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Longsheng Rice Terraces, which is also known as Longji Rice Terraces and the Dragon's Backbone Rice Terraces, is located in Longsheng County, Guilin. How far is Longsheng away from Guilin and Yangshuo? How to get from Guilin and Yangshuo to Longsheng? Please check below detailed location and transportation maps of Longsheng to better plan your Longsheng tour.

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Longsheng (Longji Rice Terraces) Location Maps

Longsheng is located in the northwest of Guilin, with a driving distance of about 76km (about 47 miles). Longji Rice Terraces is about 15km away from Longsheng County. It consists of three separate parts - Ping'an Rice Terraces, Jinkeng Rice Terraces and Longji Ancient Zhuang Rice Terraces (Longji Ancient Zhuang Village), with a same entrance. Ping'an Rice Terraces is the core and most popular scenic area, with the most convenient and modern facilities. Jinkeng Rice Terraces has the largest amount of terraces and the only cable car of the whole scenic spot. The Ancient Zhuang Rice Terraces is where Longji Rice Terraces started.

Longsheng (Longji Rice Terraces) Transportation Maps

Longji Rice Terraces is located in the mountainous areas. At present, there is no high speed train or flight available there. Therefore, travelers usually choose to take a couch or private car from Guilin or Yangshuo to appreciate its marvelous rice terraces. Driving from Guilin to Longsheng takes about 1.5-2 hours, and driving from Yangshuo to Longsheng takes about 4-5 hours.

Each of the three rice terraces area of Longji has its own parking lot. All the tourist buses, coaches and private cars can stop at those parking lots. After arriving at the parking lot, you can go sightseeing by hiking or taking the sightseeing bus and cable cars. Only Ping'an and Ancient Zhuang Rice Terraces area have sightseeing buses, while the cable cars are only available in Jinkeng area.

To get more detailed information about Longsheng transportation, you can check the following Guilin to Longsheng Map, Yangshuo to Longsheng Map, Longsheng Transportation Map and Ping'an to Jinkeng Map.

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How to Plan a Longji Rice Terraces Tour

Longji is a little bit far from the downtown area of Guilin and Yangshuo, and it takes more than half a day to explore its curvaceous rice terraces, thus usually you are more suggested to arrive there one day in advance. On the arriving day there, you may encounter with a unique and beautiful sunset if the weather permits. When you wake up in the next morning, you can go sightseeing at Nice Dragons and Five Tigers (九龙五虎) and Seven Star around the Moon (七星伴月) of Ping'an, which is widely considered as the classic tourist area of Longji. If your time allows, you can also spend about 1-2 days to visit the nearby Jinkeng Rice Terraces, the largest rice terraces area of Longji and the heaven for hiking lovers. For the tourists who want a more relaxed and cultural terrace tour, you can also pay a half-day or one-day tour to the Ancient Zhuang Rice Terraces, the birthplace of Longji Rice Terraces. Inside the Ancient Zhuang Rice Terraces area, there is a well-paved cement road for sightseeing.

Very few people plan a Guilin tour only to visit Longji Rice Terraces, omitting Yangshuo and the highlights in Guilin downtown area. After your Longsheng hiking tour, you can back to Guilin to visit its downtown wonders or take a leisurely Li River cruise to Yangshuo to enjoy the pleasant countryside life and grand Karst landscape.

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