How to Get from Hong Kong to Yangshuo / Yangshuo to Hong Kong

Maybe you are planning to visit China from Hong Kong, or maybe you are considering flying off China from the Pearl of the Orient in South China! No matter what, you are highly recommended to spend some really terrific days to explore the idyllic countryside view and Karst landform wonders in Yangshuo County in Guilin City that is not very far away from Hong Kong.

Yangshuo and Hong Kong both belong to the southern region in China, with a flight distance of about 460 kilometers, however, there is no direct flight available between, nor is other public means of transportation like train, bus, etc. No worry! We suggest you go just like most tourists, to transfer via Guilin or Guangzhou! So far, from Hong Kong to Yangshuo, you can choose to arrive in Guilin or Guangzhou first, either by the direct flight or high speed train conveniently, and then transfer from Guilin or Guangzhou to Yangshuo in many ways, such as the high speed trains, car, buses, etc. And no matter how you choose the transit city or combine those vehicles, follow us, and you can transfer from Hong Kong to Yangshuo or from Yangshuo to Hong Kong with convenience, short time, low budget and comfortableness. Check detailed steps and means at below!

Hong Kong to Yangshuo via Guilin

As there are both flights and high speed trains between Hong Kong and Guilin, and also convenient bullet trains, buses and short driving distance are available between Guilin and Yangshuo, most visitors would arrange their transfer between Hong Kong and Yangshuo through Guilin. Moreover, for most first-timers to Guilin, they would enjoy some highlights in the city area before exploring Yangshuo. Follow our easy 2 steps at below.

Step 1: From Hong Kong to Guilin

Usually, from Hong Kong to Guilin, you can choose the new daily high speed train or flight both in speed and coziness.

● By High Speed Train

A lot of visitors would like to experience the new Hong Kong to Guilin high speed train to enjoy the natural landscape along the way. Every day, there is one high speed train running between Hong Kong and Guilin, which usually departs at about 12:00 from Hong Kong to Guilin at about 15:30, and from 13:30 from Guilin to Hong Kong at about 17:00 in the afternoon, with a whole riding of about 15 minutes more than 3 hours.

From - To Departure Station Arrival Station Running Time Duration Price (¥)
HK - Guilin HK West Kowloon Station
Guilin West Station
About 12:05-15:25 3 hrs 20 mins 379.0 for 2nd class seat;
607.0 for 1st class seat;
1138.0 for business class seat
Guilin - HK Guilin West Station HK West Kowloon Station About 13:40 - 17:00 3 hrs 16mins

(Note: the above train time, number, stations and ticket fees are only for your reference, which may be adjusted according to practical situation.)

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>> Check the real-time Guilin to Hong Kong Train Schedule

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● By Flight

If you want to fly from Hong Kong to Guilin, there is only one daily flight for your choice. The flight usually takes off at around 14:15 in the afternoon from Hong Kong International Airport and reaches Guilin Liangjiang Airport at around 15:45 after 1.5 hours’ flying in the sky. If you fail to book the relatively more cost-efficient high speed train to Guilin, you can also choose the flight to Guilin.

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Hong Kong to Yangshuo - Hong Kong West Kowloon Station

Hong Kong West Kowloon Station

Hong Kong to Yangshuo - Guilin West Railway Station

Guilin West Railway Station

Step 2: From Guilin to Yangshuo

After your reaching in Guilin, there you will have several choices to transfer to Guilin. If you want to arrive at Yangshuo directly on the first day, you can go by the highs speed train, public distance bus, or hire a private car. Let’s compare them clearly at below!

● By Car

If you like, you can transfer to Yangshuo County by car after reaching in Guilin, since Yangshuo and Guilin is very close with a distance of only about kilometers. Usually, you will spend only about 1.5-2 hours from Guilin West Station, driving for about 78-105 kilometers, and 1 hour & 20-50 minutes from Guilin Liangjiang Airport, driving for about 83-87 kilometers.

● By Bus

You can take a Guilin to Yangshuo bus from the city area and Liangjiang Airport. there are several bus stations operating buses to Yangshuo, if you go from Hong Kong to Guilin by train, we suggest you transfer to Guilin South Passenger Station where most frequent buses leave for Guilin during about 06:20-20:30. And usually, it takes only about 1.5-2 hours to get to Yangshuo by the distance bus.

● By High Speed Train

Usually, there are 5 daily bullet trains from Guilin to Yangshuo, and it needs only about 25 minutes to cover the railway distance. And from Yangshuo, there are about 15 daily trains to different stations in Guilin City, taking about 25-40 minutes.

From - To Departure Arrival Frequency Duration Price (¥)
Guilin - Yangshuo Guilin West Station
Yangshuo Station
5 daily trains during about 11:15-19:30 About 25 min 23.0-24.0 for 2nd class seat;
37.0-39.0 for 1st class seat;
72.0 for business class seat

(Note: the above train time, number, stations and ticket fees are only for your reference, which may be adjusted according to practical situation.)

