Guilin Map 2018: Updated, Detailed and Downloadable

Below are some useful maps for you to travel in Guilin, including Guilin China Map, Guilin Tourist Map, Li River Map, Yangshuo Scenic Map and Longji Terraced Fields Map. All of the detailed and completed maps will help you get a better idea of Guilin, Yangshuo & Longsheng.

Please just feel free to use or download these Maps while preparing your Guilin tour.

Guilin City Map

Guilin Attractions Map

Recommended Guilin Tours

Top 3 Guilin tours chosen by most customers to explore Guilin in the best way. Check the detailed itinerary,or tailor your own trip now with us.

Yangshuo Ancient Town
3 Days Classic Guilin Tour - Guilin Brief Vacation

Guilin / Yangshuo

Picturesque Li River
4 Days Guilin Highlights Tour (Li River, Yangshuo & Longji Terrace)

Guilin / Yangshuo / Longsheng

Longji Rice Terrace Spring Ploughing Scene
5 Days Best Guilin In-depth Vacation (Li River, Yangshuo & Longji Terrace)

Guilin / Longsheng / Guilin / Yangshuo

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