Things to Do in Hangzhou

Hangzhou, known as heaven on Earth, is overflowing with things to do. The West Lake Scenic Area contains over 60 cultural relic sites and several attractions of natural beauty.

Besides West Lake, Hangzhou offers much more for you to taste: retreat your soul at Lingyin Temple, have a fantastic view of Qiantang River on the top of Six Harmonies Pagoda, stroll into Dragon Well Tea Plantation to see how tea is planted, picked and processed to become fragrant liquid in your teacup…

Check out your favorites attractions and featured activities below and make your own Hangzhou tour of a lifetime.

Hangzhou Attraction Map

West Lake

No.1: West Lake (Xi Hu)

Type: Bodies of Water

Recommended Length of Visit: half day

West Lake (Xi Hu), long considered one of the scenic wonders of China, is the most famous attraction in Hangzhou. West Lake, a place of tranquility, is surrounded by hills on three sides while Hangzhou City itself is on the eastern shore.

To have in-depth exploration of the beauty of West Lake, you should not miss the “Ten Scenic Spots in Xihu” which make West Lake a charming fairyland with endless interests. Take a cruise for an afternoon on the water, stroll leisurely along the shady Bai and Su causeways, or bike around the lake… all are fantastic experiences.

Lingyin Temple

No.2: Lingyin Temple

Type: Historic Sites, Religious Sites

Recommended Length of Visit: 2-3 hours

Founded in AD 326, Lingyin Temple (Temple of Soul’s Retreat) is one of the most significant and beautiful Buddhist monasteries in China. The Ligong Pagoda at the entrance was built in honor of the Indian Monk, Hui Li, who gave the mountain its eccentric name. Hui Li though it was the spitting image of a hill in India and asked whether it had flown here. The famous Feilai Feng is known for the dozens of Buddhist sculptures carved into the rock, many dating from the 10th century.

Six Harmonies Pagoda

No.3: Six Harmonies Pagoda (Liuhe Tower)

Type: Architectural Buildings

Recommended Length of Visit: 2-3 hours

The Six Harmonies Pagoda is one of the true masterpieces of ancient Chinese architecture. Why named “Liuhe”? It is said to signify the harmony of heaven, earth, and the four directions: east, west, south and north. Standing beside the railway bridge on the northern shore of Qiantang River and on the southern of West Lake, Liuhe Tower is all that is left of an octagonal temple first built in AD 970 to placate the tidal bore. Climbing onto the top, visitors could have a spectacular view of Qiantang River and surrounding hills.

Dragon Well Tea Plantation

No.4: Dragon Well Tea Plantation

Type: tea village

Recommended Length of Visit: 2 hours

Besides the gorgeous scenery, Hangzhou is also famous for its Dragon Well Tea. The Dragon Well Tea Plantation is a picturesque wonderland surrounded by mountains with large area of tea trees. The tea pavilions, tea houses you could see here and there where you could relax and enjoy tea. You could also wander around the tea terraces, catch glimpses of the different stages of production – cutting, sorting, and drying – and also buy the tea. Besides, the famous Dragon Well, Royal Tea Plantation, Hutong Temple, 9 streams and 18 gullys are also the highlights.

the Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine

No.5: the Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Type: Museums, Historic Sites

Recommended Length of Visit: 1-2 hours

The Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Hu Qing Yu Tang) is the only state-level Chinese medicine museum in China. It consists of five parts: an exhibition hall, a hall of medicine preparation, a health care clinic, a sales department and a restaurant of medicine diets. It is more than simply a museum. You’ll know some history and development of traditional Chinese medicines, appreciate the traditional architecture and design, and buy the traditional medicine in this functioning pharmacy…

Wuzhen Water Town

No.6: Wuzhen Water Town

Type: Historic Sites, Tourist/ Visitor Centers

Recommended Length of Visit: 1-2 days

Wuzhen Water Town, known as one of the six famous ancient towns in South China, is at the center of a triangle formed by Shanghai, Hangzhou and Suzhou. With a history of 1,300 years, it displays its profound culture and history.

Usually, you’ll visit Wuzhen East and Wuzhen West. In the east part of Wuzhen, you could visit ancient bed museum, wine workshop, indigo fabric workshop, woodcarving workshop, shadow play, local opera…In the west part, you could see soy sauce workshop, foot-binding culture museum, old post office, children’s museum and so on. In the daytime, you may find a bit crowded, yet by night less people here, you’ll immerse in the most atmospheric with the light-ups.

Hefang Street

No.7: Hefang Street

Type: Historic Walking Areas, Points of Interest & Landmarks

Recommended Length of Visit: 2-3 hours

Hefang Street is the most famed street in Hangzhou City. Dating back to the time South Song Dynasty, Hefang Street was a rather prosperous business site and the center of culture and politics. Nowadays, Hefang Street is the most famous and the only well-preserved ancient street in Hangzhou. Vising this busy but interesting street, you can catch a glimpse of antique buildings and long-survived stores, taste local snacks as well as savor the beautiful artifacts.

China National Tea Museum

No.8: China National Tea Museum

Type: Museum; Cultural Site; Natural Sightseeing Place

Recommended Length of Visit: 2-3 hours

China National Tea Museum, on the southwest of West Lake is very popular among visitors who love tea culture, and many G20 leaders' wives have visited here in September 2016. In this garden-like museum, you can know about the tea culture and tea history from more than 4700 years ago in China, see the exhibition of tea sets in different periods from China to other countries, sample diverse kinds of tea, and enjoy wonderful tea ceremony performances in rich styles. Besides, China National Tea Museum provides very pleasing natural and cultural environment for you to relax and breathe the fresh aroma of tea trees that are growing arround on the mountain.

China National Silk Museum

No.9: China National Silk Museum

Type: Silk, Specialty Museum

Recommended Length of Visit: 2-3 hours

Newly reopened in July 2016, China National Silk Museum (short for CNSM), located at the south side of West Lake, is not only the first state-level specialized silk museum in China, but also the largest silk museum in the world at present.

China National Silk Museum displays about 5000 years silk history and culture which is regarded as an educational and amazing window for travelers to have a better understanding about Chinese silk and the Silk Road and have a new respect and appreciation for Chinese and Western silk art and fashion.

Xixi National Wetland Park

No.10: Xixi National Wetland Park

Type: National Parks, Nature & Parks

Recommended Length of Visit: 2-4 hours

Xixi National Wetland Park collecting city wetland, ecological wetland and cultural wetland together, is the first national wetland park in China. With peaceful environment and beautiful waterscapes of colorful flowers, green reeds and other plants to admire, it attracts lots of tourists to have a sightseeing and relaxation.

For its amazing nature scenery and brilliant culture, Xixi National Wetland Park is recognized as a National AAAAA Scenic Area and an International Important Wetland. Many streams, moderate temperature and fresh air in Xixi National Wetland Park draw birds and animals to reside here.

Xitang Water Town

No.11: Xitang Water Town

Type: Historic Sites, Ancient Towns

Recommended Length of Visit: about half day to one day

Xitang Water Town is conveniently located in Jiashan County, about 90 kilometers from Shanghai, 110 kilometers from Hangzhou and 85 kilometers from Suzhou. This historic ancient town was listed as National AAAA Tourist Attraction. It is like an ancient piece of jade, glittering and translucent.

This ancient town has a history with more than one thousand years. What attracts visitors most is the easygoing lifestyle that local residents have followed for thousands of years. Unlike the ancient towns of Zhouzhuang and Wuzhen, Xitang is not a bustling village that people in the town live ordinary and peaceful lives.

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