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Why Visit Xijiang Miao Nationality Village?

Xijiang Miao Village is the largest Miao village in China and even in the world. It bears the title “thousand-household village” and now has 1432 household, which amounts to a population of over 5000, of which 99.5% are Miao ethnic group.

Xijiang Miao Village is a superbly picturesque place, set in a natural basin and bordered paddy fields drenched in green, with wooden houses rising up in the hillside. It should be the fantastic “Miao Capital” and the “Open Air Museum” to experience Miao’s primitive culture, including Miao’s festivals, singing and dancing, art, architecture, language, costumes, silverwork, and food.

Taking a trip to this traditional Miao village, travelers will enjoy the beautiful Miao village scenery, taste some authentic Miao cuisine, experience different way of living, escape from the hustle and bustle city life and gain the peace and love in your inner heart.

Location & Transportation

Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village is located on the north side of Leigong Mountain along Bai River in Leishan County, about 33 kilometers from Kaili, the capital of Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture, and about 280 kilometers from Guiyang - the capital of Guizhou Province.

Transfer to Xijiang Miao Village

Our private tour package includes transferring to and sending off Xijiang Miao Village that travelers can enjoy worry free transfer service all the way. If you are independent travelers, you can take train or bus from Guiyang or Kaili to Xijiang Miao Village.

  • From Guiyang to Xijiang Miao Village: For travelers who come from Guiyang to Xijiang, you’d get to Kaili first and then transfer to Xijiang Miao Village. More than 20 daily G trains are available during 07:19~20:06 from Guiyang North Railway Station to Kaili South Railway Station. It takes only 36 minutes.
  • From Kaili to Xijiang Miao Village: It takes about 1 hour from Kaili to Xijiang Miao Village. Travelers can take direct bus from Kaili Ximahe Kaiyunsi Bus Station to Xijiang.

What to See in Xijiang Miao Village

Wooden Stilted Building

The main architecture of Xijiang Miao Village is the wooden stilted buildings, called in Diao Jiao Lou in Chinese. In this area, the wooden stilted houses are usually built one next to another on a 30-70 degree mountain slope, which forms a magnificent view. All these wooden architectures are without any nails and rivets. The buildings usually have three storeys, with different use. The first floor is used for storing tools and manure, raising poultry and livestock, etc. The second floor is used for living room, central room, bedroom and kitchen and out of the central room is the special place for resting and embroidery. The third floor is mainly used for storing grain, fodder and other living goods. A visit to Xijiang Miao Village, travelers should spend one night here and have a stay in the special wooden stilted house.

Wind and Rain Bridges

There are several Wind and Rain Bridges in Xijiang Miao Village. They are built in order to improve “Feng Shui” and bring convenience to the villagers. In the past time, the Wind and Rain Bridges were wooden structure without any nails and now they are rebuilt in the structure of concrete and wooden. Every visitor entering to Xijiang Miao Village should pass through one of the Wind and Rain Bridge and you can take a rest under the bridge and appreciate some elegant design…

Panoramic View

You should never miss the panoramic view of Xijiang Miao Village and you can enjoy it either in the daytime or at night. There are viewing decks on the opposite hill of Xijiang Miao Village and electric car can take you there. Standing on the viewing deck, you’ll enjoy picturesque and peaceful panoramic view of the whole village in the daytime. And when night falls and every household turns lights on, you’ll find the village is brilliantly illuminated like the stars hanging in the sky. And the Wind and Rain Bridges across the Bai River is dazzling and shining. You can never imagine that in this remote ethnic village the nightlife just begins.

Idyllic Farmland Scenery

Xijiang Miao Village is leaning against Leigong Mountain and surrounded by paddy fields which makes this village more attractive and picturesque. The quiet of the farmland and the busy of the village is a contrast and you can have different feeling towards Xijiang Miao Village when tour both.

Xijiang Miao Village Wooden Stilted Houses
Xijiang Miao Village Xijiang Miao Village Night View
Xijiang Miao Village Farmland near Xijiang

What to Experience in Xijiang Miao Village

Colorful Miao’s Performance

Once you enter into the village, you’ll begin to experience every aspect of Miao people. A valued old man standing in the north entrance gate welcomes you with rice wine. Miao’s singing is performed at No.2 Wind and Rain Bridge in the morning around 11:30, Lusheng performance at Old Lusheng Square, Miao’s Batik performance, traditional singing performance by the old at Tonggu Lusheng Square, cock fighting and bird flight in the market day.

