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5 Days Wonderful Guilin Tour with Sanjiang Chengyang Wind and Rain Bridge

Guilin, Yangshuo, Longsheng & Sanjiang Highlights


This 5 days tour not only introduces you the highlights of Guilin, including Li River Cruise, Yangshuo countryside and Longsheng Rice Terraces, but also an up-close visit to Sanjiang, which is only 1.5~2 hours away from Longsheng by car, to discover the world-class Chengyang Wind and Rain Bridge and charming Dong ethnic culture! Everything is perfectly arranged in short 5 days, while there is no shortage of a leisure travel pace and convenience. Tour starts and ends in Guilin, thus you have tons of flight choices for both departure and arrival. The tour package also includes professional and knowledgeable local English-speaking guide, comfortable private vehicle and an experienced driver. What are you waiting for? Come and travel with us to Guilin & Sanjiang now!

Highlights of this tour

  • Follow the leisure Li River cruise to wind from Guilin to Yangshuo, with rolling Karst peaks and picturesque river landscapes accompanying you all the way;
  • Immerse into the peaceful Yangshuo countryside and enjoy bamboo rafting and biking fun there;
  • Fantastic hiking experience in the mountains of fields in Ping'an Rice Terraces, the most stand-out part of Longsheng Rice Terraces;
  • A joyful trip to Chengyang Eight Villages Scenic Area to get close to Chengyang Wind and Rain Bridge and off the beaten track Dong villages and countryside life.

Basic Trip Information

from Request
  1. 1. This price is for one person, based on a group of 2 adults sharing one double-bed room in a 4-star hotel and traveling in low seasons;
  2. 2. This price is subject to change according to your traveling season, group size, hotel class, change of activities and possible fluctuation of currency exchange rate.
Travel Route:
Guilin / Longsheng / Sanjiang / Yangshuo / Guilin
Travel Length:
5 Days and 4 Nights
Tour Code:
Group Size:
You, your family, friends or group
Any day you want

Full Itinerary Day by day

Day 1 Guilin Arrival - Longji Rice Terrace

Welcome to Guilin, the most scenic city in China. Upon your arrival at airport (railway station), our local guide and driver will pick you up and then transfer you to Ping'an Village at Longji Rice Terrace. Check in your hotel. The rest of today is free for you to explore beautiful surroundings.

Important to Know: 1) The driving from Guilin to Ping'an is about 2.5 hours. If your flight or train arrives at Guilin after 5pm, we suggest you spend a night at Guilin, then transfer to Ping'an on the next day; 2) Walking: When arriving at Ping’an Village, you can only be dropped at Ping’an Village Tourist Center parking lot from where you need to walk about 900 steps to your hotel. Comfortable shoes are highly recommended; 3) Luggage carrying: For the aged or travelers who are lack of physical strength, you’d better hire a local porter to help carry your heavy luggage to the hotel (pay extra expense on your own).

Day 2 Longji Rice Terrace - Sanjiang County (B, L)

When you wake up in the fresh air of peaceful morning, you may forget where you are. Try to watch the magnificent sunrise from a great location on the terraces if you don't mind getting up very early. After breakfast, your guide will take you to explore the breathtaking views of Longji Rice Terrace leisurely. The rice terrace is layer upon layer, like the changing ladder created by nature leading to the blue sky, forming a majestic painting between heaven and earth. From Ping’an, you can hike on the cobbled paths built among terraces to catch the best landscape. Climb up to the great lookouts at Seven Stars with Moon and Nine Dragons and Five Tigers from which you can get superlative views of terraces and villages.

After the hiking tour, get back to Ping'an Village. The early afternoon is for you to stroll around the village and nearby rice terraces as you like. In the later afternoon, your guide and driver will escort you to Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County (2~2.5 hours). Check in your hotel. Have a good night!

Optional Dong Ethnic Song and Dance Performance: At Dong-style Bird's Nest, there will be interesting performances offered after the night falls, which will give you a glimpse of traditional life, ethnic cultures and customs like wedding ceremony of Dong Minority. If you are interested, tell your guide to book a ticket in advance.

