Yangshuo Yulong River Bamboo Rafting Experience
3 Days Classic Guilin Tour - Guilin Brief Vacation

Highlights: Li River Cruise, Yangshuo Countryside Scenery, Yulong River, Elephant Trunk Hill, Reed Flute Cave

During this 3 days brief but really classic Guilin vacation, you will never miss the landmarks of Guilin city, but surely catch enough inspiring hours to get relaxed by cruising down along the stunning Li River to Yangshuo Town, where you will meet more better surprises given by nature, while exploring the most beautiful countryside scenery, traditional custom, and harmonious life of people with natural lives, and expressing your laughter of the memorable experience of various outdoor activities!

Yangshuo Yulong River Biking
2 Days Guilin Ideal Li River Cruise with Yangshuo Essence Tour

Highlights: Li River Cruise, Yulong River Biking, Bamboo Rafting, Ten-mile Gallery

This 2-day Guilin Yangshuo Tour is to show you all the bests of the bests in Yangshuo and let you have an unforgettable in-depth exploration of Yangshuo. You will never miss any fantastic or classic natural splendors of this peaceful and amazing land, including both the classic Li River and charming Yulong River with the fun of water and hills. Just have a great fun with our selected activities, such as bamboo rafting, cycling, sightseeing bus, etc. to meet your expectation of the perfect landscape of Guilin and Yangshuo!

Picturesque Li River
4 Days Guilin Highlights Tour (Li River, Yangshuo & Longji Terrace)

Highlights: Elephant Trunk Hill, Longji Terrace, Li River Cruise, Yangshuo Town

This short 4-day tour covers the three most popular destinations of Guilin - Li River, Yangshuo and Longji Rice Terraces. In short 4 days, you will visit the essential sites in the Guilin city, enjoy a relaxing cruise along Li River, and have a pleasant time of countryside exploration in Yangshuo. The best highlight of this route is the 2-day unique trip to Longji Rice Terraces in Longsheng which is an ideal place for experiencing curvaceous rice terraces, ethnic culture, hiking and photography.

Hiking along Yulong River
4 Days Li River Cruise with Yangshuo Hiking Tour

Highlights: Li River, Elephant Trunk Hill, Local Farmer’s House

In this 4-day tour, you will firstly visit the Elephant Trunk Hill and Reed Flute Cave in the downtown area and then cruise the beautiful Li River from Guilin to Yangshuo. The best feature of this tour is the in-depth hiking experience along Yulong River. When wandering in the fields and old villages at the riverside, you can have a sweet date with the beautiful flowers, bamboos, reeds, butterflies, water buffalos, etc.

Family Cycling in Yangshuo
4 Days Leisure Guilin Tour with Half-day Cycling in Yangshuo

Highlights: Li River, Half-day Yangshuo Countryside Cycling, Moon Hill, Big Banyan Tree, West Street, Elephant Trunk Hill

Want to appreciate picturesque Karst landscape in a leisure pace? Seek for a way to enjoy breeze gently blowing over your face? This 4-day Guilin & Yangshuo tour is well-designed for travelers who want to feast your eyes with idyllic natural scenery as well as free your mind on two wheels. Taking the plunge and setting off on a cycling trip out of Yangshuo town is the most special part of this tour that travelers can have more intimate encounters with local farmers and be dazzled by the beautiful countryside scenery.

In-depth Guilin Tour Packages including Yangshuo

Green Longji Rice Terrace (June ~ August)
6 Days In-depth Guilin Tour from Hong Kong

Hong Kong / Guilin / Longsheng / Yangshuo / Guilin

This 6-day Guilin tour is specially designed for travelers who are interested in visiting Guilin in-depth, including Guilin City, Yangshuo Town and Longji Rice Terrace areas, and want to get to Guilin from Hong Kong by the new high speed train or flight. We arrange every must-visit and top recommended highlight to the point, including the Li River Cruise, countryside scenery at Yulong River, Jinkeng Rice Terraces and Dazhai Village, symbolic Elephant Trunk Hill, etc. for an enjoyment of all essential sightseeing, culture, history, and fun with no hurry at all. Enjoy your trip!

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Longji Rice Terrace Spring Ploughing Scene
5 Days Best Guilin In-depth Vacation (Li River, Yangshuo & Longji Terrace)

Guilin / Longsheng / Guilin / Yangshuo

This is the in-depth way to travel Guilin. Guilin, Yangshuo and Longji, three most popular tourist destinations with best highlights are arranged to the point. You will start your vacation from Guilin to the charming Longji Rice Terraces to enjoy the nature created lines and colors. After the close-up with mountains and fresh wheat, continue your natural discovery by the relaxing cruise along Li River to Yangshuo, then feast your eyes with the verdant countryside landscape of Yulong River, Ten-mile Gallery...

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Cuiping Five Fingers Mountain Sunset
6 Days Guilin In-depth Photography Tour

Guilin / Longsheng / Guilin / Yangshuo / Guilin

It’s not an overstatement to call Guilin the paradise of photographer. Endless green hills lie beside the quiet and clear Li River, which forms the most classical scene of Chinese Landscape Painting; Longji Terrace silently speaks the hard works of the local farmers; the antique buildings of the ancient towns reveal the stories of the old times…

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