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Yangshuo Biking - Top Cycling Routes & Maps, Bike Rental

Get away from the hustle and bustle of urban cities and head to the popular tourist city Yangshuo with your friends or family... on bicycles! Yangshuo is located about 80km (50 miles)'s driving distance from Guilin. The breath taking Karst Landscape there has long been reputed as the essence part of Guilin. Biking is one of the best ways to explore this amazing tourist destination. From the best riverside cycling trails along the rippling Yulong River, to the famous Ten-mile Gallery with the popular Big Banyan Tree and the Moon Hill, there are a ton of options for beginners and advanced cyclists to explore Yangshuo by bike. Just jump on a bicycle, and Go! Here's the ultimate guide of the top Yangshuo cycling routes, maps and bike rental information.

Top 4 Yangshuo Biking Routes

There are many places in Yangshuo that are suitable for biking. Below we pick 4 of best rides in Yangshuo, some ideal for those looking for a leisurely jaunt and others better suited to the visitors who want an in-depth exploring of Yangshuo. You can choose your favorite one according to your physical strength and interests.

1. Classic Yangshuo Biking Route with the Ancient Jiuxian Village Visiting

Classic Yangshuo Biking Route Map Classic Yangshuo Biking Route

Route: Yangshuo (阳朔) - Jima (骥马) - Jiuxian Village (Old County 旧县) - Xiangui Bridge (仙桂桥) - Yangshuo (阳朔)

Highlights: Jiuxian Village, Xiangui Bridge, Water Wheel Trails

Biking distance: About 15km

Time needed: About 2 hours

Recommended for: all

This route can give you a close experience of the local life both in Yangshuo County and in the ancient villages along the Yulong River. Besides, you can also have a chance to admire the bucolic scenery, buffaloes, and marvelous karst hills and rivers.

After about a 6.8 km's biking from the Yangshuo County, you can reach the Jima Wharf (骥马码头), from where you can head to the paths between the fields to explore the beautiful bucolic scenery near the Yulong River. Sometimes, there may be buffaloes wandering leisurely around those fields. After about 10 minutes of sightseeing, you can continue your journey to the Jiuxian Village (旧县), the famous historical and cultural village that has about 44 traditional local houses standing between the crisscross paths of the fields. Ancient bridges, wells, alleys, well-carved wooden doors, etc. can be found everywhere in the village. Biking from Jima Wharf to Jiuxian Village takes about 30 minutes. And after about 30 minutes of sightseeing in the Village, you can turn around and follow the larger main road to go back to Yangshuo County. Along the way, you will pass through the Xiangui Bridge (仙桂桥). You are highly recommended to make a short stop at the bridge to have a magnificent broad view of the Karst Mountains and bucolic scenery aside the Yulong River.

Yangshuo Countryside Yangshuo Countryside Yangshuo Countryside Beautiful View of Rape Flowers

2. Ten-mile Gallery Loop - with the Highlights of the Moon Hill and Big Banyan Tree

Ten-mile Gallery Loop Biking Map Ten-mile Gallery Loop Biking Map

Route: Yangshuo (阳朔) - Gongnong Bridge (工农桥) - Banyan Tree (大榕树景区) - The Moon Hill (月亮山景区) - The Moon Hill Village (历村) - Jianshan Temple (鉴真寺) - Yan Village (燕村) - Tianjia River (田家河) - Aishan Village (矮山村) - Yangshuo (阳朔)

Highlights: Gongnong Bridge, Ten-mile Gallery (Big Banyan Tree Scenic Area, Moon Hill, Jianshan Temple), Yan Village, Tianjia River, Aishan Village

Biking distance: About 30km

Time needed: about 4-5 hours

Recommended for: visitors who want a deep visit of Ten-mile Gallery

Ten-mile Gallery, the landmark scenic spot in Yangshuo, is a picturesque asphalted road stretching from the Yangshuo County to the famous Moon Hill, with rolling hills, endless fields and idyllic villages standing on both sides.

To complete the Ten-mile Gallery loop, you can start your journey from Yangshuo County, where your hotel is located at, and follow the Kangzhan Road (抗战路) for about 6.8km to the Gongnong Bridge. Gongnong Bridge (工农桥) is located at the confluence of Yulong River, Jinbao River and Tianjia River. When arriving at the bridge, you can see three well-marked adjoining peaks on your left side, which just look like a giant camel crossing the river. You are highly suggested to make a short stay on the bridge to admire the marvelous hills, rivers, fields and ancient villages on both sides. After a short stay, keep riding along the road. For about 5 minutes, you will arrive at the Big Banyan Tree Scenic Area (大榕树风景区), where you can see a magical 1500-year-old banyan tree. If you are interested, you can lock up your bike and go sightseeing for a while. After that, you can continue your journey to the Moon Hill (月亮山) and have a close view of the magical naturally-formed moon-like hill. Turn around and biking along the other side of the road for about 1km, you will arrive at the Moon Hill Village (or called Li Village / 历村), where you can take good photos of the Moon Hill and have a lunch.

