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Why Visit Upper Langde Miao Village?

Upper Langde Miao Village, named Chinese Folk Art Village, is a very primitive and simple Miao village which still maintains the old way of living of the Miao people. “Dynamic Xijiang and quiet Langde” is the difference between Xijiang Miao Village and Langde Miao Village. Compared with Xijiang Thousand-household Miao Village, it is much less developed and crowded with about 100 households. It is the only authenticrural village passed by the Beijing Olympic torch in 2008.

Upper Langde Miao Village is featured in “Long Skirt Miao” which means travelers can see Miao people wear long skirts. Taking a visit to Langde, you can also appreciate the special Miao wooden stilted buildings and feel the enthusiasm and hospitality of Miao people and enjoy colorful Lusheng singing and dancing performed by the local villagers.

Location & Transportation

Upper Langde Miao Village, situated on the Danjiang Riverside at the foot of Leigong Mountain,is 7 kilometers from Leishan County and 29 kilometers from Kaili downtown area.

Transfer to Upper Langde Miao Village

Our private tour package includes transferring to and sending off Langde Upper Miao Village that travelers can enjoy worry free transfer service all the way. If you are independent travelers, you can take train or bus from Guiyang or Kaili to Langde Upper Miao Village.

  • From Kaili to Langde Miao Village: Travelers can take bus from KailiXimahe Bus Station to Langde with about 40 minutes’ drive. Along the way, travelers can see Nanhua Miao Village and Jidao Miao Village. If you take the bus from Kaili to Leishan County, you should make a stop at the crossroad of Langde Village and walk about 10-20 minutes to Upper Langde Miao Village.
  • From Leishan County to Langde Miao Village: There are direct buses from Leishan County to Langde every half hour.

What to See & Experience in Upper Langde Miao Village

Welcome Ceremony

Travelers to Langde Miao Village are welcomed by the 12 courses of “block-way” rice wine set from the foot of the village to the entrance gate. In every block-way, the local Miao people in traditional Miao costumes will toast you with two bowls of rice wine which means enjoy both happiness and longevity. In the last block-way at the entrance gate, the bowl is changed into a big horn. For those who are not good at drinking, put your hands behind and bend over to sip a little of rice wine and say “thank you” and you’ll pass the block-way test. Besides the 12 courses block-way rice wine taste, guests are welcomed by firecrackers, toasting songs and more.

Traditional Miao Architecture

Once enter into Langde, you’ll see many typical Miao ethnic architecture, including Wind and Rain Bridges, Wooden Stilted Houses and Tonggu Singing and Dancing Ground.

There are three beautiful wind and rain bridges in and near the village. The bridges are a particular type of covered bridges with reclined eaves. The whole structure is a combination of wooden corridors lined with benches and verandas and Chinese pavilions which rest on one or several stone or concrete piers.

The wooden stilted houses, called Diao Jiao Lou in Chinese, are built one next to another on a mountain slope. The buildings usually have three storeys with different use, and the first floor is mainly used for raising animals and the second floor is used for living and rest and the third floor is used for storing grains and other living goods. There are five streets leading to the central Village and three village gates in the east, west and north.Moreover, there are two copper drum grounds and one Lusheng ground in Langde Upper Miao Village.

Sing and Dance Performance

Traditional singing and dancing shows are performed in the morning when tour groups come. All the local villagers both man and woman, old and young welcome visitors from far away. After the 12 courses of block-way, the performance begins in the Copper Drum Ground. The typical shows include traditional Miao’s singing and dancing, Lusheng dance, bench dance, wooden drum dance, copper drum dance and so on. At the end of the performance, all the hospitable Miao people invite the visitors to dance happily together.

(Please note: Miao’s performance cannot be performed anytime of the day, please arrange your visiting time properly. And if visitors are few, performance may not be performed. If you have more questions about the Singing and Dancing performance, please let your tour guide ask more information from the village head.)

Langde Upper Miao Village Welcome Ceremony
Langde Upper Miao Village Welcome Ceremony
Langde Upper Miao Village Wooden Stilted Houses
Langde Upper Miao Village Miao's Singing and Dancing Performance

Nearby Miao Villages

Nanhua Miao Village (南花苗寨)

Nanhua Miao Village, situated along Bala River, is about 15 kilometers from Kaili. It is called a natural museum presenting Long Skirt Miao and their traditional agricultural civilization. It has about 187 household with 824 people in Nanhua Miao Village. When visiting Langde Miao Village, you can either have a look at from afar in your car or you can make a stop to visit this elegant and quiet village to explore more about Miao culture.

Jidao Miao Village (季刀苗寨)

Jidao Miao Village also situated along Bala River, is about 20 kilometers in the southeast of Kaili. The highlights of Jidao are the Time-honored Granaries, the Cave of the Immortal, the Footprints of Buffalos& Horses, the Old Geomantic Trees, Singing and Dancing Square, etc. The Miao New Year is a grand festival in Jidao which is held in October by lunar calendar. You can make a stop at Jidao Miao Village on the way to Langde Upper Miao Village.

Nanhua Miao Village Nanhua Miao Village
Jidao Miao Village Jidao Miao Village

Useful Travel Tips

1. Best Time to Visit

To fully taste the beauty and culture of Miao in Upper Langde Village, you’d better come in February for Lusheng Festival and Spring Festival activities, in April for Siyueba Festival, in July for New Rice Tasting Festival, in November for Miao’s New Year, etc.

2. Extra Tickets

Two spots in the villages need to pay extra 20 Yuan/person to visit, including Former Residence of Yang Daliu (hero of Miao) and Miao’s Folk Museum. No entrance fee is needed.

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[Important] Travel News for Expats: China travel is reopening now! Travel with China Discovery and learn about where to visit & requirements for each destination! Read Details >