How to Get from Guilin to Yangshuo / Yangshuo to Guilin

You may be planning a scenic Guilin Yangshuo Tour after being impressed by the terrific Karst Landscape online pictures. This guide article is to show you the clear and detailed location of Guilin City and Yangshuo County in Guangxi Province and tell you how to get from Guilin to Yangshuo and how to go from Yangshuo back to Guilin after your fun time. Let’s go!

Guilin City is situated at the northeast part of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in South China, while Yangshuo County lies at the southeast part, in this beautiful city. Those two famous tourist places are only about 65 kilometers away, giving very convenient and time-saving transferring for visitors there. Usually, it takes only about 1.5 hours to get to Yangshuo from Guilin by car, and about 2 hours when there is some light traffic jams. However, besides transferring by car, travellers can also go by the Li River cruise, distance bus, high speed train, etc. between Guilin and Yangshuo with convenience. Please check the details of each kind of transportation method as below!

From Guilin to Yangshuo

Check the Map of How to Transfer from Guilin to Yangshuo

Guilin to Yangshuo Boat - Li River Cruise

Taking a Li River cruise is at present the most classic and recommended way to transfer from Guilin City to Yangshuo since it is both an easy vehicle and a great way to admire the picturesque Karst Landform along Li River. The boats usually start in the morning and spend about 4-5 hours according to the different cruise docks, water level, and weather. Normally, there are 3 Star Cruises and 4 Star Cruises with some major differences, please see the comparison as below.

>> 3 Days Classic Guilin & Li River Cruise

Type of Cruise 3 Star Cruise 4 Star Cruise
Price 215 RMB 360-480 RMB
Docks Mopanshan to Longtoushan Zhujiang to Shuidongmen
Served Lunch Simple Set Meal (Extra payment of 30-50 needed) Chinese Buffet Lunch (Included in the fee)

No Yangshuo to Guilin Li River Cruise: No Yangshuo to Guilin Li River cruise is offered to tourists since many years ago, and all the boats go back to Guilin with no passengers onboard. Therefore, passengers transferring from Yangshuo to Guilin may choose the bus, high speed train, etc.

3 Star Cruise Docks

All 3 Star Cruise boats arrange the embarkation at Guilin Mopanshan Dock (Address: At the end of Guimo Road, Lingchuan County, Guilin桂林市灵川县桂磨路尽头 - 磨盘山码头) that is about 50 minutes’ driving distance from Guilin downtown. So far, there is no public transportation from between Guilin City and Mopanshan Dock, so independent travelers can get to the dock only by hiring a car with an estimation of about 60-90RMB. In Yangshuo, you usually get off at Longtoushan Dock (Address: No.37, Binjiang Road, Yangshuo, Guilin桂林市阳朔县滨江路37号 – 龙头山码头) that needs about 15 minutes to walk to the West Street. However, if you do not want to walk so long with your luggage, you can get on the sightseeing golf car after disembarkation, which usually costs 15RMB/person. The car can take you to most hotels near West Street. However, due to the traffic control in Yangshuo, all vehicles are forbidden to enter into the area of West Street, so if your hotel is within that street area, you can get off at the nearest place and walk a bit to your accommodation.

4 Star Cruise Docks

These more luxury cruise boats start from Zhujiang Dock in Guilin (Address: Yanshan District, Guilin (East of Zhujiang Road) 桂林市雁山区桂林竹江码头(竹江路东)), which is about 28km from the Two Rivers & Four Lakes area at downtown, and needs about 50-60 minutes to drive there. Besides, you can take the only daily tourist bus at Guilin South Passenger Station at about 07:40 to Zhujiang Dock for about 25RMB/person. While in Yangshuo, they use Shuidongmen Dock (Address: No.2 Binjiang Road, Yangshuo, Guilin桂林市阳朔县滨江路2号 – 水东门码头) for disembarkation, which is just within 5 minutes’ walking distance to the West Street at the main central Yangshuo County.

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Guilin to Yangshuo - Guilin Yangshuo Boat

Guilin Yangshuo Li River Cruise

Guilin to Yangshuo - Guilin to Yangshuo Cruise

Guilin to Yangshuo 4 Star Cruises

Guilin to Yangshuo - Guilin Zhujiang Dock

Guilin Zhujiang Dock

Guilin to Yangshuo - Guilin Mopanshan Dock

Guilin Mopanshan Dock

Guilin to Yangshuo Bus

Taking a bus from Guilin to Yangshuo is also a recommended way since you can go from the certain several bus stations in Guilin City center and also can depart by the coach directly from Guilin Airport after your landing. For only about 1.5-2 hours sitting on the bus, you can easily get to Yangshuo from Guilin and in reverse.

From Guilin City Center

From Guilin city area, there are two major bus station offering distance coach to Yangshuo, which are Guilin South Passenger Station and Guilin Qintan Passenger Station.

DepartureArrivalScheduleDurationPrice (RMB)
Guilin to Yangshuo
Guilin South Passenger Station
Usually depart every 5-10 minutes during 06:20-20:30 About 1.5-2 hours About 22-27
Qintan Passenger Station
Usually at 10:00; 15:00; 16:50; 18:00 About 28
Yangshuo to Guilin
Yangshuo Bus Terminal
Guilin (桂林) Usually depart every 20-50 minutes from 06:45-20:30 About 1.5-2 hours About 27
Guilin Bus Terminal
Usually at 07:00; 12:50; 14:30
Guilin South Passenger Station
Usually at 09:05
Guilin South Bus Station
(桂林南站) (near Guilin Railway Station)
Usually at 12:00

(Note: the above bus time, number and tickets are only for your reference, which may be adjusted according to practical situation.)