After lunch, keep biking to Jianshan Temple (鉴山寺), which is just located on the opposite of the Big Banyan Tree Area. Then continue riding on the idyllic country road to the east and go across a stone arch bridge to reach Yan Village (燕村) and its nearby Tianjia River (田家河), where you may meet with sauntering buffaloes. If you have enough time left, you can also wait for a charming sunset there. After the sightseeing, take a leisurely ride northwards to Aishan Village (矮山村) and then follow the asphalted road northwards back to Yangshuo.

View on Gongnong Bridge Camel Crossing the River Moon Hill The Moon Hill Big Banyan Tree Big Banyan Tree

Warm Tips:
1. The ticket price of Big Banyan Tree Scenic Area is about 15RMB, and the price of the Moon Hill is about 11RMB.
2. Climbing to the top of the Moon Hill needs energy. There are over 800 stairs leading to the top, so you are more suggested to make a short stay at the foot if you don't like climbing mountains. Standing at the foot can also have a good view of the hill.

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3. Yulong River Loop - with Option for a short Bamboo Rafting Experience

Yulong River biking Yulong River Loop Biking Route Map

Route: Yangshuo (阳朔) - Baisha (白沙镇) - Jiuxian Village (Old County 旧县) - Xiangui Bridge (仙桂桥) - Gongnong Bridge (工农桥) - Ten-mile Gallery (十里画廊) - Yangshuo (阳朔)

Highlights: Jiuxian Village, Xiangui Bridge, Gongnong Bridge, Half of Ten-mile Gallery

Biking distance: About 30km

Time needed: about 4-5 hours

Recommended for: visitors who want an in-depth visit of Yulong River

Start from Yangshuo County and ride along the National Road 321 (G321) for about 8.5km, turn left at the intersection near the Baisha Town (白沙镇). After about 20 minutes (3.5km), you will arrive at the famous Jiuxian Village (旧县). Get off from your bicycle and go sightseeing around the ancient houses there to explore its charming history and culture. Then continue riding along the Yulong River to Gongnong Bridge (工农桥). Along the way, you will pass by Xiangui Bridge (仙桂桥), from where you can have a fantastic board view of the Yulong River and the Karst Mountains on both sides. Besides, you will pass by Jima Wharf (骥马码头) and Shuiedi Wharf (水厄底码头), from where you can take an optional bamboo rafting tour to Gongnong Bridge (工农桥). If you have no interest about the rafting, you can just head forward and have your lunch at the middle way. To have a closer explore of the sightseeing along the Yulong River, you can follow the trails which most of the time just right along the river. Then you can have a clear view of the reflection of the hills on the river. About 10 minutes after passed the Jima Wharf, there is a large flower field, which just like a sea of beautiful flowers. You can take a break there. After reaching the Gongnong Bridge, you are highly suggested to leave your bike at the roadside and make a short stay there. It is a vital point along both the Yulong River and Ten-mile Gallery, and the scenery on both sides is really magnificent. After sightseeing, bike northward about 30mins to get back to Yangshuo.

Yulong River Happy Biking in Yangshuo Yangshuo Old County Part View of Jiuxian Village

Warm Tips:

1. The price of the bamboo rafting from Jima to Gongnong Bridge is about 320 RMB per raft, and the price of the rafting from Shuiedi to Gongnong Bridge is about 160RMB per raft. Each bamboo raft has two seats, thus you can share the seats with someone others if you like.
2. You bicycles can't go with you on the raft if you choose to do the rafting, but ask some locals to help you to transfer your bicycles to Gongnong Bridge. Each bicycle needs about 25-30 RMB.
3. Rafting from Jima to Gongnong Bridge takes about 1.5 hours and from Shuiedi to Gongnong Bridge takes about 50 minutes. Considering the long-time journey, you are highly suggested to have your lunch first before rafting.

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4. In-depth Yangshuo Cycling Route

In-depth Yangshuo Cycling Route In-depth Yangshuo Cycling Route

Route: Yangshuo (阳朔) - Baisha (白沙镇) - Yulong Bridge (the Dragon Bridge 遇龙桥) - Xiangui Bridge (仙桂桥) - Jiuxian Village (Old County 旧县) - Gongnong Bridge (工农桥) - Big Banyan Tree (大榕树景区) - The Moon Hill (月亮山) - Yangshuo (阳朔)

Highlights: Yulong Bridge, Xiangui Bridge, Jiuxian Village, Gongnong Bridge, Ten-mile Gallery (Big Banyan Tree, The Moon Hill)

Biking distance: About 30km

Time needed: about 6 hours or more

Recommended for: Cycling enthusiasts and visitors who want to explore both Ten-mile Gallery and Yulong River

