Hangzhou Travel FAQs & Tips

1. When is the best time to visit Hangzhou?

Hangzhou, famed as “the City of Heaven, the most magnificent in all the world”, is good to pay a visit all the round. The West Lake is like a magician, showing its perfect appearance in all seasons and every kind of weather. You could check the detailed information about the best time on our page: Hangzhou Weather Information and Seasonal Activities.

2. Is it easy to get around Hangzhou?

Yes, it is easy to get around Hangzhou. There are some options like renting a bicycle, taking a walk, get a taxi or taking the metro…the best things for a tourist is to pick a hotel your planned sightseeing spots (namely, on the West Lake) within walking distance. If you are going for business, pick a hotel near your place of business. Travel with us, you never need to worry about the transfer in & around Hangzhou. We’ll arrange private guide and air-conditioning car for you. You could check the detailed information about the Hangzhou Transportation on our page: How to Get to and around Hangzhou.

3. Better to visit Dragon Well Tea Plantation or Meijiawu Tea Plantation?

Here, we recommend you Dragon Well Tea Plantation. It is more famous and visit by many tourists from home and aboard. The dragon well tea produced in Shifeng Mountain is the best renowned in the world. At the bottom of the mountain, there is a Hugong Temple, in front of which have 18 imperial tea trees – the most famous attraction in the Dragon Well Tea Plantation. By visiting this plantation, you’ll know as many Chinese tea legends and culture as possible.

4. Does the impression show at the lake only start at night? Or are there daytime shows as well. Also, is it possible to buy tickets on the same day?

Yes. It starts 07:45 pm every night and if it is Friday and Saturday, it will add one round more which will start at 09:15pm. The show lasts for 1 hour. Usually we suggest you book the tickets early.

5. How far is Wuzhen from Hangzhou Downtown?

It is about 80 kilometer from Wuzhen to Hangzhou Downtown with 1-hour drive. If you take the G-train between Hangzhou and Tongxiang (near Wuzhen Water Town), it just take you around 20 minutes.

6. I've been reading information on traveling to Hangzhou from Shanghai Hongqiao and came across that there are a few types of train that are serving that route, is it true? What's the difference between G Trains and D Trains?

D train is fast, G train is fastest, but it does not matter between Hangzhou and Shanghai because the distance is short. Usually, It takes 45-60 minutes if you take G-train while 80-90 minutes by D-train.

See other D/G-Trains departing from Shanghai:
Shanghai – Suzhou: G-train: 30 minutes / D-train: 40 minutes
Shanghai – Beijing: G-train: 5 hours / D-train: 10-12 hours
Shanghai – Nanjing: G-train: 75 minutes / D-train: 120 minutes

7. How much time should we get from Hangzhou city center to the airport by taxi?

It depends on where you are located, about 25-30 kilometers. Better allow 1.5 hours, it's 1 hour at most via expressway though. 100-120 Yuan is expected.

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