Basic Info of Fanjingshan Hiking - Entrances & Hiking Routes

Fanjingshan scenic area stretches over the border between Jiangkou County and Yinjiang County of Tongren City, Guizhou Province. Therefore, it has two entrances. One is Heiwan River Entrance (黑湾河山口) in Jingkou County and the other is Huguo Temple Entrance (护国寺山口) in Yinjiang County. As Heiwan River Entrance is located on the southeast foot of the mountain, it is also called South Gate of Fanjingshan. And Huguo Temple Entrance is called West Gate, because it is at the west foot.

Here we will introduce you the two different hiking routes from these two different entrances, including the South Route staring from Heiwan River Entrance in Jiangkou and the West Route from Huguo Temple Entrance in Yinjiang.


Fanjingshan Hiking Classic South Route - Most Popular & Top Recommended

Route Details: Heiwan River Entrance (黑湾河山门) - Yuao Area (鱼坳) - Lower Station of Cable Car - Upper Station of Cable Car - Forest Hiking Trail - Mushroom Stone (蘑菇石) - Old Golden Summit (老金顶) - Chengen Temple (承恩寺) - Red Clouds Golden Summit (红云金顶/optional) - Pudu Square (普渡广场) - Upper Station of Cable Car - Lower Station of Cable Car - Yuao Area (鱼坳) - Heiwan River Entrance (黑湾河山门)

Hiking Hours: 6.5-7.5 hours (without the help of cable car to go uphill); 3.5 hours around (with the help of cable car)

Trip Needed: 8-10 hours (without the help of cable car to go uphill); 5-7 hours around (with the help of cable car)

The south route starting from Heiwan River Entrance (South Gate) is the most popular one. From the entrance, you could hop on a sightseeing bus to the lower station of cable cars and the starting point of hiking trails. The bus driving takes about 20 minutes. When you get off the bus, you can follow the crowds to catch a cable car for an ascent or head to the trail to hike atop along the stone trail of nearly 8,000 steps up to the upper station of cable car. The hiking journey needs about 3-4 hours, while it needs only about 20 minutes if you ride a cable car.

Upon arriving at the upper station, you will find two separate routes in front of you. Follow the wooden forest trail on your right side, and then you can get to the excellent creation of nature - Mushroom Stock and the highest point of Fanjingshan - Old Golden Summit. From Old Golden Summit, you can have a panorama view of Fanjingshan and the most standout Red Clouds Golden Summit from a distance. And if you choose the left way at the upper station, you will arrive at Chengen Temple and Red Clouds Golden Summit first. No matter which way you choose, the hiking tour from the upper station of cable car to all these treasures on the mountain’s top needs about 3 hours to finish!

Tourist tips:

1) Challenge yourself according to your physical condition!

The hiking trails up and down the Red Clouds Golden Summit are extremely steep! Have a panorama view of the Red Clouds Golden Summit from Old Golden Summit only is more suggested if you feel tough to overcome these trails.

2) You are suggested to explore Fanjingshan with the help of cable cars.

The highlights of Fanjingshan gather on the mountains’ top. You are suggested to spend more time on the top instead of the hillside. Besides, considering you may feel hard to finish the rest tour after the 4 hours’ hiking, you are advised to go uphill by cable car to save your energy.

3) The sightseeing bus and cable cars need extra charge. Prices for your reference:

Sightseeing bus: CNY 10 per person (Single-trip); CNY 20 per person (round-trip)

Cable car: CNY 70 per person (Single-trip); CNY 140 per person (round-trip)

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View from Old Golden Summit View from Old Golden Summit View from Red Clouds Golden Summit View from Red Clouds Golden Summit


Fanjingshan Hiking West Route - Less Crowded but Tough & Seldom Chosen

Route Details: Huguo Temple Entrance (护国寺入口) - Mianxuling Ridge (棉絮岭) - Hei Alley (黑巷子) - Guoran Temple (果然寺) - Pregnant Tree (十月怀胎树) - Red Clouds Golden Summit (红云金顶) - Chengen Temple (承恩寺) - Old Golden Summit (老金顶) - Pudu Square (普渡广场) - Upper Station of Cable Car - Lower Station of Cable Car - Yuao Area (鱼坳) - Exit from Heiwan River Entrance (黑湾河山门)

Hiking Hours: from 6 hours

Trip Needed: from 7 hours

From the Huguo Temple Entrance (West Gate), you can catch a sightseeing bus to Mianxuling Ridge (棉絮岭). The bus trip takes about 20minutes. And once you get off the bus, the rest journey can only be finished by foot. There is no alternative cable car for you to choose. The whole hiking experience to the top of Fanjingshan needs about 2.5-3 hours around from Mianxuling Ridge (棉絮岭). You will arrive at Baifo Stage (拜佛台) at the middle of Old Golden Summit and Red Clouds Golden Summit. Follow the steps to the Old Golden Summit first, and then hike down to Mushroom Stocks, Chengen Temple and Red Clouds Golden Summit. After the hiking tour on the mountain top, go down from Pudu Square (普渡广场) to the upper station of cable car to ride a cable car for a descent.

Tourist tips:

1) No taxi or scheduled bus to West Gate.

Unlike going to the South Gate (Heiwan River Entrance), there are no scheduled buses or coach can take you to the West Gate (Huguo Temple Entrance). Therefore, the west route is more recommended for self-driving tours.

2) You are not suggested to hiking along West Route if you travel alone.

Few tourists choose to visit Fanjingshan from west route. Therefore, you cannot find many tourists to accompany you along the way. And it may be not a wise choice to walk in the forest alone.