This in-depth cycling route allows you to have a close visit of both the Yulong River and Ten-mile Gallery, past stunning Karst Landscape and idyllic countryside scenery. Set off from Yangshuo County and head northwest for about 10km along the National Road 321 (G321), you will arrive at the Baisha Town (白沙镇). Turn left at the crossroads near the town and head forward for about 2.7km, you will arrive at Yulong Bridge (遇龙桥), which is also called the Dragon Bridge. Make a short stay there for some sightseeing and pictures, then head southeast along the Yulong River for about 6km to Jiuxian Village (旧县). After the deep visit of the charming ancient houses and local countryside life in Jiuxian Village, you can turn around for about 1 km to continue your journey. Soon you will meet with the Xiangui Bridge (仙桂桥), for it is only about 800m away from the Jiuxian Village. Don't miss the scenery on the bridge, for it enjoys a really board view of the magnificent Karst Landscape and bucolic scenery. Take a deep breath there and then head southeast to continue your journey to Gongnong Bridge (工农桥), which may take about 1.5 hours or so. When arrive at the Gongnong Bridge, you can make a short stop and enjoy the board view of beautiful secrecy there. After sightseeing, continue your journey along the wide asphalted road in the southwest direction. About 5 minutes later you will pass the Big Banyan Tree Scenic Area and about another 10 minutes later, you will arrive at the famous Moon Hill. Inside the Big Banyan Tree area, there is a 1500-year-old big banyan tree standing by the branch of Jinbao River (金宝河). In the famous movie named Liu sanjie, it is under this big banyan tree that Liu Sanjie tosses an embroidered ball to Aniu, the boy she loves. On the top of the Moon Hill area, there is a natural-formed hill, which just likes a curved moon leaning against the mountain. If you want a close visit of the two places, you can lock up your bikes and go sightseeing for a while. Hiking from the foot to the top pf the Moon Hill takes about half an hour. After visiting of the Moon Hill and Big Banyan Tree, you can now turn around and ride leisurely along the Ten-mile Gallery to go back to Yangshuo.

Yulong River Biking Yulong River Biking Yangshuo Biking Wandering Buffaloes Yangshuo Biking Biking Along the Yulong River

Warm Tips:

1. From Jiuxian to Gongnong Bridge, there are two kinds of road for you to choose. The one is the well-asphalted road, and the other is the trail among the fields. The latter trail is right along the Yulong River almost all the time, so it enjoys a better view of the scenery of the river and the riverside. However, it may be more suitable for walking because sometimes there are many steps. To go through the steps, you need to carry your bicycle with you. Besides, the trail is easy to be missed because most of time it's not well marked.
2. If you think that you can't finish your whole journey by bike or you want to try the bamboo rafting, you can try the rafting at the Jima Wharf (骥马码头) and Shuiedi Wharf (水厄底码头). The two wharfs are located between Xiangui Bridge and Gongnong Bridge. And they only provide rafting route to Gongnong Bridge.

Yangshuo Bike Rental

Cycling in Yangshuo is really popular. And you can easily start your biking journey there once you have rent a bicycle. So, where to rent a bicycle? What kinds of bicycle can you rent? How much is it to rent a bicycle in Yangshuo? You can have a clear understanding about everything about bike rental in Yangshuo with our information at below.

Where Can You Rent a Bicycle for Cycling

● Shops/hotels in Yangshuo County

● Shops/hotels in West Street

● Shops/hotels along the Yulong River

● Shops/hotels along the Ten-mile Gallery

There are a lot of shops and hotels in Yangshuo that provide bike rental service. Usually, you are more suggested to ask the staff of your living hotel for help. When you rent a bicycle in Yangshuo, you need to pay about 200-400RMB as deposit. For the guests of We China Discovery, we can help you with bicycle renting and returning, so you can have more time to explore the scenery in Yangshuo.

What Kinds of Bicycle Can You Rent

● Single Adult Bike

● Tandems for couples

● Mountain Bike

The normal single adult bike and tandems for couples have a basket at the front. If you just want a short cycling journey, these two kinds of bikes can perfect suit your needs. However, if you want a long distance biking, you are more suggested to rent the professional mountain bikes, which may save a lot of energy. Usually, you should return your bicycle at the place you rent it.

How Much Is It to Rent a Bicycle

Usually, per normal bike needs only about 10-20RMB per day, while per mountain bike needs about 20-60RMB per day. The mountain bikes are more recommended. Usually, after renting a bicycle in Yangshuo, you can do a whole-day cycling before return it.

What to Pack before Biking

● A hat, sun glasses and sunscreen creams - To protect yourself from UV Rays

● A backpack - To conveniently pack everything you need to carry with

● Comfortable Clothes and shoes - To have a better biking experience

● At least one bottle of water - Though there are many stores along the main biking road, you may hard to find a store when wandering in the fields

● A latest detailed tourist map - To better plan your biking route and find your way

Warm Tips about Yangshuo Cycling

1. Check the brakes and tires of your bike carefully before your journey.

2. Remember to ask for a latest detailed tourism map from the bike owner or the staff of local tourist center before your cycling.

3. Try to ride with a companion as possible in case you need some help.

Worry Free Travel with China Discovery

There are many trails when biking in Yangshuo, especially along the Yulong River. It may need hours to find the right way when you get lost. To get a perfect Yangshuo biking experience, you can ask our professional travel consultants for help. We will try our best to arrange a tailor-made half-day or one-day biking tour for you. Besides, we can help you with bike renting. Therefore, you could pay more attention to the wonderful highlights on the way. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

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