Optional Accommodation at the Villages Close to the Bridge: If you like, we can also book a hotel at the villages near the Wind and Rain Bridge for you, and then you can admire the night view of the bridges and villages and enjoy the fresh morning there. However, the hotels there are limited and are not that convenient as those in Sanjiang County. Tell your travel consultant or guide your preference in advance.

Good to Know:1) Best time to visitLongji Rice Terrace can be visited all year round. Go mid-April to late June for mirror-like irrigated terrace and rice transplanting scene; go July to mid-September for green terraces; go late September to early-November for golden and harvest scene; or go late December to early February for silvery terraces; 2) The Viewing Platform of Seven Stars with Moon is under a reconstruction which means it is closed for travelers at present. The hiking route between Seven Stars with Moon and Nine Dragons and Five Tigers would do some adjustment during the construction. You won’t miss the amazing rice terrace scenery when visiting.

Claire from UK - Longji Rice Terrices Caryn from Australia - Longji Rice Terrices (Seven Stars with Moon) Gerhard from Germany - Longji Rice Terrices
Day 3 Chengyang Wind and Rain Bridge - Sanjiang Drum Tower… - Guilin (B, L)

Good Morning! Today after breakfast, you will be driven to Chengang Eight Villages Scenic Area, where the landmark of this region - Chengyang Wind and Rain Bridge and many fantastic Dong villages and bridges, are located.

About half an hour or so, you will reach the scenic area. Being the "Shangri-La of Dong Ethnic Minority", Chengang Eight Villages Scenic Area, as its name implies, is composed of eight great Dong Villages, including Yan Village, Ping Village, Dong Village, etc. The famous Chengyang Wind and Rain Bridge, or called Yongji Bridge, is settled across the Linxi River near Ma'an Village. Upon arrival, enter the scenic area from the south gate and hop on a sightseeing bus. Your first station is the super star - Chengyang Wind and Rain Bridge, which is also one of the Four Historic Bridges in the World. Get off the bus and follow the wooden trails built in the idyllic rice terraces to get to the bridge. While approaching, the magnificent inky bridge with 5 elegant pavilions atop it opens in front of you. What an impressive landscape full of ancient bridge and villages, tranquil river, lush rice terraces and forest! More magically, this marvelous architecture was created without any nail. However, it has stably stood for over one hundred years to shelter the locals from wind and rain. After an in-depth admiration of the bridge, walking from one side to the other to visit Ma'an Village. Stroll around the stone streets and wooden stilted buildings of the village to feel the charming life of Dong people. There is also a tiny Drum Tower, which is a public area for meeting, ceremony and entertainment. Later, continue to Yan Village. The village has a newly built Drum Tower with opportunities to enjoy Grand Dong Banquet with locals (only offered when there are over 50 tourists signed up in advance; extra fee required). Then, head to Ping Village. Enjoy wonderful Dong-style dances and sings at the Performance Center there. After the show, walk across the rice terraces and Helong Bridge to get back to Ma'an Village and Chengyang Bridge to get out the scenic area.

Note: The show at Ping Village is usually offered at 10:30 in the morning. Sometimes if there are crowds or traffic busy, your guide may take you to enjoy the show first, and then visit the villages and bridges.

In the afternoon, be driven back to Sanjiang County to visit Sanjiang Drum Tower, which is the largest wooden structure in the world! Admire this amazing building outside, then, step into the building to appreciate more details and hike up to its viewing platform to get a panorama view of Sanjiang County. Thereafter, visit the nearby Sanjiang Wind and Rain Bridge across Sanjiang River, which is the longest wind and rain bridge in the world. The bridge has wooden shelters, pavilions and decorations and modern reinforced concrete bridge structures. It not only has two wooden passages for people to walk on, but also a solid bridge in between the passages that allows cars to drive by, which is very unique.

Later, drive back for about 2~3 hours to Guilin downtown to stay overnight. Have a good sleep!