Guilin Bus Stations

Among all the several bus stations, Qintan Bus Station and Guilin South Passenger Station are the two major used stations for travelers taking bus between Guilin and Yangshuo. Qintan Bus Station is located at No.31, Xiangshan District, Guilin (桂林市象山区翠竹路31号 - 琴潭汽车客运站) in downtown area, which needs about 10-15 minutes to drive about 4km to Elephant Trunk Hill. And Guilin South Passenger Station is situated at Chadian Road, Xiangshan District in Guilin (桂林市象山区茶店路 - 桂林汽车客运南站), which is a little far and needs about 0.5 hour to drive with a distance of about 10-12km from city center.

Yangshuo Bus Station

Almost Guilin Yangshuo buses start and stop in Yangshuo Bus Terminal, including the airport shuttle buses in Guilin. It lies at #6, No.155, Hangzhan Road, Yangshuo, Guilin(桂林市阳朔县抗战路155-6号 - 阳朔汽车总站). This station is within the county downtown region, so you can get around very easily. And usually, it needs only about 10 minutes to arrive at the West Street by car.

From Guilin Liangjiang Airport

No matter you are planning to visit Yangshuo first after your flight landing in Guilin, or want to fly off Guilin after traveling in Yangshuo, you can arrange to transfer by the airport shuttle bus between Yangshuo and Guilin Liangjiang International Airport with only about 1.5 hours’ driving. Please check the detailed shuttle bus time schedule at below to know how to go from Guilin Airport to Yangshuo and from Yangshuo to Guilin Airport.

From - ToDeparture TimeDurationPrice (RMB)
Guilin Airport - Yangshuo Bus Station 09:30; 11:00; 12:30; 14:00; 15:30; 16:30; 18:00; 20:00 About 1.5 hours About 50
Yangshuo Bus Station - Guilin Airport 07:00; 09:00; 11:30; 13:00; 14:30; 16:00; 17:30; 19:00

(Note: the above bus time, number and tickets are only for your reference, which may be adjusted according to practical situation.)

Guilin to Yangshuo - Guilin to Yangshuo Bus

Guilin to Yangshuo Bus

Guilin to Yangshuo - Qintan Passenger Station

Guilin Qintan Passenger Station

Guilin to Yangshuo - Guilin South Pagger Station

Guilin South Pagger Station

Guilin to Yangshuo High Speed Train

Guilin and Yangshuo are also linked by the convenient and fast bullet trains. From the city area to the county, you will spend only about 24-42 minutes. So far, Guilin to Yangshuo trains launch from Guilin Station, Guilin North Station and Guilin West Station to arrive at Yangshuo Station, and Yangshuo to Guilin bullet trains also use those three stations to let passengers get off. Please check the detailed Guilin Yangshuo high speed train schedule at below!

FromToNumber of trainOperation HourdurationPrices
Guilin to Yangshuo
Guilin North Station Yangshuo Station About 11 daily trains About 08:00-19:30 About 24-42 minutes 23-31 for second class seats;
38-50 for first class seats;
91.5 for business class seats
Guilin West Station
Guilin Station
Yangshuo to Guilin
Yangshuo Station Guilin North Station About 15 daily trains About 09:00-20:00 About 24-42 minutes 23-31 for second class seats;
38-50 for first class seats;
91.5 for business class seats
Guilin Station
Guilin West Station

(Note: the above train number, time, and prices are only for your reference, which may be adjusted according to practical situation.)

Guilin Railway Stations

Guilin has three railway stations and all serve for Guilin Yangshuo bullet trains. Among them, Guilin North Railway Station is at No.6 Zhanqian Road, Diecai District, Guilin (桂林市叠彩区站前路6号 -桂林北站), about 40-50 minutes’ driving distance (about 9-11km) from city center. Guilin Railway Station is the nearest one, just located at No.39, Zhongshan South Road, Guilin (桂林市中山南路39号 – 桂林站) in the downtown and about 10 minutes to driver to Elephant Trunk Hill. Guilin West Railway Station is the farthest one, which is located at Zhuangshang Village, Dingjiang Town, Lingchuan County, Guilin (桂林市灵川县定江镇庄上村 -桂林西站), and needs about 50-60 minutes to drive for about 15 kilometers from city center. For more detailed location map and transportation between the railway stations and your hotels as well as major tourist areas, please check more about Guilin Railway Stations.

Yangshuo Railway Station

Yangshuo Railway Station is the only high speed train station serving for Guilin Yangshuo bullet trains. It is situated at Fanzengshan Village, Xingping Town, Yangshuo County, Guilin (阳朔县兴坪镇饭甑山村 – 阳朔站) and about 35km’ driving distance to West Street in central Yangshuo County, which would need about nearly 1 hour by car. Apart from that, there are some express buses operating between Yangshuo Railway Station and Yangshuo Fengming Tourist Transportation Center (凤鸣游客咨询中心). The buses usually run during around 07:00-18:30 according to the departure time of Guilin Yangshuo bullet trains, and it usually takes about 1 hour to cover the distance. And to go from Yangshuo Fengming Tourist Transportation Center to West Street, you can transfer by the Yangshuo local bus No.801 for only about 25 minutes with only about 1 RMB.

Guilin to Yangshuo - Guilin Railway Station

Guilin Railway Station

Guilin to Yangshuo - Yangshuo Railway Station

Yangshuo Railway Station

Worry-free Travel with China Discovery

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