Long Table Banquet

With thousand years’ history, long table banquet is the highest form of etiquette which is used for wedding, new born baby celebration and village gathering. At the table, the hosts sit at the left side of the table and the guests sit at the right side of the table. The hosts toast the guests with rice wine and welcome with beautiful songs. Taking a visit to Xijiang Miao Village, travelers should catch the rare chance to enjoy the long table banquet with hundreds of people in the large square. If your group is not large enough, no worry, you can experience the dining etiquette in the local restaurants. There are many local delicious food served on the table, such as the Ancient Zang Meat, Cured Meat, Sliced Chicken, Fish in Sour Soup, Qingyan Tofu, etc.

Miao Ethnic Festivals

Guzang Festival

Guzang festival is the grandest ancestral worship ritual of Miao ethnic minority. The minor Guzang Festival will be held annually in the early spring and late autumn and the villagers prepare delicious meals for the gathering and other activities include bull fighting, Lusheng playing and more. The Grand Guzang Festival is celebrated every thirteen years with mysterious and solemn ancestor worship ceremony, Lusheng dance, bull fighting. Guzang Festival usually lasts about 5 to 9 days.

Some other festivals including Miao’s New Year (held in September, October and November by lunar calendar), New Rice Festival (held in June and July by lunar calendar), Lusheng Festival (held in January, February, Mach by lunar calendar). If you are interested in Miao’s festivals and want to know the detailed festival time and activities, please feel free to contact our professional travel consultants.

Xijiang Miao Village Miao's Performance
Xijiang Miao Village Long Table Banquet
Xijiang Miao Village Maio's Guzang Festival

Recommended Visiting Route

China Discovery is designed a classic travel route to make you an in-depth exploration in Xijiang Miao Village. After arrival at the parking lot, you can either take a sightseeing bus or take a walk into the village. Experience welcome ceremony in the entrance gate and visit Lusehng Dancing ground and Bronze Drum Dancing Ground to watch colorful performance. Visit the museum, Peasant Painter, Guzang Starting Ground and the Leader of Labor. Reach the Dating Ground at the top of the hill and have a look at the whole village. Get down and get around to the idyllic farmland to breathe some fresh air and get back to the village and visit Embroidery workshop. After the merry time in the village, take sightseeing bus to the opposite viewing deck to have panoramic view of Xijiang Miao Village. You could either go to the viewing deck in the daytime or at night and we recommend you go at night for the night view is gorgeous.

Xijiang Miao Village Tourist Map Xijiang Miao Village Tourist Map

Useful Travel Tips

1. Best Time to Visit

The Southeast Guizhou can be visited all the year round for the interesting festivals in ethnic many counties. And the best time to Xijiang Miao Village is in April, May, June, July, November and January.

2. Opening Hours & Sightseeing Bus

Xijiang Miao Village is opened all day and night. Travelers can pay 100 Yuan for the ticket of Xijiang Miao Village and pay another 20 Yuan for the sightseeing buses (available for four rides) at entrance hall anytime of the day and the sightseeing buses running between North Service Area and north Gate is available in 24 hours and the sightseeing buses running up and down viewing deck are available during 08:00~24:00.

3. "Beautiful Xijiang” Night Show

To make your nightlife more colorful, you can choose to enjoy “Beautiful Xijiang” night show. It is performed during 20:30~22:00. For it is open air performance, it may be cancelled in winter seasons. If you want to watch, please ask more detailed information from your personal travel consultant and local guide.

4. Accommodation

To catch the awesome panoramic view of the Xijiang Miao Village, it is suggested to stay in a hotel or hostel located on high point of the village or stay in the opposite of the village.

5. Photography Tips

It is good to shoot in the morning around 08:00 and in the late afternoon and evening for the panoramic view of Xijiang. When taking some walk in the village, the Miao people in traditional costumes, traditional wooden stilted houses, Miao’s performance and paddy fields can be your photography subjects. >> More Xijiang Photography Tips from our Experts

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[Important] Travel News for Expats: China travel is reopening now! Travel with China Discovery and learn about where to visit & requirements for each destination! Read Details >