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As a prefecture-level city in the northeastern Hebei Province, Chengde faces Beijing and Tianjin to the south, borders Qinhuangdao and Tangshan to the southeast, Zhangjiakou to the west, Liaoning to the northeast and Inner Mongolia to the north. For the city’s northwest is Inner Mongolian Plateau at 1,200-2,000 m above seal level, the central area is the shallow mountains with criss-cross rivers and the southern region is Yanshan Mountains, the elevation of Chengde decreases from northwest to southeast.

Affected by latitude and complicated terrain, Chengde belongs to mixed Cold Temperate Zone, Semi-arid and Subhumid Continental Monsoon Climates. Major tourist area in Chengde, such as Chengde Mountain Resort experiences a Temperate Continental Monsoon Climate with mountain climate features, including four distinct seasons (warm spring, mild summer, cool autumn and cold winter) and large temperature difference between day and night. The average temperature of Chengde is about 9℃, and the hottest month is July with maximum temperature within 30℃ and the coldest time is January when temperature drops to -10℃. Moreover, Chengde owns an annual rainfall between 402.3 mm to 882.6 mm in different regions, most happen in summer.

When is the Best Time to Visit Chengde?

You can travel to Chengde in all seasons, as natural sights vary in season but cultural spots are always suitable for tour. In view of travel convenience and best natural scenery, April to October is the best time to visit Chengde. Because temperature starts to rise from February, it’s still a little cold in the following March until April turns to be warmer. And, temperature will fall to unfriendly chilly after October and with wide temperature difference from day to night. So it’s quite appropriate to visit major tourist attractions between the two nodes, such as Chengde Mountain Resort.

For a hiking trip to Jinshanling Great Wall of Chengde, April and May in spring and September and October in autumn are the best travel season, for it’s neither too hot nor too cold, and seasonal sights are the best then.

May to October, July and August in summer particularly, are the perfect times to visit Bashang Grassland, when wild flowers carpet the gently rolling mountains; weather is very pleasant and wild animals go out frequently. If you’re a shutterbug like colorful nature, early September to early October is the golden time to capture the layered dyed forests in Mulan Paddock.

Average Chengde Temperature by Month

Month Recommended Rate Max Temp. Min Temp.
Jan. °C °C
Feb. °C °C
Mar. °C °C
Apr. °C °C
May. °C °C
Jun. °C °C
Jul. °C °C
Aug. °C °C
Sep. °C °C
Oct. °C °C
Nov. °C °C
Dec. °C °C

Chengde Seasons to Go

Chengde Weather & Temperature in Spring (March, April, May)
Seasonal Weather Features: chilly to warm temperature, dry, little rain, windy
Average Lowest & Highest Temperature: -3°C~26°C
Warm Spring comes later in Chengde than Beijing. In March, the daytime average temperature is just above 10℃ and still below 0℃ at night. In the following April, the temperature of Chengde rises gradually to nearly 20℃ during the and remains only a few degrees Celsius that you will feel frigid. May becomes very warm in Chengde, but temperature varies around 20℃ between day and night. So April and May in spring is one the good time for a Chengde tour, when you can walk in pretty garden and hike on the great wall. Beautiful flower blossom fresh trees and green mountains awaken the charming nature and add lovely colors to the Mountain Resort, Jinshanling Great Wall, Buddhist temples and major cultural sites.
Recommended Places to Visit: Jinshanling Great Wall,
What to Wear & Pack: better dress in layers which is easy to take off and put on; light sweater, jacket, long sleeve shirts, windbreaker, comfortable shoes, etc.
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Chengde Weather and Temperature in Spring

Pretty Spring Flower Blossom in Jinshanling Great Wall & Mountain Resort

Chengde Weather in March

  • High Temperature: 12°C / 53.6°F
  • Low Temperature: -3°C / 26.6°F
  • Daylight Hours: 249.5 hours
  • Rainfall: 5.9 mm
  • Rainy Days: 6 days
  • Sunrise: 06:42am-05:53am
  • Sunset: 5:57pm-6:30mpm

Chengde Weather in April

  • High Temperature: 19°C / 66.2°F
  • Low Temperature: 4°C / 39.2°F
  • Daylight Hours: 295 hours
  • Rainfall: 44.2 mm
  • Rainy Days: 13 days
  • Sunrise: 05:52am-5:08am
  • Sunset: 6:31pm-7:01pm

