Top 10 Harbin Attractions

Harbin is a city that witnessed the history of China in the last century, and it combines both Chinese and European elements. Meanwhile, with a colder weather than most places in China, Harbin is the best place to go during Winter and Summer. You can not only enjoy a world of ice and snow, but also a cool Summer resort. As a result, Harbin has its own special attractions.

Here we’ve selected top 10 attractions in Harbin which covers the most iconic places. These remarkable sites includes Harbin Ice and Snow World - the main venue of Harbin Ice and Snow Festival, Yabuli Ski Resort - the largest and the most professional ski resort in China, China Snow Town - No.1 snow town in China, etc.

With these unique places to visit, you will enjoy your time in Harbin. Check more about 10 Best Places to Visit in Harbin >>

Map of Harbin City

Ice and Snow World

No.1: Harbin Ice and Snow World

Type: Theme Park

Recommended Length of Visiting: About 1~2 Hours

It is a famous winter attraction and one of the most important part of Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival. While visiting this theme park, you can see beautiful ice sculptures and some of the largest and most majestic ice sculpted masterpieces. Especially at night, you will appreciate the amazing view of colorful lights buried inside the ice. Remember to Keep warm there, for the outdoor temperature may under -30 ℃. Know more about Harbin Ice and Snow World.

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Yabuli Ski Resort

No.2: Yabuli Ski Resort

Type: Ski Resort

Recommended Lenth of visiting: About 2~3 Days

Yabuli International Ski Resort, located 200 kilometers east of Harbin city, is the biggest and best ski resort in China. It consists of two areas, the competitive section and the leisure skiing section. Visitors can not only enjoy skiing there, but also ake advantage of the other entertainment facilities at the resort, such as the mini golf course, tennis court, turf courts, para-gliders among others. The best time to ski at Yabuli Ski Resort is from November to the late March of the next year. Know more about Yabuli Ski Resort.

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China Snow Town

No.3: China Snow Town

Type: Park

Recommended Length of Visiting: About 1~2 Days

China Snow Town, the no.1 snow town in China, is the best place to appreciate a paradise-like world with very beautiful snowscape. Located at the Shuangfeng Forest in Hailin County of Heilongjiang Province, China Snow Town is about 280 km away from Harbin. The snow here can up to about 2 meters. Snow looks like milk scream and hangs from the eaves to the ground, forming a unique scene of "snow curtains". You also can take part in lots of winter activities. Here, it can satisfy your imagination and desire about snow. The opening time of the China Snow Town is usually from Nov. 24 ~ Early March. Know more about China Snow Town.

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Sun Island

No.4: Sun Island (Tai Yang Dao)

Type: Park

Recommended Length of Visiting: About 2~3 Hours

Lies on the north bank of the Songhua River, the Sun Island Scenic Area is a dainty area surrounded by crystal lake, wooden rockeries, beautiful flowers and exotic buildings. This scenic area can be divided into three parts, including an Animals' world, a garden that featured by flowers, lakes and ice-snow beauty, and the south part with ice and snow series, exotic Russian series, etc. Inside the park, there are some interesting activities, such as dog sledding, snow tubing, bicycle riding on ice, and a snow motor car ride. Also some little cafes where you can warm up.

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Zhongyang Pedestrian Street

No.5: Zhongyang Pedestrian Street

Type: Street, Landmarks

Recommended Length of Visiting: About 1 Hour

Zhongyan Pedestrian Street, also called Centre Street, is one of the landmarks in Harbin city, with elegant Russian architecture from a bygone era. It is the place wher traditional Eastern culture meets the western culture. You can buy the local and exotic souvenirs, tasting both Chinese and Russian snacks, and appreciating the western styled buildings with there. It is absolutely the best place to shop, eat and photograph in Harbin city.

St. Sophia Church

No.6: St. Sophia Church

Type: Landmarks

Recommended Length of Visiting: About 0.5 Hours

Setting in a square in the downtown area, the byzantine style of St. Sophia's Church is really stunning and amazing. You can take lovely photos outside the church and buy some souvenirs at the different shops around. Inside the church, there is an interesting display of historic photos of old Harbin. Know more about St. Sophia Church.

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Siberian Tiger Park

No.7: Siberian Tiger Park

Type: Siberian Tiger Park

Recommended Length of Visiting: About 2 Hours

Located on the north bank of Songhua River, the Siberian Tiger Park is the largest natural park for wild Siberian tigers in the world. You can see the Siberian tigers, white tigers, lions, lynx, leopards, as well as Bengali tigers there. Except in the walking area and the platform for viewing the tigers, visitors must take a bus encircled by wire mesh to go through different sections of the park. There is also a lovely gift shop with anything you can think of related to tigers.

Zhaolin Park

No.8: Zhaolin Park

Type: Natural Park & Ice Lantern Show

Recommended Length of Visiting: About 1~2 Hours

Zhaolin Park, about 450 meters from Harbin Central Street, is the oldest city park of Harbin. It was firstly built in 1906. It was named after a national hero - Zhaolin Li who once made a great contribution in the Second World War. Zhaolin Park attracts most tourists from home and abroad with its Ice Lantern Garden Party which is one part of Harbin Ice and Snow Festival. These works are called "Unrepeatable Fairy", because completely different works will be displayed in the party. Furthermore, the park shows two totally different views in Summer and Winter. In Summer, you could escape far from the hot Summer here. Know more about Zhaolin Park.

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Lao DaoWai

No.9: Laodaowai

Type: Historical Site & Architecture

Recommended Length of Visiting: About 2 Hours

Located at the Daowai District, Laodaowai is the place that Harbin originated. It is popular as a featured street block full of old Baroque styled architectures with traditional Chinese elements. Take a leisure stroll along the streets to appreciate the ancient buildings and interesting folk sculptures and hear the good telling of the old life of Harbin people and history of Harbin in the past 100 years. Here you can find some delicious local foods. Most tourists come here not only for the ancient architectures but also for those special foods that can not be tasted at other places of Harbin.

Unit 731 Museum

No.10: Unit 731 Museum

Type: Historical Site

Recommended Length of Visiting: About 1 Hour

Located at the Pingfang District of Harbin, Unit 731 Museum is the Japanese Germ Warfare Experimental Base. It is the same as Auschwitz Concentration Camp. They all show how the Fascist harmed innocent people in the WWII. If you cone to Harbin, this is the best place to learn about the Japanese Fascist’ crime. This museum is just a small part of the past Japanese Germ Warfare Experimental Base, because the most parts of the base were destroyed by the Japanese Fascist.

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