However, as Yangshuo Railway Station serving for Guilin Yangshuo high speed trains is located in Xingping Town, which needs another 1 hour’s driving to Yangshuo County downtown and West Street region, you need to transfer to Yangshuo downtown by the express bus or hiring a car.

● By Li River Cruise on Day 2

As Li River boasting the typical picturesque Karst landform is so fabulous and attractive, a quite lot of visitors, particular people first traveling Guilin, would take the popular Li River cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo Town, which enable them to get to Yangshuo in relax and appreciate the natural splendors of the world.

However, as the Li River boats usually only depart in the morning, and you would reach Guilin from Hong Kong in the afternoon, we suggest you taking the cruise on your next day after arrival. The classic Li River cruise lasts for about 4-5 hours for your much time for the sightseeing. After embarkation in Yangshuo, you can arrive at your accommodation very easily with very short time.

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For more detailed transportation information between Guilin and Yangshuo, please check >> How to Transfer from Guilin to Yangshuo / Yangshuo to Guilin.

Hong Kong to Yangshuo - Guilin Li River

Enjoy Scenery on Li River Cruise

Hong Kong to Yangshuo via Guangzhou

Hong Kong has so many daily high speed trains between Guangzhou, and Guangzhou runs many high speed trains between Yangshuo, therefore, you can also travel first from Hong Kong to Guangzhou and then transfer from Guangzhou to Yangshuo.

Step 1: From Hong Kong to Guangzhou

Hong Kong operates frequent high speed trains and a few flight to Guangzhou, compare them at below.

● By High Speed Train

Every day, there are about 34 pairs of high speed G trains between Hong Kong West Kowloon Station and Guangzhou South Station(广州南站). All trains run for only about 45 minutes to 1 hour and depart during about 08:00-23:00 from Hong Kong and about 06:50-21:40 from Guangzhou. So you will find it so easy to choose a Hong Kong Guangzhou train.

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● By Flight

If you fail to book the train ticket, you can also choose the two daily flights from Hong Kong to Guangzhou, which depart at around 07:55 a.m. and 20:00 p.m. from Hong Kong International Airport and arrive at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport after about 1 hour.

Hong Kong to Yangshuo - Hong Kong to Guangzhou Train

HK to Guangzhou Bullet Train

Step 2: From Guangzhou to Yangshuo

● By High Speed Train

The most convenient and fast way from Guangzhou to Yangshuo County is to take the high speed train, which take only about 2.5 hours. There are about 13 daily D trains from Guangzhou South Station and 1 G train from Guangzhou Station to Yangshuo Station, which serve from about 07:00 to 15:30 for your convenience. After you reach Yangshuo Railway Station, you also need to transfer to Yangshuo Town for another 1 hour by car or the express bus.

● By Bus

Although there are some buses from Guangzhou to Yangshuo, since they take about 5 hours to ride and usually start at late afternoon, which will take you to arrive in Yangshuo at very late night, we do not suggest you choose the bus to go between Guangzhou and Yangshuo.

How to Travel Hong Kong & Yangshuo

I guess you are truly interested in visiting Hong Kong and Yangshuo!

As Hong Kong is obviously super metropolis in the world but also excellently keeps its original traditional Chinese culture and customs, you will enjoy a so amazing Hong Kong with different features. Usually, we suggest you spend 2 to 3 days if you traveling for the first time to admire its modern charm, awesome skylines, and those diverse famous delicious food, and visit the Lantau Island, Victoria Peak, Stanley Market, Aberdeen Fishing Village, etc. Of course, its world class night view of Victoria Harbor will be your highlights. If you travel with your children, the joyous Hong Kong Disneyland and Ocean Park are your wise choices.

As for Yangshuo, this nice place deserves your 2 days and more. You can take the classic Li River Cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo and appreciate the countryside view, also you can enjoy some time visiting Yulong River, Moon Hill, Banyan Tree and Impression Sanjie Liu, etc. to be immersed into the outstanding and unbelievable Karst Landscape in southern China!

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Hong Kong to Yangshuo - Hong Kong Victoria Harbor

HK Victoria Harbor Morning View

Hong Kong to Yangshuo - Guilin Yangshuo

Yangshuo Yulong River Scenery

Worry-free Travel with China Discovery

To travel in Hong Kong and Yangshuo and transfer between the two popular places without any worry about the transportation, you can choose to enjoy our transfer service, and our local guide and driver would well arrange every step to provide you a comfortable trip from pick you up, escort you among the attractions and top destinations like Longji Rice Terraces in Guilin, Guangzhou, Macau, Guizhou, etc. to send you off to your next destination or home. Therefore, you could pay more attention to the wonderful highlights on the way. If you are interested, please feel free to ask our professional travel expert for details.

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