Charming Chengyang Wind and Rain Bridge, one of the Four Historic Bridges in the World. Grand Sanjiang Drum Tower Sanjiang Wind and Rain Bridge, the longest wind and rain bridge in the world.
Day 4 Guilin - Li River Cruise - Yangshuo (B, L)

As the declaration in Chinese textbook "Guilin’s landscape is the best under heaven", today you will explore this best landscape starting with a relaxing sightseeing cruise along the Li River from Mopanshan Pier to Yangshuo Town. Along the 84-kilometer cruise, dazzling scenery overwhelms your eyes like a vast endless Chinese painting of winding river, green limestone karst mountains, fascinating countryside views, amazing scene of A Painting of Nine Horses, and notable view printed on the back of the 20 RMB note. (Please note: Lunch is served by the cruise with simple local Chinese cuisine. And you can take some snacks when getting on board.)

After about 4 hours’ cruise, disembark in Yangshuo Town, and check in your hotel. After a short break, start your impressive exploration of the best charming sightseeing and ideal countryside ease at Yulong River. Let all the refreshing scenes please your eyes and souls to the utmost. Just enjoy every moment with the Karst hills dotted around, chatting stream, rippling mountain reflection, swaying floras, patches of vivid crops, comfortable breeze….There are diverse kinds of ways for your enjoyment of the fun and beauty, including biking, hiking, sightseeing bus, bamboo rafting and scooter. You can easily choose and combine your ideal way(s) and part of Yulong River. (Please tell your likes to your travel consultants before booking the tour, as the final prices will differ by activities you choose.).

Biking (some physically demanding & sightseeing by the river) - Ride to enjoy the river view and the real fields (route: Yangshuo - Jima - Shuiedi Dock - Gongnong Bridge - West Street; for 1.5-2 hours).

Bamboo Rafting (relaxing and interesting & sightseeing on the river) - have fun with the classic bamboo rafting (Route A: Shuiedi Dock - Gongnong Bridge for 40-50 minutes; Route B: Jima Dock - Gongnong Bridge for 1.5 hours) to see the more serene view like pieces of traditional Chinese landscape ink paintings.

Sightseeing Bus (most leisurable and comfortable & sightseeing on the road) - sit leisurely on the bus from Jima to Gongnong Bridge to appreciate the lovely countryside view (about 0.5 hour). You can get off and on anywhere on the middle way to explore more about your interested place.

After that, walk leisurely on the ancient West Street to witness how the western culture and Chinese culture perfectly and peacefully coexist here. Whether you want to enjoy a cup of drink in bar, taste some local food, or just experience the relaxing atmosphere, you get it here.

Note: according to the regulations of Yulong River Tourism, children less than 1 meter high and elders over 70 years old are not allowed to take the bamboo rafting.

Optional evening activity:

Watch the splendid evening performance of Impression Liu Sanjie with the Li River itself as the stage, which was directed by famous director - Zhang Yimou (usually performs for an hour between around 19:45 and 22:20).

Panorama of Yangshuo Ten-mile Gallery Countryside Visit Yangshuo West Street at Night Claire from UK - Li River Chusi's Family from USA - Moon Hill at Yangshuo Ten-mile Gallery
Day 5 Yangshuo - Guilin Departure (B,L)

After breakfast, transfer back to Guilin in a comfortable vehicle (1.5~2hrs). Then make a visit to the symbol of Guilin landscape - Elephant Trunk Hill. A giant rock hill vividly shapes like an elephant which is drinking water. Besides, there are many historical sites here for you to explore, such as stone carving, Buddhist temple, relic exhibition, etc. Then, drive about 7 kilometers to next attraction - Reed Flute Cave, a majestic underground palace with sparkling different colors. The magical Mother Nature condenses millions years of natural efforts to form the incredible stalactite, stalagmite, stone shield and stone waterfall of different sizes and shapes.

Lastly, your tour guide will take you to catch your flight / train to your next destination. Tour ends!

Santos from Canada - Elephant Trunk Hill

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