Chengde Weather in May

  • High Temperature: 26°C / 78.8°F
  • Low Temperature: 10°C / 50°F
  • Daylight Hours: 359 hours
  • Rainfall: 2 mm
  • Rainy Days: 6 days
  • Sunrise: 05:06am-04:39am
  • Sunset: 7:02pm-7:31pm
Chengde Weather & Temperature in Summer (June, July, August)
Seasonal Weather Features: pleasant cool, humid, many thundershowers
Average Lowest & Highest Temperature: 16°C~30°C
Summer time, especially from July to August is a peak travel season to Chengde, when many tourists travel from Beijing and nearby destinations to visit Chengde Mountain Resort, a famous imperial summer residence of Qing Dynasty. Though it’s the hot season with highest temperature than other months, the higher latitude and altitude brings Chengde a relatively cool climate.
The average highest temperature during summer is 30℃ at most and night temperature is quite pleasant at between 15℃ to 20℃, a big temperature variation as well. You will feel cool and not annoyingly hot. The best ideal place to go is Chengde Mountain Resort and natural spots with luxuriant vegetation. With more time, you can get to Bashang Grassland, immerse in the vast green prairie.
Recommended Places to Visit: Chengde Mountain Resort, Bashang Grassland, Hammer Rock National Forest Park…
What to Wear & Pack: T-shirt, short sleeves & short trousers, topcoat, thin jacket, sun-protective clothing, sunscreen, water, comfortable shoes, etc.
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Chengde Weather and Temperature in Summer

Chengde Mountain Resort and Mulan Paddock in Summer

Chengde Weather in June

  • High Temperature: 30°C / 86°F
  • Low Temperature: 16°C / 60.8°F
  • Daylight Hours: 330 hours
  • Rainfall: 58.6 mm
  • Rainy Days: 6 days
  • Sunrise: 04:38am-04:35am
  • Sunset: 7:31pm-7:42pm
  • Chengde Weather in July

  • High Temperature: 30°C / 86°F
  • Low Temperature: 19°C / 66.2°F
  • Daylight Hours: 330.5 hours
  • Rainfall: 46.4 mm
  • Rainy Days: 15 days
  • Sunrise: 04:39am-05:02am
  • Sunset: 7:42pm-7:24pm
  • Chengde Weather in August

  • High Temperature: 27°C / 80.6°F
  • Low Temperature: 16°C / 60.8°F
  • Daylight Hours: 275.5 hours
  • Rainfall: 146.8 mm
  • Rainy Days: 16 days
  • Sunrise: 05:03am-05:32am
  • Sunset: 7:23pm-6:42pm
  • Chengde Weather & Temperature in Autumn (September, October, November)
    Seasonal Weather Features: cool to chilly, less rain, very large temperature difference
    Average Lowest & Highest Temperature: -5°C~28°C
    Early and middle autumn from September to October is another best time to visit Chengde, because it’s comfortably cool when the average daytime temperature declines a little than summer, sky is clear and blue, nature is super attractive, it rains little. It is greatly convenient to visit all tourist attractions in Chengde during this period. In addition, outdoor trees and leaves will turn to yellow and red, presenting quite colorful charming scenery. Therefore, you can get to Jinshanling Great Wall, have a scenic hiking trip and visit Bashang Grassland and Mulan Paddock to appreciate incredible real oil paintings.
    However, temperature will decrease sharply after October, to merely dozen degrees Clesius in the day and several centigrade in the evening. Air will change to quite drier too. So, Chengde tour in November requires thick clothes and more daily supplies, like lip balm and moisturizing skin products.
    Recommended Places to Visit: inshanling Great Wall, Chengde Mountain Resort, Bashang Grassland, Mulan Paddock, Putuo Zhongcheng Temple (Little Potala Palace)…
    What to Wear & Pack: long-sleeved sweater, jacket, windbreaker, comfortable shoes, moisturizers, etc.
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    Autumn Weather and Temperature in Chengde

    Autumn Scenerty in Jinshanling Great Wall and Bashang Grassland

    Chengde Weather in September

  • High Temperature: 28°C / 82.4°F
  • Low Temperature: 12°C / 53.6°F
  • Daylight Hours: 231.5 hours
  • Rainfall: 45.9 mm
  • Rainy Days: 13 days
  • Sunrise: 05:33am-06:02am
  • Sunset: 6:40pm-5:52pm
  • Chengde Weather in October

  • High Temperature: 17°C / 62.6°F
  • Low Temperature: 3°C / 37.4°F
  • Daylight Hours: 240 hours
  • Rainfall: 74 mm
  • Rainy Days: 11 days
  • Sunrise: 06:03am-06:35am
  • Sunset: 5:50pm-5:05pm
  • Chengde Weather in November

