing, about 3 hours’ drive, many people will choose to visit Jinshanling Great Wall directly from Beijing or visit it on the way to or back from Chengde. It is also close to Simatai Great Wall, Gubeikou Great Wall and Gubei Watertown, so you can spend a night there and visit them together.

There are some good hotels near Jinshanling Great Wall such as William Edgar Hotel, Xin'gui'su Gubei Hotel, and Gubei Zhiguang Hot Spring Holiday Hotel. There are also some inns operated by local people that do not have such good living environment but have a lower price.

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Where to Stay in Chengde William Edgar Hotel in Gubei Watertown

Accommodation around Chengde Puning Airport

Chengde Puning Airport is about 30 km (40 minutes by car, 70 minutes by bus) from Chengde downtown. It has flights between Shanghai (4.5h), Xian (2h), Tianjin (1h5min), Shijiazhuang (1h10min), etc.

If you are going to catch a morning flight or arrive in Chengde at late night, you can consider staying a night near the airport. But there is no luxury hotels near the airport and most are 3-star and 2-star ones. The living condition may not be that satisfactory and they are only equipped with basic accommodation facilities. It is ok to have a rest there before or after a flight, but if you have other choices, it is more recommended to live in a hotel in the downtown area.

Where to Stay in Chengde Chunhua Hotel Near Chengde Puning Airport

How to Plan Your Chengde Tour

How to Get to Chengde: You can fly to Chengde from Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Shijiazhuang or take a high speed train from Beijing, Shijiazhuang and other Chinese cities.

Best Time to Visit Chengde: April to October, especially April and May in spring and September and October in autumn

Top Attractions to Visit in Chengde: Jinshanling Great Wall, Chengde Imperial Mountain Resort, Bashang Grassland, Putuo Zhongcheng Temple…

Chengde, a city neighboring Beijing, is known for the Imperial Mountain Resort and surrounding temples such as Putuo Zhongcheng Temple, Puning Temple, and Pule Temple, where the royal family members have come to visit and had a retreat here to escape the summer heat, and about 100km away from Chengde downtown is the magnificent Jinshanling Great Wall. Further away to the northwest of suburban Chengde is the vast picturesque Bashang Grassland. Usually, 2 or 3 days is suitable for visiting major highlights of Chengde. To make photography tour or landscape tour to Bashang Grassland, you need to plan at least 2 days.

✔ 2 Days Chengde Tour from Beijing
✔ 2 Days Classic Chengde Tour
✔ 3 Days Chengde Highlights Tour including Jinshanling Great Wall Hiking

For the short distance to Beijing, generally, many tourists would like take 4 to 5 days to travel Chengde after your trip in Beijing, and Beijing is usually the gateway city to start your trip in Chengde with world-renown ancient wonders such as the Forbidden City, Summer Palace, and Temple of Heaven, Mutianyu Great Wall, Hutongs, etc. After your 2 or 3 days' Beijing highlight trip, soon your can start your exploration in Chengde. It's convenient to visit the temples and royal resort in the city center area and to see the unmissable Jinshanling Great Wall along your way between Chengde and Beijing. If time allows and you’re quite interested in natural scenery, the idyllic Bashang Grassland is also charming to see.

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✔ 5 Days Beijing Highlights Tour with Sidetrip to Chengde
✔ 7 Days Bashang Grassland Photography Tour

Besides Beijing, travelers can also extend the Chengde trip further to Tianjin, Qinhuangdao, Zhangjiakou, in Hebei Province and even other northern cities like Dalian and Shengyang to see more stunning heritage and nature sights in China.

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Recommended Chengde Tours

Top 3 Chengde tours chosen by most customers to explore Chengde in the best way. Check the detailed itinerary, or tailor your own trip now with us.

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