Things to Do in Guilin

Guilin, best known for its breathtaking sceneries under heaven, will feast your eyes with various kinds of scenic spots and natural beauty.

No matter you are the freshman here or travel for many times in Guilin, you will be attracted by the Top 10 attractions in Guilin tour that we selected to you, including Li River, Longji Rice Terraces, Yangshuo, Elephant Trunk Hill, Reed Flute Cave, etc. Some Featured Activities are recommended for you as well.

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Li River Cruise

No.1: Li River Cruise

Type: Cruising

Location: Li River, Guilin

Tourists normally get aboard the cruise vessels at the Pier in Guilin and disembark in Yangshuo. Meandering among piles after piles of hills with grotesque peaks flanking the emerald and limpid water, it is embellished by vivid reflections of scenery along the river and fertile lands covered in brocaded or veiled in mists. To cruise along the Li River no matter whether it’s fine or in rain you’ll find it fascinating in either case for it offers a different taste.

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Longji Rice Terraces Area

No.2: Hiking in Longji Rice Terraces Area

Type: Outdoor Activities

Location: Longsheng County

With a history of more than 700 years, Longji is not just an attraction but still being use for growing rice by Yao and Zhuang villagers. The rice terraces are built into the hillsides and look like great steps cut into the slopes as they wind around the mountainsides. Hiking is the best way to admire and experience the green terraced rice paddy of Longji, especially in summer. Fresh air and the unique scenery in Longji area is an ideal place for hiking fans. The long distance hiking starts from Ping’an, Dazhai, and ends in Jinkeng. Please discuss your hiking details with your travel consultant.

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Yangshuo Countryside Tour

No.3: Yangshuo Countryside Cycling

Type: Outdoor Activities

Location: Yangshuo County

There are two classic biking routes. The first classic route is Yulong River Short Route. The Route will satisfy you with hills, river, villages and scenic spots in a short loop. The distance is 15 km (10 miles) which takes a half-day. The route starts from Yangshuo Town, then go to Yulong River Scenic Area by a rural road. The second one is Baisha and Yulong River Route, which is 16 km (10 miles) cycling, starting from Yangshuo Town then go through Baisha Town, Yulong River Area, Yulong Bridge with over 1,000 years old. You can freely enjoy the fantastic natural scenery all the way when do cycling in Yangshuo countryside.

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Hiking along Yulong River

No.4: Hiking & Bamboo Rafting along Yulong River

Type: Outdoor Activities

Location: Yangshuo County

This is a popular and quite good way to explore the best of rural Yangshuo. Hiking or bamboo rafting along the Yulong River in the Yangshuo countryside will bring you rural scenery, paddy fields, and tranquil villages. And meet three main Bridges: Yulong Bridge, standing on peaceful and beautiful land, which was built in 1412 and the biggest single arch stone bridge in Guangxi; Xiangui Bridge, the first ancient bridge in Guangxi; and Fuli Bridge, the best round single arch stone bridge in Yangshuo.

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Impression of Liu Sanjie

No.5: Watch Impression Sanjie Liu

Type: Open-air Theatre Show

Location: Yangshuo County

The amphitheater for the show “Impression Sanjie Liu” is located in the south of the town of Yangshuo, at the confluence of the Tianjia and Li Rivers. With the nearby Li River waters as stage and 12 hills as backdrop, it is the world’s largest open-air theatre in a beautiful natural setting.

The show, focusing on the theme of the legendary singer Liu Sanjie, integrates the elements of folk culture, classical folk songs and fishing lights. Enhanced by music, stage effect, lighting and costume, the spectacle becomes part of the landscape, reflecting the harmony of man with nature. The show lasts about 90 minutes; the timing of the show is every evening. In case of rain, free disposable raincoats are provided.

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Nightlife at West Street

No.6: Nightlife at West Street

Type: Recreation & Leisure

Location: Yangshuo County

West Street, also called Xi Jie or Yangren Street, is located in the old quarter in Yangshuo Town with more than 1500 years, the oldest street in Yangshuo. Buildings along the West Street carry distinctive archietectural style of Northern Guangxi. Many bars, cafes, restaurants, souvenir shops and hotels are designed and decorated in unique ways, with signs in both Chinese and foreign languages.

Thousands of foreigners from various nationalities meet each other in West Street, drinking and exchanging at will. By the end of a photo-taking tour, why not come to West Street to experience and enjoy, or do souvenir shopping or just relax in a bar.

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Li River Hiking

No.7: Hiking along Li River

Type: Outdoor Activities

Location: Yangshuo County

Hiking is good way to appreciate beautiful scenery except for Li River cruise if you would like. The typical hiking route is from Yangdi-Xingping which is the highlight of Li River. Hiking along the Li River by the trail in the bamboo forest and tramping over rice fields, taking great photos; this is tour deserving your time and effort. If you are lucky, you can see fishermen fishing with their cormorants on bamboo rafts.

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