  • High Temperature: 7°C / 44.6°F
  • Low Temperature: -5°C / 23°F
  • Daylight Hours: 255 hours
  • Rainfall: 3.2 mm
  • Rainy Days: 5 days
  • Sunrise: 06:36am-07:01am
  • Sunset: 5:04pm-4:40pm
  • Chengde Weather & Temperature in Winter (December, January, February)
    Seasonal Weather Features: cold, windy, dry, long
    Average Lowest & Highest Temperature: -14°C~2°C
    Due to geographic location, winter in Chengde is quite cold and frozen like Beijing and most cities in northern China. Usually, daytime temperature falls below zero from December and over ten degrees below zero during nights. January gets colder and snows sometimes. It’s quite challengeable to visit Chengde in the frozen winter, but the snowy scenery in Jinshanling Great Wall, Chengde Mountain Resort and “Little Potala Palace” and Bashang Grassland is indeed awesome and special. In February, temperature starts up again but still has only a few degrees to around 10 minus. If you plan a Chengde winter tour, remember to keep warm.
    Places to Visit: Jinshanling Great Wall, Chengde Mountain Resort, Bashang Grassland, Mulan Paddock, Putuo Zhongcheng Temple (Little Potala Palace)…
    What to Wear & Pack: thick clothes as many as you can, such as down jackets, cotton-padded coats, hat, scarf and gloves, etc.
    Winter Weather and Temperature in Chengde

    Snowy World in Jinshanling Great Wall and Little Potala Palace

    Chengde Weather in December

  • High Temperature: -1°C / 30.2°F
  • Low Temperature: -12°C / 10.4°F
  • Daylight Hours: 253.5 hours
  • Rainfall: 8.3 mm
  • Rainy Days: 3 days
  • Sunrise: 07:11am-07:31am
  • Sunset: 4:40pm-4:48pm
  • Chengde Weather in January

  • High Temperature: 0°C / 32°F
  • Low Temperature: -13°C / 8.6°F
  • Daylight Hours: 185.5 hours
  • Rainfall: 31.9 mm
  • Rainy Days: 7 days
  • Sunrise: 07:31am-07:19am
  • Sunset: 4:49pm-5:22pm
  • Chengde Weather in February

  • High Temperature: 4°C / 39.2°F
  • Low Temperature: -9°C / 15.8°F
  • Daylight Hours: 218.5 hours
  • Rainfall: 34.4 mm
  • Rainy Days: 7 days
  • Sunrise: 07:18am-06:24am
  • Sunset: 5:23pm-5:57pm
  • How to Plan Your Chengde Tour

    How to Get to Chengde: You can fly to Chengde from Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Shijiazhuang or take a high speed train from Beijing, Shijiazhuang and other Chinese cities.

    Best Time to Visit Chengde: April to October, especially April and May in spring and September and October in autumn

    Top Attractions to Visit in Chengde: Jinshanling Great Wall, Chengde Imperial Mountain Resort, Bashang Grassland, Putuo Zhongcheng Temple…

    Chengde, a city neighboring Beijing, is known for the Imperial Mountain Resort and surrounding temples such as Putuo Zhongcheng Temple, Puning Temple, and Pule Temple, where the royal family members have come to visit and had a retreat here to escape the summer heat, and about 100km away from Chengde downtown is the magnificent Jinshanling Great Wall. Further away to the northwest of suburban Chengde is the vast picturesque Bashang Grassland. Usually, 2 or 3 days is suitable for visiting major highlights of Chengde. To make photography tour or landscape tour to Bashang Grassland, you need to plan at least 2 days.

    ✔ 2 Days Chengde Tour from Beijing
    ✔ 2 Days Classic Chengde Tour
    ✔ 3 Days Chengde Highlights Tour including Jinshanling Great Wall Hiking

    For the short distance to Beijing, generally, many tourists would like take 4 to 5 days to travel Chengde after your trip in Beijing, and Beijing is usually the gateway city to start your trip in Chengde with world-renown ancient wonders such as the Forbidden City, Summer Palace, and Temple of Heaven, Mutianyu Great Wall, Hutongs, etc. After your 2 or 3 days' Beijing highlight trip, soon your can start your exploration in Chengde. It's convenient to visit the temples and royal resort in the city center area and to see the unmissable Jinshanling Great Wall along your way between Chengde and Beijing. If time allows and you’re quite interested in natural scenery, the idyllic Bashang Grassland is also charming to see.

    ✔ 4 Days Bashang Grassland Unparalleled Landscape Tour from Beijing
    ✔ 5 Days Beijing Highlights Tour with Sidetrip to Chengde
    ✔ 7 Days Bashang Grassland Photography Tour

    Besides Beijing, travelers can also extend the Chengde trip further to Tianjin, Qinhuangdao, Zhangjiakou, in Hebei Province and even other northern cities like Dalian and Shengyang to see more stunning heritage and nature sights in China.

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