How to Plan a Trip to Fanjingshan - Red Clouds Golden Summit Red Clouds Golden Summit Hiking


How to Choose Your Fanjingshan Hiking Route

To protect the natural environment and for the sake of travelling security, it is NOT allowed to stay at the mountain during the night or hike up after 2pm. The two cableway stations built on hillsides will be out of service after 4pm. Please mind your travelling schedules and carefully choose your hiking route before your leaving for Fanjingshan.

Usually, you are suggested to visit Fanjingshan along the South Route, which is more popular and safer. And for getting up the mountain by cable car or by foot, it is recommended to choose your way according to your time, plan, prefer and physical situation. Cable cars are our pick of best choices, because you can save more time and energy to explore the highlights on the top of the mountain. However, if you are hiking enthusiasts and looking for a longer hiking experience there, you can choose to go uphill by hiking along the trails (about 6,600 steps).

Fanjingshan Hiking Fanjingshan Hiking


Best Time to Hike Fanjingshan (Mount Fanjing)

Fanjingshan belongs to subtropical humid monsoon climate area. It’s attractive all year round. Every season brings different beauty to the tourists. The annual average temperature of Fanjingshan ranges from 13.1 to 14.7 °C. The hottest days occur in the late July, and the average temperature is 24 °C; the coldest nights approach in the early January, and the average temperature is 4.6 °C. Rainfall season is intense from May to October. Generally speaking, the climate at Fanjingshan is mild,with abundant solar power and rainfall. It is neither too hot in summer in nor cold in winter, no gale blowing, and no sand storming. The best time to visit Fanjingshan is from March to November, but tries to avoid Chinese holidays such as the Chinese National Day (the beginning of October), the Labor’s Day (the beginning of May) and the Spring Festival. >> Learn More about Fanjingshan Weather & Climate >>

Fanjingshan in Summer Fanjingshan in Summer


Fanjingshan Accommodation & Food

It's better to take some snacks while you are hiking. Although there is water and snacks in the rest area, you can only simply relieve your hunger. Bring some food like biscuits and bread may be helpful.

To protect ecological environment of Fanjingshan, accommodation is almost completely prohibited in the scenic area. You can find hotels at the foot of Fanjingshan (near Heiwan River Entrance). Besides, there are many hotels available in the county town of Jiangkou located only 16km to the scenic area and there are more and better 5-star and 4-star hotels in Tongren city.

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Where to Stay in Fanjingshan A Poetic place


What to Pack for Fanjingshan Hiking

Usually tourists at Fanjingshan can complete the hike within one day, you are recommended to leave the main luggage in your hotel and pack your necessary personal belongings for the trekking. The followings are the most common packed items, listed for your reference.

  • Water: 3L for day hike
  • Snacks (energy bars, electrolytes, gels, etc)
  • Poop Kit: trowel, toilet paper, baby wipes, hand sanitizer
  • Bag for collecting trash
  • Bug spray
  • Trekking poles
  • Trail description
  • Bandana or quick-dry towel
  • Hiking boots or shoes
  • hiking shoes and socks
  • Camera
  • Cellphone with external battery charger
  • Emergency beacon
  • Trip itinerary left with friend
  • Post-hike snacks, water, towel, clothing change

Fanjingshan Hiking Tips

  • Avoid traveling to Mount Fanjingshan on weekends and Chinese Holidays such as Spring Festival, National Day and May Day holidays. It might be very crowded.
  • The weather changes rapidly on the mountain. Check the weather forecast before your leaving for Fanjingshan.
  • Avoid staying at the peak area when thunderstorm occurs.
  • Bring thick clothes with you for the temperature on the top is much lower than the bottom’s.
  • The road of Fanjingshan is rather complicated, so please be alert and follow the guide and do not put yourself into the risks of some new trails.
  • Fanjingshan is rich in biological species. Summer is a season when snakes and insects occur most frequently, so please always mind your steps.
  • Either to the new or the old golden summit, please mind your way up, for the trail is rather narrow and steep, and some of them can only hold one feet.

How to Plan a Fanjingshan Tour

Fanjing Mountain being the precious heritage site and favored place for hikers deserves your visit at least once. To visit such beautiful wide land, it usually takes 1-2 days to travel in the scenic area. For common visitors, you can spend 1 day in Fanjingshan Scenic Area to visit Fanjingshan Temple with the “Red Clouds Golden Summit”, the symbolic Mushroom Rock, admire the rich Buddhist culture, and more natural landscape there in a great hiking way. However, we suggest you stay outside of the area 1 night before to save your time and energy. Besides, most travelers visit Fanjingshan together with other popular destinations, including Zhangjiajie, Guilin, Guiyang, Fenghuang, Kaili, etc. It usually takes about 4-5 more days to visit Zhangjiajie and Fenghuang, about 3-4 more days to visit Guiyang and Kaili, and 3-5 more days to savor the sightseeing of Guilin and Yangshuo.

Most popular Fanjingshan Tour Packages:

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Furthermore, you can combine Fanjingshan with more top destinations in the vast China, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Huangshan, Jiuzhaigou, Emei Mountain, Hong Kong, and so on to enjoy more great things to see and experience! All our itineraries are customizable. Please feel free to tell us about your interested destinations and any other ideas to let us help with your Fanjingshan trip planning!

Recommended Tour Packages including Fanjingshan Hiking

Top 3 Fanjingshan tours chosen by most customers to explore Fanjingshan in the best way. Check the detailed itinerary, or tailor your own trip now with us.

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Tongren / Fanjingshan / Tongren

Fantastic Aerial View  of Fanjingshan

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Bizarre Fanjingshan Mushroom Stone Taken by Jessica's Group from Malaysia in November 2019

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